Monday, April 30, 2012

Sci-Fi MedVac 4300 Gear Review

Hi there! It's BillCheesey5 here again, and I've written a review of the Sci-Fi MedVac 4300. Enjoy!

Note about this gear: The description is "Heal yourself and your teammates with this Sci Fi MedVac", meaning it heals not just you, but your teammates too!

Sci-Fi MedVac 4300

Mesh: From this view, it kinda looks like a book. Disagree if you must, but that's what it looks like to me. Anyways, it kinda also looks like a Med-Pack, based on what I've seen of Med-Packs. There's even screws on it! Realistic! 8/10.

Texture: The texture, like the mesh is realistic, with a Nice "+" on it. It has slight shading and nice colours. The use of colours and their combination is effective. AGAIN, realistic. 10/10.

Value For Money: According to a resource, this is an "Overpriced Medpack". I would have to disagree, 300 seems too fair for a cool looking Medpack. Maybe it could have been 200 however. Good. 8/10.

Overall: This gear; overall; receives a 8/10, with a realistic mesh, great texture and good value for money.

-BillCheesey5 (FOLLOW ME ON TWITTER: @BillCheesey5)

Saturday, April 28, 2012

Zeppelin Battle Review

Zeppelin battle has been on the front page. At first glance it seems like a fairly decent game, however there are tons of problems with it I've found and it's incredibly easy to win. For those of you who don't know, a zeppelin is basically a hot air balloon with guns. Anyway, on to the reviewing
Gameplay 3/10
The gameplay really isn't all that fun. You get two choices. Pilot or Crew. The crew basically stays on the ship and fires at enemy planes and the enemy zeppelin. The pilot can fly planes and invade the opposing team's zeppelin. The basic goal of each round is to destroy the enemy zeppelin. This is incredibly easy to do. All you need to do is get on the enemy zeppelin in a plane and drop a time bomb. The other team is normally too stupid to figure out how to defuse it. There's also a random island with hot-air balloons at the bottom of the map that serves no purpose at all.
Effort 7/10
The person who made this obviously put a lot of effort into it. There are a lot of scripts and different weapons they just don't seem to work together very well sometimes. The zeppelins and planes look unique and new but they just don't seem to work right sometimes.
Creativity 8/10
This is basically an air-version of the Galleons place that was popular a while back. However, there haven't been many places like this in the past.
Overall 6/10
  • Add an in-game tutorial for defusing bombs and other things
  • Make the zeppelins easier to move
  • Get rid of the random island in the center with hot air balloons and just make people spawn on their zeppelin
  • Add cloud cover
  • Add some kind of anti air turret on the zeppelins.
  • Make it take numerous time bombs to destroy a zeppelin
  • Add a giant space whale that randomly comes down and eats the zeppelins.
  • Add an anti-TK script
  • Ragdoll scripts are always fun
  • Give the zeppelins "health" that shows in a hint at the top of the screen
If you want your place reviewed simply contact Banjobug on twitter or send me a private message on ROBLOX. The next post could be about your place! I'll be glad to give you ideas on your place and help make it better. Also, if you find a place that is absolutely awful and on the front page send me a PM and I might make a RANT about it!

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Place Reviewed: Zeppelin Battle

Reviewed by: Banjobug

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Dear Fans,

Dear Fans, I often get requests from people asking to review or to write about clans in roblox and their "fights", as well as many people asks to be a writer here at Roblox News to write about the clans or groups that are Militaries in roblox.

PLEASE note that we are not at all interested in this, for it is not news. If one of the groups you are in would like to get known, they can advertise with us. If you want an ad space on our sidebar please contact @Arbirator via twitter or send him a personal message on Roblox.

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Earth Day Hats 2012!

April 22nd, 2012, was Earth Day. A couple cool Earth Day retextures were released, by some talented ROBLOX players! Here's a summary of all the Earth Day 2012 hats.

Green Warrior

The Green Warrior is an excellent retexture by Errorless, a renowned helm retexturer. It was released a little bit before Earth Day and is R$500. The green details are very nice and blend right in. It is not off-sale unlike some other Earth Day 2012 hats and is a great hat for anyone who needs a cool helm!

Eco Bot

Eco Bot was the first hat released on Earth Day and is an excellent retexture of the classic Mr. Robot hat. This retexture was made by the amazing IBarrageI. The Eco Bot is very detailed as it as it has an original face, recycle symbols on the sides, a "clean-o-meter", a picture of a person recycling, recycling cardboard and recycling aluminum foil. It was originally at the cheap price of R$15 and was BC-only. This hat is now off-sale.

Earth Day 2012

This is a very well-made beanie by IceVoid. I like how it has nice shades of green and a detailed earth at the top. It was sold at a cheap price of 50 tix, and is now off-sale.

Earth Rocks Shades

These were some very nice looking shades created by sumox567. I especially like how the earth and space blend in with the rest of the shades. The Earth Rocks Shades were released as LimitedU. It originally sold for R$1200, and it was supposed to have 500 copies, but for some odd reason there are only 493 copies. Very weird. These shades at first sold little over R$1400, meaning a 200 robux profit. However, the value of these shades is now decreasing drastically. They are now selling around R$1300 and R$1400. My advice is to not get these shades for profit, because they will probably decrease in value over time.

Aluminum Recycled Bowler

This is the last Earth Day 2012 hat. It is a very fancy looking bowler retexture by zerois. I like how it's grey and I like the recycle symbols all around it. It was originally LimitedU with the cost of R$250 and 1000 in stock. It then sold around R$550 at the end of Earth Day. It's now selling around R$500, I'm predicted this bowler to drop a bit in price the next few days. You can't make profit off of this hat anymore but it is great if you like to collect bowlers.

The Earth Day hats this year were pretty incredible. They were all great retextures. Follow me on Twitter, I'm NonstopEpicRBLX. I'll tweet you about anything ROBLOX related and more.

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Eggstravagant Retextures Contest Winners!

Easter has long since passed, but the Roblox News Egg Hunt is still running! The three winning eggs were used in the hunt and all had different scripted behaviour.

Here are the winners:

The Burning Egg of DragonkindThe Burning Egg of Dragonkind - By mikemaximum33

I really liked this retexture because it looks like lava flowing all over the egg with suiting colour all mixed it one and a dark base. It really suited the title of 'Dragonkind'. In the egg hunt, this egg explodes violently after the player touches it and kills them instantly.

Chocolate Button Egg
Chocolate Button Egg - By hammer124

This egg retexture is very simple, but highly effective. The shades buttons look great situated on the brown background and look extremely realistic. A very chocolately egg! When the player touches this egg, they turn into a chocolate bunny and have a reduced walkspeed.

Holey Egg of OlympicsHoley Egg of Olympics - By hammer124

As the London 2012 Olympics are fast approaching, I thought it would very fitting to include a Olympic themed egg. The rings are nicely shaded and coloured and suit the theme well. In order for a player to collect this egg, they have to jump through 3 red rings which turned green as jumped through. Once all rings were green the egg dropped at the end, free for the player to collect.

The Roblox News Egg Hunt was a great success this year and I thank everyone who was involved; be it playing the game or working on the project. We will definitely be holding another next year!

The hunt is running until the 27th of April which is when the account: RNEggHunt loses BC, so if you're planning on getting all the badges; hurry!


Editor of Roblox News

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Community Article: Base wars: The land

Base wars: The Land

Base wars:The land is another classic FPS(First person shooter) on ROBLOX. Made in 2009 by d4rk886 and is still one of the most famous and most played games on ROBLOX. It is updated constantly, fixing and improving the game.

Gameplay: 9/10
Base wars is a fun and addictive game, i found myself playing it hours at a time. Basically there are two bases at each side of the map and one on an island. Your team's job is to capture the island and capture the enemy flag and take it back to your base. There is a wide range of vehicles, from jets and helicopters, to tanks and even submarines. Also a wide range of weapons and upgrades, like armor etc. You can stay behind enemy lines and snipe with the snipers, or go in and attack with the machine guns.

Effort: 8/10
This game had a lot of effort put into it. He is always updating it and improving it to the best it can be. Also he made video trailers for it which has been a great help keeping it on front page. The map is great and all the guns and vehicles are good.

Creativity: 10/10
It was the first game of its kind made in 2009. And he had done a lot with it to make it stand out.

Overall: 9/10
  • Add more to the map to make it more tactical like barricades etc.
  • Maybe add another game mode.
  • And of course a Unicorn Cannon!

If you would like your place reviewed tweet me at @Scorpider or pm me on ROBLOX - thegalaxin. Thats all for this review thanks for reading. Be sure to check back for more reviews soon!

Community Article by thegalaxin! Thanks!

IBarrageI's Comment Question Retexture Tutorials!!!

Hello readers.

As you may know, I give photoshop tutorials from time to time, and also certain retexture tutorials for all of you to read.

But, I have noticed that some of these haven't proved popular. The reason I believe for this happening, is that they haven't been specialised around the readers. So, this is the idea I am proposing; A Retexture Q&A / Tutorial based on the questions that are posted in the comments section each week. I will be taking questions each week and compiling and answering questions in my post.

Types of questions I am looking for:
Questions that might be commonly asked. Or maybe an outlandish question I can try and find out the answer to.

Questions I will not be looking for (Examples):
What is a retexture? (Reason: You can easily find out the answer to that)
What is the texture for X? (X being the questioned hat)(Reason: I
won't be finding the specific textures for you.)
And any other question around that sort of lines

So, what are you waiting for? Get asking your retexture questions...

(Note: Not all questions may be answered, and if yours isn't, I might be saving it for another time. (so don't be posting it again :D ))

Monday, April 23, 2012

Underground War Place Review

Stickmasterluke is an amazing place creator. There is no doubt about it. He's made brilliant places such as Deception Infection and Medieval Clash. However, some people forget about one of his older place known as Underground War.
Gameplay 8/10
Underground War is a sniping game. That's part of where the fun lies. However, it also relies heavily on melee weapons if your enemy is too close. The basic goal of the game is to go underground and dig a way to your enemies' base. After that you need to steal their flag and run back to your base. You can also get on the sniper towers and snipe anyone above ground. However, most of the action goes on underground. You can do many different things to get to your enemies' base. You can dig a straight line or a zig-zag pattern. The game requires a lot of strategy because if you simply have a straight line enemies can snipe down it and you won't even get close to the base. What you need to do is have several corners so you can get down and back safely.
Effort 7/10
The game really didn't take all that much effort. You have your guns, your shovels, and your GUI shop which are all impressive but the map lacks detail.
Creativity 10/10
I think that this map was the first of it's kind. Also, to my knowledge there are no other places like this.
Overall 8.5/10
  • Add more detail aboveground/belowground
  • Add a hidden underground weapon
  • Have a family of moles live underground and eat people.
  • Way to keep track of captures
If you want your place reviewed simply contact Banjobug on twitter or send me a private message on ROBLOX. The next post could be about your place! I'll be glad to give you ideas on your place and help make it better. Also, if you find a place that is absolutely awful and on the front page send me a PM and I might make a RANT about it!

Also, you should follow me on twitter even if you don't have a RANT or review request! Sometimes I invite my followers to go to places with me to help review them.

Place Reviewed: The Underground War
Reviewed by: Banjobug

Thursday, April 19, 2012

The Windforce

After many months of anticipation, the Windforce has finally been released. Before I go into the review; I want to tell you about the origins of the Windforce.


The Windforce is one of the many swords in Shedletsky's SFOTHIV (and is one of my favourite swords), and is found at one of the highest points of the whole map. This sword launches it's victims back a fair
distance, as if they were taken by a huge gust of wind. Very useful if you want to get rid of some attackers.It was released to the catalog at the price of 15,000 R$, with 100 instock, and for some that experienced it, the windforce was only able to be purchased by going to a sub-domain, a bug of which was not

intentional, but has now been sorted out.

The previous swords from SFOTHIV that have been released to the catalog in order are: Illumina and Darkheart, Firebrand (different version to original), Ghostwalker, Venomshank, and most recently;
Windforce.The only sword missing from that list now is The Ice Dagger. Though, brighteyes said that it will 
never be released. A very sceptic IBarrageI, has a hunch; a hunch that will not be said aloud, but who

knows. we may see that tiny titan reach the catalog.

Now, onto the review:

Ability: 9/10
It's normal slash attack causes 10 health damage, and the lunge attack
launches enemies back. Though it misses out on full marks because it
could do with being that little more powerful.

Appearance: 10/10
Classic mesh. No need for a texture. Full marks by default.

Affordabillity: 7/10
This is where it slips up slightly. It was released for 15,000, though
that is a major difference between previous SFOTHIV swords. The prices
are now floating around 100,000 R$.

Overall: 8/10
Classic sword, though maybe too much for too little?

~IBarrageI's first mobile post :D

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Sword of Darkness Gear Review

Ohai again, ROBLOXians! Here is a review of the Sword of Darkness Gear!

Sword of Darkness

In-Game-Abilities: In game, when you attack with this sword, you get an awesome swiping motion. However, it isn't a One-Hit-KO, it does roughly 70 damage, so you must swipe twice to blox your enemy. 8/10.

Mesh: The mesh of this sword is very unique - It isn't a retexture - and it has pointy-looking things coming off the tip of the hilt. They look sharp, and powerful. The sword part itself also looks very powerful and sharp, so that is probably the intended theme of this sword. 10/10.

Texture: The texture has dark colours, I'm pretty sure that's intended, hence the name "Sword of Darkness". The pointy things coming off the hilt have flickers of a brown-ish colour, which kind of gives it a sinister vibe (for me, at least). 10/10.

Overall: Overall, this gear gets a score of 9/10, because the mesh and texture look pretty good, but the gear itself isn't a one-hit-KO, and for the price tag of 5000 Robux, it should of been. 

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Thanks for reading!

Monday, April 16, 2012

Roblox News Egg Hunt 2012 is now live!

Roblox News Egg Hunt 2012! *OPEN*
Roblox News Egg Hunt 2012 Thumbnail

Yep, that's right. We finally finished the egg hunt! Zinc707 has been hard at work releasing patches for all the bugs in the game and now the game is relatively bug free and plays smoothly!

However. Don't go charging into the game thinking that you can't die, because let's just say some eggs go out with a 'bang'.

There are a total of 13 crazy eggs to collect with a badge linked to each of them. Once you collect all 13 eggs you will receive the egg collector badge. If you receive this badge; send a PM to RNEggHunt stating you have and we will check your profile for the badge. Once verified, we will post your username in a later post featuring all users who own the egg collector badge.

There is also a bonus badge to collect called 'Bunny Collector'. In order to collect this badge, you must find all 5 chocolate bunnies hidden in the game.
Bunny Collector

The rarest egg to collect is the 'EggCeption egg', and I'll give you one clue to aid you in collecting it: 'the egg can be anywhere in the universe at one given time - once touched that is'.


Link to the egg hunt:

Have fun egg hunting, the game will probably run until this weekend!

Editor of Roblox News

Hat Review: Manx Ironstench

So, today I decided to have a look at the new Limited U, "Manx Ironstench", a nice looking hat just released, and here's my first hand review on it.

Basic Stats:
-Created 4/12/2012
-Favorited 138 times
-Total Sold 800
Genre: All Genres
-Description "You smell him before you see him,
but by the time you smell him, it is already too late."

The mesh is only okay, there's nothing special about it,
but the horns could go well with maybe an egg hat or eye.

The texture I thought was nicely made, with bit of detailed
rust at the bottom of the hat, but it reminded me a lot of
another hat called, "Crimsonwrath, Lord of Entropy". Which
sort of had a similar texture.

This hat is nothing amazing or special, because there
are always new sort of "knight" themed hats coming on
the scene in ROBLOX, and due to the fact it looks a lot
like the hat I stated in the Texture column, it isn't very

The price it started selling at is 600 ROBUX, a reasonable amount,
but for non-bc'ers it's mostly out of their reach, once it finished selling
it's now at the 1,000 ROBUX mark.

This hat is pretty much average, there was some profit to be
made at the start but there isn't much anymore, if you
wish to buy this hat I recommend getting the sellers
to haggle and lower their price. I don't think it's worth
paying the full price.

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Friday, April 13, 2012

Community Article: Eggcognito Egg Hat Review

Hey there everyone, I hope you all enjoyed this years Egg Hunt!
General Info: This Egg could be obtained during the 2012 ROBLOX Egg Hunt. As you know all eggs have something special about them, This egg likes to copy people, You saw this egg all over the map but only one in the server was wearing 1 of the hats you were wearing, It was ranked as a "Comman" Egg.
Eggcognito Egg

Created: 4/5/2012
Updated: 2 days ago
Favorited: 219 times
Total Sold: 0
Genre: All Genres
Description:Find the Eggcognito egg when he is pretending you be you. He usually disguises himself with a hat that you are wearing along with a fake mustache and glasses.
(As of Friday 13th April 2012)
Mesh: The mesh is a normal perfectly shaped egg, The fake mustache and glasses add a great effect to the shape. 10/10
Texture: The texture of the egg looks great, Sadly the egg only has 1 colour but the mustache and the glasses help the egg look great. 9/10
How good it looks on your ROBLOXian: It looks great, The best thing to do with this egg is wear it with a different coloured egg (Stooge egg and the Eggcognito Egg) gives the effect of the Eggcognito Egg turning yellow, The Eggcognito Egg works well with ANY other egg due to the fact the glasses and the mustache add a great feature to your final look.
Overall: I would give this egg a well earned 9.5/10. The mesh and the texture work well together, Expecially the glasses and the mustache look excellent.
Follow me on Twitter, @ToonTownRBLX
Community Article by ToonTownBlox, thanks!

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Community Article: The Eggcellent Shades Hat Review

Hey everyone, Here is a hat review!
General Info: The Eggcellent Shades were a "Limited Unique" item, Meaning only a certain number are made, Once they have all been sold, The owners can sell them for a price of thier choice.
Eggcellent Shades

Favorited: 222 times 
Genre:All Genres
 Total Sold: 600 

Description:You're a bit eggcentric, but somebunny is going to think that's eggciting. Okay that was a bad yolk. Omelettin' it slide.

 [As Of April 11th 2012]

 Mesh: The mesh is good, The shades are the same shape as the "Midnight Shades". These shades have a yellow background and pictures of some of the eggs from the 2010 egg hunt. On a player, they look reasonably good. 8/10

Texture: The texture is good, The picture is clear and the eggs look good. If I were to make a suggestion, don't put the same eggs on both lenses, Add different ones. 8/10 

Value for Money: Maybe, At the moment the shades are selling lower than thier original price, I would of sold for 750R$. 8/10 

Overall:The hat is good, Nearly perfect i would say a well earned 8/10.

Follow me on Twitter, Im @ToonTownRBLX 

Community Article by ToonTownBlox, thanks for the article!


Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Charles Babbage Faberge Egg Hat Review

Ohai ROBLOXians, hopefully you enjoyed the egg hunt! Here's a review of one of the rare Faberge eggs! This hat is actually a retexture by Phantomazing! He did it very well.
Charles Babbage Fabergé Egg

 Mesh: The mesh makes it look like the egg is sitting on a kind of pedestal, and that gives it that Wealthy and Posh vibe. It looks very nice, I can't think of any possible things that could be done to make it better. 10/10.

Texture: The texture looks nice, the combination of green and black stands out, and the use of Binary Code is also pretty cool. Looks good with a lot of other hats. 10/10.

 How well it looks on your ROBLOXian: It looks really nice, it sits on top of your head. If you wear it with normal egg hats, it makes the normal egg look extended. Pretty cool. 10/10. Value for Money: It was available at the egg hunt. Technically, it was free. You just had to find it. I can't judge this hat on Value for Money.

Overall: I give this hat a perfect 10/10. The mesh and texture compliment each other nicely. Again, thanks to Phantomazing for making the retexture, and good job getting it published. This hat is no longer available. Here's a link to the hat:

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Saturday, April 7, 2012

Doom Bunny Hat Review

Hai, I'm back with another Roblox Hat Review!

Mesh: the mesh of this hat looks nice, it's a bunny head wearing a robotic helmet, if you look closely while wearing it, you can actually see the bunny's head under the helmet. It looks nice, and realistic, but the ears on the helmet should have spikes on the back. 9/10.

Texture: the texture is nice. The helmet is shiny, and the bunny head has, well, bunny colours. If I were to make a suggestion, make the bunny ears have a green tint. 9/10.

Value for Money: Yes. Just yes. 140 Robux for this? AMAZING. 10/10 (1 being bad value for money, 10 being amazing value for money).

Overall: This hat deserves a well-earned 9.4/10, it's pretty much perfect.Thanks for reading, follow me on Twitter please: @BillCheesey5.

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Roblox News Egg Hunt 2012

If you followed Roblox News back in 2011, you may have taken part in the egg hunt we held back then. It went brilliantly and was visited 400 times. Every user collected a badge for visiting the place, and if they caught all the eggs and took a screenshot; they were featured on Roblox News!

The egg hunt was in the form of a scavenger hunt meaning the eggs were hidden around the map, and when you touched them they were ticked off on the egg Gui in the top left corner of the screen. Some of the eggs available to catch were classics from the 2008 ROBLOX egg hunt, however some were designed by the Roblox News team. The scripting of the egg gui was produced by none other than our very own Cowbear16 - creator of the RN Mobile App!

This year, we want the egg hunt to be even bigger and better. This year we have 13 eggs designed by various team members including: IBarrageI, TheEasterZombie and myself, but some were also designed by members of the RN community and are winners of the egg retexture contest we are currently hosting.

This year; it is a proper hunt.

Eggs will be falling from the sky in the style of a classic egg drop. There will be a total of 13 eggs available to catch - each with their own behaviour and conditions in order to obtain them. Some eggs are easy to catch and some are much harder and pose great peril to the ROBLOXian's life. Each egg will have its own badge, but there will also be a couple of bonus badges. If anyone obtains every single badge they can send a screenshot in to us at: and we will happily feature them on the blog.

This year's map is made by myself (arbirator), the majority of the eggs are made by IBarrageI and TheEasterZombie and the scripting is done at the hands of  the mighty zinc707!

The place to hunt the eggs at when the hunt is live is here:

Roblox News Egg Hunt 2012!

We will announce in a later blog post when the hunt will start!

Good luck, and catch those eggs!

-Editor of Roblox News

New ROBLOX Event: Welcome to Stoogeville!

There have been some The Three Stooges themed items in the catalog recently. For example, there is a Three Stooges Cap and a Three Stooges Shirt by ROBLOX. There are also some other Three Stooges items, that are unobtainable and some people have been asking how to get them. To get the unobtainable Three Stooges items, simply earn accomplishments in Welcome to Stoogeville!

This event promotes The Three Stooges The Movie, which is coming out on April 13th. In this game you can win up to four items, and they are Moe's Hair, Larry's Hair, the Wooden Mallet, and the Lobster. It is much like ROBLOX Base Wars FPS and even has the same scripts, just edited a bit. However, it is a well built and scripted game. Here's how the game works. You first get to choose which stooge you will play as. You can either play as Moe, Larry, or Curly. You then join either the red team or the blue team. The goal is to explore your hometown, Stoogeville, and work with your team to make  830,000$ before the other team does. You can earn 1,000$ for defeating someone and you can earn 3,000$ for capturing a capture point. To capture a capture point simply find one and stand on it for ten seconds. You can poke or slap your enemies, but there is also weapons hidden throughout the map you can also use. You can also block to avoid attacks.

Now, here's how you can get all four items. To get Moe's Hair, simply win a round as Moe. To get Larry's Hair, win a round as Larry. Curly does not have any hair so if you win a round as him you will get the Wooden Mallet instead of hair. The hardest Three Stooges item to get is the Lobster. In order to get the Lobster you must have more money than everybody else at the end of a round. In other words, you must be the MVP. (Most Valuable Player) Time for some tips!


- The only difference between Moe, Larry, and Curly is what they look like and what items you earn by playing as them. If you're trying to get MVP it doesn't matter who you're playing as.

- If a capture point is white, that means no one has captured it yet. If a capture point is blue, that means the blue team has captured it. If a capture point is red, that means the red team has captured it. 

- It's faster to capture capture points rather than to attack the opposing team.

- When trying to steal capture points from the opposing team, it's better to attack with others rather than to attack alone. 

- If you are on the blue team, it's a good idea to get the capture points near the fountain and in the movie theater when the game begins.

- If you are on the red team, it's a good idea to get the capture points near the apartments and in the church when the game begins.

- Be careful if you go underground to get the underground capture point; the ladders are tough to climb and so it can be hard to get out of the underground. 

- Always get a weapon before you attack a lot of people; poking and slapping isn't very effective. Weapons such as the broom do great damage.

- If your computer lags a lot on this game, it's a good idea to try to get MVP when not many people are playing.

- You can always check the leaderboard by pressing Q while you have the Poke Attack, the Block, or the Slap Attack equipped.

- If you are in a server with tons of people who get outrageous high scores, you should probably go to a different server to have a better chance of getting MVP.

Follow me on Twitter, I'm NonstopEpicRBLX. I'll tweet you about upcoming Roblox News posts and anything else related to ROBLOX. 

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

ROBLOX Egg Hunt 2012

Greetings eager egg hunters! Today I bring joyous news to you!

But first, a little background:

A ROBLOX egg hunt is where at Easter time; eggs fall from the sky at every place at scheduled times and users can collect them and wear them as hats - trophies if you will.

Egg Hunt 2008

Image taken from Eggstravaganza post on

 The first ROBLOX egg hunt occurred 4 years ago - at Easter 2008. It was the first of its kind and users were extremely excited to win some eggs! This hunt worked fairly well, although there were some issues with the scheduled drops not happening at the set times.

Image taken from Eggstravaganza post on

Each egg had its own behaviour or condition in order to collect it. Some eggs were easy to obtain thus making them common, whereas others were a lot harder thus making them rare. One of the rarest from this hunt was the Legendary Egg of Gygax.
Legendary Egg of Gygax

Egg Hunt 2010

Image taken from Eggstravaganza 2010 post on

The second ROBLOX egg hunt occurred 2 years ago - at Easter AND also summer 2010. This one was even bigger than the first, with a huge increase in players and also in games that the eggs would drop at; as a result it was more demanding on the ROBLOX servers. The eggs in this particular year spawned Easter Zombies, flying missiles and lots of explosion. Users were excited as they could relive the 2008 classic. However, all did not go according to plan and the servers crashed causing games to lag and even not work at all. The egg hunt had to be ended early, and so the admins began work on improving their servers to host a bonus hunt in the summer. The summer hunt ran reasonably well, although there a few hiccups again in the egg timing.

Egg Hunt 2012

A third egg hunt will occur this year, most likely beginning this Saturday or Sunday as it is Easter weekend in routine with the 2 previous egg hunts. This year, due to 2010's server crash, the egg hunt will most likely be hosted in only 1 map.

The map can be found here, being updated less than a day ago:

Have you got any other evidence for the egg hunt?

Yes, check out these tweets from admins, Brighteyes and Shedletsky:

Indicating he was working on the egg drop script

Indicating the content team were producing textures for the eggs

And if that's not enough for you, two eggs from 2010 have been made limited and are on the featured page of the catalog. Their names leave clues to the 2012 egg hunt: currenly TESTING and we should be in ANTICIPATION for an egg hunt (credit to TheEasterZombie for spotting this)

-Editor of Roblox News

War Blox Review

There are millions of shooting games on ROBLOX. Most of them, if I were to rate them, would score somewhere in the 1-3 out of ten range. Others would actually have maps and maybe a few guns. However, this place is absolutely amazing. I was stunned by it's detail and scripting. The amount of time it must have taken for this game to be finished must have been absurd. The time and effort painstakingly put into each map is amazing. I am truly impressed by this place.
Gameplay 10/10
You start out with a shotgun and a pistol. You get points by killing other players. With those points you can buy other items such as katanas, miniguns, and rocket launchers. You can also buy ammo for these items. There are also different types of matches. There are free for alls, team battles, and capture the flag games. Each one is different and unique.
Effort 10/10
As far as I've seen there are 3 maps in this place. Each one is completely unique in their own way and is beautifully C-Framed. The scripting for each of the guns is amazing. The scripting for everything is amazing. THE ENTIRE PLACE IS AMAZING!!!
Creativity 9/10
Yes, there are a lot of FPS games. I cannot in good conscience give this part a 10/10. However, this game is different from all the others in that it has had a lot of thought and care put into it.
    Overall 9.5/10
  • More maps
  • Add a control point mode
  • Add a minigun that shoots ice cream
    If you want your place reviewed simply contact Banjobug on twitter or send me a private message on ROBLOX. The next post could be about your place! I'll be glad to give you ideas on your place and help make it better. Also, if you find a place that is absolutely awful and on the front page send me a PM and I might make a RANT about it!

    Also, you should
    follow me on twitter even if you don't have a RANT or review request! Sometimes I invite my followers to go to places with me to help review them.

    Place Reviewed: War Blox

    Reviewed by: Banjobug

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

New Profile Feature: User's Sets!

Recently, ROBLOX added a new section to the profile page: user sets! This shows a person viewing a user's page, which sets they own, but also which sets they are subscribed to.

This is a useful feature for seeing what models and scripts a person approves of. It can also show what game creators put into their places as some users compile models they have been working on, all in the one set.

When you go to a user's profile, by default it will show the sets they own:

You can then click 'View Subscribed' and it will immediately switch to the sets the user is subscribed to:

In my opinion it is a very useful feature and can be put to very good use; providing easy access to user models to help with their own games or to expand their own ideas.

New Video Advertisements on Roblox?

Just recently, I discovered an advertisement on Roblox. It wasn't your ordinary advertisement, it was a video one. Here is some evidence of it's existence video and picture.

What do you think about the new video advertisements? Keep them? Or leave them? This was only visible by NBC users.

Monday, April 2, 2012

A Prank Too Far?: ROBLOX's Recovery

4/1/2012 Today was the day the ROBLOX website came under attack.
The story of what happened was quite a confusing one. So, here goes.

From what I heard. There were 4 players involved. Merely, Minish, Pheedy and are17

Firstly, Minish threatened to purchase Merely's prized possession; The Domino Crown. This of which you may know was at an extortionate price. Merely thought it was all a joke, and then Minish, somehow manged to purchase it (How he did it is a complete mystery to me), And then everything started getting worse and worse.

The next thing that happened was that all admin/moderators accounts lost their adminship, and then the only 2 moderators were Pheedy, and oddly enough are17, both of which haven't been seen for ages.

Then everything started getting wierd, starting with a new face.
Credit to What's Hot In LMaD for the screenshot

This of which is one of the most creepiest faces known ever. though, you cannot purchase it, and on a character it looks incredibly creepy. as seen below.

Then soon after that, lots of limited items were being sold, such as the Dominus Infernus, the Wanwood Crown, and many more. Then before you knew it, there was a sudden flood of items, many of which were sold for 1 R$, and limiteds were sold with less than 100 in stock. 

You would think that is all?

Nope. There was more.
They started posting as the admins.

The events of last night shocked the whole of roblox, and there has been rumors of a "Rollback": Where the website is reverted back to a previous date where there is nothing wrong with the website.

Where are Pheedy, Merely and Minish now?
Well, Merely Currently remains unbanned.
Pheedy and Minish are now Banned/Deleted
And are17 is also Banned/Deleted, though he's saying he has had nothing to do with any of this.

So, what do you make of all of this? Post your reactions in the Comments and discuss them with other players...

Got a question? Ask me on twitter: @IBarrageI

Sunday, April 1, 2012

Jared Valdez and Roblox News!

Yes, the rumours are completely true; on the 7th of April Roblox News will be completely taken over by Jared Valdez of ROBLOX fame.

Jared purchased the website for 100,000R$-- which was, according to him, "A small investment". Over the course of the next week Jared will be setting up Roblox News with new banners, staff members and an altogether new approach on news.

Arbirator, the previous Roblox News owner, has been speaking publicly about the takeover;

"Roblox News has been so successful in the past few years, that I've had hundreds of buyout offers. The second best offer was from a German user who wanted to buy the website and turn it into a German-based Bloxxenformer.

We wish Jared well in his endeavours-- And I'm going to buy a Sparkle Time Fedora."

Jared Valdez was unable to comment on the takeover bid as his account has been mercilessly deleted for the 4th time for obtaining games completely legitimately. Nevertheless we are sure that he is completely ecstatic with the takeover.

What are your thoughts about this new takeover?