Friday, September 30, 2011

Interview with billylones!

Today we caught up with major investor billylones! We get the inside scoop on his rise in the investing world.

Q 1: When did you first join ROBLOX?

A 1: In June of 2009

Q 2: When did you first start foruming?

A 2: My first post was back in 09, but I only really started foruming around March 2010.

Q 3: How did your investing career begin?

A 3: After my game got front page, RO-Skate Tycoon, I started earning real money, then I began investing as I saw a path to get even richer.

Q 4: What was your first major investment?

A 4: Sparkle Time fedora, bought for 25kR$, sold for 43k a few month later.

Q 5: What was the most profit you ever made on something?

A 5: 52.5kR$ off my Eccentric Shop Teacher bought for 60kR$ sold to TheGamer101 for 150k.

Q 6: What was the rarest item you ever owned?

A 6: Eccentric Shop Teacher, only 7 in existance when I owned it.

Q 7: What is the most robux or tickets you ever owned at 0nce?

A 7: R$, around 260k, Tickets, just over 1 mil.

Q 8: Who is your most influential forumer?

A 8: HatHelper, I think he is underestimated, I really admire him.

Q 9: What is your limited item goal on roblox?

A 9: Dominus Empyreus.

Q 10: And finally, which do you think is better, waffles or pancakes?

A 10: Pancakes :)


Thanks billy for taking the time to be interviewed, be sure to check out his profile.


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Thursday, September 29, 2011

Place Review: Call of ROBLOXia 5: World At War

Hello everyone, it's me, Refreshingwater. Today, I'm going to review this war place, let's get started. What I want to start talking about first of all, is the photo. This photo represents something we all know about, war. War of course is a serious subject, but on online games, it's somehow okay. We see a Sniper rifle, Molotov, Some other weapon, and ammunition. This photo is great and all, but let's get to the cool interesting part, the game itself.

When you enter this game, you'll see that there's a few GUIs. We have a selection either, Start Game, Custom Classes, and Team Preset Classes. I'm going to click Custom Classes, we see another group of buttons, Custom Class 1 and Custom Class 2. You can start customizing your class yourself. Then, we have Team Preset Classes. These classes are all premade for you to use without the trouble of choosing weapons yourself, pretty handy right?

You click Start Game and we get teleported to the map, now who to kill? If your on team Axis, you have a White uniform. If your on team Allies, you have a greenish uniform. When you move around, your looking for the users with no green name above them, that means they're enemies. People with green names above them are your allies, don't kill them. When you shoot someone your target thing gets an X in the middle, which means you've killed your opponent.

Let's talk about the creator of this game. This creator's name is litozinnamon, hard name to understand. This person is a NBC, which is awesome because he has a place that was visited over 5 MIL times! He may look like he had BC before, but let me tell you something, he's never had BC ever! This person to me looks like he's had BC before, but looking at his previous hats, there's no BC hard hat. This person is really successful because almost no NBCer has ever been this famous.

Here's something I used to do on Briguy's Roblox which I will start doing here. It's called "The Rating", which is when I rate this game on many things. I rate out of 10, so be prepared.

Scripting: 10/10, filled with many GUIs and scripts, very functional
Tools: 10/10, weapons everywhere, it's almost like an armory.
Building: 10/10, many well built maps, but not made by the creator, but he gives credit so BONUS POINTS!
General Enjoyment: 10/10, everyone comes back to this game so many times.
Originality: 6/10, I've seen so many war games in the past.
Creativity: 5/10, I've seen so many war games before
Deals with Problems: 10/10, no problems so far.
Deals with Lag: 8/10, some lag here and there.

Overall: 8.5/10, amazing game, recommend playing it.

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Interview with Briguy9876

Here is a interview with Briguy9876, a ROBLOX moderator!

1. What do you do for ROBLOX?
Moderation of course! I enforce the rules and hand out the punishments to those who don't.

2. Do you own your own blog? If so, tell me what it is called!
I do! I run Briguy's ROBLOX, one of the oldest (and still running!) Roblox fan-blogs. I'm in the process of giving it a really nice revival, so keep your eyes on it!

3. What is your favorite ROBLOX game?
Some of the classics like MikeD's Paintball and Minigame places, and well as the pretty ones like Brimstone Gardens and Khronos.

4.Building or Scripting?
I'm going to assume you're asking which one I like more. Fun fact: I'm actually a Software Engineer student in real life, so I'm a bit more biased towards scripting games. Most of my projects don't go anywhere, but they're still fun to figure out.

5. Did you go to the ROBLOX Rally this year?
Unfortunately, I didn't have the time or resources to go out to the Rally. I don't live near where the Rally was, so I would have had to figure out flights and stuff, and that really was too much of my time.

6. What do you think about ROBLOX's community?
It's fun to jump into a few games and join in on some silly forum threads. There are always people around to ruin the fun though (and that's why I'm a mod!)

7.What do you do with your free time when your not on ROBLOX?
College! It's a lot of hard work. When I'm not doing Roblox or college work, I'm probably out with friends or playing a few games on Steam.

8. Have you ever heard about Arbirators ROBLOX News before?
No just kidding. Of course I have. It's my biggest competat- I mean favorite blog, other than mine. :)

9. Do you read all of RN's posts?
No, because most of it I hear way before it becomes news due to me being so intertwined with the community and the secrets that moderators share among themselves.

10.Anything else you would like anyone to know?
The two major blogs should team up and do something awesome. Peoples: Do you want us to work together to do something awesome? Drum up some excitement!
Thank you Briguy for taking your time for this wonderful interview! And RN also wishes we can do something with your blog!

Community Article: EBR, standards too high?

My name is juice2005, and I've been building for a long time on ROBLOX. I recently learned how to CFrame, which greatly improved my building skills. Knowing pretty much all a builder can know, I decided to enter an application into E.B.R (Elite Builders of ROBLOXia), which is one of the biggest groups of famous builders, including GollyGreg, stuntman007, Sam010100001, and many other famous builders. So my first application was simple, it was a hummer. This was just to test what E.B.R's standards would look like. I wasn't approved, because apparently the vehicle lacked detail, however, it didn't whatsoever. Okay, so that just flew over my head, I didn't mind at all, like whatever, first entry, right? Well here's some screenshots of my second entry, which was completely denied because, "it's not big enough". (screenshots below)

So I was pretty disgusted by this point. I didn't know how I could have improved, as I used my CFraming skills to the max in this project, which took me about 5 hours in total. I thought I just sucked, but eventually players came in, and told me that it deserved to be on the front-page for it's unique and realistic design. By this point, I was confused, but wanted to continue because of the support of others. I was definitely looking forward to entering E.B.R in the near future. So I created another design, this time I went past my building skills, exceeded them, by far. I built a house inside of a hill, with two views out of the windows. (screenshots below)

Guess what? They told me it was too small, and that the design wasn't that great. Then, many players entered the game and begged for me to release this model on Free Models, so I did so on my alternate account: SeaBit. I ended up giving up after all these entries, and have basically stopped CFraming since I entered those entries. It wasn't the specific Moderator that was viewing it, I entered it to several Moderators to make sure that wasn't the case, but you know, I think their standards are too high, after viewing some of their other members buildings, I was utterly confused as to why I did not get into E.B.R. I don't believe that entry upon E.B.R. should be based on how big your game is, or if it's complete or not. I think it should be based off of uniqueness, skill, and the general design. It seems they like to base their entries off of the largeness of the game, rather than paying attention to the actual quality. If you plan on trying to get into E.B.R, be prepared for the outrageous standards that they provide, and lets hope you actually have a chance at getting in!

Brilliant Community Article provided by juice2005, many thanks are owed to him. Sadly, Juice's account no longer exists or is currently moderated so why not check out SeaBit's profile HERE.

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

How to make a simple Text for your ads or logos!

Hi there guys! Today is a simple tutorial on making simple text for your ads, or logos! First thing first, open up your software. If you don't have it, get it, because that's what we will be using.

Step 1. Click the T in the toolbar window, as shown here.

Step 2. Pick your font size, and optional, the font style. Here is how you change the size.

Step 3. Now click the B for bold, next to the font size, as shown here.

Step 4. After typing your word, go to the wand tool on the toolbar window, as shown here.

Step 5. Go up to the top of the screen and go where it says Replace, change it to Add Union, then change the Tolerance to 91.

Step 6. Click on the black text, and hit delete. There's either a delete button on your keyboard, or use the scissors icon at the top, as shown in this picture.

Step 7. Go to the layers window and clicked the add new layer button, then use the arrows on the window and click the down button, as shown in this picture.

Step 8. Now that your on the second layer, pick your color using the paint bucket to fill up the area, as shown here.

Step 10. Now go to the color palate and click more, your primary color is white for this, changes it's transparency to 116, and click the Circle Shape tool, and make the brush size 95, as shown here.

Step 11. To give it a special glare look, make the glare look like this, as shown here.

Step 12. Now click onto the background layer in the layers window, like so.

Step 13. Use the wand again, with 51 Tolerance, and click the white, then click layer 2, then delete using the delete button on your keyboard or the scissors.

Step 14. You can delete the background layer by using the big red X on the layers windows.

Step 15. If you have the outline effect, your going to go to effects at the top of the screen, then click object, then outline, here's how.

Step 16. This is your result:

Thanks for stopping by, and hope this helped you a lot!



Guide: How to become a Limited Item Investor.

Hello RN Readers! Today I'm going to be showing you tips on how to become a good investor.

I'm sure you have all once wondered, how people got such great items? How do they have so much money?

Well, the answer is most likely there are a Limited Item Investor, which means they buy items, and sell them on for profit, and today I'm going to be showing you tips on how to get started.



1. How to build up money.

2. Where to begin.

3. How to know when to buy something.

4. What to sell it for.

5. List of Limiteds on the raise.

6. Author's Note.


1. How to build up money:

Well, the easiest way to build up a base amount of robux is to save up your daily logins, whether it be tix or robux, it doesn't matter much. Once you have a good amount, you should learn to take advantage of the Trade Currency to help build up more money. Anyway, once you've saved up a good bit, you're ready to go out into the wonderful world of investing!


2. Where to begin:

Wonderful! You've saved up some money, which is obviously essential if you want to become an investor. The best way to start investing is to lurk around the Let's Make a Deal forum, often enough, people put up snipes and good deals on certain items and post about it, so you don't have to waste your time scouring all over the catalog looking for deals.


3. How to know when to buy something.

Okay, one of the few things you need to do when you see an item up for a good deal is:

-Check the graph and see what the recent average price is, if it's under the recent average price, it's usually a good deal.

-Check the volume of the item from the last 30 days, most good items will have sold over 50 in the last 30 days, any less and it wouldn't be a wise investment.

-Have a look at the comments and check when the last comment was posted, if the last comment was posted roughly a month ago, the item is mostly forgotten about, if you see multiple comments in the last couple of hours, this means there is interest on the item.

-If an item is 50% off it's usually a good deal, but some aren't, it could be someone just trying to sell off an item that never sells, don't be fooled by taking note of the points above.


4. What to sell it for:

So, you've just bought an item for over 50% off? Excellent. Great. Super! The first things to do when deciding a price are:

-Look in the comments! See what people are offering, if it's a good deal, you should put it up for the asking price.

-Post in the comments! Ask people to message you offers for the hat.

-Post on the forum! Hold an auction thread and see who's the highest bidder.

-Put it up for a bit off the next lowest price, not to much, or to little, looking at the graph might help you decide!


5. List of Limiteds on the raise:

Here is a short list of Limited items you should chance getting a good deal on, as they are raising:


-Any fedoras (They are hugely popular).

-Shades (Any kind of shades really, they are raising slowly but surely).

-Headphones (Try and haggle with someone and get a good deal, they are raising).


All Katanas. (Try and snag one for a good price, and hold onto it for a while).

Sword Fights on the Heights 4 swords. (Out of most of the majority of roblox's price range, but the ghostwalker is fairly cheap at 60k, and could raise into the 100k's like it's brother, Darkheart and Illumina).


6. Author's Note:

Well, I've given you my tips and advice for you to set off on your journey of investing, hopefully it will help you on your journey to be a somewhat wealthy ROBLOXian.


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Raging War review

You all know what it means when a game is in Beta right? It means it's going to get Beta! (Yes I did just say that) This game is one of those that has potential to get Beta and is in Beta right now as well. Either way, it can't get much Beta than this.

Gameplay 7/10

The game is still in Beta but it has some pretty shweet weapons. However, many features have not yet been added to the game and the maps that are being used are currently nothing but test maps. It's still fun to play but all the weapons are way overpowered, which now that I think about it means that they're all even. Hmmm???

Effort 8/10

I don't think I've seen any of the guns in free models and most of them work fine. However, I would like some maps that aren't randomly generated and some vehicles and bigger maps...

Creativity 5/10

There are a ton of War games but they aren't getting any Beta than this one. It's got a lot of interesting things planned for the future, check it out!

Overall 6.5/10


  • More guns

  • More maps

  • Less lag

  • Bigger maps

  • Vehicles

  • Giant turkeys with guns

  • Even more guns

If you want your place reviewed simply contact Banjobug on twitter or send me a private message on ROBLOX. The next post could be about your place! I'll be glad to give you ideas on your place and help make it better. Also, if you find a place that is absolutely awful and on the front page send me a PM and I might make a RANT about it!

Also, you should follow me on twitter even if you don't have a RANT or review request! Sometimes I invite my followers to go to places with me to help review them.

Place Reviewed: Raging War
Reviewed by: Banjobug

The Pros and Cons of the Trade System

Now as you may already know (How can you not know?), There is a Trade System coming very soon. This will enable users to freely trade Limited collectable items between themselves. But with this, comes problems. As highlighted by Deltaforce96 in a previous post. Highlighting that without buying limiteds, the cost of Robux goes up. But, There will be a gap to make a little something when the system is released. For example: Take this list of prices.

So, lets say, that when the Trade System is released, Sellers B and C want to trade their hat with one of their friends, This will happen.
The price gap becomes more wide, and creating a more appealing 'snipe' as it were, Which you could easily snap up and make a quick and decent profit from.

But. It may not work that way.

Seller A and B may want to trade with their friends, causing the prices to go up even more

What would you do with the Trade System?

Leave your responses below.

Thank you for reading.

Monday, September 26, 2011

Community Article: How to change your ROBLOX Cursor.

How to change your Roblox Cursor:

This tutorial teaches you how to create your own Roblox cursor edit your currect one and maybe just do anything else if you work it out.

Step 1: Open the Start Menu and type in “Roblox”.

Step 2: When the program ‘Play Roblox’ comes up right click it and press ‘Open File Location’

Step 3: Press the folder ‘content’ then when inside that folder press ‘Textures’.

Step 4: You will have all your textures for instance the mouse is there. You can edit it by right-clicking the mouse/cursor and pressing ‘Open with’ and choose the program you want to edit/change your cursor with.

Step 5: Once edited you save the file, it has to replace the old cursor when saved.

And that is how to change or edit your Roblox cursor.

Community Article by Zakary99.
Images by arbirator.

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Hello there! It's TREVOR818730!

I was selected to be the graphic designer for Roblox News because I've shown arbirator my work. I originally got involved in RN when I got into the Retexture Artist Official Channel, owned by BrightEyes. I got into this group because BrightEyes published my LolEarth.

Many people know me on Roblox for being friends with Planet3arth, or for owning Find The cookie Monsters. Thus I because and achieved me goal, being famous, but I wasn't done, no, I needed to be heard, so I would keep reading Roblox News. Arbirator, and the fellow staff caught my eyes on what really needed to be told. The first time I saw Roblox News, I saw a contest, I decided to enter it, but I didn't win. Then I got engraved eres an example of my work.

Well, I hope to give you all tips and tricks on!


NEW Graphic Artist for Roblox News: TREVOR818730!

Today we're proudly announcing a new graphic designer that will be working at Roblox News! TREVOR818730 has been a devoted reader to the blog and has helped support it all throughout this year.


Apart from the all the other skills he has showcased to me, he showed me that he is pro in graphic design and gave examples of his work.

Trevor will be working on the feature article slider at the top of the page, providing banners for popular and important posts.

So, let's welcome him to the team!

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Maggiemuston, How to make a regen script!

Hi there its maggiemuston with her 2nd scripting post this time its a regen script. Follow the steps below: carefully.

1. Open build and get into Roblox Studio.

2. Go into insert and press 'Object'.

3. Press script and "Ok".

4. Double click the script in Explorer.

5. It should say "print 'hello world'"

6. Now here's the script I will explain:

local regenTime = 180 -- 3 minutes - 180 seconds not minutes or hours this shows how long until the next regen. local messageTime = 2.5 - How long you want the message to show when it says regeing a model.  local model = script.Parent  local message ="Message")  --Check that the script hasn't been placed in workspace if model ~= workspace then   message.Text = "Regenerating " .. model.Name - This is the message...   local backup = model:clone() -- Make the backup - in case if anything goes wrong it will back it up.    while true do    wait(regenTime)     --Remove the model   model:remove()    --Show the message   message.Parent = game.Workspace    wait(messageTime)   message.Parent = nil    --Copy the backup   model = backup:clone()    model.Parent = game.Workspace    model:makeJoints()  end else  error("Script not put in a model! Nothing to regenerate!") end 
7. Now carefully drag this script to the model you want to regen.
8. Save and come back in the game to test it out, IT WORKS!
Thanks for reading my scripting tutorial next time you will see how to make a conveyor belt!


To use the new Lightbox Feature click edit html and go to the uploaded image html and paste the text in red and green between and where it says "Image Description Here, write a description/caption for the image. <a & href= <a class="spicebox" title="Image Description Here" href="http://roblox.jpg"><img src="http://roblox.jpg"></a>


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Friday, September 23, 2011

Coming Soon

New Lightbox feature coming soon to roblox news!

View it here

Alternate Test Site

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Partner In Need is a Partner Indeed

Dear Viewers,

Many of you might know, Briguy9876 a Roblox Image, Forum & Super Moderator, also owns a blog that is partnered with Roblox & Roblox News. Please help Briguy with getting some feedbacks on his blog for improvements or just give your opinion.

Click here to visit Briguy's Roblox

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Making your first script!

Hi maggiemuston here with her first scripting post! Today im going to show you how to open and make your first script!

1.You must go into a game and press build.
2.Now press menu and go to game settings, press studio mode.
3.Now go to object and find and click script and press ok.
4.Look at your explorer and double click script
5.If you follow this steps correctly it will take you to a page saying "print 'Hello world!'"
6.Now there are many ways to use your script so wait till next time for my regen script to regen a map or model!

-Maggiemuston or Ashlynn

Thursday, September 22, 2011

How to script!

The #1 asked question on Roblox is "How do you script?".

But before i answer that, i'm going to tell you what scripting IS, i know some of you already know, but some of you don't :P

Scripting is a language that lets you create more advanced stuff. On Roblox, it is called "Roblox Lua". Roblox Lua lets players create anything that comes into there mind, such as planes, cars, rockets etc.

There, now that you know what scripting IS, i can show you how to do it. Since this would be a REALLY long post if i showed you here, i put it on the forums.

So just copy and paste this into the URL and it will lead you to the tutorial.

Copy + Paste this:

-- Jojobenten -- Site Moderator

(P.S Would you guys like a boat tutorial?)

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

NEW Assistant Editor: IBarrageI!

IBarrageI has been a loyal member of the Roblox News team for many months now, he has produced top quality posts time and time again and his wonderfully written Photoshop tutorials are quite something. Both IBarrageI and Rob498 applied for this position and both are excellent members of the team, but I think Rob suits another role which needs to re-undertaken on the blog.

IBarrageI has been chosen to help me out with Editorial roles, helping to support my job as I am currently very busy with school. The roles he will be performing are very similar to my own; he will help review and edit articles, and help out with managing of the site including leadership of other staff members and general admin. He will also help out with the group and community, answering questions and getting to know users.

His qualities include great leadership, excellent grammar, top notch written communication punctuality, efficiency and of course, dedication.

His ROBLOX Profile can be found HERE.

And his Twitter Account can be found HERE.

So, please congratulate him on his new role!

The Robux Inflation: Ways to prevent Roblox Currency inflation

Roblox is growing by the numbers each and everyday. With its growth and expanding brings a time where Robux become more common to the users. With the prices of limited items rising, the robux currency is slowly loosing its value. Users are now hanging on to their robux waiting for their favorite limited to drop in price. All this waiting has started to cause a problem in the Robux flow in the economy. When a user hangs onto their robux , the robux they have are taken out of the cash flow needed to stabilize the Robloxian economy. With limited prices at a record high, cash flow has dramatically dropped. Without this cash flow the value of the robux has started to plummet. When the value of robux drops the more easier it is to obtain them. Tix conversations to robux will drop creating a mass amount of robux in users. Just remember to not hoard robux and go out and spend them in the Robloxian society.

Monday, September 19, 2011


Hey guys, I'm and I'm a new staff member for RN. I will be teaching you scripting within tutorial posts! If you have any questions please message maggiemuston or tweet ashlynnchoco on twitter! I joined the Roblox News so all of you robloxians out there can learn to script or become a better scripter. I will start off easy and get harder as the posts go along. So stay turned!

-your friend Ashlynn-

The Fire and Flora fighters have arrived!

Yesterday, we welcomed the coming of two new limited hats, the Fire Fighter and Flora Fighter.

These two hats are the new and improved (most people say) versions of the popular Ice-Nine Dronehelm, available to buy for a mere 99 R$, and it already has sold over 26,000 times, and there has also been a previous retexture of the dronehelm called "Classical Glory", which infact is the most expensive ticket hat of all-time, at 250,000 tix.

The two new hats each have #500 in stock, and sold for 1,500R$.

The Fire Fighter has already sold out, and is hovering around the 1,900R$ mark, nearing the profit area, whereas the Flora Fighter is at #310 sold as of now, and should sell about the same as it's brother hat.

Personally, I prefer the Flora Fighter, mainly because of the use of colour and detail.

All 4 hats mentioned above you are able to purchase here:

Fire Fighter:
Flora Fighter:
Classical Glory:
Ice-Nine Dronehelm:

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Sunday, September 18, 2011

Hello, I'm Refreshingwater!

I'm one of the brand new staff members here on ROBLOX News. I've already been introduced, but I want to tell you a little bit more about myself. I was a part of a secret staff recruitment, I got recruited over Twitter. Let's get started with the in-depth introduction, shall we?

I'm an experienced writer, which means I've worked on other ROBLOX blogs. The one other blog that I worked on was Briguy's Roblox, a popular blog run by Briguy9876. I worked there for a few months helping Briguy get his blog more popular, recruiting staff members too! I left for a reason that I don't want to talk about at all. I used to write Place Reviews on there, which is what I choose to write on here too. I will make an attempt on entertaining you amazing ROBLOX News fans as much as I can.

On ROBLOX, I like to build and forum, some very fun things, right? I'm an expert builder on ROBLOX, I can Cframe and what not. I forum every day, so you can somehow find me there and talk to me. I accept all friend requests on ROBLOX, so if your already a fan of me, add me! I'm making a small attempt on getting one of my places popular and maybe become rich and famous like most users are.

Here's what I plan on doing, a little bit more in depth. I'm planning on doing Place Reviews on places I think deserve attention, like less popular games. I plan on developing a relationship with all of the staff members here, I'm already friends with Arbirator, Deltaforce96, and BCGames! I guess that's all for now, I'll see you all in my next post and enjoy your day.

NEW Staff members!

We have 2 new members of staff joining Roblox News today. During the past weeks, I have been looking around for more users with expertise in certain areas. This was not public recruitment so don't feel like you were left out.

The first new member of staff has had previous experience with Roblox Blogs, he used to write for Briguy's Roblox! Refreshingwater, is an experienced writer and well known for writing good quality articles. Refreshingwater, will decide his own role on the staff team as he knows what's best for himself.

The second new member of staff is maggiemuston, I requested her to send me an application to see what she would be like as a writer. She stood out to me as an accomplished tutorial writer, especially scripting tutorials. As mentioned above, she will become a tutorial writer, mainly focussing on scripting tutorials.

Give them both a warm welcome!

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Build and Race RANT

I've never liked games where you have to build. In my opinion, most of those are made because the creator was too lazy to build it himself. There are a few exceptions but sadly, this place is not one of them.
Gameplay 1/10
There's really nothing you can do. You can build a car but it's insanely hard to get the car to work the way you want it. If you play the game you'll see what I mean. Also, even when you do get a car you never race it. I haven't seen any races while I was playing there. There were plenty of deleters but not any races.
Effort 5/10
The racetrack looks great, it's shame it's never used. It's incredibly hard to make a car. I like how you made rooms you can build in without getting them deleted. Other than that there's really not much to say.
Creativity 2/10
There have been way too many Build and ______ games in the past. This is really no different from the others. It could be so much better. But it's not.
Overall 2.5/10
  • Try and use this guy's way of building things.
  • Put cake zombies in the course :D
If you want your place reviewed simply contact Banjobug on twitter or send me a private message on ROBLOX. The next post could be about your place! I'll be glad to give you ideas on your place and help make it better. Also, if you find a place that is absolutely awful and on the front page send me a PM and I might make a RANT about it!

Also, you should follow me on twitter even if you don't have a RANT or review request! Sometimes I invite my followers to go to places with me to help review them.

Place Reviewed: Build and Race
Reviewed by: Banjobug

New Limited Catalog Releases

You can check them out here

These new releases are:

Dare Devil Helmet
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Octopus's Garden

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Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Arb's Hat Reviews: League of the Mintotaur

Browsing the catalog, I noticed this Limited U hat. Immediately this hat struck me with potential, but because 1000 were sold, and others like it had already been made, it flopped after it sold out.

So, lets move on to the actual review, and see why the hat really flopped:

The Mesh 6/10

The first thing that struck me about this hat, is that it reminded me of the original ROBLOX Viking helmet, made over 2 years ago. I just would have thought that 2 years later, a similar sort of hat would look different to it's predecessor. It could differentiate with a more detailed mesh, as I think the horns look rather 2D and possibly add a metal rim. I gave it this score because I've simply seen this before, but don't get wrong, the hat is actually pretty good.

The Colours 7/10

The colours I thought suited the helmet fairly well. Although they were a tad boring, it's probably what a helmet like this would look like, armour years ago was often pretty dull. Maybe more vibrant colours could have been added, or perhaps a metallic effect.

The Texture 8/10

The texture on this hat is actually pretty nice, it looks realistic and represents the fur on the helmet well. Having said that, it could be slightly more detailed, but nothing is perfect and you can improve on anything!

The Creativity 7/10

I thought this hat was fairly creative, as it is the first fur, Viking styled helmet in the catalog. I marked it down only down to the fact that it is extremely similar to two other Viking style hats as already mentioned. To be fair to the hat however, it was probably quite hard to create anything that wasn't similar to the original Viking helmets; there's only so many Viking helmets to do!

So to conclude, not a bad hat, it looks quite nice but is too similar to others for my liking. This and the quantity of this hat doomed it to fail.

Retextures published this summer.

Recently many retextures have been published. And here is the list of them.

Flame Tie -Brighteyes has :P-Firin' ma tie. StumpermanStumperman
Dr.Flash *PUBLISHED*Green Flash Shades.VirtualPro/Speedysam123VirtualPro
Flower Shades *Published*Aloha Shades. hockeyfan991hockeyfan991
Magic 8-Phones *Published!*Eight Ball Headphones. Scoutywoutyscoutywouty
Green Checkered Bow Tie [ PUBLISHED ]Green Checkered Bowtie. eviljulianeviljulian
Wolven leader({Published})Dark Wolf. nintendocpunintendocpu
Life Of The Party (Published)The Party. IBarrageIIBarrageI
EyephonesEyephones. gkkugkku
Autumn turns to WinterIrish Gentleman Cap. Cornealous14/Rempcornealous14
Darkseed : The fallen ({Published})Darkseed: The Fallen. nintendocpunintendocpu
ROBLOX for NoobsRoblox For n00bs. Ninjabart122ninjabart122
'Cool Story Bro' Tie [PUBLISHED]Cool Story Bro Tie. DexareDexare
Math Textbook *PUBLISHED*Maths Textbook. PuppiarPuppiar
Sinister Fedora (Published)Sinister Fedora. IBarrageIIBarrageI
Graffiti Tie. (Now Published As Paintball Tie)Paintball Tie. Darren2009Darren2009
Extraho of Glacies [Published]Anaclagon. RetroTurtleRetroTurtle

Congratulations to all of these players.