Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Multiple Item Review: International Items

Brazil Cap
Brazil Cap
A simple-looking baseball cap with the symbol of the Brazilian flag on the front. The mesh looks new, and if it's been used I forget which hat it was retextured from. With a nice texture and cool looking mesh, this is a great buy. Set at a very cheap price of only 25 robux.

Canadian Beanie
Canadian Beanie
This Canadian Beanie uses a brand-new mesh. The texture is simple, the entire beanie colored red except for the white banner on the front saying "CANADA" in red letters. Like the Brazil Cap, set at an affordable price of only 25 Robux.

International Bowler
International Bowler
One of the few limited international items. It was originally priced at 250 Robux and 1500 were sold. Even though it was both cheaper and lower stocked than Merely's Sparkle Time Hoverboard, it is selling at a current price of about 350 robux, making it a 5 Robux loss of profit. Hopefully it will raise somewhat in the future. It's a simple-looking bowler hat with a red band and the London, German, Brazilian, Canadian, Spanish, French, Mexican, and US flags all extended from the back.

Australian Cork Hat
Australian Cork Hat
The Australian international hat. A plain green wide-brimmed cap with "Australia" imprinted on the front with a kangaroo above it. There are multiple corks attached to strings hanging from the brim of the hat. Priced at a pretty cheap price of 50 Robux, great value for money!

Union Jack
Union Jack
The most expensive international item so far. A plain blue top hat with the United Kingdom flag symbol pasted on the front of it. It's priced at a pretty high value of 500 Robux. I wouldn't suggest buying this if you're saving up for something. If you're running low on Robux, this will take a big chunk of your money, but the mesh and texture are quite cool. 

Beefeater Cap
Beefeater Cap
A strange-looking flat greyish top hat lined with red, white, and blue bow ties. The texture is smooth and appealing, and the mesh is accurate. Set at a fair price of 250 robux. Again, I would not recommend this if you're saving your cash, but it does look nice on your avatar.

Worldwide Traveler Cap
Worldwide Traveler Cap
Another simple baseball cap. This one is pretty cool. It has an old-looking map printed all over it with words I can't quite make out. Most likely names of places, locations on the map. Priced very cheap at only 25 Robux- well worth the price tag.

Macaw Shoulder Friend
Macaw Shoulder Friend
A slightly different item was released on Sunday. Breaking away from the recent tradition of caps and top hats is the Macaw Shoulder Friend - a Limited U originally priced at 150 Robux. You can now buy it for between 600-800 Robux from private sellers. With an excellent texture and great mesh, this hat comes out on top of both aesthetics and profit.

Netherlands Cap
Netherlands Cap
Another international cap, this time representing the people of the Dutch people of the Netherlands. The stripes down the middle consist of the colours in the Netherlands flag and look great. The dark patches around the base of the cap look effective as shadows and there is a slight colour gradient on the rim. A great looking cap for a very reasonable price of 25 Robux.

Thanks for reading!

-axelthehedgehog and arbirator

BLOXCon interview: DarkGenex!

BloxCon Interview: DarkGenex
Hi Robloxians, Today I'll finish up my Chicago interviews with a very famous user I met. when I first met him, his initial thought was: "Hey, let's get Pliztef over here to Livestream the Livestream." It's the world famous pro lifter: DarkGenex.

RayMan36: When did you join Roblox? How did you find out about the site?
DarkGenex: I was sick in February 2010. I wanted to play a free zombie game, so I googled it. Then I found Roblox. 

Ray: What persuaded you to join the site?
Dark: They had what I initially searched for: A free Zombie Game.

Ray: How did you get your username?
 Dark: I was deeply into Yu-Gi-Oh at the time. I wanted to name my character Genex, after a type of Yu-Gi-Oh card. Since that username was already taken, I added 'Dark' in front of it.

Ray: Do you do anything special on Roblox?
Dark: I retexture, invest, leak items, and I used to forum.

Ray: Have you ever tried to make any ROBLOX games?
Dark: Yeah, but none of them have really skyrocketed. I am working on something with TechTeam911 called BLOXCards, a Roblox Trading card game.

Ray: How is Bloxcon So far?
Dark: It's good, but my AlienWare laptop's plug is too big for the ones available at the Hackathon.

Ray: Have you met any well- known users today?
Dark: I've met tons of users: Crazyman32, Merely, and Clonetrooper1019.

Ray: What do you think of the staff?
Dark: They're nice.

Ray: Finally, what did you have to eat today?
Dark: I had a Subway wheat, turkey, and american cheese sandwich. I believe more people should eat this.


I hope you liked all the Chicago Interviews! Please tell me how they were, and be ready to read a ton of BloxCon London interviews from Arbirator himself!

BLOXCon Interview: BrandonFireFlower

BloxCon Interview: BrandonFireFlower
RayMan36 here, on a deadline from arbirator to finish all of my BLOXCon interviews. I didn't quite get the username of the interviewee, but I did some digging and found him; BrandonFireFlower. He was stationed at the LuaLearners Booth all day in Chicago.

RayMan36: When did you join Roblox? How did you find out about the site?
BrandonFireFlower: I joined in 2008 when I clicked on an ad for Roblox. (Surprisingly similar to T0MALO)

Ray: What persuaded you to join the site?
BFF: I thought it was cool; the programming aspect was a plus.

Ray: Do you do anything special on Roblox?
BFF: I'm the lead developer of LuaLearners.

Ray: Have you ever tried to make any ROBLOX games?
BFF: I never finished any of them, but I'm more interested in building for a group.

Ray: How is BLOXcon So far?
BFF: It's cool, I've just been stuck at a booth all day :P

Ray: Have you met any well- known users today?
BFF: No, but I have met some ROBLOX staff! :)

Ray: What do you think of the staff?
BFF: They're pretty friendly. 

Ray: Finally, what did you have to eat today?
BFF: Nothing yet.


I've still got one more interview from BloxCon Chicago!

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Hat Review: Union Jack

Hello! Pbjms here with another hat review. After a nice little weekend long vacation, I guess I must have missed another BLOXcon - this time held in London, England. With the BLOXcon of course came some England themed hats, one of them being the Union Jack;

Union Jack
Mesh: 10/10

This hat's mesh has the normal top hat look to it, a bottom base with a larger "top" part sticking out from it. It looks great on your ROBLOXian's character. The bottom base is bent, along with the very top of the hat. All together, it looks very nice, and goes great with tons of hats, including headphones and shades. The mesh defiantly deserves the 10/10

Texture: 8/10

The texture really isn't the best. The main hat is a darker shade of blue, and an England flag is just plopped on the center of the larger top area. At the bottom of the flag looks like an orange/brown stain that is really ugly. The hat itself looks really plain, and rushed. The shadows near the center of the base part really aren't enough to make the texture pop. Some design of flags on the top hat (similar to hats like this) would make the hat a lot more appealing. I'm giving it a 8/10.

Price: 7/10

The worst part about most okay looking hats is usually the price. Once again, ROBLOX overpriced an item, making this 500 Robux500 Robux is a lot for members without builders club, but not that expensive for builders club members. It's not severely expensive, but with the unappealing texture, it really isn't worth it. 

Compared to... (6/10)

Phoenix (Better)

Phoenix is a gear made about a year ago, it flies around you shooting fire at your enemies. It is very powerful, and worth the robux a lot more than Union Jack.

Telamon's Other Chicken Suit (Better)
Telamon's Other Chicken Suit
Telamon's Other Chicken Suit is a great looking hat made for LOL Day (July 7th, 7/07, LOL upside-down). It looks amazing and goes great with most hats, once again worth the robux more than Union Jack.

Skeleton (Better)
Skeleton is a Halloween package made a few years ago in 2010. It's great for a Halloween costume, and great for role-playing. It is worth the robux, thus better than Union Jack.

Overall: 8/10

Overall, Union Jack is an okay hat. It has a great mesh, though a poor texture. It's price is a bit more than I would expect it to be (about 250 Robux). Compared to other items priced at the same price, it is probably one of the worst. This is really not worth your money, unless you have tons of it.


BLOXCon interview: T0MALO!

BloxCon Interview: T0MALO
Hi, RayMan36 here. Today, you'll be reading another BloxCon interview. Sorry i haven't written an article in a while; I haven't the time. Do not fear; there are still two interviews left.  T0MALO was at his Pinewood Builders booth all day. Remember, this was still from Chicago.

RayMan36: When did you join Roblox? How did you find out about the site?
T0MALO: In 2008, I clicked an ad for Roblox.

Ray: What persuaded you to join the site?
T0M: I liked how you could do anything on the site.

Ray: Do you do anything special on Roblox?
T0M: I'm the Vice President of Pinewood Builders, plus I own the youtube channel TomaloTube.

Ray: Have you ever tried to make any ROBLOX games?
T0M: I made an old Roblox game called BloxLore once, it was pretty popular.

Ray: How is Bloxcon So far?
T0M: Well, I just been sitting at the PW Builders booth all day.

Ray: Have you met any well- known users today?
T0M: Merely is only a few feet from me.

Ray: What do you think of the staff?
T0M: I like them :)

Ray: Finally, what did you have to eat today?
T0M: I didn't have much.


Monday, July 29, 2013

Strategizing: Roblox Battle Part 1: The Slingshot

So, thus starts the first "series" for Strategizing, ROBLOX Battle is considered by most to be the "next-gen" brickbattle game so I thought I'd help the players having trouble with the game and being unable to learn the mechanics and many strategies behind each weapon, some more complex than others. Why not start off with what many consider the "weakest", the very looks-can-be-deceiving slingshot.

Now, I know what you're thinking "dis thing loks so wek lel xD" but truth be told, the slingshot is something much more than what you see. First, let's examine it down to the mechanics, fires a spherical projectile in an arced pattern unless you shoot it downwards, simple enough, deals about 4 damage each, okay. The farther you fire it out the arc will get deeper, but the slingshot always shoots the same when aim at the same spot, so this can be used to your advantage.

The main perk of using the slingshot is it can be used to harass foes on higher, or lower elevations which can make them easy picking if they don't react fast enough to escape your barrage of pellets. This can be particularly seen against someone with a sword, they start running towards you, start backpedaling and shooting them with the slingshot which will kill them if they keep running towards you in a linear path and slashing. Rockets can also be blown up with the slingshot projectiles but it's generally not recommended if they're close range since it'll likely get you killed.

In whole, the slingshot is best used as a harassment tool and for killing off weaker enemies, if pitted against something like a sword it does the job right, it's not something to pull out all the time but it's good for when you're facing a group of enemies that all have below 50% or so HP. Just remember to not use it against deflectors.. Anyway, onto the matchups. 

V.S. Rocket Launcher

It's generally not recommended to use a slingshot against someone with a rocket launcher unless they're medium/long range as you can blow up their projectiles with the projectiles although close range as I said before may get you killed. If they're not targeting you directly and have kind-of low health I'd say it's safe to engage them since they're clueless of your presence.

V.S. Superball

Going up against a superball user with a slingshot is pretty much suicide, since the superball is a very erratic weapon, it could ricochet off someone else and kill you, or it could fly off of a wall or the ground and smash you into pieces. Although if you insist, you'll want to engage them at very close range and generally at least a bit weak since at anything else other than close range they easily have the advantage.

V.S. Sword

Easy, the slingshot user has the big advantage here since you can easily just backpedal and keep shooting the sword wielder until they run off or keep running blindly as I'd stated before. Although it they ambush you off guard you may have a little trouble.

V.S. Time-bomb

Apologies for the lack of a better thumbnail, but anyway this can go either way, long range is a definite win for you with the slingshot since the bomb isn't too much of a long range weapon, though mid and short range are worrying depending on if they don't blow themselves up priming the bomb first or if they actually catch you off guard, all I can say here is if you don't think they're skilled with a bomb, go for it but keep distance.

V.S. Deflector

The deflector is another worry you'd probably want to keep an eye out for, since if they can close the distance between you and them your slingshot projectiles will do little to no damage to your opponent and probably kill you. So it's very much advised to avoid using the slingshot completely against those with deflectors.

V.S. Another Slingshot

This can go either way, it all really depends on who can land the most hits or who has the most health and/or dignity to keep with a slingshot for the full fight.

 And thus, that concludes the first part of seven of this series on ROBLOX Battle, the next part will probably be out this week if I get bored or next week, which will cover the time-bomb or the sword, we're going from weakest, to strongest weapons I suppose you could say but part 7 will cover the maps and other components of the game, we're just staying simple for now.

As always, thanks for reading.

Sunday, July 28, 2013

Dual Gear Review- Merely's Sparkle Time Hoverboard and Seranok's Golden Chalice of Fame!

The theme of the gear for this week was ROBLOX admins, meaning each gear for this week was themed around a ROBLOX admin's personality. Today I'll be reviewing two of them, the Sparkle Time Hoverboard (inspired and coded by Merely),  and the Golden Chalice of Fame (inspired by his twin brother Seranok).

Merely's Sparkle Time Hoverboard

The Sparkle Time Hoverboard is based off of the Hoverboard scripts made by Merely for Project Voxel, a collaborative racing game project that has been put on hold for a while now. If you haven't noticed, the script of the Ro-Peds compared to the script of the skateboards is much more dynamic and works much better at handling and control. The Sparkle Time Hoverboard combines the efficiency of the Ro-Ped and the awesome look of the ROBLOX skateboards to create the ultimate transportation experience. The hoverboard is easy to control and what's nice is that the camera dynamically follows the hoverboard so you don't have to change the camera angle when turning. Plus, this gear can charge up a special boost move which speeds it up and makes it jump high into the air. The sparkle time look benefits this gear, as it makes it look great. It was originally 400 robux and is limited with 2500 in stock. This hoverboard currently has great demand, and is worth 1600-1800 robux. Thumbs up to Merely for making one of the best gears in a while.

Overall: 10/10

Seranok's Golden Chalice of Fame

Seranok's Golden Chalice of Fame is also a really good gear. This gear has a great texture and sparkles. When used it summons a couple of AIs that follow you. These AIs are really cool because they have randomized hats, heads, tshirts, shirts, and faces that make each one of them look like a standard new ROBLOX user. They also say "cliche noob phrases" and follow you everywhere because they're "your fans". Its a funny and comedic gear, and is definitely worth the 525 robux. It is currently timed and unknown whether it will go limited (which I personally think it shouldn't), however when it first came out ROBLOX item notifiers sent fake notifies about it going limited, so that might be a sign that it will go limited. Still, it's a great gear and I recommend picking it up today.

Overall: 10/10

There is no real winner between both of these gears; they're both great. This has definitely been one of the best gear weeks this summer, and I hope August's gear weeks live up to the excellent quality of these two gears. August is considered by many as the last month of summer before school begins, and that means ROBLOX usually releases the best limiteds this month.

- NonstopEpic, Catalog Manager

Roblox News Duck Hunt 2013

It may have come to many of your attention, that ROBLOX News is hosting a Duck Hunt this year; we're hosting it for an experiment; to see whether people prefer eggs or ducks and such. Roblox News Duck Hunt 2013 is scheduled for completion at the end of today or tomorrow. I am confident that many people will like it because there will be a long time to find ducks and you will constantly be able to receive ducks, the Duck Hunt will be open for 4 months.
Roblox News Duck Hunt 2013 ALPHA_Image
Currently, pre-order is available on the torch; I would pre-order it now before it ups. Click here to view. Many of you can give me feedback when the game is in completion, just post a comment in the comments section below the game on it's page. The Duck Hunt can be found here.

I plan on releasing the Duck Hunt when I have twenty ducks; as always, you can give me suggestions in the comments section below or you can personal message 'RNDuckHunt' your suggestion.

I hope you're all excited to catch some ducks, I'm currently adding the finishing touches, and rare ducks will make quack sounds my dear friend, they will.


Friday, July 26, 2013

ROBLOX Catalog: Fall/Winter 2013

ROBLOX 2013 Fall/Winter Catalog Events

          Hello! Chubbs21 here not with another review, but an article covering events coming up as the year is now half over! I will be covering expected and upcoming events coming soon!


August + September:

These months aren't very packed with events, but good limiteds are for sure. Last year, limiteds like Lord of the Federation came out and were amazingly successful. There might be a sequel limited to Lord of the Federation, Angel of Destruction, that was found in BrightEyes's models a few months ago. Seeing that limited quality has gone down in the past few months, it's not positive that they will be as good as 2013, but that doesn't put my hopes down. I also expect to see a Labor Day Sale, with the two Dominos possibly going limited!


This month is definitely event-packed just like December, but I'll get to that later. First, we have Halloween-themed hats! A lot of these look great especially for a spooky costume! And too add on, some spooky limiteds may arrive! :) 

Next up, gifts! Throughout the month of October, 13 gifts will arrive in the catalog. This will include a "Big Gift" that will cost 31,000R$ and inside will include either a Dominus, Domino Crown, or something else like a "flock of bats" or "icky spiders" (which never came out, so expect a Dominus or Domino Crown). I certainly plan on saving up my robux for this one, seeing that 2 years in a row it has been a Dominus. I expect to see a Domino crown, possibly one like this which was rumored around last year. (I sure hope I get it, it would look rather neat on me.)



November is also a pretty good time in the catalog, especially for the investors. There may be a Veteran's Day Sale, which again may include the two Dominos possibly going limited. 

Then, there may be a few Thanksgiving hats here and there to fit some nice native costumes. Or Turkish costumes. (Haha, get it?.....) 

Next up is the big Black Friday sale! Tons of limiteds and items going limited will appear in the Catalog along with many discounts. And don't forget, the usual Black Friday Retexture.


December is just like October, lots of gifts. Expect lots of holiday-themed hats for your holiday-themed costume! 

As for the gifts, there will be about 24 of them, usually 3 at a time. Towards the end of the month, they will open with more interesting hats! There will, again, be a "Big Gift" costing 20,000R$-40,000R$ with a bit more unknown item inside. 

The first year of the "Big Gift" there was a Red Domino Crown, along with a free Dusekkar which I can only imagine owning (until it goes limited that is ;)... ) 

The next year was a Bluesteel Domino Crown which was pretty neat. Just to say, I plan on getting a Black Iron Domino Crown instead as Black goes good with everything. That is, if it comes out; possibly this year's Holiday Big Gift? 

The next year was an unexpected turn in things, a Dual Illumina gear costing 40,000. What I'm getting at here is they may continue this Dual SFOTH gear theme this year which leaves me wanting the Halloween Big Gift instead. Rumors have it that there will be a Dual Windforce or Dual Ghostwalker, as they somewhat have Holiday colors, costing 80,000 robux (Based of a +20,000 pattern with Dual Illumina and Dual Darkhearts). You never really know what will happen until it does.

Again, the two Dominos will possibly go limited. 

In Conclusion:

These are just expected rumours, ROBLOX may change up a few things, but a lot of these things will be true. I'm chubbs21, and you have been filled in on the Fall/Winter expected events!

Roblox News: Summer Interns 2013!

It's that time of year again; Summer! For the past two years Roblox News has run a successful internship programme. We select a handful of promising applicants and introducing them to the world of gaming journalism. Last year we had a fantastic batch of fresh writers - three of which are now permanent staff members here at Roblox News: zakary99chubbs21darkfish900! They enjoyed the experience so much, they wanted to stay!

How do they work?

Each intern will be assigned to a specific member of staff called a 'mentor' to 'shadow' them. They will observe the staff member's role on the blog; learning about the articles they publish and how they can produce articles of the same high quality. From the staff member, the intern will learn job specific skills. The intern will be focussed on one section of RN's site, whereas a staff member may be performing several different roles at the same time. This gives the intern the ability to study their area closely and develop experience relevant to it. It will be the mentor's responsibility to private message their shadowing intern after each one of their posts with four positives points and one target to improvement in the next. This is important so the intern can build on their skills, but mentors can also practise responsibility and leadership skills through the programme.

How do you apply? *Deadline 12:00am PST Friday 2nd August*

This year we are running the exact same programme (with the exception of the mentor's new duty) and will hopefully be accepting even more interns! Anyone who wishes to take on an internship here at Roblox News must send an application to Applicants should have fairly good experience and knowledge of the ROBLOX site, including the games, catalog and forum sections, and should have competent English skills.

The application should include:

  • Your favourite aspect of the ROBLX site
  • Your ambition on ROBLOX
  • Why you want to become a summer intern at RN
  • Which staff member you wish to shadow and why
  • A sample article of your choice - anything to do with ROBLOX. Place reviews and item reviews are often a favourite among applicants, but you could try something more adventurous! 
  • What new type of article you would like to see on RN, and why. 

Internships are a great way of helping people deepen their knowledge as well as giving them experience with other staff members and developing social skills. RN interns are likely be asked to stay on as full time staff after the programme finishes.

Thanks, and good luck!

Editor of Roblox News 

Kestrel - high quality clothes or overpriced shoddy clothes for the pretentious?

Taken at the Trade Hangout by Merely.

Kestrel a fairly old clothing group which currently has the owner Ojo1234, has recently gained quite a lot of fame with the construction of it's new stores which are set in famous place such as Paris, Venice, Dublin, Washington and many other famous cities. With all of it's success like most things it always has his controversial problems such as the high prices of Kestrel's clothing. Suits can be up to 18 Robux as shown below.

Many complain the clothing it to simple for such high prices however many do disagree, Kestrel seems to be everywhere now. From your friends wearing it, to ads everywhere, to stores even being in some of your favorite social places. As their slogan is 'Clothing at its best', but would everyone agree?


Thursday, July 25, 2013

Review: Mystery City

Now with a cover I whipped up in 20..ish minutes?

The "long awaited" Mystery City review is finally here, after all of that teasing and ~mysterious~ banter, here we are. Before we start, I will not be sugar coating this review, like all of mine, I will not be giving a numerical rating, which you already know. That's about all I have to say as far as regular banter goes, etc.

Mystery City is a sort of follow-up/spin-off of the Mystery game series by the same creator, Christopher Mysteries (the games are a little outdated but they're still fun). Now this time, Ptah70 is back with a brand new game, but he's not alone on this one, his cousin Mario5422 joins the ride to help with development of Mystery City. So, what is a "mystery game", per say? It mainly revolves around the player walking through an expansive map looking for NPCs to talk to, or just scouring the map for interesting secrets, you have to examine the badge descriptions to really get the story though. While they may not appeal to all, I generally enjoy these types of games mainly because they require the creator to make up an interesting story instead of just relying on a ton of flashy visuals (although they help too).

Onto the game itself, entering will bring you into a lobby with a greeter/generic help NPC, a map of the city, some game passes for sale, and some adverts, etc. Before I move on though, there are 18 mysteries in the game in total,  not counting the "finale". Now, there is a paid mystery which is NOT required for the finale access thankfully, only the first 17 are. There is also a "Mystery Guide", which can be found in the game and will pretty much spoil every mystery if you're that lazy. But back on topic, once you actually get into the game you'll be teleported next to a waffle house and "apartmeny" buildng, I'd recommend you head over to the (Wo)Mansmart first and talk to the owner, I'll leave you off there without spoiling anything.

As I'd explained before, the game revolves around talking to different oddly similar characters around the city and seeing what their problems are and finding out what to do next, although it can get confusing at points you can always aimlessly run around the city and go back to that mystery later, although something to note first.. stay away from the seeds, do not go near them, do not talk to them, do not even make eye tcatnoc htiw meht

The building, although basic gives me a good "minimalist" vibe going, yes I know I've said this word a ton of times in the past but it just gets me here. Yes, free models are used but they appear to not be mis-purposed which is always good, the place has a lot of decals that all seem to work and be in order, although lag is an issue even on my computer so I'd recommend toning it down some.

This, is where I feel Mystery City shines best, from the different supernatural forces at work within the city, to the oddly clad troubled citizens. While they don't ooze with character, they do a decent job for what limited time you interact with them. There is kind of a story, which you'll oddly find in a few certain mysteries through cryptic banter and strange figures. While this will likely be expanded upon more in the Sequel you should attempt to pay attention when you come upon these.

Man I must be losing my head, in a nutshell Mystery City is a rare breed of game, no overly done gimmicks, just good old dialogue, teleporters, and a few free models scripts along with some creativity. I simply recommend it just because it's different and you may find some inspiration out of it. So go play it, go on, goooooooooooooooooo

Disclaimer: No I am not going insane, this was just done for fun to add a little bit of incentive to the game to make people want to go check the game out. If you really feel I should make a serious review then here's my thoughts in a few words;

Mystery City is not a perfect game, although it's strengths lie more in the thought put behind the characters and design. If Ptah and Mario could somehow enhance the game with some scripting magic that would be interesting to see what they could do with it, although there's always next time.

Well that's this put down, what would you guys like to see done next? I'm kinda out of ideas besides the generic front page game or rant.

Game Review - Gun Run

Hello there everybody! This is Robloxer032 and I'm here with another Game Review!

Also, sorry for the incredible amount of time I was inactive, but my computer was being annoying and I couldn't load any games at all. However, I got a new gaming computer some days ago and I can write reviews again!

Well, on to the Review!

hikia's Place Number: 8_Image

Today I'm reviewing Gun Run, a recent game made by Hikia. The place sky-rocketed to the top of the frontpage just minutes after its publishing and currently holds a stable position on the first to second pages of the Games section.

What you first see when you enter the game is a big, white, semi-transparent box. A box in which you spawn in. Now that I think about it, the lobby is really dull and boring, not like the colorful lobbies with bouncy balls and stuff. Oh wait, those are boring too.

Moments after you spawn, a voting GUI appears. The purpose of this GUI is, of course, to vote on which map to play. When everyone has voted, the game chooses the map and the shooter, who is given an insta-kill Sniper Rifle. Then, everyone else is teleported to the start of the map, which is esentially a box, too. 

After some seconds pass, the door to the outside opens and you're finally able to play. The purpose of the game is simple; Just run to the other side of the map without letting the shooter kill you. It is actually easier than it sounds. When you make it to the other side, you trespass a translucent green wall and enter the "Safe Zone". What this green wall does is prevent the shooter from shooting you.

And that's all this game is about. Essentially a simple concept, but it sure is a lot of fun.

Now, on to the Ratings.

Building: 6/10

Even if the lobby is as simple as I explained, the maps are very well done, with some basic CFraming here and there.

Scripting: 7/10

The only script in the whole game is the randomizer script, which has been seen in many types of games across all genres. It is still hard to implement.

Creativity: 6/10

This type of game hasn't been done that many times. However, I remember there was once a game with this same concept but wasn't as popular as this one is.

Effort: 8/10

As I said, the maps are really well done, and fit really well with the game.

Fun: 10/10

The game is as fun as it can get. It is also very amusing when someone on your side is killed by a shot meant for you.

Overall: 7/10


     Make up game modes which retain the concept but use it in a different way
     Use more than one shooter in certain maps to increase difficulty
     Make the AFK button work
     Try inserting an anti-hack script

This was a short review by Robloxer032. Thanks for reading.


Paper ROBLOX 2: Beyond The Fold - Review.

Paper ROBLOX 2: Beyond The Fold is an adventure game created by the amazing Explode1, with a giant map and endless places to explore and things to do. The map is your regular classic Blox adventure map, that is well coloured and is giant. Explode1 has also created the famous Brickbattle map: Waterfall Fortress. 

Gameplay - 6/10.

Maybe it's just me but sometimes when playing the adventures I get lost and it's not clear where I should go next. Sometimes I even manage skipping a few levels without even knowing it. But it is a great game. When starting in the lobby you have the chance to RP (Roleplay) by changing your character into a paper character. There are many characters to choose from when changing your avatar into paper. You also get points after adventures when finding objects like crumpled paper which can be rewarding after an adventure by yourself or with a friend. There is NCP in the game which you can talk to and ask about mission which gives it a very nice feel.

Map - 10/10.

Truly a spectacular map, everything about this map to me is perfect. He perfectly nailed the towns, forests, beaches, islands, deserts, mountains and all the places to explore, there's a train station to get to other parts of this beautiful world. In one mission I noticed there is a parallel universe of the town you start off in, all of Explode's effort has clearly been put into the map of this game. If you've never seen the first Paper ROBLOX it's map is also excellent but this one brings it to a whole new level! You'll zoom out and look around and be amazed at the clear skill and talent added to the map.

Over all - 8/10.

Great game over all, great place to visit and come back to! For all you adventurous ROBLOX players out there, this is the perfect game for you. Visited over 121k times and favorited over 6k.


Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Hat Review: Webbed Wings

Hello! Pbjms here with another hat review. Today I'll be reviewing an okay looking pare of wings made the other day - Webbed Wings.

Webbed Wings
Mesh: 7/10

The mesh looks like an average pare of deadly dragon wings, fit to the back of your ROBLOXian's torso. There are two wings, each with a main vein stretching through the wings, kind of looking like claws. Inside is what I called the webs, filling in the vein parts to help the dragon fly. The wings really don't look THAT great, I could see ROBLOX doing better. I think the wings deserve a 7/10 for the mesh.

Texture: 6/10

The texture isn't that nice, and fails to makes the mesh look good. The web parts are green, with some shadows, while the veins are black, also with some shadows. There are - what looks like - some orange/brown veins that I really don't like, I don't even understand the purpose of them. The texture isn't the worst I've ever seen - but I'm sure that the staff could do better. I'm giving it an 6/10.

Price: 6/10

Webbed Wings are priced at 750 Robux, once again, another flaw with the item. It's overpriced - as most hats nowadays are. Only about 150 sold within the past day -  and they really don't look too bad. If I were to price things, I would price these wings in the 250 - 500 Robux range, the wings really aren't worth that much - as they don't even look that good. The wings are too expensive, so I'm giving them a 8/10 for the price.

Compare to.. ( 6/10)

DJ Headphones (Better)
DJ Headphones
These headphones look really nice, and fit great on your ROBLOXian's head. They also go well with plenty of caps, top hats, and fedoras.

Tempest Blades (Better)
Tempest Blades
Tempest Blades is a gear that lets you use dual blades in places where it is allowed. I really like the idea of dual swords, and it's a really powerful weapon, defiantly worth the 750 Robux, unlike the wings. 

Awesomesaurus Rex (Better)
Awesomesaurus Rex
As the name suggests, this package is pretty awesome. It's a scaly dinosaur, green with red spikes and claws. It's probably one of my favorite "you can't wear clothes" packages out there. 

Overall: 6/10

Overall, these wings really aren't fantastic. They don't look great, and are a little overpriced. Compared to other items at the same price, they don't really stack up.

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Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Review: Possession by Narutoworl


I can easily say it's very unlikely I actually scared anyone with that, gimmicks aside, today we're taking a look at a game that recently sprung onto the front page, by the name of Possession. Now, the creator of this game in particular has done some interesting things in the past, a Team Fortress 2 Demake, one of the first, I think, Pokemon roleplays, and a few other things but those two I listed you could say are recommendations
but onto the actual review! The game has also met a somewhat mixed reception, and you shall find out why later on.


Upon clicking the play button, you're teleported into a dining room of sorts with strangely built chairs, random portraits, and floating spheres in an attempt to spice things up. Now, before I continue, just by the description you can tell this bears a resemblance to a famous counter-strike gamemode/roblox demake.. (this totally doesn't mean i'll be doing a re-visit review of that place) 

Although this place has kind of the same premise, it's at least a little bit different, basically one randomly selected player is the "Ghost", while the rest are "Survivors", the Ghost most possess all of the players one by one, slowly killing them off. The survivors on the other hand, armed with zappers, must determine who the ghost is, and kill them. Now, what makes things interesting here is that the entire game, even in the lobby, is bubble-chat only so you can only see talking from a very limited distance. The screen will also "flash" every time someone is possessed, and killed, the ghost will take on the appearance of whoever was killed and continue to roam among your allies until you all or him are dead.
A "karma" system is also utilized, every time you kill an innocent player, you and them are teleported into the lobby, and whoever killed will be given -5 to -15 karma or so, if you get enough karma you can apparently be kicked from the server, although high karma means you have a bigger chance of being the ghost and all that. As far as I see, the karma system's main benefit right now is just a higher chance of being the ghost, zapper damage, and if you're kicked.

But the thing is with this version of "TITT", is that it gets boring, very fast. Don't get me wrong, I like the idea of the game, the karma system is cool, but there's just not enough variation, none of the maps have interesting gimmicks, there is no shop, and when you finally do get to be the ghost, you're probably going to leave before you get a chance from boredom.

Maps are decently sized, they kind of like to repeat a bit too often as far as I see, there are.. 5 i'm sure, a castle, haunted house, graveyard, and 2 forest maps I think.
At the very least, they work.

The idea behind Possession probably hasn't been done like this before, but it's essentially Trouble in Terrorist Town with one person instead of-- actually it reminds me of another source mod.. The Hidden, which pits all of the players against one superpowered, and mostly invisible foe. Yes, this is basically The Hidden+Trouble in Terrorist Town.

Possession has the potential to be a great game, it just needs more things to spice it up because as i've said before, there's just not enough variation to keep someone invested in the game for long, while I do praise Narutoworl for trying and the cool map design, it's gonna need more than just a karma system to stay popular for more than a few more days.
Also, if you're interested in a Hidden demake, try The Stalker, by CloneTrooper1019 or better yet go try to play the actual Source mod, you'll most likely find it on Garry's Mod or Team Fortress 2, which both have their own versions.

But that'll about do it for this review, leave feedback below if you'd like and next up is one of my personal favorites I've been waiting to do for a while, Mystery City, should be up by Thursday, again, thanks for reading and have a good day.