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For those of you who haven't noticed

There's a new Featured Place review! Be sure to check it out!

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Roblox News QR Code

Do you have a smartphone or a Tablet? Well many smartphones and tablets have QR Code scanner apps that uses the camera to scan the code. If you want print out the QR Code And cut it to a small square carry it around in your wallet when you want to access roblox news, just scan it! (Available on iPod Touch, iPhone, Android, Blackberry and other Smartphones & Tablets)

Roblox News QR Code:

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Magic Lessons RANT

First off, I'd like to say that I like the idea of this place but it doesn't deserve the front page. If the creator had put a little more effort into it then I think it would be a great game. Sadly, the creator did not and the game is not that great. If he had put more time and effort into it I think this game would be great.
Effort 4/10
The creator obviously put a lot of effort into the wand. Sadly, that's all he did. The rest of the map is simply 2 completely open buildings and a absurdly huge wide open space. The creator needs to put in some detail if the place is ever going to get a higher rating and more visits.
Creativity 3/10
I've seen a lot of Harry Potter type stuff recently. Some better than others. This one is really no different. The only difference is that the wand is harder to use
Gameplay 2/10
Basically, to get the wand to work you need to shout out a spell from Harry Potter. You know, things like Crucio, Expelliarmus and stuff like that. The problem with that is that it's so difficult to type while you're under attack by other people. Also, the only spell I ever use is the instant death spell. The game would be a lot better if there was a GUI showing what spells you could use and you click one.
Overeall 3/10
It's a great idea but it wasn't expressed very well.
  • Make a GUI system so you can select spells
  • Add hidden spells like the Instant death one that you lose on death
  • Give me 2 eggs
  • Add some detail, make the map more pronounced and not just two buildings with no detail inside them. Add some cover of some kind.
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Interview with Crayon24!

Hi all, today we got up with avid forumer Crayon24, and got to know a bit about him! Take a look.

Q. 1. When did you first start foruming and what's your favourite forum?
A. 1. I started foruming a little when I first joined in June 2009, just a little. Then I started alot in December 2009. My favorite forum is RT.
Q. 2. What's your rarest hat you have/had?
A. 2. #44 Star Tailslide.
Q. 3. What's the most robux/tix you've ever had at once?
A. 3. 167,450 Robux.
Q. 4. Who is your favourite forumer and why?
A. 4. Factberry, people may not remember him. But he was the one that started the fad with adding random facts.
Q. 5. Who is your favourite admin/mod and why?
A. 5. bluetortoise, because he is inactive, which makes him the only admin that's not a jerk.
Q. 6. How often do you post on the forum per day?
A. 6. Around 50-200 a day.
Q. 7. What are your favourite hobbies on ROBLOX?
A. 7. Building / Foruming.
Thanks to crayon for his time!
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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Heli Wars: A Game to be Remembered

As we all knew would soon happen, Heli Wars is no longer the number one game. TheFurryFox's Survive the 90 Disasters has now topped it.

That's all I really need to say.

Interview with BrightEyes!

<span class=

BrightEyes is a member of the ROBLOX Team, she works hard every day making items for the catalog and performing many other jobs! BrightEyes leads the Retexture Artists Official Channel!

1) When did you join the ROBLOX Team?

June 2008.

2) What made you want to work for ROBLOX

I have always liked games and decided I wanted to work for a game company. I interviewed with ROBLOX and the people I met were so smart and fun that I knew they would be inspirational to work with. I was also attracted to the variety of the ROBLOX site. Every day there are new top games and new things to do. That keeps things fresh and interesting.

3) What sort of things do you do other than make items for the catalog?

I work on our ROBLOX Cards (launching in new stores, promotions, etc) I also deal with advertising – both placing ROBLOX ads on other sites and having companies place ads on

4) What would you say to someone wanting to start Retexturing? Have you got any tips?

Start simple – maybe with ties or sunglasses. I like things that look professional and cool. Most retextures that are published have interesting color schemes and add a new detail or two to the original. The very best retextures turn the original hat into something totally different- which is not easy to do. The best example of someone doing this right is lolearth. Again – very hard to do… so maybe not for beginners.

5) What hobbies do have outside of work?

I like to play games, go the beach, travel, bake, read, and crochet.

6) What are your favourite games?

My current favorite ROBLOX games are Wordfall, Undead Coming (and variations of it) and AlexNewtron’s Apples 2 Apples. My favorite non-ROBLOX games are dominion, BSG, all Mario Games (particularly MarioKart),and Street Fighter II: Champion Edition (I've got the arcade version of this at my house!).

7) Are there any upcoming updates you can tell us about?

There are so many updates that they’re hard to keep track of. The iPhone team is working on a new version of our app. The client team has some mega awesome features they’re working on and the web team is humming along as usual. I don’t know which features are surprises, so I don’t want to say too much.

8) Out of all the ROBLOX employees, which would you is the most fun to be around in the office? Who cracks the most jokes?

Telamon keeps the whole company laughing. I sit next to Reese and she’s pretty funny too. She’s a bit quieter than Telamon (most people are!) but still hilarious.

9) What sort of things will be at the ROBLOX Rally?

I’m so excited about the Rally! We’ve got a ton of events planned. I’m most interested in getting hat and gear ideas from our users. But there will be events, discussions, and booths with activities. Also it’s at the Exploratorium, which is an awesome museum (even if you don’t come to the Rally, you should make it out to the Exploratorium some day). The museum exhibits and activities will also be open (maybe not the cow eye dissection).

10) What you say is ROBLOX's most important aim?

My personal thoughts about ROBLOX’s mission are that ROBLOX is a place for kids to be creative. We give players the tools to bring their vision to life. We also give kids the tools to discover other kids creative masterpieces (be that games, clothes, decals, or models). I think that’s what we strive to do – help our players make awesome things.

11) And finally, are there any items coming out of Mystery Boxes anytime soon?


Monday, June 27, 2011

NEW Forcefields!

Roblox has upgraded the force fields! Instead of your body glowing your body is encased in a sphere with sparkles floating around it, as it disappears it gets smaller. All in all it's pretty cool. I hope it hasn't broken any scripts though.


Video by, Flingi2


Interview with deathmuderer!


1) When did you join ROBLOX?

I joined in early 09, but I near about it in 08.

2) What is your favourite combat game on ROBLOX?

I like Call of ROBLOXia best.

3) How often do you forum?

A few times a day, mostly when I'm bored. I mainly just read, without posting.

4) Which forum do you use the most?

RT. I very rarely use any other forum genre.

4) If you were to choose a new update, what would it be?

Trading system.

5) Who is your favourite admin? Why?

It has to be Builderman. He is very friendly and replies to most posts.

6) Suppose you got OBC, what would you spend your Robux on?

I would probably save for a good hat, or snipe a good item.

7) Do you think Builders Club is worth the money? Why?
Monthly, 6 months and 12 months is fine but the rest is way to expensive for my opinion.

8) What are better: pancakes or waffles?

Oh, tricky. Probably Pancakes. But I do like Waffles with honey.

9) What should we do different on ROBLOX News? What kind of articles should we do that we don't?

Comments, more rating systems and more Votes, like your Favourite hat or something.
Thanks for interviewing me.

Sunday, June 26, 2011

NEW ROBLOX News Contest: Patriotic Retextures!

Independence day is fast approaching. The 4th of July is a huge celebration in the United States! Being British I don't know much about it, but what I do know is that is an important event and that we should celebrate by making themed retextures! They should bright and colourful, maybe with the American colours or even the flag!

So if you would like to enter, follow these simple instructions:

1) Create a Retexture and upload to ROBLOX as a 'model' (Check out some retexture tutorials if you're not sure how to do this)

2) Send an email to '' with a link to the Retexture Model. Title the message 'Patriotic Retextures 4th July 2011'. Include your ROBLOX Username!

3) We will review every entry and pick the winners! There will be prizes which will be revealed at a later date!

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Final Radical Retexture Winner has been published!

GonFreecs' 'Love Galant', renamed to Ace of Hearts, has been published to the ROBLOX Catalog. I think this was a particulary interesting retexture, with vibrant colours and a cool design. So, well done to Gon! If you weren't aware, ROBLOX News ran a retexture contest back in february which was sponsored by John Shedletsky AKA Telamon. Each of the six winners were published to the catalog.

You can buy the hat HERE.

Ace of Hearts

Friday, June 24, 2011

GUI Textboxes Now Support Shifted Characters!

A recent update has added a long anticipated update to Textbox GUIs. Players can now capitalize letters and symbols when typing into Textboxes! A world of possibilities has been created due to this recent update.

You could create GUI based script builders, chat systems, passwords, and much more! I urge you all to take advantage of this update.

Look of the Week Winner, 6/24/11

That's right! For those of you who didn't stop trying to surf the web to fully read the contest, it's still going. That's why we call it a "weekly" contest! This week I didn't receive as many submissions but I expected that. There was one from the group that I really enjoyed and came out to be the winner of this weeks look. This look came from a Matthew2005 and I have to admit it slightly scared the crap out of me when I first saw it. Well, here it is!

The look seems to be the exact depiction of the person you don't want to hang out with on a regular basis because you can never tell if he is going to snap and try to utterly destroy the room he is in and all it's contents [including people probably]. The use of the frost helm [I believe that is what it's somewhat called?] brought back fond memories as well and wasn't just showing "Hey I have it, so it makes me look cool". No, it actually fits very well with the entire look. The gear also fits the look in this one as it did with last weeks winner and goes with the theme very well. What I love the most about this look is simply how the hat combo makes him look like a redcliff knight that just busted through the gates of heck [for all you impressionable viewers] and wants to wreak havoc on whatever he feels suitable to his liking. Basically stating, if I ever saw a real life version of this anywhere or at anytime, I would just run. No second guessing on whether or not he's after me or just trying to get a latte from Starbucks, I would just run.

Thanks to Matthew2005 for this awesome look. Here is a link to his profile if you totally missed the one up top: Matthew2005.

I hope you all will continue with the great models. I really enjoy reviewing your looks. The turnout wasn't as great as last time, but I think there was some confusion from last weeks and some of you may or may not have understood that this contest goes on continually until the turnout gets too pitiful or something comes in the way of my abilities to write these reviews.

Just a reminder: If your submission does not follow the guidelines found here, the submission will be thrown out. If you are still confused on any of the guidelines, feel free to message me [Supernova90] on ROBLOX with any questions you have.

Thanks to all the fans for their participation, and the many more that view the site each day!


NEW ROBLOX Update: Backpack!

ROBLOX has recently updated the backpack to allow the user to choose which tools will be in their first 10 tools slots. This is an extremely useful tool and prevents all your tools being shown at once meaning they would be tiny and hard to select. This has been a long awaited feature, and I think many of you will agree, it is a very useful update.

With this tool, you can choose the relevant weapons in a fighting game out of your inventory, or you could choose the right drinks for a social hangout. It gives you plenty of choice and combinations, speeds up navigation and generally makes the whole tool system a whole lot easier to use.

mod-Venture Exclusive Developer Interview: owen0202

1) When did you join the mod-Venture team?I Joined the mod-Venture team in January of this year, after TengoLa asked me to help him build some creatures.

2) What do you do on the team?

My original role was to help with building, I built a bunch of monsters and some NPCs. However as time went on my role branched more towards the scripting side of the spectrum (though I still help out with building occasionally)

3) By being part of the team, what other opportunities has this opened up for you?

By being in the team the most significant opportunity was being able to work on the Roblox TV Commercial with Kuunan and some of the other members of the team.

4) How well do you think the project is being received?

The reception has been varied so far. I have been getting a lot of encouragement and signs of anticipation for the much awaited release. However there are still those who are skeptical towards any progress or the quality of the end result.

5) How far would you say mod-Venture is away from completion?

We gave up on a release date quite a while ago. Personally I would be surprised if the game doesn't release some time this summer. Then again, you never know.

6) Would you say the projects successions are down to teamwork?

Teamwork has been what has made this project possible. The workload imagined in a project like this is unimaginable. By having a talented and enthusiastic team this project has become possible.

7) Will you be able to choose a character in-game? How does the character system work?

I think I can reveal without any major spoiler that we do have a character selection system. At the beginning of the game you will be able to choose between one of three characters, which will effect the way you play the game.

8) And finally, when the game is released, what kinds of promotion are you thinking of using?

So far advertising has relied mainly on word of mouth. However Kuunan has prepared some very nice looking adverts to run alongside the release of mod-Venture to assist in promoting it.

Interview with Megaman948!

Hey all!

Today we caught up with Megaman948, Top 100 poster, 25k posts, Ghostwalker holder, and owner of over 30,000 robux, we managed to get her to do an interview, and find out some stuff about her! Take a look.

Q. 1. When did you first start foruming in LMaD?
A. 1. It was back in Summer 2010, in about June.

Q. 2. What was the best deal you ever got on an item?
A. 2. I'd have to say when I sniped a Purple Indy for 3000.

Q. 3. How long did it take to get over 25,000 forum posts? And how much do you post a day?
A. 3. About 2 years, and I post about 15 times a day. I used to post slowly, and then sped up the pace, making about 300-500 a day, because I wanted the top 100 poster badge.

Q. 4. What was the most robux/tickets you ever had at once?
A. 4. For ROBUX, the amount I have right now: 35,642. For tix, about 70,000, I don't do much TCing.

Q. 5. Who is your favourite forumer and why?
A. 5. Knightdude. He's really funny, has a lot of posts, and it's actually entertaining to read his posts.

Q. 6. What is your item goal on ROBLOX?
A. 6. To collect all the SFOTH swords: I currently have 1/3 available.

Thanks to megaman for her time!

Hope you enjoyed the interview.

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Thursday, June 23, 2011

A Message from Arbirator

mod-Venture Exclusive Developer Interview: mattchewy


1) What is your role on the mod-Venture team?

I script. I came in to mod-Studio mostly to work on GUIs, but as time passed I moved more into general scripting. Mostly, I converted the like, 12 different scripts that ran the game into one 'superscript'.

2) What is your favourite part of the game?

I love the cutscenes and the building. You have never seen any cutscenes or building like this on Roblox. Gollygreg really outdid himself with the cutscenes. Kuunan and Tengo are amazing at building, which you probably know. I've never seen anyone CFrame like that in my life...

3) Kuunan said that you didn't have a release date, do you have any idea when the game will be finished?

We were hoping for this summer, but as May came, progress pretty much came to a halt. Kuunan and patrline have recently been building another city for the map and it looks great. Now that it is summer, we can work on it more. We just want people to remember that we don't work for mod-Studio and we have other lives, so we can't work on it 24/7. It is a huge project and takes a long time to work on.

4) By being part of the mod-Venture team, what other projects has this led
you on to do?

Well, recently, Telamon recruited some of us to work on a Roblox commercial. It was our first project as a group with a mixture of mod-Studio, scripters, builders, and more. We will have more projects soon, but Telamon hasn't disclosed that info to us yet.

5) How big is the mod-Venture map?

The map itself is huge. You would think it would be laggy, but since the beginning, there has been a ban on more than 5 thousand bricks on the map at one time. It's really fun to explore with all of the cities, forests, oceans, islands, mountains, towns, and castles.

6) What sort of things can you do within the map?

Well, right now, you can pretty much just walk around. We have implemented a quest system, but it isn't in the game yet.

7) Who built most of the map?

Kuunan and Tengo(Nanuukofthenorth) built most of it. They are amazing builders. The map is epic.

8) And finally, what do you think differentiates this game from the other RPG's out there?

Well, for one, this won't be a lousy game where you walk around killing motionless zombies while you magically gain XP. We will have quests, and battles, and a wide range of special abilities that everyone can play with. It is nothing like any RPG you have ever seen on Roblox. It will change the way they are played.

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Fantasy Water Park RANT

First off, have you ever gone to a friends place and found out it was just a bunch of free models haphazardly placed against eachother? Well that's what this place is. The only difference is that the creator isn't my friend so I can be as mean as I want about this place.

Effort 0/10

The map is an empty baseplate with a ton of water ride free models placed on it. There is no logical order to where they are, they're just there. The funny thing about this is that this game has around 380,000 visits.

Creativity 0/10

No thought went into this at all. He saw someone elses item in the free model bin and clicked it. Then he squealed in delight as he saw something pretty and put it down somewhere. Then he did it again. There is nothing creative in here

Gameplay 0/10

There's nothing to do. Most of the rides are old and don't work. Others serve no purpose. The game is awful. I'm appalled that something this horriffic got onto the front page. It makes me want to vomit

Overall 0/10

Don't play this game. No effort was put into it. It's a baseplate with free models on it.


  • Delete everything.
  • Give me ½ cup of sugar
  • Don't use free models ever ever again.
  • Put effort into it
  • Abandon this entire place and do something new.

If you found an awful front page game that you want reviewed simply contact Banjobug on twitter or send me a private message on ROBLOX. The next post could be about that place! I'm always happy to RANT about horrible front page games.

Also, you should follow me on twitter even if you don't have a RANT or review request! Sometimes I invite my followers to go to places with me to help review them.

Monday, June 20, 2011

Interview with Superzac8!

Today we caught up with avid forumer superzac8, and we got to know a good bit about him! Take a look!

Q.1: How did you first hear about ROBLOX?
A.1: I used to constantly search the internet for ways to make my own video games. I got into a lot of them, but one day I found Roblox and have been here ever since.

Q.2: When did you first start foruming?
A.2: Late December 2009.

Q.3: When and how did you earn your Red Banded Tophat?
A.3: I got my top hat February 2010. I reported a major glitch involving the Sets on the forums. Renderman awarded it to me.

Q.4: Which are your favourite hobbies on ROBLOX? Like building, scripting, foruming etc.
A.4: My favorite hobby is Brickbattling. I also like to build a lot, though I probably forum the most.

Q.5: If you could have any hat on ROBLOX, what would it be and why?
A.5: The Teakettle. I really enjoy classic looks and i collect classic hats. The Teakettle stands out as an early Roblox icon and I would love to have it.

Big thanks to Zac for his time!


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Who Killed Billie Joe Armstrong Obby Review

First off, has anyone ever heard of Billy Joe Armstrong? I haven't but that's what this place is mostly about. Who killed Billy Joe Armstrong is an obstacle course (big surprise) that could use some work.

Effort 6/10

The obby is about average length. I like how the maze is formed. The map itself seems a bit sloppy though.There are stairs that are too big to simply walk up on. The entire map just seems like it was built in a hurry. Try to make it look nicer. Also, the place's thumbnail doesn't look very pretty. Pretty is good

Creativity 7/10

I've never heard of Billy Joe Armstrong or the person who killed him. The names of the spawns are creatively named after title of songs he performed. The levels are all typical obstacle course levels, however the invisible path was creative and had many wrong turns and the hidden teleporter one was very clever.

Gameplay 6/10

It's a pretty easy obstacle course. I have a few things I dislike about it. There are levels where you climb a ladder. I've never liked levels where you climb an incredibly long ladder. It's very dull and boring. After you beat the obstacle course you get some weapons you can use to make other players get very annoyed at you.

Overall 6.5/10


  • Make the course less sloppy looking. Add color, make things pretty
  • Make more creative obstacles
  • Get rid of the ladders
  • Give me 2 sticks of butter
  • Make the place's thumbnail look prettier
  • Give Billy Joe Armstrong a face.
If you want your place reviewed simply contact Banjobug on twitter or send me a private message on ROBLOX. The next post could be about your place! I'll be glad to give you ideas on your place and help make it better.

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Photoshop Tutorial: Realistic Flame

For those people who use photoshop, you may know little things about it. Though people neglect to take a look at the lesser know tools, the tools that you can create even more amazing work with. for example with these tools, I will show you how you can make an impressive flame like so.
Now, to make this, you can follow these simple tips.
Firstly open a new page.
Now Select the paint brush tool and change the hardness of it to the value shown below (Size should be enough to fit 3/4 of the page)
Now you have set it to that, you change the colour, it can be any tone of brown but I find it easier like this.
Now you have done that, you can click the page to get a brown dot.
Now, once you have done that, you can now decrease the size of the brush, and lighten the colour, then click in the centre of the circle. then you should have something like this.
Keep repeating the decreasing and the lightening of the colour and brush then you should see this forming.

Now once it looks like that, select smudge tool. Found in the image below.
Then click from the middle, then move in a curved motion, like so.

Then you can experiment with that motion, like curving the other motion
[Remember: It will most defiantly not look like the demonstration example. Every time you do this, you will get a different result.]

Then you should end up with something like this.

Thank you for reading this tutorial, and I hope you have learnt something from today.


Friday, June 17, 2011

Look of the Week First Winner!

I loved the turnout of the first look of the week contest. There were some great entries and I really had to make some hard decisions. I finally came up with a winner and it was BlazingFiresoul with this astounding and very stylish look:

This entry really stood out as it really seemed to have everything "flow" with each section of the outfit. Each part fit a certain theme that I believe Blazing was trying to create, following a kind of "white-out" look. What better to fit the all white look than the amazing white Peacock Fedora. In general, every part of this outfit worked well with the others and the sword and shades added in just give the impression of "you don't want to mess with me".

I congratulate Blazing on winning the first contest and hope I can have just as big a turnout as next week. To those who did not succeed in winning this week, there is always next week. Try something new, go splurge on clothes in the catalog, or even make your own new and crazy outfits that no one on the likes of Roblox has ever seen before. Just some suggestions for future submitters:
  • Try not to use front page clothing as it is pretty overused when it first comes out (same goes for best selling shirts and such, waaayyyy overused)
  • Just throwing together a look with all the rarest and most expensive stuff you have doesn't win you the contest that week, you have to make the look work. Mashing together a fedora and a super rare skull doesn't mean it's going to look good.
After seeing all the submissions, I am a little disappointed in how few of you followed the submission guidelines I gave you and I feel the necessity to boil them down so you won't have any chance of missing these. Your submission must be sent to and must have the subject line: Look of the Week [date of the upcoming Friday, ie. 6/24/11]. You also must include your username as I can't tell who won if I don't know who submitted the look. Any other writing within the email besides the link you send is fine as long as it is in moderation and only has to do with your look. If you are still a bit confused on how the contest works, visit this post for a more in depth explanation.


Thanks to all who submitted, and I hope you all keep bringing in the innovative and cool looks like the ones we have received this week.

2nd link to Blazing's profile here.


Community Article: ROBLOX Intro

Why should you play ROBLOX? What makes this game so addicting, and makes you crave not turning on your computer to play it every morning? Here is why. ROBLOX is a online game where you can build levels and play other peoples levels they have built. Building is so fun and exciting with ROBLOX. You are supplied with some lonley building bricks, but that's only the begining. If you reach deep into the depths of your imagination, you can find so many ideas. Then you gather your ideas and build something amazing! Then you, and others can play it. Like I mentioned, you can play other users games to. This is very exciting as well, and sometimes very "edge of your seat" as you can challenge a friend to a intreging brickbattle. The more and more people visit your place, you get currency, that you can buy hats, and all sorts of wicked items with! ROBLOX is a game you will log on to everyday for exciting games and new items to collect.

Written by: Puppiar
Revised by: Winnz

Thursday, June 16, 2011

NEW Builders Club upgrade icons!

The Builders Club and Turbo Builders Club icons have changed! They have been updated to fit in with the Outrageous Builders Club icons. I think many old users will especially like the look of the new regular BC icon as it shows an old classic Robloxian. These new icons are very useful as you can see the value you are getting for your money, which deals are the best and which are the most popular with other users. So, why not check them out?

You can find the page HERE.

mod-Venture Exclusive Developer Interview: Kuunan!


1) How long have you been working on mod-Venture?

The mod-Team has been working on mod-Venture on a stop and go basis. Back in January we mustered together roughly half of the game, but decided to scrap it and start anew. The current, and final, version of mod-Venture has taken six-months thus far.

2) What was the inspiration for mod-Venture? Any other games or just ideas?

Simply put, I wanted to see a good game that redefined the capabilities of Roblox. The game is influenced by The Lord of the Rings indirectly, and fueled by my and TengoLa’s imagination.

3) In what way do you believe it will revolutionize ROBLOX games?

mod-Venture will set a new standard to Roblox adventure games. Every element of the game is hand-crafted to fit its need, all of which will be administered by a ‘superscript’, which now is pushing four-thousand lines. New ideas, new everything.

4) What do YOU work on within mod-Venture?

I’m the head builder and co-founder of the entire project. I deal with planning, building and supervising.

5) What is the games release date? Or does it not have one?

Nope. We’ve set release dates in the past, all of which have been extremely misleading. No release dates, we’ll let you guys know when the game is nearing completion.

6) Will you open another public Beta test for the game?

Doubtful; One major problem from the past has arisen with public beta testing, effectiveness. This is not a certain no, but Beta tests are meant for good, to uncover problems under stresses. When we allow the public to look for these, it can be difficult to control. We will most likely hand-pick a group of trusted and respected users to help test.

7) What sort of story does it have? How dynamic would you say it is?

I’ll try not to reveal anything worthwhile here; mod-Venture’s main plot will circle around your character. As evil engulfs the land of the free-people, your task is to unite these inhabitance and ultimately fight off the intruders, or perish in the attempt.

8) Did you start mod-Venture?

TengoLa and I started mod-Venture back in June of 2010, but it was merely an idea at the time.

9) What is your favourite part of the game?

Can’t say yet.

10) And finally and most importantly: Will I like it? Why?

Depends on who you are and what you like. I think anyone who appreciates effort will at least enjoy the game. That’s not saying everyone will like it, but I can only hope. You might, you might not.

Survive the Spongebob Army RANT

You all know that horrific kid's show about that weird yellow sponge thing? Yeah, the one that's been airing for 8 seasons. Well someone went and thought "Hey! Let's just make spongebob a zombie, put free models around him, and see what happens!" The result was Survive the Spongebob Army. This game is absolutely horrific. It also has 36,272 visits. It's been on the front page as well. I have one question the 36,272 people that visited it.

What the heck?

This game is a free model paradise.That's all it is, free models, more free models and some free models on the side sprinkled with free models. The game itself is awful. How it got to the front page is beyond me. Anyway, on to the 0/10s



There was no effort put into this. The map is copied from Roblox's Crossroads. There's a random ladder leading to a free model boss and all the weapons are free models. The Spongebob's are free models along with all the other Spongebob characters. No effort was put into this place. I could copy it exactly in 15 minutes using only my feet.



There was nothing creative put into the map because it was copied already. I'm pretty sure I've seen this exact same place a year ago. The exact same place, nothing different about it. This place is a pit of free models.



The gameplay is awful. The spongebob's infect you on touch. There's nothing keeping the spongebob's from swarming the spawns and making you a zombie immediately. There are also people who just stand next to spawns infecting people before they can do anything. Fighting the spongebob's is no fun because you get infected almost immediately. Did I mention that it lags like crazy?

Overall -15545/10

This game is crap


  • Click configure place, click reset, then click the empty baseplate.
  • Apologize to all 36,272 people
  • Go back to watching Spongebob like a good boy
If you found an awful front page game that you want reviewed simply contact Banjobug on twitter or send me a private message on ROBLOX. The next post could be about that place! I'm always happy to RANT about horrible front page games.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Interview with BrickBuilder74!

Hey guys! Another interview with BCGames!

Q1. If someone told you that you would have over 1,000,000 place visits when you first joined, what would you say?

A1. I'd say they're crazy and I'd probably never be that famous.

Q2. If you could have any hat, gear, face, or package custom made for you, what would it look like?

A2. Hat - It'd look like a golden Dominus with a crown of black thorns on top of it.

Q3. What made you join ROBLOX?

A3. My friend and I were looking for Mario Level building games when we stumpled upon Roblox. My best friend joined Roblox because he loved to build. I joined after seeing how fun it was- I loved to build, too.

Q4. What is the most annoying thing about people famous?

A4. They automatically think they are they best when these days, most of them, are definatly not the best.

Q5. The best thing?

A5. The best thing is that they make good games and are good role models. There are exceptions, however.

Q6. Any advice for users who wish to get their place known?

A6. I have a few bits of advice. First off, don't use free models and don't copy places. Second, spend a lot of time working on your place, not just ten minutes and say it's done. Third, advertise a lot. I'm talking about Roblox ads, not asking faamous people to visit your place. Finally, give your place a lot of detail and make it look good and fun.

Monday, June 13, 2011

Nuke the Whales 2 Review

You've probably all played Nuke the Whales right? Well, I know I have. Most of you are probably like "UMG NU WHALEZ ARE PURTY" but hey. It's just a game right?


Anyway, a fellow recently PMed me and told me he had made a sequel. I was a bit skeptical about it at first but it turned out to be a pretty well done place.

Effort 6.5/10

The creator of this place uses the same script for the falling whales and point system. However he has added some epic music, changed the map entirely, and added some GUIs. (I'll talk more about the GUIs later) He put a decent amount of effort into it.

Creativity 2/10

The game is a direct copy of Telamon's Nuke the Whales game. There's not much else I can say. He added a few extra things to make it different but there's no getting around the fact that he copied it from Telamon.

Gameplay 7/10

The gameplay in this game is pretty much the same as in Telamon's. Shoot the whales, get the blubber, annoy your opponents. However the GUI in this game is very annoying. Basically, a GUI covers the entire left side of the screen. I haven't figured out how to get rid of it (I imagine there IS a way to do so) and it seems to serve no purpose at all. Also, when you blow up whales certain parts of the whale kill you on touch. This is very annoying when you blow up the whale and pieces go flying everywhere and you get hit by one. You could also simply be walking over a piece and you could die.

Overall 5.5/10


  • Change the whale's look or something to make it look more original
  • Get rid of/Fix the GUI
  • Make the whales NOT kill you. Perhaps you could add Sharks that do so instead.
  • Add a plate of magical cookies that give you a crazy awesome rocket

If you want your place reviewed simply contact Banjobug on twitter or send me a private message on ROBLOX. The next post could be about your place! I'll be glad to give you ideas on your place and help make it better.

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Summer Shades Contest Winner!

I have seen a huge variety of many amazing and eye-catching shades, it was such a tricky decision too chose who should win, there will be a prize of 100 Robux to the lucky winner.

The winner of the Summer Shades Contest 2011 is: IBarrageI

The reason why these shades won was because of their unique design, nobody else would of though of this creative idea, even me.

Once more, I would like to congratulate the winner and all entrants for their amazing work!

Winning shades:

Saturday, June 11, 2011

New type of place review

I (Banjobug) have received a lot of comments about how funny my rants are after my last review on that Forest Sword Fight Review I made a bit ago. I have decided that I will start a new "series" of reviews. I will call them "Ridiculous Amount of uNnecessary Talking" Reviews (RANT for short)
I will basically review front page games that should have never been visited. Such as this one and this other one. I'll rant about how those games are awful and then talk about why people visit awful games. Then I'll calm down and give it a 0/10. The problem is, I need YOU to help me find awful front page games. I won't review copied games or Group HQs. Basically, if something like this is on the front page simply send me a PM or talk to me on twitter. I'm banjobug for both of those. I'll probably review one of them once a week.
Thanks for helping!

New Weekly Character Contest!

Some contests we have been having have required quite a lot of time or skill to accomplish and it is understandable that some people may not have one or the other necessary to complete them and get featured on the site. I have come up with a fairly inclusive contest that practically anyone can join and win on a weekly basis. This contest will be called the "Look of the Week" contest in which you the fans will submit your favorite or most stylin' looks to possibly get your profile and Robloxian look featured on the site. This contest will act as a way for fans like you to get recognized on the blog and at the same time spread your extensive knowledge of Robloxian fashion and outfit combinations to be seen by the many readers of this blog. To sum this contest up, anyone can send in an image [I will get into the submission process in a second] of their favorite "Look" or outfit for their Robloxian to be judged and possibly [If they win for that week] get their look and profile featured on the blog for all to see.

Now that you understand how this contest will work, I'll explain to you how to submit your crazy rainbow outfits and wacky moosicorn looks. What you will need to do first is create an outfit using whatever hats, gear, shirts, etc. you have at your disposal to create your prized look. The next step is getting the URL for that look by going to your own profile and right-clicking the picture of your awesome character, and select "Save Image as..." like so:
Then you need to save the image anywhere on your computer where you can easily find it again [preferably your desktop]. After saving it go on to your internet browser [Firefox... CHROME (:P), or whatever else you use] and go to the free photo sharing site, Once there select the computer upload method like so:

After selecting that, find the image wherever you placed it and open it.

Then select "Start Upload" to upload the image to and then you will be able to send me the link that provide here:
After all that is done and you have copied the correct link [yes I understand this process is a bit long and confusing, but if you just send me the direct URL from Roblox, the URL get's deleted after a set time or your character is changed so imgur allows you to send me a permanent link that will not get deleted], send an email to, and paste the link into the email. You don't need any words in the email besides your Roblox username and the URL unless you feel it necessary to explain your look as you think it might be confusing unless you are able to shed light on the theme or outfit you were trying to shoot for. The subject/title of the email should always be "Look of the Week [Date that the winner will be chosen (example: 6/17/11) (contest winners are announced on Friday so just put the date for the upcoming Friday of that week.)]. It is important to put the date in which the winner will be chosen because I need to know which week [if you win] your look will be featured. I will try to get a specified section on the blog where we can compile all the winners for easy viewing later but for now they will just be featured on a post on the blog, but don't worry, I will save them all for when the section does get created. Every week on Friday afternoon, I [and maybe some other staff members] will judge the winner of that week and will post their look that afternoon. Please be sure to send in your links before that time so you can have a chance to get posted on the blog as any late submissions will be thrown away. Just to clarify, Each week anyone will be allowed to submit one look [it is a weekly contest so you have enough chances to win that you will not need to submit more than one look per week] using the submission method I previously stated until the Friday of that week and will have their look featured on the blog for the rest of the week after that Friday. Once again, be sure to include the correct Friday you are submitting the the look for when sending the email as this date is necessary for me to coordinate who wins the contest when. I will not allow early or late submissions so try to find the right times to submit your look as to avoid getting your submission thrown out.

Thanks for your cooperation and I hope you all the best in your cool or wacky outfit making. If you have any questions about the competition, be sure to send those to Supernova90. Again, all submissions pertaining [having to do with] to the contest should be sent to, and don't forget to include your username so we can know who won! Thanks and keep up the great support people!


Official ROBLOX News Forum!

Hey guys! For a while I have had a forum to replace RHQ forums. And now, Arb has allowed me to make BCGamesRBLX Forums the OFFICIAL ROBLOX News Forum! There are only two mods, and if we get more active, I will hire some more. But they will be handpicked. Anyone asking to be a mod will automatically not be able to be a mod.

Monthly Viewer Interview

* Required

What is your ROBLOX Username?*

How did you find ROBLOX?*

When did you join ROBLOX?*

Would you say you are popular on ROBLOX? If so, why?

How would you Rate ROBLOX?*


Scripting Help 6/11/11

Dear BCG,
How can I make it so my game will evenly sort my teams when a new game starts?

Dear NeedingHelp,
That's simple! First thing to remember is that you need to have a effective method of doing so. For me, that method is using variable change. Here's an example:

Team = 1
TeamColor1 = "Really red" --Change to Team 1's color
TeamColor2 = "Lime green" --Change to Team 2's color
for _,v in pairs(game.Players:GetPlayers()) do
if Team == 1 then
Team = 2
v.TeamColor =
elseif Team == 2 then
Team = 1
v.TeamColor =

darkUdog: The Story.


I only had 1 gift from 2007 xmas.
I never participated in events, and when I did, I never won.
I never really cared about domino crown, everyone was talking about it, and how it's impossible, it seemed like a big deal, and I wanted it. I wanted to do the impossible. I wanted to make everyone "be struck with awe" and you said it.

I built my way up to where I am now, by using a couple of alts and 2k robux. I obtained a dominus infernus, and built my way from there. I couldn't use my ONE 2007 gift item because it was scammed from me, I used what I had, and got lucky.

It never really occurred to me that I had what it took to get a domino, I figured it'd be pretty easy; little did I know it was definitely not.

Once I got a wanwood crown, that was really when I started pursueing the domino.

Eventually I got to the point, where I sold my items because they weren't doing it. But I had to beg my cousin, brayden99 to help me out. Eventually he did, and donated 684k to me, I have to pay that back, but it's down the road.

I was in it to win it, I had gone and asked tons of domino owners. To the point where I've gotten ahold of inactive users such as rocks25, Are92, waffleboy. I even asked Telamon. There was no hope for me. Brayden demanded his money back and told me I couldn't get a domino. But I still had faith in myself. Very little faith that is. I still kept trying. Then, out of nowhere, it was like a miracle. PCWiener was undeleted and I had to put my last bit of luck to the test. My friends Soundwave05 and Pheedy convinced PC a lot for hours and hours that 1.1M was the best it'd get. So eventually, Domino was up for 1,105,802 robux. I bought it within milliseconds, and people think I'm some kind of role model now.

But people ask me now what I'm doing, and well, as soon as I got domino, I sold all my items as snipes and currently, encouraging users to get their dream hat.

Interview with Alexthehedgehog


1) How did you find out about ROBLOX, what made it different to other online games?

A: My friend wapple8 told me in middle school. He made it sound good, so I decided to join. It's much different from other games because of all the customization features. Hats, shirts, gear, pants, faces, etc. Virtual currency [robux] is fun to collect and spend. And of course the aspect of games. Millions of games.

2) How long have you been playing ROBLOX? which year was your favourite?

A: I've been playing for 2 years. I joined May 15th 2009. And I have to say 2009 was my favorite year. A few good 08 and 07 hats were still out [which I all missed] and the community was actually a lot less horrible than it is now.

3) What is your favourite item?

A: The Domino Crown. It's rare, it looks awesome, and quiet a small amount exist. But I'll never be able to get it.

4) Do you enjoy collecting limiteds? Are there any certain ones you collect?

A: Yes, I enjoy collecting limited items, I have 67 of them currently. My ideal limited items are anything expensive, or items from 08 or 07.

5) Do you think bodies were a good idea?

A: No, I don't. I do like the fire body package, but most of the other bodies are ugly and encourage online dating. Overall, bodies are a horrible idea...

6) Which forum do you usually post to? Why?

A: Roblox Talk. It's a million times more mature than OT. I find most if not all OTers immature and annoying. Roblox Talk has a few mature forumers, which is why I stopped OTing and went there.

7) Who is your favourite ROBLOX Admin and why?

A: Reesemcblox. Though she's not really most people's favorite admin, she's the ONLY admin who's ever replied to one of my messages. And the response was not automated.

8) Can you think of any more Builders Club features that you would like to be implemented?

A: No, I think Builders Club is fair enough now. We get a good amount of benefits for what we pay. I think NBCers should get more benefits, though.

9) Do you think OBC is worth the money? Explain.

A: Yes, I do. The 60 robux a day plus my bonus earns me 153 robux a day, and the amount can go up to 180. I get 100 places, so I can let my creativity explode. I get the 4 free OBC hats, even though I never exactly wear them, and the site color scheme is awesome too.

10) And finally, when looking for a game to play, what do you look for?

A: No bugs, no glitches. I want it to have enough for me to enjoy for a long time. And I don't mean tycoons, where you wait around for hours to buy pointless things. TheFurryFox's Survive the Disasters game is one of my favorite games. It makes you run around and make use of items you buy, and it entertains me for hours.

Friday, June 10, 2011

Scripting Help 6/10/11

Dear BCG,
in the following:

function onTouch(part)

What is the '(part)'?

Dear dudelonutoipitepidermislolwhyisthereskininthere,
The (part) indicates what to call the touched part as. For example,

function Touch(part)

So brick 1 falls on top of brick 2. Brick 2 has that script in it. When brick 1 hits brick 2, brick 1 will be removed. So part allows the script to recognize the object that touched the brick the script is in.

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Forest Sword Fight Place Review

First off, Forest Sword Fight was originally called Boys vs. Girls. The creator must have known I was out to get him because he changed it. Anyway, on to the review. First off, this place is a piece of crap. I'm surprised it got to the front page. If you don't like ranting you should probably skip this post entirely.
Effort 1/10
You know those things called free models? This place is full of them. The trees are free models, All the bricks are exactly the same color and haven't had any effort put into them. The map is puny. The guy didn't even make the baseplate smaller. If a place like that could get to the front page how come places that have actual talent in them do not?
Creativity 0/10
It used to be sorta creative when it was called Boys vs Girls but that was just immature. He changed it again and now it's absolutely anything but creative. As I said before, a few trees and some free model shops and you're done!
Gameplay 2/10
The only fun thing about the game is that everyone there stinks. The KOs are really easy. Anyway, on to the flaws. The game is a CTF with swords only. As you all probably know. It's impossible to catch someone running away with your flag using only a sword. He needs to add some kind of ranged weapon. Also, most of the time is spent fighting your own team. There are also 4 flags for each time in the game and none of them work. I also suggest adding a roof, Making sure the other team can't get into your base with ghostwalker, and throwing your place into a nearby dumpster.
Overall 1/10
  • Make the map better
  • Add a ranged weapon
  • Come up with something creative
  • Fix the flags
  • No teamkilling
  • Delete your place
  • Hit me on the side of the head, maybe I'll get amnesia and forget I visited this place

If you want your place reviewed simply contact Banjobug on twitter or send me a private message on ROBLOX. The next post could be about your place! I'll be glad to give you ideas on your place and help make it better.

PS If someone gets the creator to read this I'll give them a cookie.

ROBLOX News iPod App - Ideas Needed!

So, it has been a little while since the ROBLOX News (RN) iPod app has been released. The RN team has decided it would be nice to have an update, thats where you guys come in. We would like you, as the users o the app, to submit your suggestions as feedback for the next version of the ROBLOX News App.


Send your ideas to

Daily Scripting Help 6/9/11

Dear BCG,
I was editing a dialog shop when I discovered when you buy it and it goes to backpack it goes away when you die. When it goes to starter pack you don't get it right away. how do you make it so it goes both to starterpack and backpack?


Dear forgotoldacount,
It's very simple! Parent it to both the 'Backpack' and the Player's 'StarterGear'! :D

local tool = game.Lighting.Sword2
if msg == "InputSt00fHere" then
tool:clone().Parent = player.Backpack
tool:clone().Parent = player.StarterGear

You will need to edit the msg, and the player value in the function of course!

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Welcome to Pwnsville: Master Swordsmen's contest Results are in!

Greeting everyone! As you may or may not have known, the long awaited "Welcome to Pwnsville: Master Swordsmen" contest results are finally in!

I'm sure it was a really hard task to to narrow it down to just 4 out of 100s of great usermade entries for the contest!

You can check out all the winners here!

Congratulations to all the winners on making great videos, and putting lot's of hard work into them!

Each winner received a Telamon's Mystery Box and 1,000 ROBUX to spend on whatever they like!

Which admin's pick was your favourite? Post in the comments below!


Have a question? Follow me on twitter @Rob498RBLX

What Game Should BCGames Make Next?

* Required
What game should I make next?*