Saturday, November 30, 2013

Bluesteel Antlers: The Pros and Cons


Bluesteel Antlers
Bluesteel Antlers
So, over Black Friday weekend, ROBLOX released a new set of antlers. Beforehand, a leaked set of the texture, mesh and ID was going around the forums (as usual). Different people thought differently on the antlers. Some thought it would be cheap, nonlimited, and eventually go off-sale. Other thought it would be expensive, timed, and later limited. Finally, mid Saturday, the antlers were released. Their release caused MUCH controversy pretty much everywhere - Twitter, the forums, even in the comments! So, in this post, I'll be going over the pros and cons of the antlers, and well, why I bought them, because I did, and it took a lot of thought.


Lets start with the pros as to why somebody would argue to buy the antlers.

1.) Their appearance is awesome. They are antlers, but bluesteel. I mean, I love bluesteel items, and I love antlers, so what better combination could there possibly be? With one look at my bluesteel outfit, you'll know that these antlers are very fitting with many other bluesteel items. Well, all bluesteel items.

So, that's point one. Their appearance. Is this convincing enough to buy the antlers? I hope not. It shouldn't be. If it is, then you aren't very good with your money. You see what I did? I introduced the second point within the first. Heh. 
Okay moving on..

2.) Yes, you've survived this almost picture-less article down to point 2 as to why to buy these - money. They originally sold for 20,000 Robux, which is, well, a lot. If you had just over that much, like I did, you probably don't want to buy them. I did though, why? Well, based on my knowledge, the antlers won't be going limited after the timer, which is what all the other hats or gears did that went from a timer to limited. And, seeing as how they won't go limited RIGHT after they sell out, I don't believe there is any chance of them going limited any time soon. They will probably go limited in the future, and wind up profiting, but that's just a guess.

Is that convincing enough yet? If it's not, then you'll probably like what's about to happen. It's time for the


I know, you were all excited to see the red color, I'm sure. Anyways, it's time for the cons part. 
Mmm, negativity.

1.) The price was 20,000. I smell TONS of bad things happening with that. Pretty much, if it doesn't sell for over 28,571 Robux, no profit will be made. None. Zip. That's a lot. Only 123 people were willing to buy it for 20,000 in 30 minutes, so why would people buy it for 30,000? The chances of that are low, but who knows, it could happen. It just might, but who knows? It's not limited. Yet.

2.) Seeing as how only 123 people bought it at 20,000, it obviously doesn't have a high demand (that's point #2). Demand works like this. ROBLOXians like an item, they buy an item, they collect more of that item, they hoard the item, they steal the item, they scam the item, and they just plain out kill each other for that one item. Why? It has high demand. Something like Void Star is an example. It's expensive, and tons of people love it, so it has high demand and does well. Then there are the forgotten items out there with no demand, like that old Igloo limited. It has low demand, so nobody really knows it exists. For the antlers, this could go either way. So the question is, 

High Demand or Low Demand? Stay tuned to my next article to find out!
Just kidding.

Friday, November 29, 2013

Black Friday: Limiteds Review

Courtesy of ROBLOX
Hello! Pbjms here. Like every year, ROBLOX hosts a Black Friday sale. While everybody else in the world is out camping and getting killed for some televisions, you are sitting back in the comfort of your own home, waiting out on the next limited item to be made. While everybody waits it out, I'll be waiting for the new  limited too, except after I buy it or ignore it, I'll write about it right here in this post. And yes, this will only be about the limiteds, because I'm pretty sure that's all that people care about - right?
Over a week before the sale started, Brighteyes released a poll about what items the users wanted limited, put on-sale, and discounted, but nothing about retexture. This disappointed many people, but a retexture contest was announced a few days later on Retexture Artists Official Channel. The winners would get their items published. On the Tuesday before Black Friday, another poll was announced where users voted between a few hats as to what would go back on-sale as a discount, or just go back on-sale for the remainder of the weekend.

The sale started on Friday the 29th of November, very early in the morning, around midnight central time.

CYANIME SUPER STAR (NEW)                                                      

Cyanime Super Star
"How foolish..."
VERY early in the morning, like, around midnight central time, this limited was released. It was 150 R$, and sold out pretty quickly. It is now selling for about 450 R$, which is a nice improvement from the original price. It looks awful, though. It's one of those hair items that I originally didn't like, but colored with bright neon colors to make it even worse. Oh well, it made a little profit, and that's all that matters, anyway.

I'll give this a 8/10. It made some profit but doesn't look too good.


                                                STEAMPUNK ROBIN HOOD (NEW)

Steampunk Robin Hood
"You've just entered the territory of 
Robin Hood and his Merry Men."
At the promised time of 5:00 AM Central, this hat was released. It was only 10 R$, which, for the price of a limited, is amazing, seeing as how, it can't fail. Really, it can't, unless it sells for under the original price, which is just plain outrageous, seeing as how cheap it originally was. It took hours to sell out due to a 10,000 stock, but still won due to the amazingly cheap price. It started at around double the original price, then quickly rose to become very profitable. Unlike the wig hair above, this also looks really cool, so that's a big plus.

I'll give this a 9/10, because of how profitable it is, and how it is pretty cool looking.


BUSINESS CAT (NEW)                                                                     

Business Cat
"Get in my office, right meow!"
A few hours after the Steampunk Robin Hood hat, ROBLOX released this business spiffy cat. It was 100 R$ with 2,000 in stock. Like the Robin Hood hat, this can't really fail, unless it sells for under 100 R$, which was very unlikely. It ended up selling for a bit over the original price, making profit but not much profit. As for the looks... it's mainly just a creepy floating cat head with a collar and a tie. Aside from the awful cat pun in the description, this hat really isn't that bad.

I guess I'll give this a 8/10. It's profitable, and it looks okay, but I can do without the description. I had enough cat puns at The Witching Hour, thank you.


                                                     W'S TOP HAT (WENT LIMITED)

W's Top Hat
"The brightest top hat around. You won't find
a hat like this anywhere else."

Finally, the long awaited W's Top Hat went limited. After going back on sale during Bright Friday, I knew this would go limited due to the attention raised about it. Anyway, it was originally 4,500 R$, and is now limited, much to many people's disapproval. It started selling for about double the original price, making little profit, but still some profit. I'm expecting this to raise in the future, anyway, due to it's originality and bright look. It reminds me of JJ5x5's top hat, which was much more robux to start off and had more in stock, yet still barely failed. W's Top Hat will raise more, and won't fail, no matter what the raging people say.

I'm giving this a 8/10 for now, because I don't know the true potential of this top hat. Yet.


FLAMING HOTPHONES (WENT LIMITED)                                    

Flaming Hotphones
"The headphones are hot, 
but the beats are cool."
Shortly after W's Top Hat went limited, Flaming Hotphones followed. They were originally 250 R$ to parody the Ice Coldphones during parallel universe weekend, but are now limited. The are pretty much selling for a little over their original price, which makes absolutely no profit, and you lose money. Pretty much, they're a fail. The only plus is their red hot look, which is really nice and fitting the "flaming hotphones" theme of the hat. Anyways,  besides the price fail which could easily be expected, these headphones are nice looking. Well, this isn't really a review of the headphones because they aren't new, they just went limited. So...

This gets a 5/10, just because it failed. 


                                                FOREST EMERALD CREST (NEW)

"These emeralds were acquired in the 
deepest ROBLOXian forests. Rare and 
powerful, they must be safe guarded."
On the second day of the sale, we got a new Emerald Crest hat early in the morning. It was a limited, 1,000 R$ with 500 in stock. After taking a while to sell out, it started selling for just over the original price, and began failing. The profit with this item is about -200 R$. So yeah, it failed. It really doesn't look very appealing either - it looks all old and rusty, and well, ugly. To sum it up, it failed badly, doesn't look good, and well, isn't good.

So, this gets a 5/10, due to the negative amount of profit and pretty ugly look. It could have been better, a lot better.

A lot better.


BUCKET (WENT LIMITED)                                                              

 The most wonderful thing on ROBLOX. Buckets. This bucket was an old item, a very old item. How do I know it's old? The creation date? Nope. It's so old, that it was selling for tix. Yes, Tix. 7331 Tix to be exact, which is about 700 R$. It started selling for about 1,000 R$ which is about the same price as starting in tix. It lowered, it raised, it stayed the same, but it's not making any profit. And, in the ROBLOX business, that's called a fail limited.

I'm giving this an 8/10. Why so high? Well, the description pretty much made my day. Who knew ROBLOX used to be such a troll? I didn't.

Just kidding. I did.


                                                        HOODED FROSTLORD (NEW)

"He is frozen forever and ever."
The "big item" of the sale came out on Sunday, just like last year. The Frostlord was originally on sale for 50,000 R$ with 55 in stock. This caused MANY people to rage, and others to be humored by said rage. The ragers expected it to be cheap and rare, but if you take a look at the previous Hooded Spacelord, I don't see why people would expect this to be cheap. Anyways, it sold out eventually and began to fail, which didn't really surprise anybody. It sold for about 70,000 R$, which gives no profit at all. On the bright side, we have the appearance of the item! Just kidding. It's awful, it's terribly ugly. It looks like somebody took the original Spacelord and threw it into a freezer overnight. (No offense Errorless)

So, I'm giving this a 3/10, the lowest score so far this sale. Why? This hat is awful.

No. Just no.


"Sometimes ambassadors 
need to get medieval."
This hat is probably one of the biggest wins in ROBLOX history. Lets have a little history lesson, shall we? Every year in December, ROBLOX releases some gifts. The gifts have a special way to get them. In 2009, there was a gift called Well Connected Gift of Linkmaster. You had to have the Ambassador badge to get it for free.It gave this hat, the Warhelm of Pwnage. Now, it's gone limited. So, of course, everybody from 2009 that got this decided to make it expensive. You'd think it would just be a few thousand robux, but no. It sold for OVER 30,000 R$. HOLY PROFIT! Plus, it looks amazing.

So, I'm giving this an 11/10, because it's like, the perfect item.

Epic Win

                                               NAVAL BRIGADE (WENT LIMITED)

"Ship to shore, they're your 
men for sure!"
 Naval Brigade was made a few months ago, and originally sold for 70 R$. I don't know why, but the polls spoke, and this went limited. It was selling for about 5x the price, which made a lot of profit. It's pretty ugly, also.. Who would want to wear this thing on their head? It's like, a deformed sailor cap. Anyways, it profited, so that's all that really matters.

In the end, I'm giving this a 8/10. It profited nicely, although it looks terribly ugly. Oh well, polls will be polls.


These are some other items that were effected during the sale that I think should be mentioned in this post.
  • Frenemy, an old, classic hat, went on sale for 500 R$.
  • Flame Vision Goggles were sold at 50% off, though originally stayed at 5,000 R$, yet saying in the description it was on sale, taking a few minutes to eventually be fixed.
  • Bluesteel Antlers went on sale for 20,000 R$ on a 30 minute timer, causing much rage and shock on the forums. Of course, I bought it. Why? ...Why not? Stay tuned to my next post to find out!
  • Superhero, the already cheap package, was randomly discounted by 66%. Why?
  • Blackvalk, the outrageously ugly and overpriced hat that I can only refer to as a "thing" was put on sale for 25% off. Wow! 750,000 Tix is a lot better than one million!
  • Brilliant Bombastique went on sale for 100 R$ for only 15 minutes!
  • Silverthorn Antlers went back on sale for 400 R$ like last year, officially ruining them even more.
  • Tentacles Junior, another squid hat, went on sale for the cheap price of 909 R$.
  • On the last day of the sale, the first Christmas Gift was released, the Well Outfitted Gift of Style.

Besides a few disappointments, this sale was really good. We got the return of some classic items, along with some great new ones!


Thursday, November 28, 2013

The Black Friday User Retextures Revealed!

With Black Friday literally right around the corner (tomorrow morning) it's safe to say most ROBLOXians are saving up their hard earned Robux in order to buy discounted virtual hats, gear and packages over the weekend sale. The most anticipated of all items in the sale are of course the user-retextures that make an appearance every year. This year however, the user-made retexture section of the poll was nowhere to be seen. Instead, BrightEyes hosted a mini-competition in the Retexture Arists Official Channel group in which the best retexture designers on ROBLOX are part of. Previous years, retexturers relied on publicity in the polls to get their item published on Black Friday. The system rewarded those with the most tickets to spend on advertising and did not lend itself to higher quality user-content. This year there's a difference - it's not about who spends the most money; its about who can produce the best design in a time-period.

I believe this higher quality of user-content is already displayed by the winners of the Black Friday retexture contest, and showcase some of the best designs ROBLOX artists have to offer. So without further ado, let us list the four user-retextured items:

King's Knight - By DarkGenex 
King's Knight
Boasting a royal colour scheme of red and light yellow, this retextured helm brings a completely different look to the mesh of that hat compared to the original Alar Knight. The darker areas on the main faceguard part of the helm add extra depth to the design, bringing about realism and excellent aesthetics. The battle-worn effect on the metallic wings adds to the medieval/fantasy aura of the King's Knight making it look authentic on a ROBLOXian's battle-scarred head. The use of this texture on the plume is an interesting choice too. My prediction is that it will be non-limited, between 750R$ and 1000R$

The Korblox Keeper - By godsend

The Korblox Keeper (Brighteyes Took)
Sporting an excellently detailed texture, the Korblox Keeper is a shining example of what the best ROBLOXian retexturers can achieve with a little bit of time. The stained-glass-almost effect on  the main body of the helmet and the horns really adds the overall design. The shading within these parts and the gradual gradient look fantastic alongside the eerie, ice-cold colour scheme. The blue piercing eyes paired with the lighting effects and shine on the front armour piece make a great final addition to godsend's retexture. My prediction is that this item will be limited for a starting price of R$500 and will have one thousand unique owners.

Assassin of the Cold Abyss - By Errorless 
Assassin of the Cold Abyss BRIGHTEYES TOOK!
My personal favourite out of the four user-made retextures this year, the Assassin of the Cold Abyss features an excellent texture, colour scheme and great use of the original mesh. There is of course, some history tied to this hat. If you cast your mind back to April 1st 2012,  you may remember the Hooded Spacelord - one of the renowned 'hacked items' that was sold in a ridiculously small quantity (55) for its price of R$21. The hat's shape and design has become fairly prestigious over the past two-years with this retexture set to reignite the ROBLOXians' interest in the hood. What separates this from the original hat so much is the use of the realistic metal shading and worn effect place on the front breathing apparatus of the mask - it looks fantastic. My prediction is that the item will be limited for a starting price of R$10,000 with between 100-200 in stock.

Plaid Mustache Bandanna - By Mickmack
Plaid Mustache Bandana BRIGHTEYES TOOK
Bringing a less 'serious' looking hat to the table is mickymack who has managed to contact a solid looking design to amuse ROBLOXians. It features an authentic plaid texture and a large thick moustache in front of where the ROBLOXians mouth would be. It sort-of reminds me of cartoons where characters facial features sometimes look like they have been imprinted onto the headgear they are wearing. My prediction is that it will be non-limited and will be priced at R$150 like the other bandannas in the 'series'.

There are of course, plenty of other awesome items to be released in the Black Friday sale - including a number of other (non-user made?) retextures. I won't be revealing those, so I don't spoil the fun! Check the catalog regularly!

Thanks for reading!

Editor of Roblox News

Last Chance to Enter the Black Friday Giveaway! (UK and EU only)

There is just one day left to enter the RN Black Friday giveaway in which will be giving either a t-shirt or fedora to five lucky users! In addition to the item won, you will receive a signed ROBLOX postcard by yours truly (Arbirator). This giveaway comes as a first in a string of future of draws and contests bristling with ROBLOX goodies from Roblox News! All you have to do to enter the giveaway is retweet the tweet below.
UK and EU players are only allowed to enter this giveaway as the shipping costs to America are extremely expensive and I still have to work out the logistics of postage, pacaking and delivery. If you are from another continent such as North America and really don't mind paying the large excess in postage, then retweet and contact me afterwards.

Prize winners within the UK and EU may have to pay shipping on their items - although this will be worked out at the time and shouldn't be very expensive at all within the EU - the items themselves will of course be completely free. All winners will be contacted by a member of the Roblox News team by Monday 2nd December. Roblox News reserves the right to alter the terms and conditions of the giveaway at any time.

Good luck and make sure you retweet!

Editor of Roblox News 

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Bioblock: Limitless Place review

Hello readers! Rayman36 here, with a case of extreme gamer's thumb. Today you will have no free will in the matter of reading my hodge-podge collection of tips, tricks, and a review of BioBlock: Limitless by Narutoworl.

I. Overview
This game simply has the makings for success. If you are a fan of Bioshock Infinite, then would you play this, regardless? Also, the creator is a great scripter. He made great games like Possession (A Bloxcon winner), Team Fortress 2, and an opposite to the game Darkness.

II. Equipment
This game is action-packed and super fun. You are spawned into a lobby with bioshock infinite vending machines, where you can buy vigors (explained later), guns, and game money from robux. Everything is easy to earn if you play long enough.
The Guns are all greatly introduce into the game. Almost all of the guns from the actual bioshock are there, and most are sort of inexpensive. A really cool feature in this game is the ability to try guns out. 
Okay, onto the vigors. Vigors are basically god-like powers in the bioshock franchise. You have a special ability that shoots from your hand. Two, for example, are Bucking Bronco and Devil's Kiss. With Bucking Bronco, you can shoot a wave at your opponent. It paralyzes any of the enemies in your range, as well as levitating them. From there you can shoot the stuffing out of them, and they can't do a thing. Devil's Kiss is pretty straightforward: launch a fireball at your foe's face. You can upgrade the vigors with coins, that can be earned by looting, or bought with Robux for a reasonably low price.

III. Gameplay
Bioblock differs from the actual bioshock games. Instead of battling AIs individually like Bioshock 1, or taking on large hordes of AIs at a time, like in Bioshock Infinite, this game is PVP. You run around shooting at other players, riding skylines, and enjoying the soundtrack.

In conclusion, Bioblock is a truly awesome game. It resembles the real one closely, but evolved into a great PVP. Play it now!

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Nitro's Gaming Bits: November 26

Nitro's Gaming Bits is a new series in which due to a lack of time and motivation, will be going over small tid-bits from updates, new games, and other types of ROBLOX game-related media.

- Famous for the popular Roblox RPG series Rangescape, RangeMeludE has finally come back, thought it is unknown if he is here for yet another temporary stay for maybe a month, or back for a long time. To celebrate, he is adding a boss named "Thunderclaw" to The Lord of Range's Cape which should be arriving sometime today.

- Asimo3089, well-known for his award winning places like The Wind and RoadRunner Canyon has released another recently, going by the name of Equinox Station which features an interesting gimmick involving place teleportation, instead of simply stepping into a teleporter, you can get into the train and it will actually take off and teleport you to wherever the train stops. If anything, I recommend you look at it if only for the building.

- Wobbly brickbattle, a place recently featured on Roblox News has been updated with a good amount of new content since the post was made, with the map expanded to a pretty good size from what it once was. The Roblox Battle weapons have also been added, along with a few other things I cannot spoil, play it here.

Even if this post is a bit short, I promise the next will be longer.. whenever that is. Again, I thank you for reading and have a good day!

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Roblox News: Black Friday Giveaway! (UK and EU only)

Yes, that's right. This Black Friday Roblox News will be giving away two official ROBLOX Fedoras and 3 official t-shirts to UK and EU players (sorry American's, huge postage costs and all that). In addition to the item won, you will receive a signed ROBLOX postcard by yours truly (Arbirator). This giveaway comes as a first in a string of future of draws and contests bristling with ROBLOX goodies from Roblox News!

All you need to do to be in with a chance to win one of these five fantastic pieces of merchandise is to retweet the prize draw tweet below posted by the ROBLOX News Official Twitter Account.

Prize winners may have to pay shipping on their items - although this will be worked out at the time and shouldn't be very expensive at all within the EU - the items themselves will of course be completely free. All winners will be contacted by a member of the Roblox News team by Monday 2nd December. Roblox News reserves the right to alter the terms and conditions of the giveaway at any time.

Thanks for reading! And remember to retweet before Friday 29th November!

Editor of Roblox News

Review: Chess by devWes

  By devWes
♞ Chess ♞ [INVITE A FRIEND TO PLAY]_Image     Hello guys, today I bring you "Chess" by devWes. I congratulate him on making the game nice and pleasing to the eye whilst still making it simple and fun to play. It's not too complicated, but is aesthetically pleasing and the scripts are phenomenal. I myself am a fan of chess, and pretty good at it if I do say so myself. Here's the actual review, because I know you don't want to listen to me babble all day about meaningless and trivial things.

     Upon entering the game, you are greeted with an overview of a chess match in the midst, and a GUI prompting you to join the lobby. From the lobby, you can challenge players and spectate current matches. When viewing a match or playing one, you can swivel the camera around as much as you want, or press a number key to rotate to an automatic view. Pictured is
a screenshot of the lobby. You can click the name of another person in the lobby to challenge them, and click a match in the second column to spectate. The rest of the game is pretty straightforward. Clicking a piece when it's your turn makes the areas where it can go tint green. If you click the tinted area, the piece slides there. If you can kill a piece, the area is tinted red. Arrow keys control camera orientation, the "F" key is to forfeit, the "R" key proposes a draw, scrolling zooms the camera, and holding the shift key allows for slower camera movement.

That's about all there is to the game, and it would be a shame to leave this post so short. Instead of ending it here, I'll provide an explanation of how to play Chess.

How to Actually Play Chess
       In Chess, the white player always moves first. The objective is to kill the other team's King and not let your King be killed. When an opposing piece is in position to kill your King the next turn, it is called "Check." You have to get out of check that turn. You may not move into check, either. When there is nowhere to go (Checkmate), you lose.

       Pawn: The pawn is the average soldier. You can move it forward one space, or two spaces if it hasn't moved yet. It can kill a piece if the piece is diagonal one space to it, and it cannot move/attack backwards. If a pawn reaches the last space on the opponent's side of the board, it can be turned into any of the other pieces.

       Rook: The rook is able to move any number of spaces in a forward, right, left, or backwards direction. It attacks in the same way.

       Knight: This piece moves strangely. It can jump over pieces, and moves in an L shape. It can move forward two spaces and to the right once, forward two spaces and to the left once, left two spaces and forward once, etc.

       Bishop: The bishop moves any number of spaces in a diagonal direction.

       Queen: The queen is the power piece. It can move diagonally, horizontally, and vertically any number of spaces.

That's basically the basics. If you want to know more, just go to the internet. 

     Want me to review some game or whatnot? PM me. Suggestions and or whatnot? PM me. Hate my guts? Describe your hatred in detail with a PM.
Hey, I got an account on that bird thing, Twitter! Now you can hate me @DDude9091!

Thanks for reading,


Sunday, November 24, 2013

Double Hat Review: Lime Green Shaggy & Cyan Equinox!

Hey guys today I’m bringing you a double hat review of Lime Green Shaggy and Cyan Equinox, both of my favorite items from this Bright Friday sale so first off let’s talk about Lime Green Shaggy!

Lime Green Shaggy:

Texture: 5/10

The texture is pretty bland, just an all green texture with a little swirl in the middle to represent the shaggy. It also has tiny black streaks going through the hair but they are almost un-noticeable. I think the texture was good for a shaggy but compared to other textures I give this a 5/10.

Mesh: 8/10

The mesh is a classic. It’s the same mesh used for all the limited shaggys ever created on Roblox.  The mesh is just like somebody’s real life hair, long hair pushed off to the side. The mesh its self is very basic and simple but just because it’s a classic I give it an 8/10.

Price: 7/10

This shaggy was originally released for 500 robux with 1000 in stock and is now selling 4X its original price so obviously this is a massive win for the original owners but compared to other shaggys it didn't make that much profit so I give it 7/10.

Cyan Equinox:

Texture: 5/10

Cyan Equinox is a very nice hat but the texture itself is meh… The texture is very plain it’s just bright bluish (Cyan) with hardly noticeable black streaks going through it just like on Lime Green Shaggy. Overall I give the texture 5/10 just like lime green shaggy because the style of the textures are very similar except Cyan Equinox is blue and Lime green shaggy is green.

Mesh: 9/10

I LOVE this mesh; it is by far one of my favorite meshes released during this sale, it fits perfectly, it looks perfect and looks very nice with other hats especially Lime Green Shaggy, the only thing I don’t like is the fact it’s a little small. It is also a reused mesh from the other Equinoxs. Overall I give it 9/10.

Price: 9/10

The price for this item was quite good; it originally sold for 100 robux with 3500 in stock and is now selling from 600-100 robux, so a lot of profit. The only reason I didn’t give this a 10/10 was because of the other limited Equinox named Rainbow Equinox which made much more profit then Cyan Equinox.


Overall Cyan Equinox is my favorite between Lime Green Shaggy and Cyan Equinox just because it looks nicer on my avatar. I hope you enjoyed this article,Thanks for reading!

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Friday, November 22, 2013

Kleos Photeinos Review

The Kleos AphthitonKleos ThemisKleos Phóteinos

The last item released in the very successful Bright Friday sale was the Kleos Photeinos (roughly translated, Bright Glory), the third item in the Kleos line of hats and the most unique of all three. The original Kleos Aphthiton is a red and black/grey recolor of the Coif of Glory, a classic 2007 hat that is worth 950 robux and is surprisingly not offsale. This hat was given out in the ROBLOX Grand Melee, and if I'm not mistaken, there is around four owners of this hat. Knowing this, you'd think that the Kleos series would remain as a rare hat series, but it clearly became the opposite. In the Black Friday 2012 sale, one of the published retextures was the Kleos Themis, a blue version of the Kleos Aphthiton by nooooooo. This retexture is unique though as it manipulates the seemingly-hard to recolor texture-map of the Kleos Aphthiton so that the blue part of the helm can have nice hue changes. This hat was originally 250 robux and BC-only, and in a year it accumulated around 4000 sales. However, the Kleos Themis recently went offsale because of the Kleos Photeinos coming out. The Kleos Photeinos is unique as it is a brighter helm than the Themis and the Aphthiton, and it is the only Limited Unique Kleos.


Texture: 2/10


Even though this is a user retexture by clockout/Sideffect/Giraffe/iloveclubpenguin, who makes great retextures, I'll be honest when I say that this is a bad retexture. The white gradient is smooth-looking, but it clearly has some texture bugs (notice the grey tilted line on the right side of the helm, no that is not a rendering/lighting bug.) The galaxy texture for the purple part is also bad. It clearly is a google image and this retexture probably took about five minutes to make (no offense). The only good thing I'll credit this texture for is that it looks somewhat good on the Kleos mesh.

Mesh: 8/10

It's easy to admit that the classic hats probably contain some of the best meshes on ROBLOX. That being said, the Kleos mesh is very awesome looking. What makes the Kleos special is the unique line patterns on the front of the helm. My only problems with the mesh is that it's disproportional in contrast to the ROBLOXian head, and some of it sticks out from behind the head. Also, the ROBLOXian face looks sorta weird behind the helm. Otherwise, it's excellent.

Profit/Demand: 10/10

This hat was originally 50 robux with 1000 in stock, a basic low level limited. This hat was the last hat of the sale, and it gained demand as users anticipated for its release. You wouldn't think a 50 robux limited would do great profit, but the Kleos Photeinos went as far as 2000 robux. It is currently now at 1000 robux, which is still pretty amazing.

Overall: 7/10

It may not be the best looking Kleos, but it certainly is one of the most profitable Bright Friday sale items.

- NonstopEpic, Catalog Manager

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Potential Profit? - W's Top Hat

Potential Profit? - W's Top Hat

     Hello readers! TheInnovative here.... who? I'm catalog analyst chubbs21 who happened to change his username to something more "professional" in a way. You can still call me chubbs if you want, but that's not the point. The point is, does W's Top Hat have a potential profit? Or will it fail? 

History of Sales
     The W's Top hat was created in 2009 for whitelite001 and originally had 85 sales at 4,500 ROBUX each before going off-sale. As the years passed, the hat got rarer and rarer. It eventually got to the point where under 10 people who owned it still played ROBLOX actively. People offered millions for this hat for when it would go limited. This hat was at a predicted worth of about 1.5M in value.

Bright Friday Sale 2013
     In 2013, two weeks before Black Friday, ROBLOX held a Bright Friday Sale. You can read all about what happened that weekend here. The Friday of this sale at 6:00 PM EST, the W's Top Hat came back onsale for 4,500 robux by the request of the user Mechawaffle. The W's Top Hat was on a one hour timer and sold 431 more copies making a total of 516 total sales. Most people agreed this classic was ruined and bought only for looks. 

Future Potential Profit
     It is unclear if this hat will go limited in the future but chances are it will. How much will it be worth? Let's look into limiteds with about 500 sales. Happy Time Top Hat had almost 500 sales and originally sold for somewhat more than W's Top Hat. When it first went limited it was worth a good 150k and had some high demand. Slowly it came to collapse to a 20-30k value. This is because there were so many copies in circulation at the time people easily found people who would lower their price. What does this mean for W's Top Hat? Well, let's put it this way. Based on that information, W's Top Hat might start out pretty well, but it won't last long. The Let's Make a Deal forum calls this situation a hype, or brief period of time when a limited first is limited and demand is high. W's Top Hat may end up with a simple 15-20k. But the thing that most will no understand, yes it still IS profit. 4.5k to 20k is a pretty good investment. But the investment wont be like what most expect.

~ TheInnovative (Previously chubbs21)

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Gear Overview: Bright Friday Weekend

Hello! Pbjms here. After my long absence from the site, I have gotten a new laptop with a working keyboard. So yeah, I'm  back. So, It's time to continue writing my Gear Friday Overviews, seeing as how there was finally a few gears made - I mean, It's a sale, so there had to be.. right? Only two gears are out so it's not a full gear Friday, but it's better than nothing. The gears are the Light Face Melting Guitar, published on Friday night, and Sword of the Bright Knight, published Sunday afternoon.

 Image Courtesy of ROBLOX

Yes, I know, by now you've probably skipped the above paragraph and are saying "But there was already an overview of the sale!" This is just focused on the gears, and there was no notification focused on the gears, so, I'm using that. Anyway, time for the review. 

Light Face Melting Guitar
Light Face Melting Guitar
That heavenly sound that will bring the house (and people's faces) down.
I have absolutely no idea what the point of this is, seeing as how there already is a Face Melting Guitar. This one, unlike the other, is limited. It was 300 R$, which is a bit less than the original, and raised to about 900 R$. I mean, that's some nice profit there, but it would ultimately be a waste of money to buy, seeing as how there is already a face melting guitar.. and it does the same exact thing. (Price: 8.5/10) 
It's ability is, well, the same as the other guitar. You change the pitch of the sound, and notes using the different keys that are on a GUI placed on the side of your screen. Much like the other guitar, after spamming some keys and making a nonsense of sounds, anybody around you will have their face slowly lower ("melt off"). It's really useless, and for the price of 300 R$ +, it's not worth it. (Ability: 5/10) 
Time to get down to the only thing good about this guitar - the appearance. It's mesh is the same exact thing as the other guitar, but it looks like a nice electric guitar. It's body is white with blue lightning bolt things, and has a long brown neck like most guitars do. It's pretty nice, though. I mean, I wouldn't play it, but if I knew how I would (and melting off the faces of my enemies would be great). (Appearance: 9/10)
Overall:  7.5/10

Sword of the Bright Knight
Sword of the Bright Knight
For the strong, for the weak, for justice! This sword has multiple attack modes and does 20 damage points per lunge.
So, this sword is just pretty much another sword that has no special ability, isn't limited, and has practically zero demand. It's priced at 500 R$, which is an alright price, I guess. It really should be less, though, as it is absolutely nothing special. All it does is... well, I'll get to that in a second. (Price: 7.5/10) 
As I said directly above, this does nothing special. It has three different attacks, a normal swing, a spin attack, and a jump attack. Each has no bonus effect, really. They all do about 20% damage. It's pretty stupid and useless, really, as there are TONS of other gears to buy instead of this, if you're only looking for ability, of course. (Ability: 7/10) 
The appearance is the only good part about this gear. It has a shiny blade, with a shiny handle that has black stripes on it. There is a blue gem toward the center, which really looks nice combined with the whole "Bright" themed. If it wasn't for the awful price and terrible ability, this sword would actually be pretty decent. (Appearance: 9/10)
Overall:  8/10

Overall: 7.75/10

The gears weren't that bad, but they weren't good either. Oh well, ROBLOX made up with it with some really nice hats like the shaggy, squid, and kleos helmet.