Thursday, October 31, 2013

Interview with PoliticalJustice

PoliticalJusticeThis Hallow's Eve I bring you a special interview with none other than PoliticalJustice - the user who leaked the rumoured 'Ghostdeeri' texture. Check it out below!

1) How many gifts did you purchase this year? How much total Robux did this amount to? 
I purchased all of them. With over 596k, I didn't really check the prices of the gifts, you know? I just clicked buy.

2) Would you say this Robux was well spent? Why? 
Well, not really. I could've cashed out, which is what I will be doing with my remaining R$532,871

3) Which was your favourite gift item? Why?
My favorite gift item was "Sinister V". Beauty comes within simplicity.

4) In comparison with previous Halloween gifts, what is your opinion on this year's?
This year, the gifts were in fact a bit creative, although ROBLOX did get lazy, and took advantage of a copyright loophole. This is why "Shriek" was released. We all know where it came from.

5) I understand you were the user who leaked the 'Ghostdeeri' texture. Could you tell us about the immediate reaction of the community and the action taken by ROBLOX?
People were downright annoyed, and some were excited. A "Dusekkar" retexture pushed buyers away, while at the same time, boosting it. The action taken against me was fair. I was warned thrice and when I leaked it on ATR, stating I was warned but decided to post anyways, my alt was deleted, and my account was placed under an investigation, which was later lifted 5 hours later. I've learned never to leak again.

6) How did you find the Ghostdeeri texture? 
Well, if I shared this information, then all of ROBLOX could leak. It really isn't that difficult. Plugin scanners help a lot.

7) Would you say ROBLOX need to tighten their security in terms of pre-released catalog assets?
Deleting an alt, and placing my account investigation is proof enough that they are obviously taking more steps to it. It's considered "site exploitation".

8) When the Big BOOtiful Gift of Destiny opened to reveal the Doomsekkar, what were your views?
I was glad, because it looked better than Ghostdeeri. However, the threads on "Let's Make a Deal" showed extreme anger towards me, because textures were changed.

9) What suggestions and ideas do you have for the Halloween Gift event next year?
To be perfectly honest, I wouldn't change it. It's a good system. 13 days of gifts, and an event with free items.
It's unfortunate, however, that I will not be around, as I will be a full active duty United States Air Force Airman 1st class.

10) If you could sum up the Halloween Gifts 2013 in one word, what would it be?

Thanks for reading!

Editor of Roblox News

Place Showcase - Terra Novus

Place Showcase
Terra Novus by Crazyman32

Note: This game is still under development. Another review of the game will come once Crazyman32 has completed the game.

Nuclear Simulation_Image

As a fan of Crazyman32, I was excited when he posted on twitter that he was starting a nuclear simulation. As you probably know, Crazyman32 already has a vast array of popular games, including Perilous Skies, RO-Port Tycoon and Freeflight.

Upon entering the game, a GUI appears on the screen which told me to adjust my sound level so you can hear the sound, with a nice acoustic guitar, which Crazyman32 recorded himself, playing in the background. Upon clicking ‘Start’, my character was placed in a room where the TV is playing dubstep. Suddenly, a nuclear threat alert appears on the screen, and my character got up to look out of the window. I then walked outside, and went down into the basement of the house, which is a dark room lit with a hanging lightbulb. Suddenly, there is a loud crash, and I was knocked out unconscious. When I woke up, I walked outside and there was a big mushroom cloud in the sky.

My character then heard a noise, and looked up to see a plane crashing. I was then knocked out unconscious again, waking up to find myself led among lots of plane debris. I then got up, and my character was guided along a path, where I am finally able to control my character. In my inventory, there were two things, a flashlight and some radiation treatment, which contained five doses. I walked along a path for a bit, and came to a tunnel. I decided to get my flashlight out, as it was dark, and then continued along the tunnel.

After some walking through the dark tunnels, I exited the tunnel and swam across a small pond. I then walked a while longer, and entered another underground passage. After a bit more walking, I came to another small lake, with an island in the middle. I swam across to the island, and jumped down a hole I found here. I then walked a bit longer. I reached a train track, and followed it a little, until I reached an underground cave. I swam underwater and found a hole. After swimming underwater a while, I came out of the water and found myself outside, reaching the end of the game so far.

The starting cutscene in Terra Novus is really well made. Crazyman32 has implemented the use of audio in this game well, as various parts of the game include sound, from a TV to water. The terrain is also built very well, and Crazyman32 has put a lot of effort into even the smallest of features.

Gameplay: 8 / 10
Scripting: 9 / 10
Effort: 10 / 10

Overall: 9 / 10

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

BLOXikin Hat Reviews

BLOXikins: Hat Reviews

Along with the new ROBLOX Halloween Event came some prizes. And by some, I mean 31 prizes. They are all cute little "BLOXikins," which sit on your shoulder. Even number BLOXikins sit on your right shoulder, while odd numbered ones sit on your left shoulder. So, in this article I will be separately reviewing each and every BLOXikin (good luck to me).

Note: If you would like to see how to actually EARN these BLOXikins or find them in the event, please read this post that is a guide for the entire Halloween Event.

BLOXikin #1 Skeleton Builderman 
BLOXikin #01 Skeleton Builderman
Builderman is the first Admin BLOXikin, which are the major ones in the event. He is the first admin encountered, and looks really nice. His usual BC helmet has been changed to look like a skull, and his clothes are bones. As all the other BLOXikins are, he's pretty cute too. Overall, Builderman is a cute little start to the seemingly endless reign of BLOXikins.


BLOXikins #2-3 Vampire Shedletsky, Bella Vampire Brighteyes

BLOXikin #03 Bella Vampire BrightEyesBLOXikin #02 Vampire ShedletskySorry to say, but Shedletsky, along with Brighteyes, are
probably some of my least favorite BLOXikins. They are mainly just the regular admin with some vampire fangs. Nothing is really special about them, besides their nice little hoodies or scarves or whatever. These seem to me as the laziest done, as there isn't really anything Halloween-y to them, no cool costumes or such. But hey, they aren't UGLY, just.. meh.


BLOXikin #4 Witch ReeseMcBlox
BLOXikin #04 Witch ReeseMcBlox
ReeseMcBlox fits the witch costume nicely (no offence). The large hat and broom along with the dress that resembles this package are great little add-ons to make Reese look like a real witch. Of course, an admin isn't in a costume unless they have parts of their own look in the costume, and the hair, freckles, and glasses look very nice mixed with all of the witch items.


BLOXikin #5 Mummy OstrichSized
BLOXikin #05 Mummy OstrichSized
OstrichSized is by far my favorite admin so far. He is simply just wrapped up in.. uh.. bandages (is that what mummies call it?).. Anyway, he is wearing a scarf to keep him warm while he's nice and snug in his tomb. His fedora and lens really add to the overall look of it, and sadly, he is not the size of an ostrich (that would probably hurt on your shoulder).


BLOXikin #6 Swamp Monster Jeditkacheff
BLOXikin #06 Swamp Monster Jeditkacheff
Well.. Jedit kind of ruins the "OstrichSized is by far my favorite admin so far." Yeah. He's amazing. His hats from his character are normal, but colored green, and look really nice. He has fins coming out of his head, and cool swampy looking legs. He has a nice 6-pack, and is of course, totally green. His eyes resemble snake's eyes, or cat's eyes, and really come together to make an amazing swamp monster.


BLOXikin #7 Grim Reaper Sorcus
BLOXikin #07 Grim Reaper Sorcus
Sorcus is deathly amazing. He is dressed as a grim reaper, and looks good. He has a large knife to help ChiefJustus serve up the dead and eat them (or torture them, whatever). His black robes are ripped, and OF COURSE, Sorcus has to have his "Feed Me" symbol on his shirt. So yes, the knife is not a scythe, it's a cutting knife to help feed him.


BLOXikin #8 Black Cat Tarabyte
BLOXikin #08 Black Cat Tarabyte
A cat is a purrrrrfect costume for Tarabyte. Tarabyte's normal hair looks meow-mazing with some cat ears. Beclaws of tarabyte's purrty cat appearance, she also has to have whiskers, a tail, and other black items like a dress, socks, and anything else. All in all, Tarabyte's cat costume is really pawsome mixed with the rest of the BLOXikins.


BLOXikin #9 Zombie StickmasterLuke
BLOXikin #09 Zombie StickmasterLuke

StickmasterLuke's BLOXikin is BY FAR my favorite admin one. I'm not sure if it's just because of his ripped dominus, broken antlers, or the fact that he has tons of holes in his body, but hey, it's amazing. He is wearing his normal hats from his ROBLOXian, but they are either ripped or broken. His whole body has tons of holes in it, and then there are some mysterious red eyes lurking beneath the dominus... I wonder who they belong to? Just kidding. They're probably his.


BLOXikin #10 Frankenstein Fusroblox 
BLOXikin #10 Frankenstein Fusroblox
Fusroblox's BLOXikin is OKAY, I guess. It is pretty much his normal ROBLOXian, but colored green with some stitches and bolts. Like with Shedletsky and Brighteyes, not much detail was put into this one. Also unlike Shedletsky and Brighteyes.. there really isn't much more that could be put into this. The designer did a great job at making it look like Fusroblox, while keeping an undead, stitched together by a mad scientist look.


BLOXikin #11 Werewolf OnlyTwentyCharacters
BLOXikin #11 Werewolf OnlyTwentyCharacters
OnlyTwentyCharacters is in the top 10 admins for coolest design. He is a werewolf, with fur everywhere. His eyes are pointed because he's hungry for flesh and presumably angry. His top hat is the same top hat on his real ROBLOXian. He is also wearing a blue tie to make his werewolf appearance look more.. fancy. So yeah, this BLOXikin is pretty great.


BLOXikin #12 Ghost SolarCrane
BLOXikin #12 Ghost SolarCrane
SolarCrane as a ghost.. would've expected a crane costume *chuckle*. Anyway, He is wearing his normal ROBLOXian hats, as most of the other admin BLOXikins are. His ghost appearance is pretty much just a bunch of white robes.. really nothing special. I'd prefer a costume like this, but transparent, but hey, it's not that bad.


BLOXikin #13 Devil ChiefJustus
BLOXikin #13 Devil ChiefJustus
ChiefJustus as a devil looks very good. He is wearing a nice red hoodie, with a fancy little bow tie, along with some grey pants. Of course, all devils have to have an evil face, horns, a tail, and a giant red fork. Nah, it's not a fork, it's something to command his un-dead subjects and pick at the dead to throw them into pools of fire when they misbehave. Anyway, ChiefJustus looks really good, and all in all, it's a great BLOXikin.


BLOXikin #14 Jack-O-Lantern ROBLOXian
BLOXikin #14 Jack-o-Lantern ROBLOXian
Jack-O-Lantern is a cute little kid, who I'm going to name Jack, wearing a jack-o-lantern costume. He has a pumpkin stem and top on his head, while the majority of the jack-o-lantern is on his body. He is the beginning of the trend of many "mini-BLOXikins," as I call them, A.K.A, BLOXikins that aren't of Admins, and just something else.


BLOXikin #15 Pumpkin Girl ROBLOXian
BLOXikin #15 Pumpkin Girl ROBLOXian
Pumpkin Girl, the female counterpart of Jack-O-Lantern, is a cute girl with a dress that is designed as a pumpkin. She has long hair with a pumpkin looking bow. She is wearing a black shirt with orange shoulders, and of course, a pumpkin dress. Things are made nicely, but really not THAT unique based on the others.


BLOXikin #16 Bat ROBLOXian
BLOXikin #16 Bat ROBLOXian
As I addressed below, I really don't care that much for these two bat BLOXikins. Bat Boy is much worse than Bat Girl, because there isn't much detail into it. He looks like Bat Girls younger brother or something, as he only has one fang, no hair, smaller ears, barely any "wings," and a hood over his head. Of course, that could all just be for a bat look, but really, this is nothing compared to Bat Girl, and Bat Man.


BLOXikin #17 Bat Girl ROBLOXian
BLOXikin #17 Bat Girl ROBLOXian
Batgirl looks really good. She has large bat wings, ears, and eyes (I think they're glasses). She has pale skin with two fangs, and a grey dress that really adds to the overall "bat" look. She has brown hair that really has no effect other than to make her look like a girl. So yeah, she is OKAY, I guess, but really not one off the greatest. So yeah, her dad Bat Man is better and would be a better BLOXikin.


BLOXikin #18 Spider ROBLOXian
BLOXikin #18 Spider ROBLOXian
Spider ROBLOXIAN is amazing. He has a webbed top hat, red eyes, a mouth with fangs, and of course, his greatest attribute, his eight arms with red pincher spike things at the end. He is mainly grey, and has a large web sharp extending throughout his 8 arms. Really, he is one of my favorites, even though I am deathly afraid of spiders.


BLOXikin #19 Spider Girl ROBLOXian
BLOXikin #19 Spider Girl ROBLOXian
Alike Pumpkin Girl, Spider girl is okay. Her face highly resembles Spider ROBOXian, with the red eyes and fangs. She is wearing a grey dress with a black widow symbol in the middle. She has pale skin and a grayish blackish ponytail. All in all, she is okay, but not as good as her boy counterpart.

BLOXikin #20 Raven ROBLOXian
BLOXikin #20 Raven ROBLOXian
Raven is a pretty cool BLOXikin. He has a normal head and body like all the others, but has a chicken suit head on, but it's colored black for some reason (oh yeah, it's a Raven). He has wings hanging down from his arms, which looks really cool. From the preview in the BLOXikin menu thing, I thought this would be a Chicken Suit costume (that would be pretty cool), but I guess a Raven works too.


BLOXikin #21 Owl Girl ROBLOXian
BLOXikin #21 Owl Girl ROBLOXian
I see my review has gotten down to the flying squirrel. Oops, I mean Owl. It really looks like a flying squirrel, though. Anyway, she has Harry Potter glasses and long, red, flowing hair. Like the raven, she has wings coming down from her arms, and a hood on that resembles the animal (though this looks like a flying squirrel more than an Owl, but it'll do.


BLOXikin #22 Cthulhu
BLOXikin #22 Cthulhu
Cthulhu is awesome. My favorite thing about this BLOXikin isn't the green tentacles, green wings, swampy legs, 6-pack, or squid shaped head. Oh no. Those aren't my favorite things in this BLOXikin. You may say, "But that's the only part of the BLOXikin!!" No. It's not. The description is the best. It reads, "Ph'nglui mglw'nafh Cthulhu R'lyeh wgah'nagl fhtang." Yes. You read that right, it's Sorcus slamming his keyboard, you may think. But really, it means, "In his house at R'lyeh, dead Cthulhu waits dreaming." How do I know? Google of course! Will I explain what it means? No. That's for the caring readers to find out (Or just look below).


BLOXikin #23 Kaiju
BLOXikin #23 Kaiju
Kaiju is a really cool looking BLOXikin. His skin is green, and he has eyes similar to Jedi's, he also has giant claws and a tail with spikes on it. Kaiju pretty much means Godzilla, which is a giant dinosaur. Don't really see why they named this "Kaiju." Why not Godzilla? Or Dinosaur? Or large walking mutant lizard man? I really don't know. But hey - It looks cool, and that's all that really matters.


BLOXikin #24 Ooze Monster
BLOXikin #24 Ooze Monster
Ooze Monster is definitely my favorite non-admin BLOXikin. He is totally purple, but unlike EVERY OTHER BLOXikin, the shapes of his body are totally different. Well, they aren't completely different, but they are all melting and piling up into, well, purple ooze. To sum it up, he is a purple freak made out of ooze who is melting, and his face looks like it was draw on with Sharpie (And that's why we love you, Ooze Monster).


BLOXikin #25 Scarecrow
BLOXikin #25 Scarecrow
Scarecrow is by far the cutest BLOXikin. He looks like all the others, but hey, he has hay everywhere. His hair is hay, and well.. hey, what is a Scarecrow without arms with hay sticking out? Of course he has a cute stitched on face, a nice little hat, and some overalls. All in all, Scarecrow is just.. the cutest BLOXikin. Sorry Builderman.


BLOXikin #26 Bride of Frankenstein
BLOXikin #26 Bride of Frankenstein
Bride of Frankenstein is sadly one of my least favorites (sorry Fusroblox, she's ugly). She's just a BLOXikin wearing a cute white dress with wrapped up arms. Just that isn't really THAT bad, but then we get a little higher up on the body. That hair is just.. no. I know people have bad hair days, but it looks like somebody piled up a bunch of dead cats (sorry Tarabyte) on top of her head. It's just a mess. You miss, need a haircut.


BLOXikin #27 Gargoyle
BLOXikin #27 Gargoyle
Gargoyle is really cool. Of course, he doesn't totally look like a gargoyle (I'm not sure a BLOXikin made 100% of stone would look good). So yeah, the Gargoyle is mostly grey, with wings, horns, fangs, claws, and, of course, a stony 6-pack. Gargoyle is probably one of the coolest BLOXikins, mostly because of the wings and horns. So yeah, It's really nice. I wasn't sure that it was possible to see a "cute" gargoyle, but hey, they did it.


BLOXikin #28 Yodalien
BLOXikin #28 Yodalien
An okay BLOXikin, Yoda is. But uh, yeah, this BLOXikin is really nice. It's not JUST Yoda, though based on it due to the name. It's mostly an alien, with a green face, large eyes, and black robes. It's probably one of my top 5 least favorites, but it's still pretty awesome. Yeah, I just said it's one of my least favorites, yet it's still awesome. That's just how good these BLOXikins are.


BLOXikin #29 Hallo-Bot
BLOXikin #29 Hallo-bot
This robot is just, awesome. Unlike most of the other BLOXikins, this one has a square head and torso, with limbs that look like.. well.. a robot's limbs. The robot has an antenna, claws, and a nice face that really ties things together. Of course, the designer of this just had to complement themselves by putting a rating on the torso of green, yellow, or red (they gave themselves a green rating, as I would too). Well, it's either that or it's just for extra design, but I think we all know the obvious choice here.


BLOXikin #30 Invisible Man
BLOXikin #30 InvisibleMan


BLOXikin #31 Headless Horseman
BLOXikin #31 Headless Horseman
Headless Horseman really wraps up (I would've been able to make a nice pun there, but sadly, it's not a mummy) the BLOXikins in a good way. He is very nicely made, though looks a bit less evil than imagined, probably to keep the "cute" look. The body is really nice, with a white scarf, jeans, a belt, and a suit. The pumpkin itself is of course a jack-o-lantern, which really ties things together.

        Overall, these BLOXikins are amazing. The good thing is, there's 31 prizes!! The thing is, if you are really dedicated and determined, you will get them all, and hey, most people aren't. So I'm guessing that they will be fairly rare in the end.

Good luck!


Note: "H. P. Lovecraft's initial short story, "The Call of Cthulhu", was published in Weird Tales in 1928 and established the character as a malevolent entity hibernating within an underwater city in the South Pacific called R'lyeh. The imprisoned Cthulhu is apparently the source of constant anxiety for mankind at a subconscious level, and also the subject of worship by a number of human religions (located several places worldwide, including New Zealand, Greenland, Louisiana, and the Chinese mountains) and other Lovecraftian monsters. The short story asserts the premise that, while currently trapped, Cthulhu will eventually return. His worshipers chant "Ph'nglui mglw'nafh Cthulhu R'lyeh wgah'nagl fhtagn" ("In his house at R'lyeh, dead Cthulhu waits dreaming.")" [1]

Interview with Dulexo!

Greetings fellow ROBLOXians, today I bring you the second Halloween Gift interview! This time I caught up with well known forumer: Deluxo

Dulexo1) How many gifts did you purchase this year? How much total Robux did this amount to? 
I purchased 5 gifts, with about 2,500 ROBUCK's. 

2) Would you say this Robux was well spent? Why? 
No... The only item I even had any attraction to was the spooks top hat. 

3) Which was your favourite gift item? Why?
Neither I would have to say.

4) In comparison with previous Halloween gifts, what is your opinion on this year's?
Pretty bad, last years gifts were a little bit better for a lower price, it looks like if the prices had raised and you received lower worth items.

5) Out of the gifts you purchased, which what was the best value item? Why?
Probably the spooks top hat, heheheh.

6) This year's gift event lacked gear items, what are your views on this?
I don't really buy gear, the only gear I use are energy swords and power ups, ie; gravity spring.

7) What was the best looking gift box this year? 
I'd say the shady gift of spiders, it looked pretty cool. 

8) What are your views on the Doomsekkar hat? 
It threw the dusekbar through the window! 

9) What should ROBLOX do differently next year?

10) If you could sum up the Halloween Gifts 2013 in one word, what would it be?
I'd have to say.................. Spooky.

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

How ROBLOX Managed to Take a Perfectly Good Meme, and Ruin it in hours.

The Doge.

This was once a meme. A good one, popular across Tumblr, iFunny and other outlets, but it's life of seclusion came to an end last week with the beginning of a doltish and vapid scheme of ROBLOX users that overused the meme.

ROBLOX users managed to take a perfectly good meme, and make a joke out of it. A joke that expired in my mind in less than twenty minutes. This so called, doge takeover is even more proof of how our generation takes not only memes, but music, art, creative work, networks, games, and other variations of pop culture, and blows them up into an absolutely awful perspective. They attempt to make big deals of things that anyone else can see and do, and this isn't just exclusive to ROBLOX.

Define Slenderman; Slenderman was a highly popular (lets called it) 'meme' beloved and highly original.

Then, you had people similar to the general ROBLOX community blow it up. They made this Slenderman 'meme' into their variation of Internet Pop Culture and within weeks of doing this, the meme altogether started to die. People tried to make their own variations of "Slender: The Game" on ROBLOX, and other platforms and not only was this destructive, but it was unoriginal.

If you haven't noticed; I have an issue with unoriginal people. I suppose using memes in the proper way is a great thing, but making entire games of them on ROBLOX and other platforms is absolute lunacy.

So, the ROBLOX Community managed to take a PERFECTLY GOOD MEME and ruin it in hours through an insensitive and unoriginal attempt to make something comedic and dulled the meme to death in the wrong way. It was okay for the first 12 hours, but covering everything in Doge for a couple of days took it too far.

tl;dr: Stop making a big deal out of memes. They're nothing special. They look a tad silly if used in the wrong context.


Interview with ObsoleteCoolguy!

Today I bring you a Halloween Gift themed interview with All Things ROBLOX forumer: ObsoleteCoolguy
1) How many gifts did you purchase this Halloween?

2) What was your favourite gift box? Why?
Sinister Gift of Autumn because a sinister came out of it

3) Which gift out of the 13 do you think best deserved its price tag? Why?
Sinister Gift of Autumn because the sinister that came out looks pretty cool

4) What was your view on the variety of items this year?
I didn't really see much variety because of multiple gifts with the same type of hat (shades and tophats)

5) Last year a couple of gifts housed gear items. Do you think there should have been some this year? Why?
No, I don't think there should have been some gear in some of the gifts because most players (including me of course) just wanted hats xD

6) What was your favourite gift item this year? Why?
Sinister Gift of Autumn because a Sinister looking like a Darkseed came out (Sinister V). 

7) How much Robux did you spend on gifts this year? Was it worth it?
About 2000. Yes, it was worth it because I got all the hats I was expecting.

8) In terms of value for money, which was the best gift? Why?
Big BOOtiful Gift of Destiny because it had a Halloween version of the Dusekkar (Doomsekkar). 

9) If ROBLOX were to do another Halloween gift event next year, what should they do differently?
They should make every gift different. For example: if there was a gift containing shades, then there should be no other gifts with shades in them.

10) And finally, could you sum up the Halloween gift event 2013 in one word?

Thanks for reading!

Editor of Roblox News

Friday, October 25, 2013

ROBLOX: Doge Takeoever

I know what you're thinking; 'slow news day' - and you'd be right. 

'Doge is a slang term for “dog” that is primarily associated with pictures of Shiba Inus (nicknamed “Shibe”) and internal monologue captions on Tumblr. These photos may be photoshopped to change the dog’s face or captioned with interior monologues in Comic Sans font.' 

- Source:

The internet has been taken by storm by the Doge meme several times with famed examples such as the 4chan raid of the Murica Reddit sub reddit-section, and the creation of the Doge sub-reddit. ROBLOX has fallen victim to the latest wave of Doge fever and thus references to the Shiba Inu 'Doge' have appeared all over ROBLOXia. 

Here are some notable examples of the Doge takeover: 

    Very dark game_Image
  • 'Dogeness' - Most of you will know this game as 'Darkness' by loleris who has created two aliases in spirit of the Doge mood: Dogeris and Shedogesky (a personal favourite of mine). It would be cool if the monster that viscously hunts players down was adorned in Doge attire. 

  • All Things Doge - The prestigious and esteemed 'All Things ROBLOX' sub forum was changed to 'All Things Doge' for a short period highlighting the moderator's sense of humour (yes it does exist). It's nice that there is still a relaxed attitude towards the ROBLOX forums and the professionalism of their appearance - ROBLOX employees haven't turned into drab profiteers and businessmen, yet. 

    Apocalypse Rising_Image
  • Apocalypse Dogeing - The Apocalypse Rising everyone knew and loved has been removed to be replaced by the new and improved Dogeing! On a serious note, this was pretty funny and satisfied the cries of the masses (i.e Shedletsky). Sadly Gusmanak hasn't changed his username to Gusnmandoge - we can only dream.

    The Stalker v2.83_Image
  • The Doge - The Stalker, a  creation by none other than CloneTrooper1019, has been modified to meet the Doge needs of ROBLOXia. As you can see from the thumbnail  Doge likes using short sentences to convey his complex emotions.

    ROBLOX Dodgeball 2 [12% Done]_Image
  • Doge ball - Dodgeball as it was known previously, is a game by alexnewtron. This is an excellent play on words as the original title was very similar to Doge ball. It would be awesome if you got to fight a Doge boss. Sadly this latest fad will probably die before Alex gets round to it. That is the way of the world. 

Shibe Transparent
  • Shibe Transparent - Why not make the most of this Doge occasion by purchasing the lovely Shibe t-shirt created by the popular ROBLOX forumer: weinmanj? For a price of 20 Tix it's a bargain. Alternatively you could make one for yourself for free, it really depends how lazy of a person you are. 

There are plenty of other examples of Doge madness on the ROBLOX games page for you to check out! 

And regarding the point of this article apart from the slight amusement of the reader; users will be able to use it as a reference to look nostalgically at the time of the 'great Doge' before everyone got bored of the fad (or the mods decided enough puppy business was enough). 

I'll leave you with this wonderful quote from Shedletsky: "Cry Havok! And let slip the DOGEs of war!"

Thank for reading!

Editor of Roblox News