Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Re-release of hats

Over the last couple of weeks roblox has been re-releasing discontinued hats
time to rate them:

Witch hat 75 robux 10/10

Halloween lampshade 30 tix 10/10

Halloween target 15 tix 10/10

Halloween baseball cap 25 robux 10/10

Orange winter cap 25 robux 10/10

Monday, October 12, 2009

Hat of the Week

Alien Airbreather

Hat Selling

Roblox has released a new feature called hat selling this allows users to sell hats to other users for the price of theyre choice although they only keep 75% of money.
Currently there arent many hats you can sell, but there are more hats you can sell everyday.

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Hat release

yet another release of hats and a re-run of another favourite!

time to rate them:

The Antoinette 1775 tix 6/10

Mozart 33 robux 8/10

Frank 57 robux 8/10

The Dark reaper 273 robux 10/10

Space Engineer 68 robux 9/10

Pumpkin Head 250 robux 10/10

Halloween soon!

Halloween is always a great time on Roblox and throughout the next couple of weeks Roblox will be releasing new hats and re-running old favorites. You never know yoricks resting place might re-open!

Friday, October 2, 2009

Hat release

Another new batch of hats and a re-run of an old favourite!

Time to rate them:

The Bluesteel Bathelm 1031 robux 10/10

Genlin 107 robux 8/10

Happy Jack-o'-lantern 74 robux 9/10

Thursday, October 1, 2009


GUI stands for General User Interface. It is a new scriptable feature that has been released on Roblox. Basicly GUIS are better scripting tools that can be used in build mode with the GUIS comes a new feature: Group building!

Hat release

Roblox has been releasing hats near enough everyday for a few months, this week is no exception with the release of the skater hats. Some of these hats are a bit expensive for some users liking but oh well.

Ok now its the time to rate them!

Sk8r Boi 65 robux 8/10

RBX Neon Cap 50 robux 9/10

Sk9r Boi 139 robux 6/10

L8r Sk8r 88 robux 7/10