Monday, February 28, 2011


I am sorry to announce the delay of this weeks Game Genre Wars. Frankly, the games I had in mind to compare were god awful so if anyone would like to see to games compared leave a suggestion in the comments. Remember, the games must have a similar obective and similar if not the same genre. I will also be doing popular real life games such as Battlefield Bad Company 2 vs Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 every 1st week of the month. Thankyou.

Sunday, February 27, 2011

New moderator!

As of today, I (jojobenten) have committed too keeping this blog safe and clean! Yup, thats right, i'm the new moderator! I'll be put in the staff section later...

Featured Hat: Roblox Classic

A worthy tix hat has entered the catalog: Roblox Classic. This cap, unlike some tix hats is detailed and very classy. It's something NBC users can wear in confidence and be proud of their tickets once again. For the small price of 10 Tix I think it is a bargain! So stop reading this now and go buy it!

Game Genre Wars!

Hello! I am introducing a new type of post : Game Genre Wars!
I will pick 2 games from a certain genre, then compare the positive and negative sides of them.
2 Videos of gameplay from each one will be made and which ever one gains the most views wins!
So, whoever wins, you decide!
They will be held weekly every monday and the winner will be anounced on saturdays.

Friday, February 25, 2011

Subscription Ideas

We have quite a few ideas for the Subscription test, but we need a few more. If you think you have a great idea for the service, tell us and you may get a free subscription ;)

Subscription Notice

If would like to purchase a Subscription in our new test feature, email and tell us your username. We would like to start counting up the numbers, the price for a month will be around 60 R$. The money raised from this would be put towards Contest prizes and paying some staff.

We need your emails by the end of February

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

OBC, TBC, and BC Tags and New Camera Controls!

Roblox has released some new features this morning! First, BC Tags. I dont really like them, its just a little tag on the corner of you Avatar picture, where ever you go on the website to show if your OBC, TBC, or BC. I kinda find this feature pointless and sorta annoying, but whatever, you might like them. Anyways, there are new Camera Controls out! Im not actually sure if these are available on the regular site? I dont really play games anymore (other than Deception Infection :D), so I wouldnt really know. But there actually kinda cool, they give you a lot of new options on how to control your camera when your in-game. So, yeah. I hope you enjoy the new features!
Click here for a Camera Controls Video brought to you by gkku!


Say hi to ROBLOX News' new Publishing Manager!

Xuber- has been a dedicated publisher for a while now. He has contributed to the blog the most out of all the Blog staff, so I gave him this position. He is now head of all publishers on this blog. Congratulate him and look out for his next posts!

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Mac Interview

Ladies and Gentlebricks, Please Welcome the Owner of Orb Of Oculus, FLINGI2!

Hello Roblox News! This is flingi2 with my debut article on Roblox News about Roblox on "Mac".
The roblox program for mac is still in beta testing at Roblox Gametest
I have Interviewed Legoboy1134 and this is what
he had to say about Roblox on Mac.
"Somewhat glitchy, graphics are OK and a bit laggy. No Fullscreen yet. No gesture support for trackpads in browser"
"Games can be played only on gametest but can browse regular site".
If you wish to download Roblox Gametest Click Here


Another Patriotic Retexture Entry

I saw another Patriotic Retexture that someone sent me, and it was also really cool. Its a rainbow, but instead of it being rainbow colors, it was red, white, and blue, So i thought I would do a post on it. The user who made these is: 4erfourer. Heres a picture of what they look like.

Monday, February 21, 2011

Patriotic Retexture Entry

Theres this really cool Patriotic Retexture that stood out to Arbirator and I, so we figured we'd do a post on it. Its VERY cool and the user who made it is "Pashmi." The Retexture is called Patriotic Pumpers and heres a picture of them:

Sunday, February 20, 2011

ROBLOX News Mini Contest: Patriotic Retextures

Here at ROBLOX News we are holding a user contest for ROBLOX users and for the website followers! The contest will be judged by me and other members of the sites staff. This contest is all about Presidents Day in the USA on monday. Make sure your entry has a Patriotic theme! Whether it be hat or gear it's up to you! There may be different sections for different types of entries. You can make whatever you want, let your imagination run wild!


So if you would like to enter, simply:

1) Create a retexture and upload as a model to ROBLOX.

2) Email the link to the retexture model to AND
(Titled 'Patriotic Entry') - make sure you leave your ROBLOX Username!

3) We will look at your entry and judge the winners!

Saturday, February 19, 2011

The Winners Are In!!!

We have all waited long enough for the winners of the Retexture Contest to come in! And they finally have! The contest was judged by John Shedletsky (Telamon) The winners are:

1. Arbirator: Russian Ushanka!

2. Bob123456789103570: The Eyes of Agnar!

3. ZombieDeath101: Think. Create.!

4. QmC: Ice-Nine Dronehelm Gold!

5. Nuke98: Radioactive Gentleman!

6. GonFreecs: Love Gallant!

Congratulations to all the winners! All of the winners hats will be published and they will all be accepted into the Retexture Artists Offical Channel group! Pictures of the winning retextures are below! (Corresponding numbers next to the winners names go with their pictures)

Add Image

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Interview With xzbobzx!

The past couple of days I've been interviewing xzbobzx! Here is the interview:

Q1. When did you join ROBLOX?
A1. 17 September 2008

Q2. How did you come up with your Username?
A2. I had a little lego figure called bob, which i dropped off stairs and stuff, but bob was already taken.
So somehow i came up with xzbobzx.

Q3. How did you discover ROBLOX?
A3. Through a youtube video about boom blox, on which shedletsky replyed 'Bet i can do the same on roblox?'.

Q4. What is your favorite ROBLOX hat?
A4. That would have to be 'Oh Noes', a sign made long ago which was shown on builderman while roblox was updating.

Q5. What is your Favorite ROBLOX game?
A5. Tiger370's Destruction derby, it inspired me to make cars, which eventually made me famous.

Q6. Some people say they liked "The Old Days" of ROBLOX better than present say, do you?
A6. "The Old Days", Well, maybe the community was better, but i like roblox the way it is now, and i will like whatever it will become.

Q7. Whats your favorite Roblox body?
A7. No body, i like a classic look.

Q8. Whats your favorite ROBLOX gear?
A8. I've got to say the pew pew gun, classic pownage at its best!

Q9. Are you involved in any ROBLOX Army Groups?
A9. Army groups? No, i disgust them.

Q10. Whats your biggest ROBLOX goal?
A10. Biggest goal, building the most awesome cars roblox has ever seen.

Q11. Whos your Favorite admin?
A11. John Shedletsky

Q12. Who is your best ROBLOX friend?
A12. Jaysteels, I've known him pretty much my whole roblox life.

Q13. If you could create a feature on ROBLOX, what would it be?
A13. Hmm, I think a terrain generator would be nice, and then not blocky but all smooth.

Q14. What motivates you to stay on ROBLOX?
A14. My cars.

Q15. Do you enjoy foruming? Why or Why not?
A15. I used to do it a lot, but now I'm too busy working on stuff.
It was fun while i did though.

Thanks xzbobzx for the Interview!


Tuesday, February 15, 2011

We Are Sorry For The Wait...

Were sorry to all of you who entered in the Roblox Retexture Contest and are awaiting for the winners to be announced. There were so many good entries, its hard to pick the winner! We are planning on having the winners announced at the end of the week, if not earlier. Thank you for your patience


Congratulations to PhoL0ver!

Congratulations to ProL0ver who got their Valentines Retexture Contest entry published by Brighteyes! They are also the winner of the contest, 2nd and 3rd will be published shortly.

Monday, February 14, 2011

Amazing Retexture! Ro-Ban Sunglasses

Hi guys, I just wanted to post another of the Radical Retexture Entries, this has to be one of the best I have received, this retexture is pure awesomesauce mixed with a transfusion of epicsauce. Made by Freaked, this retexture is ultimate brilliance, in case you did not notice, the lenses are filled with a reflection of the Chaos skybox, an old skybox used in many classic ROBLOX places. This is certainly a potential winner!

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Contest is over!

The Valentines Ronantic Retextures Contest is now over. Please do not send any more entries in. I would like to thank everyonev for sending in their work and being supportive of our site. A couple more entries will be featured on the blog tomorrow, and the winners will be judged soon!

Other Featured Entries:

The contest ends in a few hours so keep sending them in! Here are a couple more:

Romantic Retextures: Featured Entries.

Keep sending them in, remember the contest ends tonight! Here are some entries that I have received so far:

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Transformers Invade Roblox?

UMGH4X!!!!! Transformers have invaded Roblox! Collect the coins hidden in all the games in the Games Showcase of Username: TransformersEvent. Get all 5 coins for ether side (Autobot or Decepticon) by playing their games and win cool hats! So come on! Play those games and win those hats!! If you collect all ten tokens you will be awarded a Transformers prize hat at a later date!


Friday, February 11, 2011

ROBLOX News Valentines Contest: Romantic Retextures

Here at ROBLOX News, we love good old valentines day, well some of us. So I thought I would treat you guys with another user contest. This time enter a Retexture of a romantic/ valentines feel. Pink and red are perfect colours, use roses and hearts and be creative! This contest will be run throughout the weekend and will end sunday night. So be quick when entering.


So if you would like to enter, simply:

1) Create a retexture and upload as a model to ROBLOX.

2) Email the link to the retexture model to
(Titled 'Romantic Contest Entry') - make sure you leave your ROBLOX Username! You can only send in one entry!

3) We will look at your entry and judge the winners!

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Data Persistance Test Group?

Today, Telamon created a Data Persistance Test Group. Data persistence is when users can come back to a spot when they left a game. Items and your place won't be lost. This is basically the save option in many other games. No one knows what you need to do to get into the group, but its invitation only and im guessing not alot of people will get in. But im also guessing that it will help test the new Data Persistance feature, it seems important if Telamon made a group for it! It also says this group is "limited" so it probably wont be around long. And like I said before, its Invitation ONLY! So dont expect to get in!


Wednesday, February 9, 2011

In-Game Video!

ROBLOX has just released a new feature today, In-Game Videoing. Similar to the Screen Shot button, but Videos. Im not really sure if its on the normal site yet, but its definitely on if thats online... But it should be really cool! Try it out!


Some other featured entries:

Just thought I'd add some more:

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

ATTENTION: Roblox Players That Use Google Chrome!

Theres this really cool Google Chrome Roblox Extension, You just click right next to the little star (favorites button) after you install the Extension, and your Messages, Friend Requests, Robux, and Tickets come up in the corner of your screen! Without you having to open a new tab and going on the Roblox site!. This Extension is VERY useful (to me atleast) and I totally recommend it to Roblox users that use Google Chrome. But remember, you have to download the Extension first!

Extension Link:


Two More Retextures for the Contest!

Heres 2 more Retextures that Arbirator forgot to put in the last Blog update!


Radical Retextures contest is now closed!

Please do not send in any more entries!

Here are the last entries I am featuring on the blog:

The Radical Retextures Contest ends in around 3 hours!

If you would like to enter, do it soon! I have seen lots of great entries and I am adding the best ones to the blog soon!

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Here's a Retexture I made earlier:

This Retexture is inspired by the hat I actually own in real life, it is very similar to this. The badge may look pixelated in this thumbnail, but in game it looks great :) Comment below!

Saturday, February 5, 2011

More Entries:

There are so many good ones to choose from!