Saturday, December 31, 2011

Prison Roleplay Place Review

Yeah, you've seen this thousands of times. One of those really lame places where the prisoners have absolutely no hope of escape and are constantly killed by their guards. Well this place is completely different from those and is also a lot more fun.

Gameplay 10/10
There are 3 basic teams in this place. The prisoners who want to escape from jail, the guards that want to keep the prisoners in jail, and the robbers who want to break prisoners out of jail. The prisoners are able to break out entirely on their own however it is extremely risky. All prisoners get a file which they can use to cut open the bars in their cell. It takes a long time and the guards can easily see what they're doing so you have to be sneaky. The guards are armed with a baton, handcuffs, and a tazer. If you are hit by the tazer then you are unable to move for a short period of time. The handcuffs can be used on robbers to put them in jail. The robbers are able to go through the vents of the prison to pretty much anywhere. They can also escort the prisoners through the vents to safety.

Effort 8/10
There are a lot of different scripts at work here and the building is superbly made but it could use a bit more detail.

Creativity 7/10
I've seen a lot of games like this in the past, however none of them have tried the things this person has tried.
Overall 8.5/10
  • Have a guide for how to use the file, it's amazing how many people don't understand how to use it.
  • Make it so the police must allow prisoners to go to their activities.
  • Have a hot dog machine in each prison cell.
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Reviewed Place: Prison Roleplay
Reviewed by: Banjobug

New New Year Items!

Today four new year items have been uploaded to the ROBLOX Catalog.

Happy New Years 2012 

Happy New Years 2012
This hat is available for 10 Tickets and perfect way for everyone on ROBLOX to celebrate the start of 2012!

2012 Firework

2012 Firework

This gear is available for 500 Robux, slightly more expensive that the New Years hat but if you have the money I would suggest buying it; firework gears are really cool!

2012 Night Rocket

2012 Night Rocket

This gear is available for 600 Robux, just 100 more than the 2012 Firework. Because of this, it must be even better than the other firework. If you have the money, buy it!

Happy New Year 2012

Happy New Year 2012

This hat is available for 1000 Robux. This is quite expensive, but you pay for the style and sparkleness! If you have a lot of Robux I suggest you splash out!

Look out for more New Year items in the catalog, and perhaps the Snowpacalypse Gift of December 26th will open! Lots to look forward to. 

Friday, December 30, 2011

New Limited: Venomshank!

Recently, Roblox just made the Venomshank gear. In the beginning of December, BrightEyes hinted on Twitter that this would be released. It's one of the special end of the year items. The Venomshank is one of the swords from Telamon's popular Sword Fights on the Heights IV game. I can guarantee that you will make huge profit off of this gear. Now, here is the review.
Mesh: 9/10
It's the classic sword mesh. This sword mesh is used in a lot of Roblox games, and is well familiar to many Roblox players.
Texture: 9/10
The texture is the classic sword texture edited to look green, like the sword is poisonous. It's pretty impressive, and it goes very well with the mesh.
Ability: 10/10
This is what makes the sword so great. When you hit your target with it, they lose a ton of health and turn green, as if they have been poisoned. With this, you can defeat your enemies easily.
Overall: 10/10

The Venomshank was R$5,000 and it was LimitedU. Only 100 of them were sold, making this gear pretty rare. Now, it's selling for over R$40,000. With this, you can make over R$35,000. If you got this when it was R$5,000, you should sell it when the prices are a little higher, so, sell it when the Venomshank is worth more than R$40,000. Just be careful to sell it at the right time, because you never know if the price of the Venomshank will go up or down. If you didn't buy it for R$5,000, buy it now. The prices will get even higher, so buy it before it becomes more expensive.

All in all, the Venomshank is a great gear and you can make a huge profit off of it. Just be careful about how much you sell it for.

Knexer's Roblox Talk Season 2!

The popular chat show host Knexer is back with a whole new season of his chat show: 'Roblox Talk'!

If you didn't already know, Knexer interviews all sorts of ROBLOX users about their experiences on ROBLOX and what they do on their day to day business. Sometimes they are well known or 'famous', I.e Telamon and sometimes they are not. It gives viewers the chance to catch up with their favourite users and find out all sorts of interesting information about them.

 Here is the first episode of season with our very own staff member, TREVOR818730:


Thursday, December 29, 2011

Community Article: Laser Tag Place Review

Laser Tag ~ Update

After a long hiatus from ROBLOX, I came back with the intention to play some GAIMZ (cookies for you if you get the reference). I was browsing through the games sections and saw this new game by stickmasterluke, Laser Tag. I decided to check it out because he makes quality games, and this one is no exception.

When you first enter the game, you will notice the clean, crisp, and clear GUI. The “Open folder” icon at the bottom left takes you to a menu where you can view stats, buy weapons, and purchase perks. There are many unique and detailed weapons (though lacking color) to choose from. There are also 5 perks to select, excluding variants and the bonus exp and gp perks. Although it would be nice to see more perks, there are still many, many paths to take in order to develop the loadout around your play style.

 The gameplay is as crisp as the menu and GUI. I don’t know how stickmasterluke does it, but even with over 6000 parts, he manages to develop a game that contains absolutely zero lag.

With zero lag, hit detection also becomes excellent. The guns are all raycast guns, therefore, I have yet to encounter major hit detection errors. That being said, the only effect that occurs when fired is a tiny ray and a sound and there is no death animation. This does not contribute to the “umpph” feeling that shooters need.

The next major part that contributes to the excellent game play is the maps. They are most excellently built and provide strategic variables such as height advantages and cover. Even if you dislike one map in particular, there are many maps so you don’t have to repeatedly play the same one.   After the match ends you are thrown into a 45 second intermission, and are awarded gp and exp based on how you performed. You can spend gp on weapons and perks. The exp points make you gain levels.

I have yet to find a use for levels though. All your unlockables and points are persistent which means you can play with the same loadout the next time you decide to hit this game up. Gp can be purchased with robux in the form of a t-shirt. So no VIPs with uber one hit kill miniguns here.

Lag (10/10) Zero lag. It’s a miracle :O   Balance (9/10) Some gun-perk combinations can be devastating to new players with stock weapons. However, there are no “overpowered” weapons.

Scripting (9/10) Could have done a little more in terms of effects for the guns, but everything else is flawless.

Building (9/10) Most maps are well built but some maps lack detail.   GUI (9/10) Simple, crisp.

 Gameplay (10/10) With so much action and skill packed into this game, gameplay is perhaps the strongest point in this game.

OVERALL (9.5/10) The game lacks detail in terms of effects but everything else is excellent.   Definitely check out this game if you haven’t already. Great fun if you want to own some n00bs or want to show off your skills to your friends.

We thank yomamadude6 for providing us with this well written article. 

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Arb's Sixth Gift: Loyal Gift of Roblox News

As a thank you to all of ours fans I bring you the Loyal Gift of Roblox News!

Loyal Gift of Roblox News

Loyal Gift of Roblox News

You're a fan of Roblox News, and we love you! Free until the 31st of December.

As mentioned in the description it will be available until the 31st December, so gets yours today!

Winter Building Contest 2011 Winners!

Yes, the time has come to announce the winners of this year's contest. There weren't many entries, but there were enough to announce the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place winners. This Winter contest was judged by Refreshingwater and Banjobug, both of which are the Place Reviewers, as you all should know by now. So, here they are, the winners of the Winter Building Contest 2011!

In first place we have Skatore Cabin. The reason we chose this place was because it looked very well built and looked very cool. The winner's name is SuperSkateboy. The creator of this place will get a popular place of their choice reviewed by Banjobug and Refreshingwater. Get to write their own review to be published by Refreshingwater, your name will be mentioned. A 30 minute chat with both Banjobug and Refreshingwater. A hat made just for them, made by Refreshingwater of course. A follow on Twitter from Refreshingwater. Their winning place reviewed by both Banjo and Refreshing.

In second place we have The Robloxian Army Fort Darox. Tonitoni created this place. The reason I chose this place is because it was well built and it stood out to me in many different ways. This person gets a popular place of their choice reviewed by Refreshingwater. A follow on Twitter from Banjobug.Their created place reviewed by Banjo.

In third place we have Snowy CTF created by BillCheesy5.  He gets a popular place ranted by Banjobug. Their created place reviewed by Refreshing.

Unfortunately, there were some places that were BC Only and some were removed from the person's inventory. I strictly stated that "all entries must be playable by EVERYONE", which some of you ignored and did that anyway. There was one that was obviously free modeled and wont be named here.

So, I removed all of those entries from the email and threw them into the trash. So, finally, there were only 4 entries. That is not what we wanted.

We might not even do another building contest because nobody entered. You had two weeks and people did enter but many did not follow the rules.

Send us a tweet if you won. Please tell us your username and what position you got, either 1st, 2nd, or 3rd. Please don't lie because we will hate you forever, which is not good. Refreshingwater's Twitter , Banjobug's Twitter   , tweet us as soon as possible. If we don't get a tweet from you until 1/13/12, you wont receive your prize.

Thank you for entering and we hope we can make another contest soon.

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Package Review: Korblox General

Korblox General

Mesh: 10/10
Absolutely awesome mesh, possibly the best package ever released to the catalog! I love the bulky armour and the large crystals sticking out it which really add some style to your ROBLOXian warrior.

Texture: 9/10
The grey colour scheme really suits this body and I believe the crystals look exactly as you would expect them to do. The crystal gauntlets and purple fingers look really nice together. I gave the texture a 9 because a couple of sections are a tad pixelated, but this is not a major problem.

Price: 9/10

The price is not too expensive at R$1500. Of course; this isn't the cheapest item around, but you have to consider you are paying for quality, this package literally packs quality. A bit of saving and you'll be able to afford the the Korblox General in no time!

Overall: 9.3/10
Overall a brilliant body and a worthy addition to the collection of fantastic Korblox items! Price is quite reasonable for what you get and it looks great with any kind of medieval hat or gear.

Now you can be that dark, evil warrior that you always wanted to be!

Monday, December 26, 2011

Isoclism: An RPG for the entire ROBLOX Community!

Isoclism Developers V/1006

'Isoclism is supposed to be a 1100AD estique game focused around exploring and completing quests. The overall game map is massive and is built completely hand made. The game itself is being developed by 8 developers and being created for the entire Roblox Community. We have been rather struggling to gain any sort of publicity, as we are almost complete with the game. Also, we inrich our community with small contests, and polls, and activities, that show off our goals. Also, this game is designed from the ground up, and uses no orbitary code, nor plagerizes any art, retextures...'


Icoclism sounds interesting, a new RPG competing for a spot on the games page! I haven't played a ROBLOX RPG in some time, and ever since mod-Venture went underground, I lost interest in their genre. However, this brings a fresh new game to the table and I am excited to see how it turns out. The game goes into public Beta tomorrow, so make sure you're there to try it out and share your thoughts with us! You can find the place HERE.

Arb's Fifth Gift: Peppermint Gift of Boxing Festivities!

It is now Boxing day, the second day of Christmas and I come bearing gifts! No, not real gifts, don't be silly and overly optimistic, I mean ROBLOX gifts! Today's gift is:

Peppermint Gift of Boxing Festivities

Fun for all the family... on Boxing day!
This gift is only available on Boxing day, so get yours today!  

Sunday, December 25, 2011

Merry Christmas from the Roblox News team!

Merry Christmas from Arbirator and the rest of the Roblox News team! We hope you are all enjoying your holiday and got great gifts at Christmas, share what you got in the comments below! There are still another 11 days of Christmas and lots more ROBLOX items are due to be released including the best items of 2011 mentioned in the Roblox Community Blog.

It's been a great Christmas all around with an interesting array of gifts given out with cool prizes within them. What is your favorite gift and which gift prize is your favorite?

Miked has returned!

Be it a brief visit, the legendary ROBLOXian Miked returned yesterday and fixed his classic game: Ultimate Paintball. Ultimate Paintball has been a part of the old ROBLOX community for many years and is regarded as a timeless game with endless re-playability and enjoyment.

Both old and new players flocked to the game yesterday and blasted away at each other. I visited the game and it brought back many happy memories, yes this place was and probably still is my favorite place of all time, pretty much since I joined ROBLOX. Because I have played the Ultimate Paintball so much, I'm quite good at ROBLOX paintballing now and fully utilize the 3 modes on the gun and the grenade accessory, but there are many better players who are almost impossible to hit due to their matrix style paintball dodging.

Why not try out the game today? You get your friends faces covered in paint.  
Disclaimer: risk of death is possible and I do not take any responsibility for injury including the loss of limbs.

Miked could be back for good, but who knows? He is a very secretive chap.