Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Bargain of the Week: Captain's Tricorn!

Hello there! Today I am going to share with you another bargain of the week! This week's bargain is the Captain's Tricorn, a new hat released a few days ago. This is a pirate themed hat so I would suggest wearing naval and pirate outfits to suit the hats era.

What I really like about this hat is as well as having the hat part, it also has hair with naval style plaits at the back. Whilst having little texture detail on the actual hat, there is a nice red/rim with adds a bit of  value to your sailors outfit.

Of course, one of the main appeals is the price. For just R$100, you receive two hats - a naval style hat, complete with hair tucked underneath. It is a bargain! Here is an example of the hat being worn on a ROBLOXian:


So, if you'd like to look like a prideful captain, or perhaps a wealthy admiral, I would suggest buying one. You can find the hat HERE.

Monday, February 27, 2012

Desert Trooper Hat Review

Haider! Before I start, I would like to welcome two new employees to Roblox News, the epical Graphic Designers Boygrump and Ccoommppuutt! Welcome! So, let's start this review!

Mesh: The mesh looks so-so. It looks like something a Desert Trooper would actually wear, but it just makes the hat look kinda like a Sunhat. But it does go nice with a Desert Trooper outfit, hence the name. 8.3/10.

Texture: The texture is a nice sandy camouflage, with a somewhat even spread of brown, tan, and a lighter tan. It fits the mesh, and it isn't fuzzy in-game or outside of a game. I guess it's decent. 9/10.

Value For Money: This hat is 65 ROBUX, and isn't BC only in any way, so, yes, I think this hat has awesome value for money. I suggest buying it, even though it isn't limited. 10/10.

Overall: This hat has nice value for money, a decent texture, and an okay, but authentic mesh. I give it an overall 8.9/10. Here is a link: http://www.roblox.com/Desert-Trooper-item?id=62250917


Sunday, February 26, 2012

Monsters vs Robloxians RANT review

Every once in a while you stumble on some totally new front page game. You play it and you realize it looks exactly like the one you played earlier. You then check and you discover that it is the same place only with a changed name and thumbnail. Also, you remember that this game you're playing is absolutely awful.
Gameplay 0/10
There is no gameplay. All you do is get in a cart and move forward in a straight line until you get to the end. Then you jump down a hole and do the same exact thing. You do this 5 times and then you get to the winners spawn where you can just fly around and do absolutely nothing. There's an obstacle course but it's horrendous and is insanely easy to cheat in.
Effort 0/10
I've seen places like this a lot. No effort went into this place. It takes no effort to make a large straight brick with invisible rails on it. This was made in probably 15 minutes.
Creativity 0/10
There is nothing creative about this. It's pointless and it's been used before thousands of times. Using it one more time doesn't make it new and exciting.
Overall 0/10
  • Get rid of the carts
  • Stick with one place name and make your place suit the name and thumbnail
  • Actually put effort into it.
If you want your place reviewed simply contact Banjobug on twitter or send me a private message on ROBLOX. The next post could be about your place! I'll be glad to give you ideas on your place and help make it better. Also, if you find a place that is absolutely awful and on the front page send me a PM and I might make a RANT about it!

Also, you should follow me on twitter even if you don't have a RANT or review request! Sometimes I invite my followers to go to places with me to help review them.

Place Reviewed: Monsters vs Robloxians

Reviewed by: Banjobug

#3 Video Place Review - Catalog Heaven!

This week I decided to enter heaven, catalog heaven that is! So, I'd also like to give a warm welcome to the two new Graphic Designers for RN, Ccoommppuutt and Boygrump. Thanks for reading, and enjoy the video! This video can also be found on Youtube.

Saturday, February 25, 2012

Place Review: Destruction Derby

This week I decided to review the classic game called "Destruction Derby," which is a self-explanatory where the objective is to get into a car and destroy the other person's vehicle.

Destruction Derby V35.3.0 *READ DESCRIPTION*
Like every week, I review the thumbnail, which is a critical part of the entire place. So, at first glance, we see two cars colliding into each other and bricks flying everywhere. There's obviously a motion blur on it, because it blurs your vision when viewed tons of times. The most important part of a place is the thumbnail, remember that when making a game.

We enter the place and are placed in the spawn room. Not your modern spawn room, more basic and classic looking. The vehicles are placed in tiny rooms, they aren't visible. There's a purple button that turns black when touched and the vehicle resets. I'll say this, that this review wont be large because it's an old game that's really simple and doesn't really need much.

The map is where you can crash into others. The map itself isn't much, just a green inclosed area with some ramps and stuff, not too exciting. So, this ends this review, shortest review ever?

Scripting: 1/10, not many obvious scripts and most are just copies of old scripts.
Tools: 10/10, no tools needed.
Building: 4/10, not too interesting.
Community Enjoyment: 10/10, many people enjoy this classic.
Originality: 5/10, back then, there were places like these.
Creativity: 4/10, not too creative.
Deals with Problems: 10/10, no problems.
Reviewer's Experience with Lag: 10/10, no lag.
Difficulty: Very Easy
Reviewer's Enjoyment: 10/10, I enjoy this classic.
Reviewer's Recommendation: 10/10, recommend this.

Overall: 10/10, great game.

Friday, February 24, 2012

Captain Crimson Jack Review

Hi there! I'm back with another review! Here's my review of the Captain Crimson Jack body package. This is my first body package review, so wish me luck!

Mesh: The mesh looks like a pirate's body; I guess that's what it's supposed to be like. The arms are the best part for me. Because they actually have hands, and not just oddly shaped knobs. That belt is a nice touch as well. 8.9/10.

Texture: The colour is nice; and the skull on the belt looks nice too. The buckle on the shoe looks shiny and golden, and the wooden leg looks good. 7/10.

Value for Money: I do not think this is worth 525 Robux. Maybe 350 - 450 Robux would be nice. Why? Because... I don't know. Just, to me, it doesn't seem like it should cost 525 Robux. 6/10.

Overall: I give this body package an overall 7.3/10. The Mesh and Texture are nice, just the value for money is bad. Here is the link: http://www.roblox.com/Captain-Crimson-Jack-item?id=73156052


Thursday, February 23, 2012

New ROBLOX homepage?

     This was recently discovered by Nathan78906 on Twitter, follow him. But, he went to the landing page and discovered that there's a new homepage on that site, which means it will happen on the real site someday. So, I took the liberty of checking this out, and it's very true. I also took the liberty of taking a screenshot of this amazing discovery.

     As you can see, there's major changes to the homepage that will be coming soon. You can anticipate this major update to the homepage sooner than we think. So, congratulations to Nathan for discovering this and letting the RN Staff know so a post about the new homepage can be written. NonstopEpic has a feeling that his is a part of the new Age-Up update that was announced a few months ago. I also think this as well. For now, we wait for an update on this update, but we have to wait.

So, on an unrelated note, Enter the Terrain Building Contest to win major ROBUX prizes for doing something fun! Check the contest update post for details, contest ends soon!

Interview with... Myself!

So today I decided to write up an interview with myself (Rob498) for Roblox News, so you guys can get to know me a little bit more and what I like to do on ROBLOX. So, here we go.


Q 1. When did you first join ROBLOX and on what account?
A 1. I first joined ROBLOX on Rob498, 5th September 2008, after a recommendation from a friend.

Q 2. When did you first start foruming and how many posts do you have?
A 2. I first started foruming lightly at about late 2008 and early 2009, I forumed on the old General Discussion forum (now known as ROBLOX Talk), but then when I first got BC in 2010, I decided to move forum to Let's make a Deal, and have been there ever since. As of now I have amassed 34,937 forum posts along with a Top 50 poster badge, I would have Top 25, but unfortunately all the badges are broken now and you can't obtain them anymore unless you already had one.

Q 3. When did you first join ROBLOX News?
A 3. Ah yes, I remember it clearly, back in late March 2011 (almost 1 year ago). I asked arbirator when there were only a few members of RN if I could apply on Twitter, he said he'd give me a chance and if I made good posts I could join the team, so a few days went by, I had posted numerous posts, and when it came down to it, arbirator said I could stay. I was really happy, and I have been loving it here ever since.

Q 4. When did you first start investing?
A 4. I first started investing when I was a non-bc, it was just a normal day of TC'ing to robux, when all of a sudden I saw 8,000 robux on my page, I was absoloutely astounded, I had about 100 robux and went right up to 8,000, I had come to the conclusion it must have been a typo in the trade currency by someone else. I felt guilty, but nonetheless, delighted. With the 8,000 I started buying small items for when I eventually got BC to sell on for profit. I had only about 1,000 robux left, when I was doing my daily foruming and saw a thread saying "): STAR TAILSLIDE I GOT ONE!". With this, I knew a ): hat had been released. I went straight to ROBLOX's inventory and there it was, the Star Tailslide, there was only about 30 left so I couldn't wait a second, I bought straight away, and I had managed to get #95, so I was really close to missing it. So when I eventually got BC, I used these items to start building up the amount of cash I have today.

Q 5. What was your worst moment on ROBLOX?
A 5. Ooh. I'll never forget this day. So rumours of a new Dominus had been released, and in preperation I had spent the whole week TC'ing from 32,000 robux all the way to 39,100 so I'd hopefully have enough when it came out. So one evening on ROBLOX I was very bored so I decided to watch some youtube videos. But little did I know, that the Dominus Frigidus was selling out while I happily watched videos. So I came back on ROBLOX, and I had a PM from my friend saying "GET THE DOMINUS IF YOU HAVE ENOUGH". My heart was racing, I went to ROBLOX's page, and to my dearest dismay, I had missed the Dominus Frigidus by ONE MINUTE, yes, one minute. I literally started shouting at my computer because I had come so close. I eventually got over it, but one day I hope to get the Dominus Frigidus, and wear it with pride.

Q 6. What are your main goals on ROBLOX?
A 6. My main goals on ROBLOX at the moment is to get 100,000 place visits, at the moment I am at 87,000 which isn't far off, I also hope to save up all the robux I have to get the Ice Crown (and eventually a Dominus), but that's going to take a LOOONG time.

Q 7. What are your main hobbies on ROBLOX and outside of ROBLOX?
A 7. My main hobbies on ROBLOX are investing, foruming, learning to script, making RN news posts, and chatting with friends. Outside of ROBLOX my main hobbies are sleeping, waking up, breathing, talking, and moving.

Q 8. Final questionnn. Pancakes... Or... Waffles..?
A 8. Pancakes forevar.


So I hope this gave you a bit more information about me and what I do, if you have read this massive word wall, I salute you!

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Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Weekend Warrior Hat Review

Hey Roblox News readers, here's a review of the new "Weekend Warrior" hat. Here it goes!

Mesh: Wow. Just wow. This mesh looks just like a pair of real sunglasses. It looks like something someone would wear in real life. The only downside is that the "arms" of the sunglasses are a bit low down. 9/10.

Texture: Again, I am at a loss for words. This is amazing. It has an explosion of colours, which is very vibrant. It has very bright neon pink, and a rim of a nice purple. No downsides at all. 10/10.

How Well it Fits On Your Character: Amazing! It fits like a real pair of sunglasses! The only annoying thing is that if you wear the "Epic Face" face, some of the right eye is visible. Oh well, still good. 7/10.

Value For Money: I think this hat was totally worth the 1000 R$ price tag, and I'm very annoyed I missed it. At the moment, it is selling for 1400 R$. I would buy it. 10/10.

Overall, I think this hat is amazingly epical. Did you know it is a published retexture by Freaked? It is totally worth the price that the Private Sellers are offering, and I see it rising (hopefully). I give this hat an overall 9.4/10.

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Base Wars: Fortress Assault Uncopylocked!

Base Wars is a relatively new FPS ROBLOX game being worked on by ROBLOX devs. It requires the player to play in 1st person mode only and focusses on fast, gun on gun gameplay. There are several sections with control points within the map the two teams must fight over to gain points for their team, kills also count towards the total score. The team with the most points wins and so begins a new round.

The map utilizes the Terrain Generator and the recently added new materials. It carves paths in the hills of the terrain and uses items from the Stamper Tool.

Being uncopylocked, users can now take the place and use it for their own creations; whether they expand on the map or use certain scripts and GUIs from the game!

So why not save a copy and see what is behind the scenes of this great place?


Monday, February 20, 2012

Two New Graphic Designers!

After much thought and deliberation, I have come to the decision of who will fill in this role. As the top two designers are equally talented, I have to select both!

Our first new graphic designer is boygrump: a legendary ROBLOX advertisement maker, who sells his work for a small amount of Robux. I was very impressed at his skills, examples and of course; his reputation. He is well known in the ROBLOX community, for good reason.


An example of boygrump's work is this banner he made for our ROBLOX on iPad post.

Our second new graphic designer is ccoommppuutt: a friendly ROBLOXian who happens to excel in his work.


His example banner included in his resume impressed me so much that I had to use it on the Red Sparkle Time Fedora post!

Both of these users will now be regularly producing banners for our slider and possibly other graphics for the site!

Editor of Roblox News

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Terrain Building Contest 2012: Update!

Time for an update on the TBC2012! So, I decided to C&P the old post and place it here with some changes.

1.) Users are limited to 2 entries ONLY, no further exceptions.
2.) Anyone is allowed to enter, this includes RN Staff.
3.) The place MUST be playable by EVERYONE, this means that the place can't be BC, Friends, PBS, or anything else, it MUST BE PUBLIC!
4.) The place MUST be completed.
5.) Free Models are acceptable.
6.) Lag isn't desirable, so try to exclude most of it.

1st: 500 ROBUX
2nd: 250 ROBUX
3rd: 100 ROBUX
4th: Mystery Prize
Fan Choice Award: 100 ROBUX

Voting and Judging very soon. Date is TBA. A little note: Robux will not be awarded if 5 or less people enter, so ENTER!

Step 1.) Make your entry!
Step 2.) Email your entry to rnplacereviews@gmail.com
Step 3.) Clarify that IF you win you'll contact us ASAP.
Step 4.) Wait to be judged.

Entries will no longer be accepted after 2/26/12.

1.) Link to your entry.
2.) Agreement to contact one of the judges if you win.
3.) Your username.
4.) A reason why we should pick it.

Yes, they are possible. If some rules are broken or some instructions aren't followed, you could face disqualification. Unfortunately, there are some people who have failed to follow rules or instructions and nearly faced disqualification. I will not state their name, I want to protect their identity. So, please read everything carefully and don't RUSH!

Thanks for your time, I hope to see you all next time.

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Valentine's Day Hats and Gear 2012!

This year, Roblox released a lot of catalog items to celebrate Valentine's Day. Many of them were retextures created by the community. The items are as follows:

The Break Up

The Break Up is a regular gear item that can be purchased for R$650. It looks like a crowbar meant to literally break things up. It acts like a sword in-game and does great damage.

Cupid's Revenge

Cupid's Revenge was a somewhat expensive gear item. It's a bow you can use to shoot arrows at your enemies. It's currently off sale and you could only buy it between the weekend before Valentine's Day and the day after Valentine's Day.


The Heartbreaker is a pretty good sword in battle. It was a Limited U gear sold for R$550 with 1250 copies available. It's currently selling around R$1400 which is much more than this sword is worth. You can also read my full review of the Heartbreaker by clicking HERE.

Box Of Chocolates

This gear item was released on February 13th, the day before Valentine's Day. It was very cheap and affordable so many people got this. It is now currently off sale.

Heart Bandana

This is a nice retexture of the Hipster Scarf by dastuke. It was originally R$75 and many people bought this, including myself. Now, it is currently off sale.

Adventure Girl - Pinktastic Edition

This is a good retexture of the Adventure Girl hat by Staphy. It costed R$125, which is R$25 more than the original. It was on sale for an extra day before being taken off sale. The reason why is probably because this didn't sell many copies.

Valentine's Day 2012 Cap

Last year, Roblox made a Valentine's Day 2011 Cap so this year they made a Valentine's Day 2012 Cap. This is in my opinion the best out of all the retextures published and was made by JohnnyFlight. It was the cheapest Valentine's Day hat at only 10 tix! It is currently off sale like all the other Valentine's Day hats.

Brotherhood of the Heartband

Brotherhood of the Heartband

This is a good headband retexture by blox1957. It was BC-only and 100 R$, but is now offsale.

Red Sparkle Time Fedora

Red Sparkle Time Fedora

This is the third hat in the Sparkle Time Fedora series and was released at the end of Valentine's Day. It was originally R$10000 and there was only 100 copies. This hat sold out fast and the prices of it are skyrocketing. You can read IBarrageI's review of it HERE.

This Valentine's Day had some amazing hats and gear items. My favorite out of all of these is the Valentine's Day Cap 2012. Leave in the comments what you think the best Valentine's Day 2012 gear or hat was.

Follow me on Twitter, I'm NonstopEpicRBLX. I'll tweet you about upcoming catalog-related Roblox News posts and anything else related to Roblox.

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Slithering Slayer Hat Review

Hi readers! Today I will be reviewing the Slithering Slayer hat. LET'S DO IT!!!

Slithering Slayer

Mesh: The mesh just looks like a mutated Warrior helmet. It's just a helmet with horns. That's it. No special features that I can see. A good idea would've been to add a horn on the front. 5/10

Texture: The texture fits the hat name perfectly. It looks like something a Slithering Slayer would wear, because of the colour. The colour reminds me of the word Slither. 10/10

How well it fits on your character: It fits perfectly. Your head doesn't poke out at all (Unless you're wearing a head other than the default one). It fits exactly like how it's supposed to. 10/10

Overall: This hat is okay, with a weird mesh but a texture that makes up for it (kinda). It also fits nicely on your ROBLOXian's head. I give this hat an overall 7/10.


Wednesday, February 15, 2012

The Red Sparkle Time Fedora!!!

The 3rd Sparkle Time Fedora is out, and in a fitting color for valentines day.
Red Sparkle Time Fedora
This Hat is a Red version of the original hat; The Sparkle Time Fedora, which has been popular since it's release in 2007 at Christmas time. It came out of the Sparkling Gift of Fame which you received for having 1337+ Profile views before the time of release.

Now, due to it's popularity, there have been several descendants, such as: The Purple Sparkle Time Fedora (Released 2011 Halloween), and Now, the Red Sparkle Time Fedora (Released 2012 Valentines)

Take a look at the "SparkleTime"Line below:
There also seems to be a pattern emerging. Where by they are released at specific events. (I.e. Christmas, and Halloween). Who knows when the next one will be released? and more importantly What color will it be? I myself would like a White one. Reason: I'm a Smooooooth Criminal.

Now. While I'm here, I'll review the Red Sparkle Time Fedora.

Mesh: It's the Classic Mesh of the Sparkle Time Series. What more must I say? 10/10

Texture: This is where it slips up, I believe that the Red is to close to it's predecessor; Purple Sparkletime Fedora. But it's still A nice color. 8/10

How well it fits on your character: The positioning and size of this version has been altered slightly (As shown below). When you look closer. You'll notice a large difference. In my opinion, It's too small 6/10
Overall: This hat is okay But there may bee too many things that may put people off of it. Still, It is a nice addition to the series and everyone is anticipating the next one. 8/10.

Question. What color would you want next? (Leave your answer in the Comments Below)

Got a question? Ask me on twitter: @IBarrageI

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Interview with Meowmixxed.

Today I was lucky enough to catch up with my friend Meowmixxed, former Leader of RAT (ROBLOX Assault Team), and former owner of The Domino Crown. I got to ask him many questions and find out information about his time on ROBLOX and future plans. And this is how we got on.

Q 1. When did you first join ROBLOX and on what Account?
A 1. I first joined ROBLOX on November 16th, 2009 - and on the account, "Benblue8".

Q 2. When did you first start foruming?
A 2. I first started foruming in January of 2009 - on General Discussion (now ROBLOX Talk).

Q 3. What was your first major rank in a ROBLOX Clan?
A 3. My first major rank in a ROBLOX Clan was 'Leader' in UCR.

Q 4. Which is the biggest clan you have ever managed/owned?
A 4. I've owned RAT (ROBLOX Assault Team)

Q 5. What is your current status concerning clans?
A 5. I run the United Powers Clan Alliance, which is the largest alliance of clans on ROBLOX (~360,000+ members). I am also a General in FEAR, General in Sleet Clan and Secretary of State in UCR.

Q 6. When did you first start investing?
A 6. Around November 2010

Q 7. What is the rarest item(s) you have ever owned and how much did you buy it/them for?
A 7. The rarest item I've ever owned is the Domino Crown (which I've owned twice) - and I purchased it for a net amount of 1.6+ million ROBUX (in items)

Q 8. What is the most robux you ever had at once?
A 8. About 900,000 ROBUX

Q 9. What are your plans for your future at ROBLOX?
A 9. To run my clan alliance, and assist with the clans of ROBLOX. I do not intend to continue investing on ROBLOX.

Q 10. Do you have any advice for someone who wants to start investing?
A 10. To never trust a soul on this game when it comes to trading and to be patient with the limited system. The way all limited items prices are inflated now is a shame, but with some patience the system can be beaten.

Q 11. The big question... Pancakes or Waffles?
A 11. Pancakes, obviously. ;3

Big thanks to Meowmixxed for the great answers in the interview!

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Monday, February 13, 2012

ROBLOX Base Wars FPS Review

Recently ROBLOX has been making a lot of ROBLOX FPS games. They've been using the new terrain generating feature and have created incredible battlefields. ROBLOX Base Wars is one of their newest ones and it has a few differences.
Gameplay 10/10
The gameplay in this place is about the same as the others. The goal is to capture the control points for your team and hold them. The different thing about this place is that you can change your class. When you change your class you get different HP, Speed, and weapons.
There are five classes, Trooper, Assault, and Brute, Support, and Sniper. The trooper is armed with a shotgun and a sword. They're extremely balanced and aren't especially good at speed or health. The assault class is extremely fast. He is armed with a machine gun but he doesn't have very much health. The Brute is armed with a rocket launcher. He has a lot of health but isn't very fast. The support team has an automender which is used to heal teammates. He is also armed with a machine gun. The sniper has a very well scripted Sniper rifle that can be used to pick off distant enemies with ease.
Effort 10/10
This map is much better than the previous FPS maps. It has a lot more attention to detail. They've also added the class system and a killfeed.
Creativity 8/10
ROBLOX has been adding a lot of FPS maps however this one is very different.
Overall 9/10
  • Add a map so you know where the control points are
  • Make it so you cannot see the enemies' names through walls
  • Add a hidden area with cake.
If you want your place reviewed simply contact Banjobug on twitter or send me a private message on ROBLOX. The next post could be about your place! I'll be glad to give you ideas on your place and help make it better. Also, if you find a place that is absolutely awful and on the front page send me a PM and I might make a RANT about it!

Also, you should follow me on twitter even if you don't have a RANT or review request! Sometimes I invite my followers to go to places with me to help review them.

Follow @RNPlaceReviews on Twitter to get up to date on future reviews, contests, and more! That account is shared between me and Refreshingwater, follow it now!

Reviewed Place: ROBLOX Base Wars FPS
Reviewed by: Banjobug

Interview with JohnnyFlight!

Today I managed to catch up with JohnnyFlight, forumer, investor, and Red Banded Top hat. I got to ask him some questions about his career on ROBLOX, and this is how we got on.

Q 1. When did you first join ROBLOX and what was your first account?
A 1. Most PMs I get are asking about that, I joined in late 2009, my first account was really wealthy til it was left. I will release it's name once the trading system comes out.

Q 2. When did you first start foruming?
A 2. December 2009.

Q 3. What is the rarest Limited item you have ever owned?
A 3. Good question, it's probably Crimson Catseye, I sold it sadly, hopefully I can achieve it back again.

Q 4. What is the most amount of ROBUX/Tickets you have ever spent?
A 4. Probably over 400,000 tickets. To achieve all ticket items on roblox. It took a lot of thanks to the Trade Currency.

Q 5. How many forum posts do you have as of today?
A 5. Over 20,000 counting all my accounts.

Q 6. Which is your main forum to post on?
A 6. Let's make a Deal, It's pretty fun, mostly in the summer when I'm more active,

Q 7. When did you get the "Red Banded Top Hat"?
A 7. I get about 15 PMs a week about this question, probably because it's pretty hard to obtain, I got the tophat SQLed to me by reporting the OBC Theme glitch, its when your OBC runs out, you can keep the theme for as long as you want.

Q 8. How did you manage to attain it?
A 8. I asked John Shedletsky (Telamon) To SQL it for njay.

Q 9. What is your main goal to achieve on ROBLOX?

A 9. Get my hat published, this coming valentines day, I hope for my Heart Cap to be published, Brighteyes and Tarabyte have taken it, Hopefully, it'l be published on this account's veteran date (Valentines Day 2012). Link to Heart Cap: http://www.roblox.com/Heart-Cap-tarabyte-took-BRIGHTEYES-TOOK-item?id=71213891

Q 10. The toughest question, Pancakes or Waffles?
A 10. Pancakes all the way.

Awesome fact: Johnny also happens to own ALL the ticket hats for sale on ROBLOX. Yep, including the 250k tix Classical Glory. And to top it off, he got them ALL in ONE day too. Now that's something to be proud about. Great job Johnny.

Thanks Johnny for a great interview with great answers! Stayed tuned to ROBLOX News for more interviews.

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Sunday, February 12, 2012

Community Article! Gear Review: Bucket

At first glance the bucket gear might seem very plain. But when you test it, and use it, you will notice that it's not like any other gear. When you are fighting someone, try and get as close to them as you can, before whipping out your trusty bucket and taking their gear. It's good for annoying noobs; just don't let the noobs annoy you with this gear!

-You can take other people's gear. 'Nuff said.
-It's good for playing tag
-Some people don't know it loots other people's gear, so you can playing an unsuspecting prank on them
-It's a social item, and most games allow social items
-It's pretty cheap for a bc'er

-It doesn't look that great
-If it's in the wrong hands (eg. a noobs) it can be very -ahem- annoying.

I would rate this gear 7/10 overall. You should definetely buy this awesome gear!

Thanks Starz4ever6 for this awesome article!

Terrain Building Contest 2012

Yes, it's that time of the year where we have a building contest. Our genre for this contest (as explained in the title) will be a Terrain building contest. Here's a short explanation of what you must do, make a terrain wonderland! Here's an example of what is quality work.

1.) Users are limited to 2 entries ONLY, no further exceptions.
2.) Anyone is allowed to enter, this includes RN Staff.
3.) The place MUST be playable by EVERYONE, this means that the place can't be BC, Friends, PBS, or anything else, it MUST BE PUBLIC!
4.) The place MUST be completed.
5.) Free Models are acceptable.


1st: 500 ROBUX
2nd: 250 ROBUX
3rd: 100 ROBUX
4th: Mystery Prize
Fan Choice Award: 100 ROBUX

The Fan Choice Award will go to the person who the fans voted for, more details on that soon when we get a lot of entrants.

Step 1.) Make your entry!
Step 2.) Email your entry to rnplacereviews@gmail.com
Step 3.) Clarify that IF you win you'll contact us ASAP.
Step 4.) Wait to be judged.

The deadline is 3/3/12, plenty of time to impress the judges.

1.) Link to your entry.
2.) Agreement to contact one of the judges if you win.
3.) Your username.
4.) A reason why we should pick it.

There aren't any, just be as creative as possible. You can add extra things like trees, houses, roads, cars, anything!

More details will be released soon. Our goal is to get MORE than 10 people entering.

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Radiant Retextures Contest Winner!

The time has come to announce the winner of our retexture contest we held during this week. After sifting through many wonderful entries I narrowed it down to 1 great retexture. There could only be one winner, but there were some other great pieces of artwork which you can view HERE.

So, without further a do, the winner of the Radiant Retextures Contest is: helloppl1404 with his entry: Seriously Disturbing Secret Admirer!

Seriously Disturbing Secret Admirer (Tarabyte took

Well done to helloppl1404; his entry has been shown to Brighteyes but also been taken by Tarabyte - an admin who produces items for the catalog.

Editor of Roblox News

Heartbreaker Gear Review

February 14th is Valentines Day. As part of Valentines Day, Roblox released this weekend Valentines Day related gear. One of these is a sword called the Heartbreaker. It was originally R$550 and there are 1,250 copies of it.
Mesh: 8/10

The Heartbreaker is a sword meant for Valentines Day. It resembles and looks a lot like some other swords in the catalog. This sword's mesh is unique because between the blade and the handle is a well-made heart. Otherwise, the rest of the sword is pretty plain.

Texture: 7/10

This texture has three main parts. The blade, the gold rim, and the handle. The gold rim was made very well and looks really good. The other parts of the sword, the blade and the handle, are plain. This sword isn't as original as some other gear items in the catalog.

Ability: 9/10

As you can see in the picture, this sword has a pink fire around it. You can do two things with this sword. You can either swing it by clicking the screen, or by lunging by repeatedly clicking where you want to lunge. The animations are great and the pink fire goes well with the sword. Swinging or lunging the sword does a lot of damage to your opponent. The fire disappears right after you use it on an opponent, and the fire returns later. This gives the sword some realism. This sword is good for battle and it does a good amount of damage.

Overall: 8/10

Well-made heart mesh
Great gold rim texture
Attacking with this is realistic
Has an excellent pink fire
Does great damage

Much of the mesh is plain
Much of the texture is plain

The Heartbreaker quickly sold out after it came out. It is currently selling around R$1,000, so if you bought this while it was R$550, you will make a R$450 profit. I would not buy it for profit because this sword isn't making as much profit as some other limiteds, and it's not going to make much profit in the future. I would not buy it in general because it is a good sword but the lowest it's currently selling is R$950, and this sword is more worth R$600. If you really want a great sword though, I would get this.

Follow me on Twitter, I'm NonstopEpicRBLX. I'll tweet you about upcoming catalog reviews and anything else related to Roblox.

Epic Hat Day!

Ok! So theres two new hats in the Catalog, and their both classics! The first one released was early this morning, and that was the Frost Vision Goggles created by the owner of this blog, Arbirator! They are 5,000 Robux and they are well worth the money. Even though they aren't limited, those goggles are still amazing!
Frost Vision Goggles

The next hat released was the Cardinal Fedora, which is the third fedora in the series! The fedora was 1,000 Robux and was a limited item. In terms of profit, the hat isn't a bad buy. The prices are currently hovering around 2,000 Robux, and people say they will raise a few hundred. The hat isn't very original, but it still looks epic!

Cardinal Fedora

Thanks ROBLOX for the epic new hats :D


Friday, February 10, 2012

200k Pageviews!

Yes, Roblox News reached 200k pageviews a few weeks ago, I just forgot to make a post. Silly old me.

Anyway, this is a great achievement and milestone for both myself and the rest of the team. I would like to thank all our loyal readers who view our articles everyday, and of course like to thank the staff who contribute to the blog; without you guys, there wouldn't be Roblox News!

Editor of Roblox News

Radiant Retextures: Featured Entries!

The contest is now over, so please do not enter any more retextures!

Here are a few entries that stood out to me:

Seriously Disturbing Secret Admirer

Seriously Disturbing Secret Admirer - By helloppl1404

Cupid's Honored Assistant By RoyMer

Cupid's Honored Assistant - By RoyMer

Lord of Valentine's Army

Lord of Valentine's Army - By GruntyThe1AndOnly

Valentines ROBLOX Hat!

Valentines ROBLOX Hat! - By GruntyThe1AndOnly

Heart Shades

Heart Shades - By Sonicfan0405 (Vorvex)

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Snowboarder Hat Review

Hello all, Today I will be reviewing the Snowboarder hat. Here we go.
Mesh: The mesh is really great. It actually looks like something a snowboarder would wear. It has a beanie and some goggles. If only it had some hair or something with it. 7.5/10

Texture: The texture is okay. The goggles look great, with nice detail, but the beanie is rather... Plain. It's just black. Nothing else. There should be flames on the side or something cool. 4/10

Ease of Retexturing: This hat looks relatively easy to retexture. The different colours (You may think I spelt colour wrong, but I didn't.) are separated into seperate bunches. Shouldn't be too hard to retexture. Good for beginners! 10/10

How Well it Fits on Your Character: It fits on your character very nicely. It looks awesome with the 8 Ball Headphones or the Earthphones. Maybe even the Clockwork's Headphones if you have them. 10/10

Overall: This hat has very good value for money, and is totally worth the 35 Robux. There is room for imrovement, though. I also suggest retexturing it. 8.79/10


Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Ambassador Program: Kill or Keep?

A few hours ago John Shedletsky: Aka Telamon tweeted this:

 First; a little background about the Ambassador Program which was set up April 22nd 2009. The program allows a user to post a generated link which advertised ROBLOX, on a website. For every link they post, they receive 2 Tickets. You could post up to 50 links on 50 different websites and so the users earnings were limited to a maximum of 100 Tix per day - a large amount for a free account.

 Earlier, John asked whether they should kill the programme or keep it. For a long time the Ambassador Program was deemed broken by the community but was finally fixed between 2010-2011. However, there has been many issues with the Ambassador Programme ever since it was first introduced, one of which that it could be abused by users. It's all very well that free accounts could earn so much as they were helping ROBLOX out, but there were loopholes.

 One such loophole was a site called Robamb. Robamb could only be accessed if the ROBLOX user made a RoBamb account. There were fears that it was used as a phishing site and so users were advised by the community to adopt a new password for their Robamb account. Once logged in, the user could generate domains for their links to ROBLOX, thus bypassing the need for a new website per link. This became a very popular service, but ROBLOX administrators were on the case and began blocking these domains from the programme. Robamb's popularity soon started to decrease as it was becoming more and more associated with rule breaking and the program was regularly patched to block the newly generated domains. Although users still  took advantage of the service, it was soon forgotten.

The Ambassador Program is a great way of earning a few extra Tickets and encourages the ROBLOX community to help out the Devs, but is it worth it? It caused users to both spam links and break the rules, but on the other hand it made users feel as if they had a job to do on ROBLOX and earn virtual money for their efforts. What do you think?

Should the program be killed, or do the positives outweigh the negatives and should be kept? Post your thoughts below!

-Editor of Roblox News

Steelshanks Armament Gear Review

Steelshanks Armament is a new gear item recently released in the catalog. It's the most expensive gear item this week, and is themed around pirates. It was also originally BC-only and it is Limited. There are 500 copies of it and the original price was R$1,500.
Steelshanks Armament

Mesh: 10/10

Steelshanks Armament is a very interesting gear item. It is a sword and a gun all in one. As you can see, this picture only shows the sword, not the gun. I've never seen anything like it. The sword is very detailed and looks nice. The gun is probably one of the best looking guns in the catalog and is excellent.

Texture: 10/10

The texture is realistic and well done. The blade of the sword has a pirate skull and crossbones, along with very fine details. The gun has many superb details, such as another small skull and crossbones. Steelshanks Armament really looks as if it came straight from a pirate movie!

Ability: 9/10

Steelshanks Armament can be used for two purposes. The first purpose is for using a powerful sword against your enemies.The other purpose is for shooting your enemies with the gun. Once again I tested this out in-game to see how well it works. When you take out Steelshanks Armament, you character equips both the sword and the gun. When you click on the screen, your character swings the sword and fires at where you clicked with the gun. If you want to use the gun and the sword on your enemy, you have to be good at multitasking. That is because you have to aim carefully with the gun or you can easily miss, and the sword is only useful if your foe is really close to you. The gun does not do much damage on your enemy, and requires precise aim or else it fails. The sword however, does a lot of damage to your foe. However, the Dual Duel Axes are cheaper and do much more damage than this sword.

Overall: 9.5/10

Steelshanks Armament is a very cool and excellent gear item. It's very detailed and looks amazing. The sword is useful in battle but the gun isn't as useful. However, this gear item was expensive and costed more than it is worth. When it sold out, Steelshanks Armament was making little to no profit. It then went down and is now selling around R$1,000 to R$1,200. If you want a good pirate-themed gear item, this is a good gear item. However, I really would recommend not to buy this at all for profit, as it is clearly not selling well. If you're looking for a powerful gear item, I would suggest buying the Dual Duel Axes because those are cheaper and do more damage. Still, this is a great gear item and is good for battle.

Follow me on Twitter, I'm NonstopEpicRBLX. I'll tweet you about upcoming catalog reviews and anything else related to Roblox. Here is a picture of me in a costume trying out Steelshanks Armament.

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Valentines Retexture Contest: Radiant Retextures!

The time has come for another Roblox News retexture contest! The theme of this contest is love due to Valentines day being almost upon us. Valentines day is a holiday where lovers exchange gifts and cards in order to show their affection for their partner. What better way to celebrate this prestigious day but with HAAATS!


All you have to do is make a Valentines themed retexture, whether it be a headband boasting a colourful display of hearts or a pink helmet for a real softie - it's up to you!

To enter the contest simply:

1) Upload your retexture as a model. You can send a maximum of 2 entries.

2) Send the link to this model to robloxnewshelp@live.co.uk along with your ROBLOX username. Title this email 'Radiant Retextures'.

3) We will view each and every entry sent to us and pick a collection of winners (3-4). All winning entries will be sent to Brighteyes and be in with a chance of publishing!

The deadline for the contest is Thursday! 12:00 AM PST

Editor of Roblox News

Monday, February 6, 2012

New ROBLOX Event: DisneyXDLabRats Scavenger Hunt!

A new event has recently been discovered by users among the ROBLOX community. This event promotes the TV series found on the Disney XD channel. There is currently one hat you can win from the places found on DisneyXDLabRats's profile. 

The way to obtain this hat is to visit all three places and find the 9 secret items. You have to find three items in each game to achieve a badge in each. In the first game you must find the screwdriver, computer chip and spanner to 'fix Eddy'. In this level you play as the character named 'Bree'. You spawn with her hair, clothes and body and also gain her speed ability.

Once completed the next level requires you to find three items while dressed as the character named 'Chase' using your forcefield ability.

 In the final level you play as the character named 'Adam'. In this place you have to find your jetpack and fill it up with fuel, then fly to the helicopter. Once there, you will receive the final badge.

Once all three badges are obtained you will receive the Lab Rats Cap:

Lab Rats Cap

Credits screen once you complete the scavenger hunt