Sunday, April 28, 2013

Gear Review: Korblox - Fallen's Spine Blade

Korblox - Fallen's Spine Blade

Korblox - Fallen's Spine Blade

Mesh: 10/10
The mesh looks very epic and deadly. It's a sword made entirely out of bones. The bones of Korblox's ememies, I'd assume. The blade of the sword is made of what looks like a spine with sharp points sticking out both sides. The handle looks like an arm or leg bone of some sort, and the point in the middle looks like a thigh bone. You can tell a group of warriors is one not to mess with when they craft swords out of their foes' bones and use it against them.

Texture: 8/10
The texture of the sword's bones is a shiny black metal surface. It looks like the Korbloxian soldiers coated the sword in metal so it would be more durable in battle and not break so easily like regular bones. In between each of the spinal cord bones is a dull blue glow, like electricity or some blue energy holding all the bones together rather than just glue.

Usage: 7/10
You'd think that because it's a Korblox sword it would have some sort of special move or power, or at least some special attribute to it. But it doesn't. It simply slashes downward and that's all it can do. But it does about 50 damage per hit, making it a 2-hit-KO sword. And when you kill an opponent with it, it turns them to bones via the Skeleton Package in the catalog, which is an awesome effect - but not a new one; other gear also have this effect.

Price: 4/10
The pricing definitely could've been better. At first because it's an amazing sword made of bones, you'd think it would profit. It was 800 robux with 999 sold, even less of a price than the piano from last friday. But its average price stands at around 1,143 robux, which is the lowest the price can possibly be with the owners making 800 robux. So really, the sword made no profit whatsoever. It may raise or lower during the week, but I'd suggest selling or trading it away now as to not take any chances.

Overall: 7/10
The pricing could have been better due to there being zero profit, and it gets boring after a while considering it only has one attack maneuver, but the Korblox Fallen's Spine Blade looks epic, is powerful in battle, and can LITERALLY reduce your enemies to bones. It's not good in investment, but it's definitely good in a fight.

Saturday, April 27, 2013

Shoot The Rapids - CFrame Review

Shoot the Rapids - Cedar Point

Although this game may seem like a place, it's actually CFramed, and many non-scripters don't understand the time and dedication we put into these epic games, just look at The Roblox News Egg Hunt. This is sort of like a roller coaster, it's a very neat one too. The game has lots of pathways to the area and the coaster takes place in a river at first, and then you go into the air and down, sort of like a real coaster I suppose.

The first thing I thought to myself when I entered this game was "This is empty?", but then I realized it was just a spawn. I scurried through the pathways and came to a COASTER CART, that was filled with NOOBS. But, remembering noobs are epic, I jumped into the cart with dignity, and began the rollar coaster  ride of my life.

We started off taking a few small turns, very nice, smooth turns. Then we reached a railing that was sort of diagonally pointing vertical, and we naturally went up it, not knowing what was going to happen next. The game is quite a site from the top too, although there's not that much CFraming compared to games like Serene Mill and Tarnished Coast.

We reached the top of the line, and then we realized we were about to take a massive dip down, so I jumped out.. FAIL.

Round 2:
We did the same as above, and this time I didn't jump out, when we reached the bottom of the treacherous railing, we were forced right, and left again. After that we got another horizontal line going up and down, that wasn't so scary, so I lived. We then got bored because the ride had finished...

Now to the review.
The game had many small, detailed CFramed parts, some just hard to appreciate as they were difficult to spot - very subtle. And some were just epic. Lots actually. And so I liked it. The fact that the roller coaster moves extremely smoothly and was scripted by the same user who created the map; a multi-skilled individual.

Scripting: 8/10
Could fix some tiny glitches.

Building: 9/10
Great Cframing and coaster design

CFraming Overall: 8/10
Although they were very small I couldn't have been happier, well I could have.

Overall: 8.6/10
It's a very nice game, but to improve on user experience, the place could benefit with a more exciting coaster track with loops and sharp turns.

~Zakary Wilson

Random Hats Going Off-sale?

Note: this post will be updated as more hats go off-sale

Ever since Wednesday, the 24th of April, something strange has been happening in the catalog lately. It seems to be that each night tons of random old hats go off-sale, and why? Right now the main purpose of this is unknown, but I have some ideas. It could well may be that ROBLOX is taking all these hats off-sale and has a plan to make some of them limited items in the future. Or maybe they will be updated into better hats, such as how the Creator's Top Hat was taken off-sale and made into a better hat.
Creator's Top HatCreator's Top Hat
Picture: Old Creator's Top Hat compared to new Creator's Top Hat.

Or it could even be possibly that ROBLOX just wants to remove a ton of items from the backlog because there's too many hats. The choices of which hats go off-sale is also unknown, however the only thing noticeable about them right now is that they are really old hats. (like almost a year old and greater) Also, some hats are updated and taken off-sale later, so if you find one of these hats, I'd buy it if I were you. Here's a list of the current off-sale hats. (not counting the earth day retextures that went off-sale because they were a special theme)

 Perseus Perseus: Now off-sale with 66 in stock.
Nature's King Nature's King: Now off-sale with 168 in stock.
The Juicer The Juicer: Now off-sale with 199 in stock.
Leather Punk Leather Punk: Now off-sale with 361 in stock.
Trancos: The Services Warrior Trancos: The Services Warrior: Now off-sale with 1,700 in stock.
Woodland Hooded Disguise Woodland Hooded Disguise: Now off-sale with 2,081 in stock.
Chocolate Bunny Ears Chocolate Bunny Ears: Now off-sale with 7,129 in stock.
Copper Helmed Guard of Dasypodidae Copper Helmed Guard of Dasypodidae: Now off-sale with 691 in stock.
Common Superhero Common Superhero: Now off-sale with 550 in stock.
Victorious Victor Victorious Victor: Now off-sale with 119 in stock.
Pilgrim Bonnet Pilgrim Bonnet: Now off-sale with 1,304 in stock.
Red Samurai Helmet Red Samurai Helmet: Updated recently, should be going off-sale soon.
Eternal Frost of Fate Eternal Frost of Fate:  Now off-sale with 1,275 in stock.
Flaming Space Pilot Flaming Space Pilot: Now off-sale with 6,586 in stock.
Lancer Lancer: Now off-sale with 4,471 in stock.
Boar Cap Boar Cap: Now off-sale with 491 in stock.
Future Space Hero Future Space Hero: Now off-sale with 1,776 in stock.
Sabretooth Tiger Sabretooth Tiger: Now off-sale with 1,766 in stock.
Angry Tiki Angry Tiki: Now off-sale with 930 in stock.
Helm of the Dragon Rider Helm of the Dragon Rider: Now off-sale with 806 in stock.
SpiTie SpiTie: Now off-sale with 414 in stock.
Bird Cage Bird Cage: Now off-sale with 2,174 in stock.

- NonstopEpic, Catalog Manager

Friday, April 26, 2013

Gear Review: Deluxe Blue RoPed

Deluxe Blue RoPed

Welcome readers! Chubbs21 here again with another gear review! Today we will be reviewing the Deluxe Blue RoPed!

Mesh: 10/10
It's exactly like it's it supposed to look like, an electric scooter. I happen to have one so I know that it looks good. The base seems to be just like mine, and so do the wheels. (Except the colors and stuff of course) There is no mistakes in this scooter.

Texture: 8/10 
The texture nicely fits all the interesting parts of this RoPed. On the base there is a cool arrow pattern with the ROBLOX logo on it. The only thing that upsets me is there really is no texture on each part. Just a simple color. Roblox could of at least made the tires like like tires and the metal parts with a steel like texture or so.

 Controls and Abilities: 8/10
To control this gear, just use the WASD keys.
It is pretty hard to turn with the A and D keys because it usually turns to far.
To speed up, hold W. To slow down and/or go backwards, hold S. This RoPed is noticeably faster than the red one.

Money Value: 9/10
The cost of this deluxe RoPed is 500R$ just like the red. I say it's worth each robuck. Even though it may be a BIT expensive for some, I really like it. It's fun doing tricks and flips and races with this scooter!

Overall: 8.75/10
The mesh of the scooter is really cool, the texture is fine, the cost is just fine. the controls could use a bit more fine tuning to improve handling, but is very fun to use in a race!


Thursday, April 25, 2013

Snake Sniper Gear Review

Happy late Earth Day everyone! I'll be reviewing the Snake Sniper today, I mean snakes are creatures of the earth right?
Snake Sniper

Abilities: Equipping it makes you lay down in a casual sniping pose. There's not really a variety of abilities on the gun itself, it's just simple click n' shoot. Now, as I mentioned before it shoots out snakes. When these snakes hit a target they will leech onto them, sucking away half their hit points! That's right, two shots from this, and your opponent is done for. 8/10
 Looks: When you look at this, what's the first thing you notice? The scope? No. The trigger? I don't think so. It's the hostile snake head striking fear into your heart. The bullets are also snakes.  Overall it has a greenish color scheme, a bit of camo going on at the stock. The ammo gui has a snake scale texture, and we also have the scope which is yet again a snake head. 9/10

Pricing:  It's price is 1,000 robux, and it's going offsale. If it goes limited, then it was worth to buy it before it did. If not, it's just another gear in your inventory. Doesn't look really that nice when equipped on your character. I doubt you'll use it much, it's not that much fun. 6/10

Hand glitch
Overall: Has some nice features, but I think it might be a bit overpriced. Also, there is a glitch and your hand positions get stuck just like on the sniper animation if you unequip it. 7.5/10

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Earth Day Hats 2013!

This Earth Day, ROBLOX decided to mainly release a couple user retextures (and one other hat). Here's a summary of everything that came out.


The first hat that came out was the cleverly named Bowlearth, a retexture of the classic Kilty McJig's Irish Bowler. This hat is worth 250 robux and is a great addition to anyone's bowler collection. With the smart idea of having the Earth's continents on the top of the bowler and the rest being blue, this retexture is a true winner.

 Recycled Cardboard Shades

A few hours after the Bowlearth came out, the Recycled Cardboard Shades came out. These shades are a retexture of the infamous Peach Thug Shades by the renowned IBarrageI. The original Peach Thug Shades are limited with 50 in stock and at 50,000 robux (they're still selling, and will probably be the most fail limited ever sold). However, these shades, even though they look better than the Peach Thug Shades, were 25 robux with 15,000 in stock. They are currently the most non-rare limited in ROBLOX, and pretty much killed any demand left for Peach Thug Shades. (SERIOUSLY, ADMINS. GIVE THOSE SHADES A TIMER.) Currently they are selling for 250 robux and look good with the other recycled hats.

Recycled Cardboard Fedora

The last Earth Day hat released before Earth Day was the Recycled Cardboard Fedora, another retexture by IBarrageI that came out minutes after the shades were out. This hat is a retexture of the current modern fedora mesh (used with hats such as Skull and Crossbones Fedora, Sweetheart Fedora, Fried Chicken Fedora, etc.) Again, it uses the theme of a literal recycled hat. Currently it is 100 robux and BC only, so it's a pretty good deal for a fedora.

Earth Day 2013

The first hat released on Earth Day was the Earth Day 2013 hat by godsend, aka stickers000. With a simple design and a nice addition to the irish cap series, this hat was a great deal for 10 tix. However, now it is offsale, one day after it came out. 

Little Seed

The only non-retexture released was the Little Seed, a strange hat that came out for 5 robux - an excellent bargain for non-premium players. According to the description as time goes on this hat will change (or should I say, grow) into other hats and change the price for those who didn't get it. I won't spoil ultimately what this will become, but here's a hint: What can a seed grow into? 

Recycled Cardboard Top Hat

Recycled Cardboard Top Hat is another published retexture by TheEasterZombie of the classic tall top hat mesh. I give this retexture credit for the cardboard retexture inspiration, and for mostly being a handmade texture. Like other tall top hats, this top hat is worth 500 robux and is definitely not a waste of money.

Earth Knight

The last Earth Day hat was the Earth Knight by Sporeman15, a retexture of some helm mesh which I have never seen before (if you know what one please pm me). This was limited at 100 robux, and had 2013 in stock. It is currently selling for 400 robux and has an excellent texture. What I really like about this one is how the Earth is used as the top of the helm. 

Overall, this Earth Day had a lot of great retextures. My only concern was that 3 cardboard hats might be too much, and I'm hoping for a bit more creative themes next year. However, summer retextures are coming up, and that is usually when really good limiteds are released.

- NonstopEpic, Catalog Manager

Place Review - Robloxity [BETA]

Hey everyone, PeerPants here with another place review! Today, I will be reviewing the sequel to Welcome to the Town of Robloxia. Welcome to the Town of Robloxia was the most played game on ROBLOX for a long time, until 1dev2 was banned. However, he his back as 1dev3, with a new hit game, Robloxity. I am going to be reviewing different aspects of the game. So, without further ado, let's start!


When you enter the game, you are placed on the 'Unemployed' team. You have the option to select a team from the list of teams, which are, in alphabetical order:

  • Business Worker
  • Cashier
  • Criminal
  • Daycare Worker
  • Doctor
  • Factory Worker
  • Fire Fighter
  • Fisher
  • Kid
  • Mechanic
  • News Team
  • Pet
  • Police Force
  • Prisoner
  • Public Transport
  • Restaurant Employee
  • Teacher
To join any of these teams, you have to find the spawn, which are placed around the map in the corresponding places, so for example, the Police Force spawn is at the police station.


There are also a number of vehicles you can purchase in-game, with money which are:

  • Car
  • Car (extended)
  • Truck
  • Truck (extended)
  • SUV
  • Company Van
  • Taxi
  • Police Car
  • Police SUV
  • Ambulance
  • Firetruck
  • City Bus
  • Cargo Truck
  • Bicycle
  • Sports Car
  • Convertible
  • Minivan
  • Jeep
  • Exotic Car
  • 10 Wheeler (flat bed)
  • 10 Wheeler (cargo bed)
  • Motorcycle
  • Boat
  • Helicopter
I have tested all of the above vehicles, and they are all working well. They go from low-end vehicles, like the normal car and the bike, to high-end vehicles, like the exotic car and the helicopter.


The map is far better than the map in Welcome to the Town of Robloxia. It's bigger, and has lots more interesting places to explore. There are also lots of different places you can buy, ranging from $200 to $500, VIP houses being the most expensive. There is also a lake in the middle of the map, where users can purchase boats to ride around in. There are different buildings suited to all of the different jobs, for example there is a police station with a prison, where police can lock up criminals.


Gameplay: 9 / 10

The game is really fun to play, when you get involved in everything that is going on with the other players. They stage robberies, and there are sometimes big police chases, all made possible by 1dev3!

Effort: 10 / 10

The scripting works flawlessly, and there is a bigger variety of homes than in Welcome to the Town of Robloxia! The map is also far more detailed.

Creativity: 9 / 10

The map is far more imaginative than 1dev2's game, with farms, beaches, petrol stations and lots more!

Overall: 9.5 / 10

Opinions From Other Players

2nd best city game
I think it's awesomely done and includes amazing tools and features. 10/10 from me!
aktualy iz oder paradis (translation: actually is OD'er paradise)
Needs a map, because the gameplace itself is quite big and it's easy to get lost. Maybe as gear 1, and it expands into a fullscreen GUI. The FullScreen GUI button isn't needed, as it has no effect.
Playing with friends is awesome, and the jobs are cool. It's unique because to get a job, you have to find the spawn, instead of choosing it when you join. I like that.
The cars + boats are AWESOME! Recommended to all.
 The detail of the place as a whole, and the sheer amount of jobs available make this a great ROBLOX game.

You can view a video review that was posted on the ROBLOX YouTube channel below.

Impersonation of staff members on Roblox News.

Hello ROBLOXians,
This is zinc707 here - I just wanted to let you guys know about an issue that has been occurring lately. We've had numerous reports of users that are impersonating us on Blogger. Below is an image of one incident that was reported. These users vandalized another user's blog with these comments - claiming to be us.
To clarify, Roblox News does not endorse flame wars/competition against other blogs in an unethical manner. With that in mind, I will be adding a link under every Roblox News staff member that points directly to their real profile. You can compare the usernames of those users to the real profiles, and verify if they are us or not.

If you find that a user is impersonating one of our staff members, please report them to Google/Blogger, so action can be taken. Also - send me an email with the link to the user's profile, so I can personally deal with them. My email dedicated to Roblox is


Saturday, April 20, 2013

Poll: Roblox News Egg Hunt.

Should the Egg Magnet push/pull all eggs?
Are you having fun so far?

Updated Review: Flood Escape

~/Flood Escape\~ SAVE WINS! + EXTREME MODE!!_Image
Flood Escape is a game worth visiting. With minigames to keep your attention, and different game modes varying on the skill you possess. 

These skills involve how fast you can move your mouse, turn your character, and jump in this game. Because each level of the flood rooms has different obstacles and some feel like they're impossible, but they're very easy.

I, well, I think we all know my level, hard-man..

Skills right? I would like to see you beat that. 
Well, you probably could, because I'm the biggest fail at obstacle courses ever.

As well as the main part, flood escaping with obstacle courses, you also have a group of minigames, which I mentioned in the opening paragraph. And they can be fun, one is a bit like a round in Quadratum Havoc (reviewed by Arbirator) and it includes getting to the right platform in time. The other minigame is an obstacle course.

This game also includes some small C-Frames which create an beautiful, but tiny details, which are great! I've always been one for the epical C-Frames. And now I have them, finally in one game I have CFramed.

You could say the scripting on this game is amazing, it does what it's meant to do, and that's great. So all those people who say: "The scripting isn't good enough", ask yourself, can you see that code? Does the code do what it's meant to do? And the answer to this game is, no, and yes. You cannot see the code, that would be stupid, but you can tell that it does the exact thing it is meant to - nothing more, nothing less.

This game is very well built and scripted, and made. It's build with structure, it's a strong game, and there's not many games that are about floods and can beat it's stand. So for that, I congratulate the creator. He did a fine job.

As this is an updated review, there isn't much to add from the previous review done by the long-gone RefreshingWater/DxandJohnCena. This is probably the most I can add.

Scripting: 10/10

Building: 7/10
More epical cframes please!

Gameplay: 10/10

Overall: 8/10
There's much to do in this game, and you can never not be occupied in a task.

Thanks for reading!

Friday, April 19, 2013

Roblox News Egg Hunt 2013!

Greetings fellow egg hoarders of ROBLOXia! As many of you are now well aware, the Roblox News Egg Hunt 2013 was launched this week on Wednesday 17th April. In the two days it has been running the game has received 2,380 place visits, 262 favourites, and a total of 7,601 eggs as of writing! The rarest egg so far is the Korbloxian Fabergé Egg and the most common is the Unsettled Egg of Jitter. This year we decided to use a cycle of three separate maps for out hunt - 2 from previous years and 1 completely new map!

Roblox News Egg Hunt 2013! (Grand opening!) _Image

This year, Zinc707 and I really want to step up the game of our third annual egg hunt. We pushed our abilities to new limits with both scripting and retexturing, but also took on a new member of our project team; LOLFUNNY12345. He became our excellent level designer and is the talented individual behind the valley map, complete with caves, caverns, and cliffs high above the map. LOLFUNNY is an adept with the c-framing technique of construction, building

detailed walkways and utilising rotation and axis placement. Our previous projects had never seen the likes of an accomplished c-framer and we feel very are to have him on our team.

Our full team consisted of arbirator (Creative Director and Retexture Artist), Zinc707 (Lead Programmer), LOLFUNNY12345 (Map Designer), TheEasterZombie (Retexture Artist), IBarrageI (Retexture Artist), NonstopEpic (Retexture Artist), DarkGenex (Retexture Artist and Badge Designer). 

The Eggs!
As for the eggs - they are the greatest you will ever see from an RN Egg Hunt! They are extremely varied this year, with some throwing lethal gamecards at you, while others go out of their way to avoid you and teleport around the map. Some have environmental effects which change the gameplay across the whole map, while others product visual affects to signal that they have spawned - the King Midas' Egg for example, will turn every part it touches to gold, leaving a trail of riches behind it.

Badge images designed by DarkGenex

The Gamepasses!
Aiding enthusiastic egg hunters with their sport, we decided to implement some useful gamepasses for users to purchase. These passes enhance the egg hunt experience through granting them with tools that give them an edge over their opponents - especially for rare eggs!

The Egg Magnet 
Buying this pass will grant you access to the Egg Magnet tool in-game. This tool attracts/repels eggs with metallic properties towards/from the player. To reverse the polarity hit 'Q'. Reversing the polarity causes the magnet to pull towards you, the default setting of the gear is to push metallic eggs away.

Protip: useful for collecting rare Fabergé eggs and for pushing Ninjitsu Egg into other players to distract them!

The Rare Egg Compass 
Buying this pass will grant you access to the Rare Egg Compass tool in-game. This tool points to the rarest egg (that you haven't already found) currently in the server.

Protip: Check it regularly and always head in the direction it is pointing - it will always take you to eggs that you do not have, unlike the ROBLOX Egg Hunt 2013 version of this gear.

Currently there are 17 eggs to collect (Korblox Fabergé has been disabled for bug fixes), so get hunting today! More eggs will be added as the hunt progresses - and perhaps some more gamepasses. Among the eggs to be added are the contest winners from the Eggcentric Retextures contest hosted back in March. We are revealing the winners to this contest when the eggs are added to the game, so keep your eyes peeled on the blog and on the Egg Hunt badge list! Also look out for special events we will be holding during the egg hunt and remember to always send us your best screenshots of your egg hunt experiences to, suggestions for eggs are also very welcome!


-Editor of Roblox News

Hat Review: Studio Superstar

Hey guys! As some of you may have noticed, those that were able to successfully obtain all 6 Studio Eggs from this year's Egg Hunt were awarded a super-special-fudge-coated-deliociously-awesome hat (alright, maybe it wasn't fudge coated, but it's still quite awesome) today. I've got to say, this was quite a surprise for me, but it was a pleasant one. So, without further ado, let's get down to the review.

Mesh: The mesh of the Studio Superstar follows the pattern of all of this year's 8-bit eggs, but goes a step further and gives us an 8-bit top hat! Personally, I love top hats, and this one just gives me even more of a reason to do so. Interesting idea, and well-executed, too. 9/10.

Appearance: The Studio Superstar heavily resembles the Eggcellent Builder Egg, which was widely considered the easiest Studio Egg to get. The colors are identical, as is the Studio logo featured on the front of the hat. The shading is superb, and while the hat itself is simple, it's still amazing. 9/10.

Pricing: You received the Studio Superstar top hat for free if you were able to get all 6 Studio Eggs, which actually wasn't quite a hard task (thanks to all the hints people left in the forums). It's a great accessory for all players alike, and, in my opinion, one of the better hats ROBLOX has released in a while. 9/10.

Overall: 9/10.

Thanks for reading, and be sure to follow me on twitter! @U98RBLX

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

CFrame Review: Countryside

Countryside (Desc.)_Image
This is another game that resembles the beauty hard work and cframing can bring. You can never find a more effective skill on ROBLOX, CFraming gives the effect to the player, if you don't like to see imagery that looks real, then you aren't having the full experience of ROBLOX and the power the users hold.

Countryside is a funny game, and very cool (though the temperature is not significant), it works very well with the ROBLOX ambient shadows and I have no doubt that when the Dynamic Lighting is released this game will be one of the top games. The creator used Blocks, Plates, Spheres and other formfactors and shapes to create one big piece of artwork on a 3D world.

Not only is this game well CFramed in it's position, the rotational view of the blocks are at the perfect angle, they are very well placed. The game contains many different buildings and CFrames, each one adds a bigger effect to the game, the best effect would be the hand-made terrain. It's a very big touch. As an old ROBLOX user, I do not approve of using normal Terrain rather than CFramed Terrain. CFramed terrain is far more effective.

The game also has a very persuasive front page, many beautiful screenshots and a very effective video to reel the user in. And my gosh it reeled me in, I couldn't keep my eyes of the screen, until Ralph jumped up on the couch and walked over to me.

This game has a very good choice of materials for the objects and models it contains, they blend in and make the game a reality.

One thing I don't understand, the ROBLOX community seem to appreciate awful BLOCKY BUILDINGS more than the beautiful rounded or curved buildings. That I will never understand. But I can say one thing, I would rather be liked for making a beautiful game rather than liked for a game like "Hotel Disaster", I mean when in that game does the hotel ever do anything appealing...

This game gets a 10/10.
I couldn't think of anything better.

If you've got a game that has a beautiful setting or you think does, then contact me on TWITTER. :D


Sunday, April 14, 2013

Gear Review: Raig Table

       Hey guys, I've spent the last week debating how to write up a perfect post for this gear item. Yesterday I finally finished it, and I've got say, it was amazing. Then Safari crashed without saving the article and I lost it all.


       There was only one thing left to do. There was only one thing I could do.
I wanted to. Nay, I needed to...

╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻

       So I did. Luckily, ROBLOX had me covered and came out with it's own RAIG Table, which will the object of today's post. So, without further ado, let's get down to the review!

Abilities/Effects: The RAIG Table allows one to politely end a conversation with another by throwing a table at them and sending them flying off into the distance. When using the RAIG table, the gear replaces your normal face with the following: °□°. I find that to be a rather nice feature they've added, and can't really find anything wrong with the item here. People should know by simply looking at the gear that it's not going to be used for fighting, but rather for trolling. 9/10.

Appearance: The item starts off as a miniature table in the avatar's hand, but once clicked, expands into a full-sized table, ready to be sent into the nearest n00b's face. Personally, I'd rather that it start off as a large table because it looks a tad odd on one's profile once worn. 8/10.

Pricing: The RAIG Table hit the Catalog at a price of R$300, which is a bit too much in my opinion for a Social Item. However, seeing as it does have the ability to troll others, I'll cut it a bit of slack and give it a 7/10.

Overall: 8/10

Thanks for reading, and be sure to follow me on twitter! @U98RBLX

Saturday, April 13, 2013

Taking A Look Into The Dynamic Shadows On GameTest2

Well, yes they've been spoken about, yes they're epic, yes they're dynamic shadows/global shadows. The shadows are beautiful, and very, very appealing. Me and our project coder, Zinc707 couldn't stop looking at how amazing those shadows were on Skype. We just were so amazed and we both can't wait to have it on our games.

The global shadows are doing quite well, and the picture above is my step into crossroads to check them out. They are amazing. I tried 2 of my own games out with the Dynamic Lighting on, and they looked perfect; I wouldn't have wanted better. In conjunction with the ambient shadows released 2 years ago, they make the game so real, it's unbelievable. Although we can't see the ambient shadows in Studio, we can see the global shadows, and they make a real effect with floating objects. Here's a picture of my game, "Quest" with the global shadows enabled.
If you look at the floating cave on the left, the dynamic shadows have really taken an effect on it, and not only does the shadows appear, the game seems to have a very effective bloom. And I asked Zinc707 whether the shadows needed increased GPU capability, and he said "no, surprisingly they can run on lower-capable GPUs too". Maybe, with any luck those who can't run Ambient Shadows can run Dynamic. Can't get any better. Best. Shadows. Ever.

Recently, Merely tweeted a photo of a game with Dynamic Shadows, I went to that game and it indeed looked wonderful! I got a screenshot too!

If you look carefully, they really do take an effect on things a few meters off of the ground, which makes them look really good when you character views them.

I praise ROBLOX for this, and I cannot wait until they bring them out to us on

If you would like to view them early, go to

Thanks for reading!