Thursday, November 29, 2012

Gift Guessers Gift #1: ROBLOX Newshound Gift

Edit: This guess is correct according to the official roblox blog.

Hello, IBarrageI here with a gift guess for the newest and first gift that has been released. And that is the ROBLOX Newshound Gift.

This gift sparked my curiosity from the moment it appeared.
I mean, a gift wrapped in news-paper? This gift is right up my street.

But, lets get on with how I think you get it.

Firstly, thing that comes to mind is, Roblox Blog. as this is the best place for official roblox news. (Roblox news is 2nd best (not being biased at all am I?)) And franky, the name "Newshound" may suggest that news reporters, like roblox new members, recieve this gift.

**EDIT** The official method to receive this gift is as follows:

1. Verify your email address

2. Under your account settings, tick the '
Opted in and Verified

But another possible method would be to:

To receive:
Be subscribed to Roblox Blog Email notifications with the email that is connected to your account.

What's inside:
Maybe a Rolled Up Newspaper melee weapon.

To subscribe to the Roblox Blog Email Notifications go here

And put in your email that is connected to your roblox account, then your date of birth, and press subscribe.

Then just click the comformation link that is sent to you.

This has been IBarrageI.

And this has been the first Christmas Gift Guess of 2012.

Thank you and happy hunting!

(Edit by arbirator) 

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

ROBLOX Black Friday Gear Review: R-Orb


       Hey guys, Ulquiorra98 here, coming to you with a brand-new gear review! Today we'll be taking a look at the R-Orb, one of the gear items released on Black Friday this year. So, without further ado, let's get down to the review: 

Abilities/Effects: This super-charged orb can be used in two different ways. You can either A) release a flurry of relatively low-powered orbs upon your enemy (5 hits to a KO), with a reloading time of approximately 1 second per orb, or B) charge up and direct a full-on blast of energy at your opponent, guaranteed to wipe out most, if not all, of his health. However, this ability takes around 10 seconds to get a 1hit/KO. The gear's effects definitely resemble a move of one particular anime character from a show that rhymes with Ragonball T. Now, I wonder who that could be... 9/10.

Appearance: Once equipped, the orb removes any hats you have on, and leaves you with blond, spiky, anime-styled hair, which I find rather cool. Again, this hair does look vaguely familiar... 
The orb itself is orange and partially transparent, with the ROBLOX Logo stamped across the surface of it. I find it simple, yet nice. I think it deserves a 9/10.

Pricing: This gear item hit the Catalog on Black Friday at a price of R$650, which is definitely reasonable for an item such as itself. However, after the weekend was up, the Orb returned to its originally scheduled price of R$1,000. I find that to be a bit too much, and though I like the gear, I wouldn't want to spend a whole 1K on it.  6/10.

Overall: 8/10.

Thanks for reading, and be sure to follow me on twitter! @Ulquiorra98RBLX

Monday, November 26, 2012

Black Friday Gear Review: Spec Omega Biograph Energy Sword

Spec Omega Biograph Energy Sword

Hello readers, chubbs21 here, and welcome to another Black Friday 2012 Review! Today I am reviewing the brand new energy sword, Spec Omega Biograph Energy Sword!

Limited Stats:
Original Price: 5,000 robux
Sold: 400
Average Price: 7,000 robux (as of 11/24/12)

Mesh: 5/10
The mesh is the exact same mesh ROBLOX has been using for all the Energy Swords. It's pretty basic and could defiantly use some work, as the texture is hardly seen. It is just a few lines on a handle really. Not that great. 

Texture: 8/10
The texture, if you look closely in-game, it does have some detail. It looks like some black metal, kind of like Black Iron. It is hard to see because the mesh is so skinny, but is what it is, a black Energy Sword.

Money Value: 8/10
The original price was 5,000 robux, and selling for 7,000. This means you lose about 100 robux. But don't worry, people are only selling low for "Black Sunday" this year. Around Christmas season you should profit.

Overall: 7/10
This gear has a skinny and weird mesh, a good texture, and should later have great profit. I recommend  if you haven't, buy it now and wait until it raises for good profit. 

Link to gear:

Zakky's Scripting Tutorials #1 - Printing


Printing is a simple thing... You have something called an "output" in ROBLOX Studio, which will display your prints. Printing is often used just to narrow down a diagnostic of a paragraph of code or so. You use prints to organize your scripts too. So if I had a cake generator script....


That would print a line on the output saying "CAKE GENERATORZ LOADED").
But what if my Cake Generatorz script wasn't working and OUTPUT wasn't helping me fix it? Well... This line could help you diagnose it. Because, if you see the line printed, then there's something wrong with after it. Whereas if it didn't print something would be stopping it.

print("zakary99 model loaded")

You can also continuously print my name...

while true do 

That would carry on printing my name forever.

This is a very short tutorial.

We will get more advanced as time goes by...

Sunday, November 25, 2012

War Turkey Gear Review

Hey guys, I'm back with a gear review of the "War Turkey". This weapon... is just... extreme. You'll see why. Let's get started: 

Mesh: The mesh is a turkey, who would have thought? Anyways, it is a very cool turkey, properly shaped and everything.It's pretty insane. Without the texture, it'd be pretty hard to tell what it was (like a lot of other hats/gears). But that's not bad, it's nothing to judge on. A very cool and well made mesh. 10/10.

Texture: Um. It's the colour of a stereotypical cooked Turkey, but it's a bit bland. I mean, for a war turkey, it could have some more dramatic colours on it. Not just tan. Although, the colour is accurate, slightly. It does look like a cooked turkey, and it's the thought that counts. It is a good colour, I'll give it that. 7/10.

What It Does: Okay, are you ready for your minds to be blown?

When you aim+click... IT THROWS A TURKEY. OF WAR. I can't put my finger on how much damage it does per hit, but it seems to be like maybe 10-15? Here's a video of me displaying its amazing power: (link:

Anyways, it is a pretty cool function. It's pretty neat, so I'll give it a 10/10.

Overall: Overall, this is a pretty cool weapon. It's funny how you can throw a TURKEY OF ULTIMATE WAR at someone. The mesh is cool (and odd), the texture is accurate, and the function is WICKED. It gets an awesome 9/10.


Twitter: @OutspaceLeo

Friday, November 23, 2012

Black Friday Gear Review: Rapid Launch Blaster

Rapid Launch Blaster

Rapid Launch Blaster

Why hello there. It's IBarrageI here with a gear review.

Now. First of all. This gun definitely looks the part, doesn't it? It has all of the characteristics that a gun has (and should have), and in my opinion, it's the best looking gun yet. One above the Orinthian Blaster 3777

A beautiful close up of me and the gun
The gun itself does everything that the name suggests. Rapid-Fire Lasers are fired out of it at an alarming rate. Though, the gun is much like a machine gun, The shots are dotted in slightly different places each time, making it not very suitable for long range combat. But, having said that, it is still able to kill someone from a distance. 100 Studs is the longest distance away that I managed to kill a player.)

Next is the interface.

All a gun like this really needs is a simple gauge on how much ammo you've got, and whether or not it has finished reloading. This gun does this well.

It gives a constant update of how many laser shots you have left, and also tells you when it's reloading. And Frankly, Simplicity is the way forward with gear.

The shots themselves are quite clearly lasers

But what I want to draw attention to is how the shots are fired.

Below is the animation of how the shots are fired.

The sheer detail that is within this is rather astonishing. The fact the shot animation is different each time makes you wonder. What other guns could come out with this much detail? I myself can't wait to see more like this.

Now to sum everything up

Looks/Detail: 10/10

This gun has all of the things that make guns awesome, such as burn marks, metal texture, the colour, it's pretty much perfect.

Ingame Use: 9.5/10

What more can I say, it's a balanced gear with awesome firing animation and interface.

On character: 8/10

This gear is a chunky one, and is slightly cut off at the end. This is a problem, but all in all, it can complete an outfit easily.

Overall rating: 9.5/10 

This gear is screaming out awesomeness, and is a must buy. It is currently at a discounted price of 900 R$ for black friday weekend (Normal price 1,250 R$) So get it at the cheapest price to avoid paying an extra 350 R$ afterwards.

This has been IBarrageI, and I'm outta here...

Bargain of the Week: Thanksgiving Turkey Cap

I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving yesterday! With all that turkey consumption, you need a rest; what better way to relax than shopping in the ROBLOX Catalog! As always; ROBLOX put several Thanksgiving items back on sale including gear, packages and hats! One of these hats was the Thanksgiving Turkey Hat; a retexture created by ElementXx which was published back in 2011.

The Thanksgiving Turkey Cap features a simple but effective colour scheme. It does little to distract from the main image on the texture which of course is the turkey (gobble gobble). If you look closely, you will be able to spot faint white outlines of squares and transparent wisps which are placed randomly on the texture. These add a nice touch to the hat: giving it a modernized feel. The turkey, although a google image, is placed well on the hat at an angle of around 45°. 

This hat goes great with this shirt; turning you into the perfect plump turkey - careful now, you might get eaten! For a price of R$15 it is an absolute bargain, so get yours today before it is taken off-sale until next Thanksgiving!

Black Friday Hat Review: Silverthorn Antlers!

Today is Friday, 23/11/2012, and this means Black Friday!
A number of old classic items have gone back onsale, and
I decided to review the Silverthorn Antlers!

Basic Stats:
Created: 3/27/2009
Favourited: 6,582 times
Total Sold: 12,008 sold
Genre: All

Description: "Silverthorn powder is prized for it's alchemical properties. However, aquisition often proves problematic for unwary adventurers. The substance is unique to the antlers of the Silverthorn Stag, a beast of uneven temperment located only in the remote reaches of the forest of Arden.

Mesh: 10/10

One of the most recognised meshes in all of ROBLOX, the Antler
mesh suits any type of hat and goes brilliant with it. Including top hat,
hoods, and especially Dominii.

Texture: 8/10

It has a nice shiny texture which makes it stand out nicely, but it's
not as realistic as what real antlers should look like, but nonetheless it's
a nice take on the classic Wanwood Antlers!

Creativity: 8/10

Even though there had already been an antlers realesed, this one
didn't fall flat on it's face as a really bad retexture. Kudos to ROBLOX
on this one.

Price: 9/10

At this Black Friday sale, it is for sale at an amazing price of 400R$! 
Before it went onsale incase it went limited, people were offering over 10,000R$
for this! Now you can snag it up for only 400R$!

Overall: 8.75/10

I think this hat is an absolute steal, if you have enough for it, you will have no
regrets after buying it, the price it is at is crazy.

Link to hat:

Have a question? Follow me on Twitter @Rob498RBLX

"Counter-Strike: Roblox Offensive" by Narutoworl Review

Counter-Strike: Roblox Offsensive_ImageCounter-Strike: Roblox Offsensive
Genre: FPS
Version Reviewed: v1.03

Counter-Strike 1.6 is seen as one of the most successful, difficult, and competitive first person shooter games to ever exist in gaming history because of it's unique shooting, movement, and gun purchasing systems. With the arrival of the new game in the Counter-Strike series, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, on PC not long ago, it is obvious that Roblox developers will try to recreate this game.

Narutoworl's recreation has seen the most success out of all the attempts. However, the question is, is it any good? The simple answer: kind of.

Not CS, CoD

If you've ever played the real Counter Strike, you'd know the feeling of the guns, the movement system, and the trademark recoil system. However, the Roblox version of the game fails miserably at capturing any of these to the point of me wondering "Did he ever play Counter Strike?"

Under normal circumstances, I would comment that the guns in the game feel alright. BUT, this is supposed to be a CS replica, not a CoD knockoff (which is what the guns shoot like). The recoil goes upwards and to the side in a random pattern, as opposed to CS's regular patterns. One of the most memorable things about the actual game for most people had to be the recoil patterns and learning to compensate for them, yet Narutoworl failed to achieve this iconic mechanic.

Now onto the other iconic mechanic, the movement system. The Roblox edition simply uses the default Roblox movement system with a slight modification to the jump system. However, when you compare it with the actual CS, the differences are clear. Getting shot in Roblox does not slow you down, moving and shooting does not decrease accuracy, and landing from a jump does not slow you down either. This (although might seem not too important) actually actually makes the gameplay of CS, CS, and without it, the game just plays like CoD without an Aim Down Sights system.

Atleast He Got the Interface

As you can tell from the title, he got the interface down pretty well. The buying system allows you to acquire guns well and prevents double buys of the same slot of weapons, as well as allowing you to pick up different grenades and accessories.

That being said, the gun stats and feel were not done correctly at all. For example, the AK-47 fire incredibly slow in this game and does not provide enough accuracy either. At this point, I REALLY think he never even laid his hands on the original CS or any of its sequels.

Oh, if that wasn't bad enough, there are glitches everywhere. EVERYWHERE! Play 1 game and you will encounter numerous large glitches within the first few minutes. Not enjoyable at all.

The game just feels rushed, none of the fine tuning mechanics of CS made it in and the stats are all messed up. Even from the title where he misspelled "Offensive" to "Offsensive."


You could try it, but you probably won't like it.

Thursday, November 22, 2012

How to Get An iPad Tablet Gear / Black Friday Items

Roblox Tablet
Hello Robloxians, it's me, jirachidog, back again to inform you on how to increase your chances of getting a Roblox iPad Tablet. However before I start I want to warn you that no one is guaranteed to obtain one. You especially don't need to buy robux to get them. If you spend about 500$ you will only get around 70k robux. Why spend 500$ for 70k robux if you can just buy an iPad for 499$.

It's also almost Black Friday! These tips will also help with you getting the latest limiteds!

Here's some facts I've found about the iPads:

  1. At least 10 are being made
  2. They come out at odd timezones for PST. (For example 4 AM) Other time zones are at 7 AM.
  3. The first 10 raise in intervals of 10k
  4. They get botted
  5. You are given an iPad 3 (Retina Display) if you get one
  6. [LMaD] It was heard that Roblox is mainly giving it to users who make games.
There are only a few left but you still have a chance!

Here are some tips on how to get it:

  • Do NOT use the TC:
Black Friday is coming nearing us and the TC rates are raising! Before Black Friday the rates were at 12.0. But now the rates have risen to 14.0 This means that instead of needing 12 tix for 1 robux you need 14 tix. It my seem like a little but when you calculate it you can lose a couple thousand robux.

  • Get The Google Chrome Hat Notifier:
Although the tablets aren't hats you have a special feature. You can see when Roblox is online or offline. Roblox being on is only a small factor. From experience when Roblox is on there is a 10-25% chance that a tablet is coming out in the next hour.

  • Bookmarking Pages:
This is one of my personal secrets. If you have Google Chrome you can easily see bookmarked pages. Have a page for Roblox's Profile, Catalog, and Let's Make a Deal. Refreshing these 3 pages will alert you if a tablet is out.

  • Have About 10k Robux Handy
Black Friday is the one day of the year where the poor can become rich. If you really must. Sell things on your alts and mains until you have at least 5k. Like last year's Rainbow Shaggy. 2k robux can turn into 200k.

  • Do Not Rest
Both the iPads and Black Friday will have items coming out at random times. For the iPads most have came out at midnight or very early in the morning. Black Friday items will come out from 12:00 AM-12:00 PM for the most part

I hope you get the most bang from your buck! If you have any questions or want more information you can pm me here. @jirachidog

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Hat Review: Dominus Vespertilio

Dominus Vespertilio

Hello guys! Welcome back to another hat review from me, chubbs21! Today I am reviewing one of my favorite hats, Dominus Vespertilio!

Mesh: 9/10
This mesh is very different from the usual Dominus meshes, as the mesh has completely been re-done. The hood itself is now smaller than usual as seen from the thumbnail. This Dominus is original because it has bat wings instead of the usual feathers. I do say, the wings were made very nicely and go along with the texture. The metal plates on the bottom are the same old usual armour pieces that attach to the hat itself, but look good on your character.

Texture: 8/10
The texture on this Dominus is VERY simple, at least the hood part. It really is just a grey hood, but in most cases a Dominus is supposed to be a one-colored hood. As for the buttons, they look like some kind of silverthorn material with a cool green lightning thingy in the middle. The wings are the best part. They go with the new mesh perfectly and also have the cool lightning effect. Looks like some time and effort was put in to it, not just a google image. ;)

Money Value: 10/10
For a gift that was 31,000 robux, I say this hat is well worth it. First off, who doesn't want a Dominus for that cheap if they can afford it? Once, and if, this goes limited next year, I say you will earn profit, big time, so this hat was also a great long term investment! It will probably sell for around 100k. 

Enjoyment: 10/10
I personally enjoy this hat so much I can't stop wearing it! I even made it go with a pilgrim outfit, for the upcoming American Thanksgiving. This hat goes exceptionally well with Silverthorn Antlers. I hope to wear it untill I get more money for it than I payed! 

Overall: 9/10
The elements this hat has just makes so awesome! The good mesh, texture, perfect value, and enjoyment all make it a great, profitable hat!

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Four New Job Openings!

Today I bring exciting news: Roblox News has four available vacancies!
At RN we look for the best of the best. Staff who are responsible and able to tackle challenges are at the top of our agenda, but we also recognise those who have unique skills, talents and attributes. We are looking for experienced players who enjoy ROBLOX and enthusiastically engage with the community. Here at Roblox News, we are looking for passionate writers to join our ranks. Writers that can communicate their opinions effectively and with an aspect of style. Remember: our blog is all about detail and accuracy of information and publishing posts that the fans enjoy.

We will require writers to be very active on the blog; publishing several posts a week. They will be required to attend team meetings and briefings from editors. Roblox News staff are given a large amount of freedom in what they post; they will be assigned the section of their choice I.e Place Reviews or the Catalog and they will be able to choose the places/items they review and how they go about reviewing them. 

The four positions are as follows:
  • Catalog Analyst
  • Catalog Analyst
  • Place Reviewer
  • Place Reviewer
If you think you meet all the requirements email an application to

What should the application include? 

1) To kick off the application, a paragraph describing yourself should be included. This should be consist of your talents that you would bring to Roblox News. You can also include any hobbies and personal interests you may have. 

2) A paragraph about why you would you like to join Roblox News and why you want to apply for the chosen role (place reviewer/catalog analyst). Including what interests you the most on ROBLOX is a definite plus and you can also include your favourite past times on the site. 

3) Finally, include a sample article of your choice. If you are applying for the role of Place Reviewer, please send a Place Review. If you are applying for the role of Catalog Analyst, please send an Item Review (Gear, Hat, Package). 

Remember to include your ROBLOX username and your email you use to log in to blogger - we will need both of these if you are chosen to join our team! 

The deadline to send in applications is Friday 25th November. 

Good luck to all applicants!

Editor of Roblox News

Mango's Tutorials: How to create successful ads

Advisement's; some are good, some are bad. Some get lots of clicks, some don't. Today I'm going to teach you how to make good ones, that people will click.

Really, there are only 2 types of ads people will click:

  • Humorous ads
  • Very well made ads

If you have an ad that includes humor, it doesn't necessarily have to be well made. Because if you can get the person to laugh, that's all the matters.

So, since this isn't "Mango's Tutorials: How to be funny", were going to focus on well made ads. Beautiful hand crafted ads that show whatever they are advertising.

Since I don't really know what graphics program you use, I'm just going to tell you what people like to click, and hopefully you can re-create those effects on your program.

Here's one of my simple examples:

See how the text is nice and bold? This is a plus for ads. When your clicking around the Roblox site, your going to completely ignore the ads unless something really pops out at you.

Here's an example of a poorly made ad:

Sorry to whoever made this, but it's not something I, or probably you, would click anytime soon. It's to simple, bland and looks like a stop sign. You want to ad many colors and ambient into your ad, it doesn't have to look like a stop sign to pop out.

Here's another bad example:

Whats wrong with this one? Well for one, it doesn't pop out. Two, it looks like someone just cut out pictures of a magazine and pasted them onto an ad. This is another thing you don't want to do, copy and paste pictures to the ad, unless of course you actually have a nice background and have the ability to put drop shadows and ambient around them.

This is what a good ad should look like:

Clean. Organized. Pops out. Colorful. Ambient's. Drop shadows. Captivating text. All in all, you really want to include these in your ad, because if you don't, it will just get lost in the competition.

Thanks for reading! PM me any questions HERE.
Don't forget to comment and click the 'Helpful' button below the post!


ROBLOX iPad 3 Giveaway!

If you haven't noticed lately, ROBLOX is releasing a lot of Tablet gears. Each tablet is limited and bc only. Also, for each tablet gear, there is only one in stock. The price varies with each Tablet depending on when it was released. For example, the first tablet was 10,000 robux. The second tablet was 20,000 robux. You get the idea. Apparently there will be 10 tablets, but possibly more. According to the blog, each person who owns a Tablet when they release the ability to play any game on an iPad, will get a real iPad 3. Thus, these tablets have huge demand. For buying a Tablet, you have the option to either keep it so you get the iPad 3 or sell/trade it. Interestingly enough, it currently seems as if each Tablet ends up in the hands of a rich famous user. Also, each tablet seems to come out at a different time to give different timezones the chance to get one.

ROBLOX Tablet #1

LIST OF TABLET OWNERS (This will be updated)

#1 - This tablet came out for 10k robux, and currently hicup789 is the owner. Hicup has confirmed he will not sell/trade it.
#2 - The second tablet came out for 20k robux. Currently the owner of this tablet is limited collector Merely, and is not going to sell/trade it. Rumors arouse that he used some sort of botting program to get it (because there's been a rumor for a long time that Merely uses a bot to get limited items) but Merely claims that he used a page on the mobile site to get it.
#3 - The third tablet came out for 30k robux and was originally bought by DailyBasis. DailyBasis traded it to Vilicus for Dominus Frigidus, the Ice Crown, and Darkheart. (Three of the most expensive items in ROBLOX.) Vilicus traded the Tablet to TheGamer101 for an Eccentric Shop Teacher (considered the rarest item in ROBLOX) and 750k. TheGamer101 has decided to keep the Tablet.
#4 - This one was bought for 40k by famous game maker d4rk886. D4rk has decided to keep it.
#5 - The price of this tablet was 50k. Luckymaxer is the current owner and will not sell/trade it.
#6 - This tablet came out for 60k and is currently owned by famous game maker REDALERT2. Like most of the other tablets, REDALERT2 is keeping this tablet.
#7 - Bought for 70k by well known game maker Rukiryo. He is not trading or selling it.
#8 - This tablet was originally bought by the famous LMaDer KingBoo for 80k. He later traded it to Vilicus for a second Dominus Empyreus. Vilicus currently is keeping the tablet.
#9 - Bought for 90k by the rich user Mahem. Mahem is keeping this tablet.
#10 - What was thought to be the final tablet was bought for 100k by famous LMaDer and game maker mygame43. He is keeping this tablet.
#11 - This bonus tablet was bought originally for 200k by Merely. He later gave it to Simoon68 for being an awesome game maker who deserves a tablet.
#12 - Another bonus tablet originally sold for 300k. This is currently owned by game maker brayden99, who is keeping it.

- NonstopEpic, Catalog Manager

Saturday, November 17, 2012

Slender RANT Review

If you haven't heard of Slender yet. It's basically an amazing game made to scare people. Although there are better mini-horror games this one seems to be the most popular right now. However, the ROBLOX version of it. (Well, at least this one) fails to have any resemblance to the real thing. To put it frankly, it is really, really, really, really bad.

Gameplay 0/10
The basic goal of the game is to... I don't even know. In the real game you're supposed to collect notes but when I walk around in this place touching the notes does nothing. There is no goal other than "Don't get killed by Slenderman lul" who has a tendency to get stuck a lot and basically has the same script as a zombie.
Effort 0/10
The basic map was made with a stamper tool. Everything was inserted in (badly) and no effort was made. The map stinks.
Creativity 0/10
There are already plenty of GOOD Slender games. If you want to play one of them I'd recommend this one. 

Overall 0/10
  • Just stop. You can't make a good Slender place. I'm sorry but please. Stop.
  • If you don't stop make Slender a pony
  If you want your place reviewed simply contact Banjobug on twitter or send me a private message on ROBLOX. The next post could be about your place! I'll be glad to give you ideas on your place and help make it better. Also, if you find a place that is absolutely awful and on the front page send me a PM and I might make a RANT about it!

Also, you should follow me on twitter even if you don't have a RANT or review request! Sometimes I invite my followers to go to places with me to help review them.

Place Reviewed: Slender

Reviewed by: Banjobug     

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Black Friday Survey Estimation!

Well, the other day when I was bored I thought... Hmmmm, it would be kinda cool to guess what we would get in this survey, so I asked arbirator, we both made a few decisions for things that could possibly be in it so then I published it! For those people who read my last review, I told you I would have a little surprise! Just leave your vote on what you think will come out or be in the survey, I'll post the results when ROBLOX's real survey is posted. I will also have a few links to hats if you don't know what they are. Enjoy!

W Inc. Designer Sunglasses

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Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Gear Review: Spartan Sword and Shield


       Hey guys, Ulquiorra98 here with a look at the Spartan Sword and Shield, a recently released by ROBLOX. As always, this review will be split into 3 sections: Abilities/Effects, Appearance, and Pricing. So, without further ado, let's get down to the review!

Abilities/Effects:  Well, as far as swords go, this one's pretty decent. Each attack takes approximately 25% of your opponent's health, which means 4 hits to a KO. I'm not quite sure if the shield really helps that much, as I've noticed that I tend to lose as much health as I normally would even when the gear is equipped. The one thing I like about this item is that once you've knocked your enemy down to 25% Health, your next attack will cause whomever it is you're fighting to "fall" into a "deep" pit of doom, from whence there is no return. Why the quotation marks, you might ask? Well, it's because quite often, things get messed up during this part. A) The pit is not so much a pit as a flat, black oval. B) When you kick your enemy into said "pit" they often skid right across it, rendering this "pit of doom" completely useless. However, it is a nice effect and did boost my rating of the item in this category. 8/10.

Appearance: This particular sword and shield set has a very simple look to it. However, I think of this as a good thing, for a simple, yet nice texture is always welcome. The hilt of the blade is coated in 14k gold pixels, as is the shield. The sword fits well in your avatar's hands, as does the shield, with its genuine leather pixel straps to attach to your character's hands. I think it deserves an 8/10.

Pricing: This gear item hit the Catalog at a price of R$1,000, which in my mind is a bit too much for a sword such as itself. A price in the R$500-750 seems more suitable. 8/10.

Overall: 8/10

Thanks for reading and be sure to follow me on Twitter! @Ulquiorra98RBLX

Thanksgiving Poll Results

Hi guys,
zinc707 here again. So I went ahead and finished up the poll that I requested you ROBLOXians vote on - and I have the results:

Scavenger hunt: 28
Humans Vs. Turkeys (Minigames): 24
Humans Vs. Turkeys (Paintball): 15
Humans Vs. Turkeys (All-out-brawl): 11

This year - we will be hosting a Thanksgiving scavenger hunt, and will keep you ROBLOXians updated on the status of it.

Thanks to everyone that participated in the Thanksgiving Poll - your feedback is valued and gives us insight as to what the users want.

Monday, November 12, 2012

Hat Review: Knock Out Cap!

Hey guys sorry it’s been so long! I have been very busy, with school plotting more ideas for this blog, etc. Today I am going to review Knock Out Cap!

Mesh: 10/10
This mesh is very unique. It has the look of an old brown leather top hat, with an opening on top with a huge boxing glove coming out, behind the glove there is a little flap that covers over the hat and glove when not in use. I guess that is where “Knock Out Cap” comes from. This actually cap mesh could have been recolored/ retextures, with added mesh to the top to make a fist on a spring coming out. My only complaint with this mesh is the fact it comes down over the avatar’s eyes which I am not a fan of. Overall 10/10, for this hat’s nice and beautiful mesh.

Texture: 8.5/10
This texture is very simple for the hat part but once it gets to the spring and glove, it gets sort of complicated. I like how the spring is like flat, but looks very bendy. This hat’s texture is both very complicated and very easy; it is also very funny and enjoyable. Therefore I give it 8.5/ 10.

Money Value: 10/10
This is hat is a lot cheaper than you would think. This hat only costs 250 robux. It’s very a good price for a very awesome hat. Right now I would totally buy this hat but I am very low on robux at the moment. I suggest for anyone with lots of money to buy this awesome hat. I give the value on this hat 10/10

Enjoyment: 10/10
The hat looks very nice on your avatar, my only complaint like I said before the front of the hat goes down over the eyes of the avatar. It’s a beautiful and funny hat, it should have honestly been limited.

Overall: 10/10
Overall this hat is great, epic Texture, epic mesh awesome looks. I strongly suggest this awesome hat to everybody. Overall I give it 10/10!

P.S: Black Friday is coming up in 2 weeks so keep an eye on the blog from now till then, expect a little surprise post from me soon, and lots of hat/gear reviews during black Friday weekend!
Thanks for reading!

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Sunday, November 11, 2012

Mango's Tutorials: Beginning Scripting

Hey guys! I've asked some people and it appears that scripting is something that a lot of users are wanting to understand.

Beginning scripting is very easy to learn, if you have the urge and willpower to overcome the twist and turns that it's rocky road brings fourth. Once you've got the basics down, you'll be able to understand more complicated tutorials.

But before we get started, you'll need to have Roblox Studio set up properly. To do that, open Roblox Studio and start a new project.

Move your mouse over the "View" tab that's located on the top of your screen. your going to want to select "Explorer" and "Properties".

This is what the explorer should look like:

This is what the properties tab should look like:

Once you've got those tabs opened, we can continue on with the tutorial.

Notice when you click something on the explorer, you can change it in the properties tab. And everything that appears in the explorer, is in the game. Also take notice that everything is under "Workspace" in the explorer.

Alright, now I want you to insert a brick, and I want you to name it 'test'. The brick should appear as a "Part" in the explorer tab. Now insert a script. Do this by rolling your mouse over the "Insert" tab on the top of your screen, then click "Insert Object".

A window should come up, select "Script". A "Script" should be added to your explorer.

Double click the script. A window should come up with the text "Hello world" in it. Since we don't really need that there, your going to want to erase that.

What we're going to do, is change some of the properties of our 'test' brick using a script. In order to do that, we first have to tell the script what we want to edit. But, how do we do that? Simple.

First, we tell the script to look under 'game', since everything is in the game, obviously the brick is going to be in there. Then, if you look at the explorer, your going to want to identify it under 'Workspace' as well.

It should look something like this:


First it looks in game, then Workspace and then it's directed to our brick, 'test'.

Now we want to change our brick.

Click the 'test' brick on the explorer and look at the properties tab. Let's change the transparency, to do that, we're going to show the script what we want to change. So add 'transparency' to the script, like so:


Now we can go ahead and change it. We want to add an '=' sign and put in the decimal you prefer, just like this:

game.Workspace.test.Transparency = 0.3

Congratulations! You've created your first script. Push the play button, if you've done everything correctly,  the 'test' brick should become transparent.

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Halloween Gift Roundup!

All the gifts have finally opened! Here is an overview of each. (Note: I really apologize for the lateness of this post, due to not having internet the last week of October and due to being busy with other things.)

Ghost Tie

The Ghost Tie came out of the first gift, the Gift of the Ghastly Ghostie. It was predicted correctly by many, and was worth 100 robux. I believe this tie was definitely worth it, as it's very cool looking and goes good with other hats in various combos. 

Vlad the Impaler, VII

Vlad the Impaler VII came out of the Gift of the Count's Coffin, and was worth 200 robux. Most did not see it coming, so very few actually predicted it correctly. Most would say that this gift was not worth it, as even though its better than last year's Vlad, this Vlad the Impaler resembles those cheap Level Up hats from last year. Also, it's very ugly like the other Vlad the Impalers.

Pumpkin Headrow

The third gift, Gift of the Jack-O-Lantern Matryoshka, had the Pumpkin Headrow. It was worth 3000 robux, making it the second most expensive gift this October. Like the first gift, this gift was predicted correctly by many as well. Some believe the Pumpkin Headrow was worth it and others believe it wasn't. I think the Pumpkin Headrow is a really neat hat and is excellent for combos, but it's worth something more like 1500 robux. This gift later went limited, and is now failing hard, selling around 600-1500 robux. Honestly, this gift was unfortunately a rip-off.

Pile O'Eyes

Inside of the Gift of the All Seeing Eyes was the Pile O'Eyes. It was worth 75 robux, making this the cheapest gift of Halloween 2012. Just about everyone predicted this gift correctly. Honestly, this gift is worth more like 20 robux, because it isn't that great of a hat. It also seems as if the admins just copied another fail gift hat idea. Then again, it doesn't really matter whether the gift was worth it or not because it was extremely cheap.

Werewolf Claws

Werewolf Claws came out of the Gift of Clawed Combat, making them the first gear to come out of a gift this October. These claws were predicted correctly by a majority of Robloxians, like the Pile O'Eyes. These claws were worth 1000 robux, and I believe they are extremely overpowered in game. Werewolf Claws act like a sword in-game. You use them to slash at your opponents. In-game, you have two claws at once, making these claws twice as powerful as your average sword. Double clicking allows you to do a fast lunge. At nighttime, you can walk faster and you have double health. These claws were definitely worth 1000 robux.

Skull and Crossbones Fedora

Now for the BC gifts. The Stylish Gift of Skeletons was BC only and inside was the Skull and Crossbones Fedora. This fedora was worth 500 robux, which is an extremely cheap price for a fedora. Not many saw this coming, but everyone loves this fedora. It has a mesh very similar to the Shady Business Hat, and the texture looks great. This fedora was definitely worth 500 robux, as fedoras are valued much more than 500 robux.

The Ochre Eye

The Ochre Eye (which many were predicting), came out of the Gift of Turbo Vision. It was worth 500 robux and was TBC only. Many have liked this new eye and some even call it the new Crimson Catseye. The texture itself is very similar to the Crimson Catseye in many ways. They're both very dark and big eyes. For 500 robux, this hat was a great deal.

Korblox Skeleton

Inside the Outrageous Gift of the Undead was the Korblox Skeleton. It's the only package gift this Halloween, and was worth 500 robux and OBC only. For an OBC package, this package is very cool and neat. I'd consider this package to actually be the best skeleton package, and most of the community loves this package. It was somewhat unexpected, but was definitely worth 500 robux. I love how the two arms are very different, and also how it came with a free hooded skull.

Angry Cyclops

The Angry Cyclops came out of the Gift of the Cauldron Born to much surprise. It was worth 250 robux, and is good, but not great looking. Okay, so yes, the thumbnail does not look that great. However, the hat fits and blends perfectly on the Robloxian head, and is great for combos. It's not a terrible hat, but not a great hat. I believe this hat was worth more like 100 robux, but it still is a decent hat.

Sorcus' Chair

Alright, this has got to be one of my favorite gifts this year. Sorcus' Chair came out of the Surly Gift of Sorcus II, and acts similar to the chairs in Chair Racing. It was worth 707 robux. When equipped, you can either ride the chair or throw the chair. If you are riding the chair, you can move super fast. Not to mention, everyone you hit when riding in the chair will fall over and the chair will say stuff such as "TROLOLOLOL" or "UMADBRO". Also, it's a bit fun to jump around in the chair and see what happens. You can throw the chair at someone by hitting the Q button. Anyone hit with the chair will fall over, have a chair stuck to them for a couple seconds, and the chair will again say some funny comment. Sorcus' Chair is a hilarious gear and was definitely worth the money.

Wolf Amulet

The Wolf Amulet, like the anonymous user "predicted", came out of the Gift of the Fool's Moon and was worth 300 robux. This hat was definitely not worth the 300 robux in my opinion, and I have many reasons as why to say that. It's very small, and hard to see. I also don't like the wolf amulet itself, and I think it looks a bit ugly. I've also heard from other users that the hat is somewhat placed wrong on your head. Overall, this hat was a big waste of money for most users.

Korblox Skeleton Wraith

Like many predicted, the Korblox Skeleton Wraith (or bird), came out of the Gift of the Korbloxian. It was worth 1000 robux. In game, this gear acts very much like the phoenix gear. It hovers around the map and targets enemies. However, this bird shoots overpowered fire at foes, and only takes 2-4 shots to kill an enemy. It also emits a huge purple glow every 10 seconds, that is a massive damage dealer to players surrounding the bird. The bird can also be used with other gears, making this gear very much worth the 1k.

Dominus Vespertilio

Okay, this is what we've all been waiting for. The Dominus Vespertilio came out of the Gift of Sinister Ascension, and was worth a massive 31k. This gift probably fooled everyone who predicted it, as most of the clues about the gift led to belief that a Black Iron Domino Crown was coming out of it, instead of a second Halloween-themed dominus. This dominus is the least rarest dominus, and also does not have the original dominus mesh. The hood is a bit more slim and less pointed, and this dominus has bat wings instead of feathers. I must say this dominus looks very nice and I like the idea of a new mesh, but I do admit with most of the community that this dominus does not even come close to the originals. If this were to go limited, it would definitely make big profit like the Dominus Messor did. Overall, this gift was absolutely worth it.

So, most of these gifts this year were worth it and some were not. I believe that this year's Halloween gifts were much better than last year's. Black Friday and Christmas are coming up soon, so I recommend to readers that you save your robux up. Black Friday usually has tons of win limiteds and one mega win limited. Christmas also has gifts like Halloween, however these gifts are earn-able and buy-able, as well as the fact that there usually is one big win Christmas gift.

- NonstopEpic, Catalog Manager