Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Rainbow Shaggy

Delta's back back back back again again again. Hello I Deltaforce96, I'm back.

Today I would like to talk about the Rainbow Shaggy. Yes, I am as shocked as you are. The Rainbow Shaggy! This hat lost in the ROBLOX Black Friday polls but was still published Sunday morning. 50 were sold at a price of 2,500 Robux. Now it currently is selling for 38,000 robux. I personally do not think it will sell for 38,000 Robux. The current average selling price is 29,555 Robux. To make profit off this item I advise you to buy for 20,000 robux or lower. With 50 in stock it should not be hard to make profit but just to be on the safe side set your maximum buying price for 20,000 Robux.

Delta's back back back, Have any questions? Want your favorite limited to be reviewed and judged? Twitter me, @Deltaforce96

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Interview with FleskhjertaOwns!

Today I caught up with FleskhjertaOwns, a user well known in the ROBLOX forums!

1) When did you join ROBLOX? What did you do in your first hour?

I joined ROBLOX on September 15th, 2008. I was in my young age, of course, so I had wanted to see everything as fast as I could, because I just couldn't wait to play -- and I did, in fact! I even got to meet an admin and few other well-known people. :)

2) What is your favourite place? Why?

My favourite place is Sword Fight On the Heights IV, because I always enjoy going there and bloxxing people with the Darkheart, my favorite weapon.

3) Who is your favourite ROBLOXian? Why?

My favourite ROBLOXian is DeepFreeze. He was one of my first friends, and I always liked him, on his main and his alt. We never used to talk a lot before, but we usually chat with each-other for a few minutes or so, now.

4) What forum do you usually post to? Is this your favourite forum?

I usually post in the ROBLOX Talk sub-forum. This isn't exactly my favourite forum, but for some reason it just sticks to me. I know lots of people there, too. Most of them are my friends.

5) What is your favourite item in the Catalog?

My favourite item in the Catalog is Clockwork's Headphones. Ever since they became limited for good, I've been planning on a way to get them. I think it would add a lot of variety to the clothes I wear on ROBLOX.

6) When did you join the UCR?

I had originally joined UCR in late 2009, but then rejoined after a bit of time. I quit at first because I had been demoted without reason.

7) How did it become such a important thing to you?

UCR is an important group to me because it represents family, and unity. There's barely any problems or struggles in UCR, because they always fight to win. I like the determination that it has.

8) What position are you in the UCR? What does this involve?

I'm in the UCR Council Group, as a Vanguard Officer. From here, I've pretty much stopped getting rank-ups. I have to work my way into the High Ranks to receive the rank of Senator. I also have to learn leadership and how to do what is given to me from our leader, TDFall.

9) Who would you say is your favourite scripter on ROBLOX?

My favourite scripter is crazyman32, because his latest creation, "Stranded", blew me away. I loved the story-line it had, the realistic cut-scenes, and all its special features. I think he should work on more games like that, he'd go far by doing so.

10) Which was your favourite ROBLOX event?

My favourite ROBLOX Event was the Egg Drop in 2010. I remember when I had spent my entire afternoon going place to place, trying to get my favorite egg, the Extinct Egg of Dino On Ice. I refer to it as the Yoshi Egg. :P

Community Article: Call of Robloxia - Black Ops Place Review

Call of Robloxia Black Ops - place created by logitech102

Call of Robloxia - Black Ops

Upon entering the game, you are placed on one of two teams; Spetsnaz and Black Ops, and a weapon GUI is displayed. The primary weapons consist of 6 types of weapons; 18 weapons in all. The starting weapon, the AK47, is free and will not cost you any credits.Due to the fact that you don't have any credits yet, you cannot buy weapons so your only option is to proceed into the game. I choose to play in First Person for war games. (WARNING: The game is extremely difficult without first person or MouseLock.)

I spawned in the Nuketown map and ran around for a bit, exploring the map, trying not to get killed too quickly. The map is amazingly similar to the console version of the map; logitech102 did an excellent job with map design. GUIs are also a plus, it even includes the kill-badge thingamajigs and the top of the screen, just like in the real Call of Duty. After killing about 9 players and racking up enough points to buy a perk, I chose the Light Weight perk and started back into the action. New players to the game mistakingly called me a hacker and tried to report me numerous times. I also received a little trash talk from the other team, which I responded to with a shot to the head. The amount of weapons, perks, and attachments makes it difficult to try out everything. For players it's a plus for the abundance of choices to choose from, but for writers it's a pain trying to review every aspect of the game; weapons and all. There isn't much I can say about this game except that it's amazing and that the creator did a fantastic job. Some advice I can give you is to bring friends, travel in groups, and spend your credits wisely. Tools: 10/10 No problems at all.
Scripting: 10/10 Excellent job.
Building: 10/10 The maps are almost exact copies of the Call of Duty: Black Ops maps.
General Enjoyment: 10/10 It's been on the first or second page for months.
Deals with problems: 10/10 No problems at all.
Deals with lag: 10/10 No lag at all for me.
Creativity: 7/10 I applaud logitech102's creativity in expressing the different aspects of the game.
Originality: 8/10 The creativity also makes the game very original, in terms of expressing gameplay aspects.

Thank you Explosion101 for providing us with this well written, detailed article!

Monday, November 28, 2011

Battle of Robloxia WW2 Review

There are a lot of war games on ROBLOX, way more than I can count. Most of them are the same. A few of them stand out as something really special and others are simply not playable. This game however, changes everything. Unlike other war games on the front page, this one has vehicles that look good, work, and are actually useful.
Gameplay 8/10
There are two different modes. One mode is to capture the other teams base. To do this you get your team to surround the flag as it slowly goes down. In the other mode there are three control points. One team tries to defend them all while the other one tries to capture them all in under ten minutes. The use of vehicles in this game is amazing. The tanks aren't large and clunky and hard to get around in but can actually help your team. The vehicles make this game so much different.
Effort 8/10
This game has an incredibly large map, the sad part is that it's the only map. The vehicles look absolutely great and there are a lot of different weapons. The map is very well made and looks amazing.
Creativity 7/10
There are quite a lot of war games but very few have vehicles that are actually useful to you.
Overall 8/10
Add more maps
Add more game modes
Add more vehicles
Add more ketchup

If you want your place reviewed simply contact Banjobug on twitter or send me a private message on ROBLOX. The next post could be about your place! I'll be glad to give you ideas on your place and help make it better. Also, if you find a place that is absolutely awful and on the front page send me a PM and I might make a RANT about it!

Also, you should follow me on twitter even if you don't have a RANT or review request! Sometimes I invite my followers to go to places with me to help review them.

Follow @RNPlaceReviews on Twitter to get up to date on future reviews, contests, and more! That account is shared between me and Refreshingwater, follow it now!

Reviewed Place:
Battle of Robloxia WW2
Reviewed by: Banjobug

Phone Interview with ROBLOX!

7:30 pm GMT I had my phone interview with four members of the ROBLOX team! I talked to Brighteyes, ReeseMcBlox, ChelBM and another intern, who's username I didn't manage to catch. We talked about many things including certain staff member's jobs and what they do on ROBLOX.

Did you know Brighteyes doesn't actually make most of the hats and that some freelance artists contribute to the ROBLOX Catalog?

And did you know that the ROBLOX content team is hard at work making the gifts for Christmas?

It was great talking to the ROBLOX team and meeting the people I often talk to on Twitter. It was interesting to hear all sorts of things about the game and what they are working on!

Sunday, November 27, 2011

New Way to Play Roblox

There is a New, better, easier way to play roblox! The Ultimate Roblox Browser created by, Alexnewtron. It is very nice, with sleek interface, 150+ easy install Plugins, with over 5000 satisfied Robloxians using it daily! WAIT There's more! Now access Roblox News on The Roblox Browser!

Roblox Browser

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Deltaforce96 is back!

Yes, that's right! The one and only Deltaforce96, our very own catalog analyst is back! This time, he will assume the role of 'Catalog Manager' which basically means he in charge of publishing of articles to do with the ROBLOX Catalog. When I choose the new staff members (which I will, very soon) some of those will be assigned to Deltaforce and Catalog publishing!


He will be publishing articles about new Catalog releases such as new limited items, new hats and gear, and featured bargains!

So, I welcome him back and look forward to reading his articles!

Saturday, November 26, 2011

The "new" Biograft Energy Sword

For the Black Friday weekend celebrations, Roblox released several new gears. But there was one that was kept secret until its release. The Spec Zeta Biograph Energy Sword.

It is limited with 200 in stock and cost R$ 5,000. And is now selling for 12,000, If you are thinking of investing in this, wait till prices just dip down to 10,000 - 8,000 to make a decent profit.

It is believed to be the last one in its series. and there have been 5 in this series, all names varying by a letter from the Greek alphabet.

But during the series the power of the swords have varied.

Looking at the scripts, this is what the damage stats are:
The powers seem to have been increasing at a very slow rate, but with zeta, the stats are at their highest.

Whether there will be any more energy swords is unknown. But if there is, what we do know, it will be more powerful than its predecessors.

Friday, November 25, 2011

Interview with ZeroVelocity!


1) When did you join ROBLOX? What were your first impressions?

Answer: I first joined Roblox on July 24th, 2007 with an alternative account. My initial impression was nothing much-- I used to forum on other websites before this, so Roblox was nothing spectacular.

2) What part of the game appealed to you the most?

Answer: The freedom of creativity appealed to me the most. It was nice to see a place where you can build anything without many rules or guidelines.

3) When you first joined ROBLOX, was there a player you inspired to be? Do you still admire that player?

Answer: When I first joined Roblox, Are92 was my primary inspiration for everything. Now: not so much.

4) What do you mostly do on ROBLOX?

Answer: I spent most of my time building. When I am not doing that I am managing my groups.

5) Everyone knows you're a great graphic designer, how did you become so good?

Answer: I have many years of experience with PDN. (:

6) Have you ever made ROBLOX ads? Do you sell them?

Answer: I do make advertisements, but not as frequently as I used to. I also used to sell them, but not any more.

7) Which ROBLOX forum do you spend most of your time on? Why?

Answer: I rarely spend any time on the forums. Honestly, I have not forumed excessively in a year or so.

8) Doughnuts or iced buns?

Answer: Doughnuts. (:

9) Judging from your only game on your profile you build using c-frame, would you consider yourself to be good at it? Why?

Answer: The thumbnail of the place you see was created by a friend and I. My friend did most of the landscaping; and I did the building. To answer your question, I would indeed consider myself good at CFraming. I use it all the time. Practice and experience. (;

10) Have you ever worked with other ROBLOX players on a project? If so, what project?

Answer: See the first sentence of the above answer.^

Place Review: RO-Port Tycoon

RO-Port Tycoon
Like always, I'm going to start off talking about this thumbnail. This thumbnail explains the entire game pretty much. We see 2 airplanes flying in the air going to some place. We also see the title of this place in between both airplanes. This thumbnail says to me "This place is about an airport tycoon which includes flyable planes." This thumbnail is very cool, very original. Although, it could use something on the outside, because this is looking very boring after staring at it for 10 hours straight. This game was created by Crazyman32.

When I entered I was welcomed by a welcome screen which explained VIP and the game for me. I'm going to explain the upgrades. So, I had to find a tycoon, so I found an empty one. The empty ones are the ones blocked by a blue wall. I created the Terminal, which is free. There are many upgrades that you must purchase with in game money. I will not go through every single upgrade because it would take so long that this review would take up the entire RN page. If you purchased VIP, you can put in a cheat called "cheat/money", which resets your amount back to what you started with which is 500,000 dollars. VIP gets to use that cheat and purchase all of the upgrades, while non VIPs have to purchase everything with earned money. VIP only costs 30 Tickets and 10 ROBUX, which is a lot. When you purchase all of the upgrades, you get a badge called "Expert". There's a badge called "Millionare", which is earned by getting 1,000,000 dollars.

I will now explain how to fly an airplane, which is the best part of this tycoon. So, find an airplane that YOU own and get into it. Your character gets a tool that says "please select", or something like that. Select that tool and you get the "Plane" tool. To start the Plane's engine, you must press E on your keyboard. To make it reverse, press R. To move around just move your mouse sideways, up, and down. To take off, you must press your up arrow key a bunch of times or just hold it. Then bring your mouse and camera up, you'll see your airplane take off! You can fly anywhere you want, just not into the water! You'll lose oxygen and die, if you have passengers, they will die too! There's another airport, but it's far across the water, to get there you must fly. There's a few badges called "Flyer" and "High Fly", "Flyer" is earned when you fly for 10 minutes. "High Fly" is earned when you go up 50,000 feet into the air and hold that altitude for 5 seconds.

I've noticed that this review is super long, probably the longest review ever. This is all I've got to explain about this place....

Scripting: 10/10, it's very obvious that this place is scripted.
Tools: 10/10, all the tools necessary for this tycoon are provided.
Building: 10/10, these things are all an airport need.
General Enjoyment: 10/10, I'm pretty sure everyone loves this game because there is something to do after your done with your airport.
Originality: 6/10, I've seen a few, but this one is the best so far.
Creativity: 6/10, read above.
Deals with Problems: 3/10, no tutorial on how to fly the planes anywhere, low rating.
Deals with Lag: 7/10, a few lag here and there.

Overall: 8.5/10, good game and would recommend this to anyone.

Yes, it's too early for a winter picture, but I made one anyway!

Roblox News Scavenger Hunt Winners!

Sorry for the delay guys, but I was somewhere else for my Thanksgiving, which means I did not have internet. So I'm sorry for that. We have some bad news. One of the winners did not have Builders Club. So I went down the list to the person who had the most correct. The first prize of 1,000 tickets goes to RandomCowGoesMooo. Congratulations, make a t-shirt for 1,000 tickets. The second prize of 500 tickets goes to alexkylerock. Congratulations, make a t-shirt for 500 tickets. And for the acknowledgment of the person who didn't have Builders Club, but would of won, NonStopEpic!

1.Canadian Thanksgiving Hat
2.The Gobbler
3.Paper Pilgrim
4.Pilgrim Bonnet
5.Long Braids
6.Brickasaw Headband
7.Tribal Turkey Hunter
8.Construction Paper Turkey Headband
9.Atypical Pilgrim
10.Pumpkin Pi
11.Cooked Thanksgiving Turkey
12.Felt Capotain
13.Opened Gift of Pi Maker's Lament
14.Apple Pie
15.Turkey Leg


Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Interview with Boygrump!

Today I caught up with the famous ad maker: Boygrump!
1) How did you become such a dab hand at ad making on ROBLOX?

Once I realized that I had some potential, I started getting into deeper detail in each little shape, and I just started selling them, and I noticed that not only did I like them, so did everyone else.

2) Why do you think your ad services are so famous?

I personally think they are famous because I change up my theme regularly, so I make a few new styles when I am bored and I decide which I will use.

3) In your opinion, what should you say it the best ad you had ever made?

Probably my best ad was the one I made for Parlement which was for his tycoon, 'Hyperion's Revenge'.

4) Chicken or Turkey?

Chicken, due to the fact that they taste better in my opinion and I have always thought for them to be cuddly.

5) How much do you usually sell an ad for? Are there different prices for different types of ad? (banner, skyscraper etc.)

They all cost the same which is 333 Robux, most of the times people will tell me what type of ad they would like, but there is always that customer that doesn't say, so I go with what has the most clicks.

6) How long do you usually spend on making a ROBLOX ad?

On the average ad I usually spend around 10 to 30 minutes on one ad, so I will be hard to keep up with every request, but I still manage.

7) What is the longest amount of time you have spent creating an ad?

Probably the longest time I spent on a ad was 1 Hour, because I was trying to make a new pattern design along with all the requested information.

8) Who would you say is the best shirt maker on ROBLOX?

Well it is hard to say, because I never really do buy shirts, but I would probably go with VendettaTheGreat, you know him being great and all.

9) What is your favourite place?

My favorite place is 'Légèreté de la liberté' which was created by 'StuntMan007', I love the Cframing in that place, it is amazing. I too know how to CFrame, which is one of my many skills.

10) Finally, what would you say to a player who wanted to make awesome ads?

I would probably say, if you really want to do good, it takes great dedication and skill, but skill can be earned through dedication.

How to Improve Your ROBLOX Gaming Experience.

Here's a small tutorial on how to improve your gameplay for no lag or better graphics. First, before I begin, want more reviews? If so take this if you don't want more, don't take it. Also, please send me more place review suggestions, I'm running out of ideas! Send me the ideas here or here.

Step 1: Open ROBLOX Studio.

Step 2: Go into your place in Build mode.

Step 3: Click on Tools > Settings...

Step 4: At this point you should see a message saying "Changing may make ROBLOX unstable, we recommend you don't change your settings unless instructed by a ROBLOX Engineer", ignore this as the settings you wil be changing are designed for users to alter.

Step 5: A new window should come up with a bunch of side options, click on Rendering.

Step 6: Scroll down and look for "Quality", change all material quality to either Low, which makes it have less lag, but you will not be able to see any materials. Medium, for me, lagged, if you want this cool. High is for computers that can handle very high quality, I would recommend this to people with newer computers.

Step 7: Once you have changed all of your Quality settings to your liking, click "Close", it should say "Some settings will not take effect until you restart ROBLOX", just exit your game.

To see if this worked, go into your game in Build Mode again, check the settings and see if they are the ones you chose, if they are congratulations! Tip: The lower the quality, the faster your games will run. The higher the quality, the more realistic your games look.

This has been a short tutorial on how to improve your gaming experience. Now, you can play the games I review! Hurray! You learned something! If you already knew this, then congratulations!

Happy Thanksgiving from Refreshingwater!

Black Friday investment opportunities.

With Black Friday fast approaching, people are scraping whatever cash they can from their items in preparation for the big day.

Some points to look out for I would recommend would be:

  • Trade Currency: Users from all around will be flocking into the Trade Currency to exchange their tickets to robux to buy items, which will supposedly causing the TC rates to explode, so my tip would be to keep your robux until Black Friday, once the rates hit high, start trading and making profit.

  • Limited Items: When people are short on cash, where's the first place they go? Their inventory. Users will be putting every kind of items onsale, in a mad rush to get the new items, so take advantage of this and look out for great deals or snipes on items that will get you profit.

  • The new Limiteds: When ROBLOX releases the new batch of limited items for Black Friday, make sure to come to the forum and ask whether they think an item will profit or not, 95% of the time they know what they're talking about.

So these are just some quick tips to help you succeed on the big day this Friday, hope these will be of any use to you.


Have a question? Follow me on Twitter @Rob498RBLX

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Bargain of the week: Felt Capotain

With Thanksgiving fast approaching this Thursday, ROBLOX has put Thanksgiving favourites back on-sale. These favourites include an assortment of fancy hats at pretty reasonable prices; most under R$100 and a collection of popular gear items also at pretty low prices; R$250 and under!

A particular hat that caught my eye was the Felt Capotain, I noticed immediately that it has been priced at a lower amount than last year. R$100 is a bargain price in my opinion, considering it a more detailed version of the Pilgrim Hat with a felt texture and gradient effect on the main body of the mesh.

So for just R$25 more than the original Pilgrim Hat, you get a newer looking hat with a detailed texture covering it, in my eyes this is a bargain, if you have enough buy it now!

Interview with Sean612!

Today I interviewed a well known former named Sean612, he has a total of 18,467 forum posts!


1) When did you start foruming?

I started Foruming in early 2010 on ROBLOX Talk. I didn't know what to do but the community there were nice and showed me what to do. Then when Limited items came out, I moved to Lets Make a Deal where I have had over 11,000 posts. At the minute, I have had over 18,400 posts.

2) What forum do you mainly post to? Is this a different forum to the one you post to now?

As I said, I started in ROBLOX Talk and got over 7,000 posts there. Finally, I wanted to make a bit of money, and a few months after the launch of Limiteds I joined Lets Make a Deal.

3) What is the most enjoyable part about being a forumer?

Being a Forumer is really fun, because you get to meet many other ROBLOX users who use grammar and are usually on the intellectual wave-length as you. Also, on Lets Make a Deal, you get to make lots of money, which is an added bonus.

4) What is your favourite genre of games? Why?

I like RPG's (Role Playing Games) because it can be funny at certain places when there are giant battles going on between druids and elves. But also, I like to dress up and chill with my friends like CommanderT317, Flonk28, Empoleon48 and awsomeawsome.

5) Pancakes or waffles?

Hmm, toughest question out of the lot.
Its gotta' be pancakes.

6) How do you have so many profile views?

I got my profile views because once upon a time, I used to have a group of friends, very close and we always used to message eachother and join eachother's games. Also, I have had many views of profile because of my PM's. I usually get PM's asking me to buy their item, or for them to sell mine to them.

7) Who is your favourite forumer and why?

Well, I have a few, but my favorite has to be iVeyron or Flonk28. I speak to those two alot over Xbox also, and they are both really good at making deals. Lets Make a Deal wouldn't be the same without them two.

8) What was your favourite ROBLOX event or contest?

Event - I liked Halloween 2009, but I think that this years Black Friday (25th of November) will top all the events so far because of the old, cool hats being released.

9) What are your thoughts on the Terrrain Generator?

The terrain generator should be another good update, like every other. Updating the site and making it better can't be a bad thing.

10) What could be added to the Terrain Generator to improve its' functionality?

Maybe more speed loading.

Monday, November 21, 2011

Interview with BCGames!

Today I interviewed the very well known ROBLOX user named: BCGames.


1) What would you say are you most well known for on ROBLOX?

I would say what I am most known for is simply as being ME. In the forums everyone knows who ZMK and PyroCity are. I started my popularity with the forums.

2) When you joined ROBLOX, what was the first thing you did?

Played this game:

3) What was your first place? Was it any good?

My first place was on my account Molt. It was a super long obby. It got a total of 13K place visits.

4) What advice would you give to a user who wanted be successful in the place making front?

First, take the time to script. Then find someone popular, but make sure they can't script, and script for them. Then make a game, and use the money you earned from scripting for them to advertise it. NOTE: THIS IS NOT LIKELY TO HAPPEN OFTEN!

5) In your opinion, what is the most important aspect of building a place?

The scripts. If you don't have any scripts...well, that's just plain boring.

6) Do you create Guis? If so, what is the most advance Gui you have produced?

Yes I do. I can't remember my most advanced Gui, but I can link you to my favourite of mine. Here:

7) When building/scripting a ROBLOX game, do you work with other builders? Why is this?

No I don't. Mainly because then I have full control over it. I'm a controll BAWZ!

8) What was your most memorable moment on ROBLOX? Why?

Meeting RangeMeludE when I was a n3wb.
Me: Haider Range!
Him: Haider Range!
Me:'s Molt.
Him: No, I'm Molt silly. ;)

We became great friends.

9) Do you think ROBLOX is improving with each update?

Yes, It's improving things for builders.

10) But the most important question of all; do you like fried turkey?

To be honest, I dislike turkey. I always simply have chicken for Thanksgiving. :)

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Place Review: Sharks and Minnows

This game was created by an old writer for ROBLOX News, BCGames! This place, like his name is, BC Only. But, for some reason, there are NBC in this place, weird. This game is based on a game that people play in real life, I used to play this at school when I was in elementary. Also, if you want your place to be reviewed please send me a tweet @Blue_Jay_13.

Sharks and Minnows [ RECODED ]
This picture is very simple, Sharks and Minnows. It's created in ocean styled text, which is really cool! Although, it does need more, maybe an in game picture? This is one of the most boring interesting thumbnails ever.

I enter and see that the round hasn't begun, I had to wait for 144 seconds. In the meantime, I had a conversation with a user. He showed me how to type "ROOT" by typing in "/sc" in. Then, I told him I was doing a review on this place for ROBLOX News, he said "Me too". He then said he was a Moderator, I just ignored him.

The round begins after an interesting conversation. So, you must click on a GUI in order to play, because your settings are set to "Not play", so change it! I got spawned in a map created by another user; cool how BCGames gives credit. So, this map had water and land and a lot of hiding spots. I was a minnow, I had to run from the shark. You get tagged and then your turned into a shark. If you don't get tagged, then you stay a minnow.

Sharks have to run around the map tagging minnows in order to place them on your team. They run around too, trying to escape from you. They hide everywhere, your names are shown, so it's easier. Sometimes, sharks win, minnows win. But, if your a shark, it sure is hard to get the minnows. Sharks don't have much, just chase minnows around and try to win. To win on any team, you must have the most players on your team in order to win.

Scripting: 10/10, so many professional scripts that are used in order to make this game functional.
Tools: 10/10, no tools necessary for this game.
Building: 10/10, he uses other maps made by other players
General Enjoyment: 10/10, enjoyed by many users.
Originality: 10/10, very original, I've never seen something like this.
Creativity:  10/10, same as above.
Deals with Problems: 10/10, no problems.
Deals with Lag: 10/10, no lag.

Overall: 10/10, perfect score! :D

Roblox News is now open for hiring!

Send a detailed application to

What the application should include:

You must include your ROBLOX username, your skills, and at least paragraph describing these skills and why you would like to work at Roblox News. I would also like you to write a sample article for me, it can be about anything as long as it is ROBLOX related and interesting! An optional extra you can include is of past experience in this profession, i.e. working for other blogs or past journalist jobs.

The deadline is 11 PM PST Sunday 20th of November.

Remember, this is the last chance to be hired before 2012! So why not send an application today?

Friday, November 18, 2011

The New Package has a Raygun!

This package is the first to have a gear. Well the texture is very sifi, and its very bright.

This is very creative, having the blue bars makes it stand out. Many of you may have not noticed, but this looks closely to what the background of the sitetest looks like:
Plus this texture fits it's mesh.

The Hat:
The hat should be bigger, because it looks way to small for the package.

The Raygun
Seems to be a little bit big for the hands in the package, I suggest making the mesh of the Raygun smaller.


Delayed: The Quest Beyond Time

For those of you who are Excited, I am sorry to announce that there will be a HUGE Delay in the making/release of the first episode for the writers are busy and also GollyGreg will need a lot of time after the script being written so he can make the AI Actors. I am also busy with making a movie for my film Study Class, IRL. Also we are still looking for a CREATIVE & TALENTED Set builder.

~ Have questions?
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Thursday, November 17, 2011

A message to all staff.

Before posting your article, please contact me, and I will proof check it, and make sure it is suitable for readers to view.


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Tuesday, November 15, 2011

It's Finally Here.... The End of the Thanksgiving Scavenger Hunt!!!

Wow, I got like twenty submissions. I was hoping to get more, but I didn't. Most of you didn't follow the rules, I got a couple submissions with general answers, I wanted specific answer, But I had fun looking at the submissions! There's some bad news and good news! Don't worry! I have plenty of tickets for the two winners,but the bad news is there was only 3 good submissions. Stay tuned, because on Thanksgiving Eve at 10:00 PM EST the winners will be announced. Best wishes!

P.S. The answers will be announced the same day as the winners.

Sorry all, but I must resign.

I did not know this would happen, but I work for TheJKid's blog too, and he said he would fire me if I worked here. I don't want to quit, but in order to continue to work for him, I have to quit. Sorry all, but I must resign. Goodbye, ~Bobby123179~ (I might be back one day though)

Monday, November 14, 2011

Welcome me, Bobby123179!

Hello Roblox News fans! I'm Bobby123179, the newest addition to the Roblox News staff! Let me tell you a little about myself. I have been playing ROBLOX since May 4th, 2008. So I am happy to say, I was around for the Best year in ROBLOX. I have two brothers who also play ROBLOX. Digster and Digy71513. I actively participate in the clans WIJ and STA and soon OPTYX. I also actively participate in the LMaD (Lets make a deal) section of the ROBLOX forum.

I work for TheJKid's blog aswell as Roblox News. I will be reviewing hats, gear and possibly other things if I can. I am in an Honors English class at one of the Best high schools in my state, so I should have no issue writing articles with great grammar and spelling.

If you have any suggestions on new hats or gear that I should review, please message me on ROBLOX. I hope to see you on ROBLOX and posting comments on posts that I make. See you all when I start writing my first posts,


Roblox News is hiring.... soon!

Is it that time of the year again already? Oh my!

Yes, that's right, Roblox News will be hiring again very soon! This time as well as applications, you may find a message in your inbox inviting you to join the team! So, keep your eyes peeled and your keyboard at the ready!

Sunday, November 13, 2011

New Details: The Quest Beyond Time

Hey guys,

I just wanna give you more info on "The Quest Beyond Time" Sorry if this makes you sad but NO ACTORS are involved since GollyGreg is using AI's to get movement on the screen. BUT we do need a Very EXCELLENT Builder to Build the sets for the movie, someone who has a creative mind and can make a beautiful & detailed set for different scenes. Like the winner of the Name contest, you will be credited in the video also as the Set Builder :) We might also be interested in Voice actors but more info on that will be given soon!

Sincerely, Flingi2

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Today is the day I am announcing my resignition from Roblox News

It has been a fun time for me. I will miss your all.

Roblox Game Cards Coming to UK?

Recently, Brighteyes announced on Twitter that ROBLOX Game cards are coming to the UK, Plus she also states that some Sainsburys in the UK already sell them.

This is amazing news for some, this will maybe mean more gear exclusive items, more people in Builders club, and more importantly, More happy players. There have been rumors of a UK exclusive design on front, but this rumor was started up by players, and the rumor is probably fake.

Also on another note, Due to some lurking on site test, I stumbled upon this.
 It turns out there are $40 Dollar Game Cards coming out soon.

Looking at this, it seems that $40 dollar cards will include another unique item every month (The Shaggy is just for the site testing, I can almost guarantee it will not be that Item) and that it will make way for more money towards Roblox, so Telamon can eat.

But we hope to see Game Cards all over the globe, and through the universe.


Saturday, November 12, 2011

The Quest Beyond Time

Wondering what the title means? Well wonder no more! It is the Title for the New series. The name was suggested by, Alexkylerock. Alexkylerock will be credited in the show's credit area, Congratz Alex :). If you would like to know more about the show &/or watch the Intro Read Below.

Name: The Quest Beyond Time
Genre: Adventure/Comedy
Produced By: Roblox News Studios
Directed By: Arbirator/Flingi2?
Written By: Nexx/RangeMelude
Edited By: Flingi2
Camera Man: Nexx
Votes From Robloxians: 86%

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"Level Up" Sponsoring ROBLOX

As some of you may have noticed, Roblox has been sponsored by the Cartoon Network show: 'Level Up'. An overview of the show: three random high school kids kick mad butt in their online video game, but how will they do when the game launches an all out attack on their neighbourhood?

But, with sponsorship, comes our greatest joy:

- FREE(Rental)GEAR!

There is also a new building contest with the 'Level Up' theme, the aim of the contest is to build an icy lair for the evil villian Maldark - a character from 'Level Up'. The contest entry needs to include some kind of icy fortress or cave and Maldark himself (you can try and build him yourself with the contest hat or go look for him in free models.)

░▒▓ Maldark's Icy Lair ▓▒░

So. Get creating some awesome structures and places and win some pretty cool stuff!

Post by:
IBarrageI and arbirator

Friday, November 11, 2011

The Dangerous Quest To The Monkeys - A Roblox Movie

Check out this feature length ROBLOX Movie!

Name Suggestions Info

Dear Robloxians,

Please be aware that Main Characters ARE/WILL not be Nexx or RangeMeludE they are the writers of the story, the character names will be made up [i.e. Actor: Arbirator, Character: Bob McBlox] Also PLEASE do not include the words 'comedy' or 'rpg' in the name that you have suggested. I believe the writers will have the story to go along with the title. More info will be given soon.

Sincerely, CrypticCube

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Thursday, November 10, 2011

Camera, Lights, Action!

Hello Robloxians, Roblox News is planning on making a NEW Roblox Series [like a TV Show], and we need your help naming the show! The new show will be written by, two of the famous robloxians, well known for their work in roblox rpg games. RangeMeludE & Nexx. The show will be an Adventure/Comedy with voice acting. Show might not take-off or it might we are just seeing what we are able to do. Fill out the form below the video.


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Bling $$ Necklace gone Limited!

Just yesterday ROBLOX took the "Bling $$ Necklace" and made it Limited!

The hat itself itself was price at 250,000 tickets a long time ago, and went offsale not long after, only a lucky 49 people were able to afford one/get one.

This necklace somewhat symbolises wealth with the popular "$" dollar sign hanging from the gold plated chain.

The hat has so far sold 3 times, with the average price being an astonishing 63,537 ROBUX!

At the moment there are 10 private sellers, and if you want to buy right now you'd have to cough up a hefty 75,000 ROBUX.

Hat Link:


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Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Interview with kingdroidbot!

Today I managed to catch up with kingdroidbot, an honourable investor with over 10,000 forum posts, and I got an interview with him and learned a lot about his investing career. Let's have a look!

Q 1: What was your first ROBLOX account?

A 1: curve8900

Q 2: When did you first start foruming?

A 2: Early 2010.

Q 3: When did you start investing?

A 3: I started investing on kingdroid bot, maybe in mid 2010.

Q 4: What was your first good limited?

A 4: My first good limited was purple indy.

Q 5: What was the most profit you ever earned?

A 5: Most profit I've ever earned on one item would be 20k, from Purple Indy.

Q 6: What was your biggest loss?

A 6: Bought STF for 79k, sold for 58k ( I was desperate for Dominator Gift, which I now regret).

Q 7: What was the most robux/tix you ever had at once?

A 7: 90,398 ROBUX

Q 8: What is the biggest item you have right now?

A 8: Dominus Messor (Trying to get my STF again).

Q 9: What is your dream item on roblox?
A 9: Ice Crown or Illumina.

Q 10: Pancakes or fried chicken?

A 10: Fried Chicken.

Monday, November 7, 2011

The Final Batch for the Thanksgiving Scavenger Hunt!

Time for a closing of the batches, all submissions must be sent by 11/15/11. The winners will be announced on Thanksgiving Eve and will receive 1000 tix, and the second runner up will receive 500 tix. And the people who guessed correctly will be noticed, but I will put the each person who got all 3 batches on a piece of paper and draw it from a hat. Good luck!

GUI Game Contest Update!

Ok, so I was going over the rules for the GUI Game contest again with Vitos (person who runs the contest), and heres what he said:

"Submissions must be complete no later than midnight on Sunday, November 20th, Eastern Time.

The prize for being selected is 5000 robux. If the user does not have Builder's Club, they have one month to purchase it in order to claim their prize. Should the winner be incapable of recieving the prize after 1 month, it will be awarded to the next runner up capable of accepting it.

In addition to an appropriate place submission, users must also belong to the group GUI Games in order to be considered. They may join at any time prior to submitting an entry.

Early submissions may be updated throughout the competition. Places will not be conclusively judged until the 21st.

To ensure fairness, I will not be the sole judge. While the final decision rests with me, I will be taking into account the opinions of two or more other judges, yet to be named."

Thanks Vitos for the information for the contest! If you have anymore questions feel free to message Vitos on Roblox!


Sunday, November 6, 2011

Sword Fighting Tournament Review

The sword fighting tournament idea has been used a lot recently and has become very popular. However, I'd like to review one that is less well known than others.
Gameplay 7.5/10
The basic idea of the game is the same. When a player says start than a tournament starts and goes through all the players in a tourney until there's only one person left. After awhile this can become quite boring. There's a nice GUI shop added as well. I'd really enjoy it more if there were more kinds of fights.

Effort 8/10
The scripting needed to make this is great. The GUI shop is very well made. There are a lot of maps, I'm not quite sure of the number. It could still use more Cframe work.

Creativity 7/10
The sword fighting tournament-type-game is not yet all that popular. It could still use a few more things that stand out.
Overall 7.5/10
  • Add more game types (Team battle, juggernaut, etc.)
  • Make the maps more Cframe
  • Make the entire place take place in a giant dragon's belly
If you want your place reviewed simply contact Banjobug on twitter or send me a private message on ROBLOX. The next post could be about your place! I'll be glad to give you ideas on your place and help make it better. Also, if you find a place that is absolutely awful and on the front page send me a PM and I might make a RANT about it!

Also, you should follow me on twitter even if you don't have a RANT or review request! Sometimes I invite my followers to go to places with me to help review them.

Follow @RNPlaceReviews on Twitter to get up to date on future reviews, contests, and more! That account is shared between me and Refreshingwater, follow it now!

Reviewed Place:
Sword Fighting Tournament
Reviewed by: Banjobug

    Place Review: Bus Driver City v3.4

    Bus Driver City v3.4
    This game is about public transportation, buses. The picture explains the game, 2 buses and the sign says "Bus Driver City 3.4", which means there are a lot of bus drivers. The background is blue, not so interesting. There is also a Double Decker bus like in England? Not much in this picture, so let's get started with the review. When we enter you can either be a Bus Driver or Passenger, I'm going to be talking about the Passenger part first, then the Bus Driver part. Place created by MasterDaniel.

    You spawn as a Passenger in a city which is huge, interesting. Go to a bus stop and wait until a bus arrives. If a bus arrives, you want to get on right? Touch the door and see that you need to buy a Ticket, it costs 30 dollars on the GUI to the left of your screen. If you have enough you can buy that Ticket and get on any bus. When you get off a bus, it removes your ticket because you can't keep it. If you'd like to purchase a bus pass, it's unlimited use and only 130 dollars. One issue when waiting for a bus, it takes so long to arrive. There are directions to what part of the city you are in.

    Now, the bus driver role, this part is interesting. You spawn where all the other buses are, you can enter one. There's a map with all of the routes on it, you need to memorize your route. So, get on your bus and drive around the city and follow your route. While you drive, it tells you the route you have to follow. There's someone waiting at your stop? Stop there and pick them up! They need a ticket to board your bus. When they have to get off, they stand up and exit the bus. Keep following your route and your done.

    Scripting: 3/10, a little bit of scripts here and there, but not much.
    Tools: 10/10, what they are needed for, there are enough.
    Building: 5/10, the city is easy to build.
    General Enjoyment: 10/10, people enjoy this place very much.
    Originality: 10/10, never have I seen a place like this.
    Creativity: 10/10, same as above.
    Deals with Problems: 0/10, problems are that the bus drivers delay so much.
    Deals with Lag: 10/10, no lag.

    Overall: 6/10, I don't like this place much, I wouldn't recommend this to many people, but if you don't like my review, visit the place yourself and see if you like it.

    If you'd like your place to be reviewed, send me a message on ROBLOX and I'll check it out. If I like it, it could be the next review. My username is Refreshingwater. Your place must be completed.

    Follow @RNPlaceReviews on Twitter to get up to date on future reviews, contests, and more! That account is shared between me and Banjobug, follow it now!

    Saturday, November 5, 2011

    Interesting GUI Game Contest!

    Ok, so a Roblox member named "Vitos" owns a very cool GUI Game Group, and the group is having a contest that Roblox News will be following up on (posting good entries, posting winners, etc.) So, here's the contest:

    "Create a 2D top-down GUI shooter/adventure. That's the only requirement, so feel free to get as creative as possible with this. The game can be controlled with the keyboard or the mouse, it's your choice. Though these are *not* required, some elements you might include could be: bullet physics; bad guys; bad guys with guns; basic AI; collideable obstacles; puzzles; levels or scrolling terrain; upgrades; vehicles/vehicle physics; explosion effects; score system; etc. While I cannot advertise what follows as a competition due to Roblox rules, I may very well be inclined to buy a donation shirt for 5000 Robux from my favorite challenge place.


    So if you can, enter the contest and good luck! Here's the link to the group too!


    Cobra Star (Gear) Review

    Cobra StarCobra Star

    This gear is very... unique

    Mesh (The way the gear is shaped): The way this gear is shaped is a very very good thing. I can already see a lot of ways it can be retextured!I like how everything is semetrical and how it looks like the snakes are biting into the blade, though not a LOT of detail.

    Texture (Colors,The way it looks): Very bland colors, doesn't stick out a lot, everything is mostly gray/white except the snakes. And the snakes are very very plain.No scales or anything else to make the snakes a little more...realistic. In my opinion, this gear was badly textured.

    Action (What it does in-game): A ranged weapon, sort of cool firing action, doesn't do a whole BUNCH of damage but would be useful in a fight!

    Mesh: 7/10
    Texture: 3/10
    Action: 5/10

    Overall: 5/10

    Thanks for reading!

    Friday, November 4, 2011

    Thanksgiving Scavenger hunt Batch 2!

    One more batch of hats will be uploaded, as usual, email your answers.

    Thursday, November 3, 2011

    Thanksgiving Scavenger Hunt!-Hat Batch 1-

    Think you got what i takes to win the scavenger hunt? Well then come on and try it! This hunt will consist of the past Thanksgiving hats. Find out what the hats are, and you'll win a fantastic prize given to you by me! Heres how to enter. Send your Roblox account name once your done with the hunt, and send a picture of hats you found to Only Me, and the staff will know the answers. Here's the sheet of the hats. They all are in black because you need to find out them.



    Personal Servers are now on ROBLOX

    ROBLOX has just released a new aspect to building, personal servers. Personal Servers are small games in which you can invite friends to build. You can also ban certain people from your personal server. I find this command useful. I hope they implement that feature into public and bc games. The tools in each personal server are basic. Right now, personal servers are not compatible with Roblox studio, making it harder to build for some people. Expect Roblox to release Roblox studio to the personal servers soon. Personal servers are a great feature, I encourage you to try them out!

    Wednesday, November 2, 2011

    Reminder: Community Articles!

    *UPDATE* We are receiving less Community Articles at the moment, remember; having one published to Roblox News will greatly improve your chances of becoming a contributor to the blog. It's a great thing to include when sending an application for a job, and is something that I will be looking for. Remember: please only send in an application when we announce we are hiring!

    Hello budding journalists and creative writers! If you happen to write a brilliant and interesting article about ROBLOX, you can submit it to us and we may choose to publish it to the site for hundreds of users to see!

    We will be looking for posts such as place reviews, interviews, tutorials and anything else that you think users will want to read!

    The original author of the article will receive full credit, and a hyperlink to their ROBLOX profile will be inserted into the article!

    So if you'd like to submit an article simply send it to, title the email 'Community Article' followed by what your article is called. Include your ROBLOX username in the email and provide a link to your ROBLOX profile.

    Remember: having an article published to this site will greatly improve your chances of being considered for a job at Roblox News.

    Community Articles will
    be given this stamp