Monday, January 31, 2011

Upcoming contest!

I've decided it is time for ROBLOX News to have a contest with it's viewers and followers! I will post the details of which shortly, stay tuned!

Sunday, January 30, 2011

ROBLOX on Macs?

Recently Telamon tweeted saying there was a Mac Alpha on the ROBLOX sitetest. I can only presume this means the Mac PC's made by Apple. If the ROBLOX team are getting close to bringing the game out for Macs, then it is brilliant News! For years they have been trying to get them to work on Macs and now maybe it will happen! This will benefit the company as several ROBLOX players own macs, but only use the actual website. This may incline players to buy a type of BC once they truly discover the game! What do you think about it? Post your thoughts and comments below!

Saturday, January 29, 2011

New shadows!

As some of you may know, the ROBLOX team have been working on ambient shadows for around two weeks now and they have finally released them to the full site. This feature favours the slightly better graphics card (medium-high) and will turn them selves off if the frame rate goes below 30. This will reduce lagg and decide whether your PC can handle the new graphics. I think the new shadows are a good update and desserve a lot of attention! If you have any thoughts on the new shadows, please comment below.

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Diosus's Guide to hat Retexturing

Ever wondered how those people make hats look different from their original form? Ever wanted to do it to? Well now you can! That proccess is known as rextexturing. It basically involves editing the image on the hat and then uploading that image. Its great fun and is a cool way to impress your friends and get some respect in the community. Wanna learn how? Just follow these simple steps i've written down for you and you'l be on your way!

1. A simple image editing program that can be any thing from as simple as Paint to an advanced program like Photoshop.

1. Enter one of your places and insert that hat you desire. You can pretty much find a decent copy of all hats laying around Free Models.
2. Next, open up properties of the mesh inside the hat and find the TextureID in the mesh.
and in your browser type with the numbers at the end of
the TextureID at the end of that.
3. You will see a image , copy that image into the image editer of your choice and edit it
In any way you want to.
4. Once your done, save the image as a .png format and upload it to roblox as a decal.
5.Put the decal on a brick in your place and copy the TextureID of the decal and then past it in the TextureID of the mesh (Remove the old one)
6. Your retexture is done injoy!

Interview with Jblaze1

Q1) How did you find about ROBLOX and why did you stay?
A1)Well, one of my friends told me about roblox and I thought it was dumb. But then another friend actually showed me it and it looked pretty fun. I tryed it out and got adicted to it.

Q2)What do you enjoy about foruming?
A2)I would have to say that its a good time waster and fun

Q3)What is your favourite part of building?
A3)Probably knowing that I can build anything I want with no limits.

Q4)What is your favourite thing in ROBLOX?
A4)Probably building.

Q5)What did you think of 2010s ROBLOX events?
A5)Well, I missed a big portion of 2010 because of camp, but I enjoyed all the cool limiteds made.

Q6)Who is your favourite Robloxian and why?
A6)RangemeludE. He makes epic retextures and RPGs.

Q7)Who is your favourite admin and why?
A7)Matt duesk because he has a space in his name!

Q8)What is your favourite game?
A8)I would have to say edge of the world by Sam010100001

Q9)Did you like the Easter egg hunt of 2010? Why?
A9)I enjoyed the 2010 egg hunt. I would of liked it more if the whole website didn't glitch during the event.

Q10)What do you look for when wanting to play a game on the front page?
A10)I look for good building, no lag, fun gameplay, and no free models

Q11)What do you do in your spare time?
A11)Read and Skateboard.

Q12)What other games do you play other than ROBLOX?
A12)Wizard101 and MineCraft.

Q13)So far do you think 2011 is going well for ROBLOX?
A13)Yeah, roblox is going pretty well so far in my opinion.

Q14)Do you like the new updates?
A14)Well, I'm not very fond of the BC only games, I'm going to enjoy hat trading, and I like the new hub.

Q15)If you could change one thing about ROBLOX what would it be?
A15)I would change the way retextures are published. There would be a weekly vote on retextures and the winner would get that hat published.

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Hey Everyone!

Hey everyone i'm Diosus! I'd like to introduce myself today to everyone as the newest writer for Roblox News! I've been writing aroung for a good while about several games including Roblox on multiple sights such as Wordpress and Blogspot and I consider my self to be a bit of an experianced blogger/Writer.I'd like to thank Arbirator for accepting my request to help out around here and so i'll be around writing posts on this site for atleast a good while! Well thats pretty much it for now. Bye!

Ninja Land

The key two being a ninja is to have the right tools. For example; If you were dressed like this person you would not be a Full real ninja. You would only be half a ninja. But to be like a real ninja, You would have to buy this tool! The Ronin Katana. One of Robloxes most famous ninja tools. When I try'd it out, I found out it was very good for pushing right up against your target and ether, just moving side to side on your target or hitting him constantly. Both of them together seems to be a quicker way of killing them. So, I would rate this item, 3/10 for looks, 4/10 damage and 1/10 for range. Altogether 8/10 for the ratings.

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Interview with ZeroVelocity

Q1) How did you find out about ROBLOX and what made you stay?
A1)Back in 2007 a friend of mine told me about Roblox. As for what made me stay, hm... I'd have to say the fun games- but now is a totally different story. I stay to build.

Q2)What games other than ROBLOX do you play?

Q3)Who is your favourite ROBLOX admin?

Q4)What do you enjoy most about the game?
A4)The creativeness.

Q5)What inspired your username?
A5)If I can remember correctly, I was viewing another forum with a dark theme named, "ZeroVelocity." It just stuck. :P

Q6)What's your favourite food?
A6)The kind you eat..?

Q7)What is your favourite gear?
A7)Wooden Sword.

Q8)What is your favourite item?
A8)You mean in the catalog? Paper hat.

Q9)Do you enjoy sharing your ideas with others?
A9)No and yes. Ideas for my places, that's a no. I like to surprise people. Yes for ideas to those who ask... :P

Q10)Overall, in your opinion, which was ROBLOX's best year?
A10)Now. 2011.

Q11)And lastly if you were to decide the next ROBLOX update, what would it be? Why?
A11)Draw- A crafting mode (like online, solo, and edit), where you can literally draw your own parts and upload them. As for why, I really don't know. It would just sound cool. :P

Monday, January 24, 2011

New email adress!

This new email adress is the websites email! If you have any questions/queries or suggestions about the website email this adress and we will get back to you ASAP!

Don't forget to click the Survey page and take the Roblox News survey!

Sunday, January 23, 2011

An Elegant Blade!

This new piece of gear is Limited U and 1000 copies were sold. This gear has a mixed reception amongst the ROBLOX community. It took a while to sell out but surprisingly the price did not drop below 1800. The prices are now at a stand still, and most sellers are selling it for a modest price of 2000 R$. So you may ask, what's so good about it? Well the sword itself looks pretty nice and in game the sword laser changes to different shades of blue. After much testing I have decided that it is a two hit kill weapon, but this is only done with slash damage. You may notice that your opponent loses only a tiny amount of health, this is due to the fact that the sword can be tricky to slash and hit, and that you simply touched them with your sword. Another plus of the weapon is that it has a different animation to other swords, you will slash sideways instead of straight down like a linked sword.

So to conclude:
Damage: 8/10
looks: 9/10
Price 7/10

Friday, January 21, 2011

Interview with Kuunan

Q1) How did you find out about ROBLOX and what made you want to stay?

A) One of my friends showed me ROBLOX, which at first I didn't like. A few months later we started to play, both of us liked the game selection.

Q2) What was the first game you ever played? Was it memorable, why?

A) The first game I played was Elemental Wars, by Kinglime. Unlike most games of that time, Elemental Wars covered all the aspects of a fun game. And even more prevalent was it’s ability to entertain me, consistently. It never seemed boring.

Q3) Who is your favourite admin and why?

A) Telamon; he keeps in contact with the community, answers questions, and is just a nice guy.

Q4) Over the years you have been on ROBLOX which was your favourite contest?

A) Of the few contest I've seen, my favorite was the ROBLOX Tutorial Video Contest, in the summer of 2009.

Q5) What is your all time favourite item?

A) Night Vision Goggles

Q6) Who is your favourite Robloxian and why?

A) GollyGreg, he's a nice guy and a revolutionary.

Q7) What is your favourite thing on ROBLOX and why?

A) Making games with friends. It's twice as efficient, fun, and overall just games for a better game.

Q8) What tips would you give someone who wanted to become and renound builder?

A) Be original, be creative. Focus on detail and take it one step at a time. Building requires patients.

Q9) What do you think of the upcoming Trading feature?

A) It'll be helpful and fun to use, while at the same time prevent a large portion of scams, if not all.

Q10) What is your all time favourite place on ROBLOX?

A) Favorite place, that's difficult. I'd have to say Crossroads.

Q11) What do you think about the new updates and features over the past year, have they improved ROBLOX?

A) Yeah definitely, they've made it a lot easier for users to express their creativity. They also made a lot more things to do around the website.

Q12) And finally. What do you think is good about the forums and why?

A) Probably that users can express their opinions and concerns so easily, the forums pretty much are a way for tons of users to communicate at the same time.

Thursday, January 20, 2011

NEW ROBLOX Contest: Block like an Egyptian

This week the block like an egyptian contest was launched. This is the first contest of 2011 so it will be interesting to see how it goes! The aim of this contest is too make an egyptian styled place, i.e with pyramids and sphinxes. In your screenshot you should include a the pyramid hat mesh rescaled so it is large. The prizes for this contest are below:

Cave Men Once Again?

The Roblox staff have decided to make a new gear; The Tomahawk. The Tomahawk was originally created by cave men using peaces of rock, wood and string. And When I try'd it out, I noticed it was mainly for long range purpose only. Not close combat because It launches its self into the sky and comes back down after a few seconds of gliding with the clouds. It reloads quickly so you can toss another one into the sky to get more of a chance of hitting your target. But it would take about 4 of them to kill a person because they take around 25Damage each time. Over all I would give this item 4 stars for looks, 2 Stars for the damage and 2 starts for the range. So I give it 6 out of 10 stars over all.

Just a quick note.

Hai guys! Recently I have got a lot of requests from people who want to join this blog. This is great news! The only problem is I cannot obviously employ everyone so please don't be downhearted if I do not accept your request, and please don't hate me for it! This is not saying you can't join or you can't send a request, i'm just saying bear with me.


Wednesday, January 19, 2011

What new features and pages would you like to see on the blog?

Is there something you really want? Or maybe something you think would be cool. If you have any ideas or suggestions just post them in the comments below!

Roblox News Editor

New hat trading system coming soon!

ROBLOX has yet to release the dates for when this feature comes out so I'm afraid I can't tell you as I don't know! This new feature will allow users to trade items such as hats between themselves allowing a secure way of making sure you don't get scammed and that your item doesn't get sniped. This will revolutionise limited item selling and will improve the system even further. This is assured to be a really popular update and will give you guys updates soon!

Post your thoughts on this upcoming feature in the comments below!

Monday, January 17, 2011

Red Erikson's lament

This is a hat that came out at the weekend, it is a BC Limited U item. The original price of the hat was R$600, once it sold out it's price rised gradually and is now worth more than 3K so there was a lot of profit there. I don't think the prices will stop rising for a while so I suggest, if you have the money spot a lower price and buy it. Considering only 100 exist making it very rare it is a item with a lot of potential, it also looks pretty nice too.

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Interview with RangeMeludE

Q1) How did you find about ROBLOX and what made you want to carry on with the game?
A1)A friend of my little brother started to play it, he told my little brother about it. My little brother told me about it but I thought it was stupid. I finally gave it a try and started to like it. During the first weeks I started retexturing, learned it instantly without any help. Retexturing got me popular, after that my place visits started to raise.

Q2)What would you say in your opinion is the best part of the gameand why?
A2)Building in games and advertising because you can put all your creativity in it. Imagine all you want.

Q3)If you were too give someone tips about Retexturing, what would they be?
A3)Follow your mind, use everything you can think of. Imagine what theme, look and result. I can't give any tips about programs because I only use Paint dot net myself.

Q4)Who is your favourite ROBLOX admin?

Q5)What is your favourite item and why?
A5)The hat " Masked Hood of the Doomspeaker".
It's my most expensive retexture ever published on Roblox.

Q6)Who is your favourite Robloxian and why?
A6)Anaminus, because of his really PRO Lua scripting experience.

Q7)What are your hobbies outside of ROBLOX?
A7)Football, basketball, hanging out and watching TV.

Q8)And finally what tips would you give to a Robloxian who would like to be famous and well liked in the community?
A8)Keep working on your place, enjoy your time and ignore any haters. ;)

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Hey guys

Just wanted to say a couple of things, firstly I'm not sure how long it has been there, but our blog is featured on the Official Developers blog! So that's great. The second thing is that the site update will occur today or tomorrow, if you have any requests such as a new template or theme just post it in the comments. Thanks.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Greetings I am 1001will

Hi. I am William Lightfoot (1001will) and I will be a new member of staff here at Roblox News. Just some little things about me: I play MMORPG's but I mostly go on ROBLOX. I own a PS3 so I might not be on ROBLOX all the time. But I will be on everyday. I am a nice, friendly approachable guy who loves to answer questions about anything. The sort of things I will be doing here will do mostly reviewing ROBLOX things. Unless I am told to do something else. Well bye for now.

- 1001will.

Interiew with Rob498

Q1) What do you think about the latest updates (BC games)? Are they logical? And futher back updates like BC gear and Hats?
A1)Well, in my opinion, I see what the admins are doing. Bringing the place traffic award for BC'ers up to 2/3 tickets encourages people to buy BC to support the site and themselves in real life. Same goes for the hats and gear. It may cause rioting, protests and such, but people are over-exaggerating. There are 1000s of free games to play, and 100s of hats and gear available to all players.
Do you approve of modern day ROBLOX (e.g. The new GUI, more advanced scripts etc) or do you wish old ROBLOX could be re-introduced?
A2)I suppose they have released some pretty neat features, like the triple hat glitch and other things. But the new GUI kind of messes up some games that have user-made GUIs, it would be much easier if the place owner had an option to have new GUIs in his place or the old ones we used to have. And more advanced scripting is a good challenge for advanced scripters, but unfortunate for learners and beginners. And maybe a few aspects of old ROBLOX to modern day would be nice, with the old video contests etc.
Q3)What do you like to do on ROBLOX the most? If it is a skill (i.e. Scripting, Building) are you good at?
A3)Ah, I love foruming on the forums. I started back in early 2009 and since then have attained over 21,000 forum posts and frequently experience having the Top 100 Poster badge.

And building, I love building. I like testing my abilities and trying to C-Frame good pieces of work.
And scripting, I'm currently learning how to try and script Lua with the help of a few guides, and so far so good.
Plus I love to brickbattle and swordfight and have successfully achieved 20,000+ knockouts.
So if you take everything and all my abilities, I'm pretty much an "all-rounder".
Q4)Who is your favourite admin? And why?
A4)My favourite admin would probably have to be Telamon. He makes pretty amazing places which you could stay at for hours. And any time he is on the forums he brings humour and interacts well with the community, plus he brings some sweet updates.
Q5)Do you consider famous players such as "SONICTHEHEDGEHOGXX and bobatheman" what most people call "Noobs"?

A5)Well, in my opinion, no. You see, the haters on sonic are just angry at his fame for getting millions of place visits using free models and rage at him. When he comes on the forum, he's a pretty cool and nice guy but most people attack him and insult him because of his fame.

Next to hopefully be interviewed - RangeMeludE
Keep refering to Roblox news for great interviews!

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Greetings, just a little about my self.

Hello, my name is Dion. Im the latest addition the the "Roblox News" staff. I like to play Roblox frequentley, but play other MMORPG's aswell as Roblox. My Roblox name is Diesel40551998, and Im a 2 year Veteran. Keep refering to Roblox News for the most detailed and interesting news. Until then, have a great time surfing Roblox News!

Monday, January 10, 2011

Staff Update

Hi, as you know I am looking for more staff to help run this website, I currently have one member possibly joining the team so I will keep you up to date on that, remember if you you're interested just PM arbirator on ROBLOX or message me via google accounts!

Sunday, January 9, 2011

New Years survey!

Take this survey to tell us what you would like about us and you want to see appear on this website this year! Click here to take survey

New hats!

A new year is here and with thaty lots of new items! This is what has been released today:

EvilNom 8/10 - Quite a funny hat, and quite fairly priced

The Rain 7/10 - Not many of these hats, but quite expensive for the quality you get

Optical Invasion 6/10 - A bit overpriced me thinks...

Griffin Warrior 9/10 - Highest rated hat of the day! We have a few birds of prey inspired hats now, but this I think is one of the best. Its sold out now and prices will rise, so get yours quick!

Happy New Year!

I know this is late but happy new year to everyone! Especially to this Blogs followers who have been loyal to this blog over the months :) This year will be filled with more great ROBLOX news, reviews, hints, tips and exclusive info! An intro to new followers: This Blog is similar to the Developers blog on ROBLOX but it gives deeper info on things it does not cover, or talk about. I hope this year will be great for this website! I may also start looking for new publishers to help keep this site updated and running effieciently. PM me on ROBLOX or via google accounts for more info.

~Ollie Borlase
Roblox News Editor.

Gifts Opened

All the gifts opened a little while back and every user you had one received some hats and gear. Two gifts that I did not mention earlier were the 8 bit and 16 bit gifts. These gifts were awarded for achieving certain ROBLOX badges. Inside the 8 bit gift was an 8 bit elf hat, like the hat link wears in Zelda. Inside the 16 bit however was two items, an 8 bit Santa hat (Predictable) and Santa's grappling hook gear.