Saturday, March 31, 2012

Crimson Catseye Tophat Hat Review

Here's the review of the Crimson Catseye Tophat!

Crimson Catseye Tophat

Mesh: The mesh of this hat is more of a Bowler Hat than a Tophat. The spikes coming out of the front look deadly and sharp, which is probably the intended effect. It is a retextured hat as well, so this is not the first time this mesh has been used - I think it's been used about twice before. Still pretty nice. 8/10.

Texture: It may look good from a distance, but if you look up close, it's actually very pixelated. The eye on the front is actually part of the texture from the hat "The Crimson Catseye", hence the name "Crimson Catseye Tophat". The use of the eye is good, but everything being so pixelated - ugh. 3/10.

Value For Money: This hat is a Limited U, and it was originally 650 Robux and it had 650 in stock (Lol that matches). 650 Robux for a pixelated "Tophat"? Seems kind of overpriced. Maybe 400 or 500 Robux? Right now it's selling for about 1300 - 1500 Robux at the least. Buy it if you want, I know I won't be. 6/10.

Ease Of Retexturing: This hat seems easy, but hard to retexture. Here's the link to the texture: On a scale of 1-10, 1 being hard and 10 being easy, it seems to be a 7, maybe 6. 6.5/10.

Overall: Overall, this hat seems deadly, sharp and creepy, (which is probably intended) but way too pixelated. I give it an overall 6.2/10. Which is also known as 620/1000. See, I'm fun and educational!

Friday, March 30, 2012

Roblox's New Site Update- Bad, or Good?

Recently you all have noticed the new site when you go on Roblox, and some people hate it, but others don't. There's still problems with the site's new update, and there are great usages from it too. The main thing is, why would roblox do it? So I've decided to give you the pros and cons about the new update.

1. Easy access to the menu bar now.
2. Loads faster.

1. The new scroll feature makes the site look like Facebook.
2. The ad is under the menu bar, creating that feeling of intrusion.

I for one was shocked when I logged on, but I've grown used to it. The question is, will you grow used to it?

Screen Shots:

Thursday, March 29, 2012

Easter Retexture Contest: Eggstravagant Retextures!

With Easter fast approaching we thought we'd launch a themed retexture contest. Not just any theme however, in this particular contest you have to produce egg retextures! There are many fantastic ideas which can be panned out onto the simple ROBLOX egg as well as the more complex Fabergé egg! Where your egg be covered in sand or glitter like a disco ball; it's all down to you! So get cracking! [Terrible pun, I know]

If you'd like to enter simply follow these instructions:

1) Create a retexture of a classic egg, or a Fabergé egg. (Beware, the classic egg has a bit of a weird texture map and so extra thought is needed in the design process.) Then upload the retexture as a model. Make sure the model is 'public domain' or 'free' so we can take a copy if we like it!

2) Send your entry to '' titled 'Eggstravagant Retexture' - make sure you leave your ROBLOX username.

3) We will view every entry and pick a number of winners!

IMPORTANT: As some of you are aware, a few members of the Roblox News team are working on the RN Egg Hunt project; the winners are going to be used in the egg hunt and will have scripted behaviour, coded by the lovely zinc707!

Editor of Roblox News

Hat Review: Paper Hat

So, today I decided to have a look at the "Paper Hat", an old favourite hat of many, and this is how the review went.

Basic Stats:

-Created 5/5/2009
-Favorited 7,386 times
-Total Sold 23,125
Genre: Adventure
-Description "Set sail to the Lands of Imagination!"

The mesh of the hat is very well done for an old hat, it
fits perfectly onto many other hats if you want to combo
it with another hat.

I thought the texture for it was very well done, if features
a number of words on it which you would probably have to
look at the texture in flat view to make them out. I love the
classic Newspaper theme of it, because it's what many of us
are familiar with when it comes to making hats in real life

This hat is so creative and original, and when you wear it you
can pretend to be a pirate, an explorer, and so much more, the
possibilities are endless with this hat, because it pretty much suits
any type of avatar you wish to come up with

It doesn't get much better than this, at only 30 ROBUX it's a definite
steal. Many users with low income could probably afford this, very
affordable for such an amazing hat.

I highly recommend buying this hat, it's fitting, affordable, and just looks
great overall, so nab one today!

Have a question? Follow me on Twitter @Rob498RBLX

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

The Trading System Imminent!

The trading system is finally arriving! Hallelujah!

An hour ago, John Shedletsky - creative director at ROBLOX, tweeted this:

April is, obviously, just around the corner and so this news will make many ROBLOXians jump with glee! The trading system has been talked about for well over a year now and users have been quite literally begging for them to produce one.

John thought that it was a good investment for the site and its users and so began work on it, however, before anything could be constructed; they had to decide how it should operate and what the user interface should look like. This became a bit of a problem as all fours types of trading system had their advantages and disadvantages.

(Courtesy of The four options were:

- Real time face-to-face trading

  • Trades happen quickly once someone you want to trade with is found
  • Easy to understand so players can get right into trading
  • It has a fun feel and nice personal touch
  • You can only trade with players who are online 
  • You have to find someone “good” to trade with – they have to want what you have and have what you want. If you are looking for rare items, this can be very difficult.

- Bulletin board trading 

  • You can trade with people who aren’t online. Other people can trade with you when you are not online. This means more potential trading partners. 
  • Easy to find people offering rare items. Common trades (between like-valued objects) can be executed instantly, since you don’t even need to talk to another person. 
  • Offers are public, so everyone has a good idea of what different items are worth.
  • Complicated trades involving many items are hard to find matches for. Ex: A, B, C, D, and F for X, Y, Z, and Q. 
  • All trades are public – you don’t specify who on the other end you trade with. Harder to wheel and deal

- Send Specific Offers Through Private Messages

  • You can trade with people who aren’t online.
  •  You can trade with specific people. 
  • Pretty simple to understand. 
  • Wheeling and dealing happens in a public forum, so it’s probably harder to get ripped off because someone will tell you a trade is bad.
  • Takes a lot of “leg work” to find a good trading partner. 
  • Trading can be slow – by the time you hunt down someone who has the item you want, they may have traded it away already. It might take you 1-3 days to find out he doesn’t even have what you want any more.
  •  Have/Want lists posted to a forum doesn’t seem like a very advanced system. Forums were not built with the idea of trading in mind, and Option C makes a forum “the spot” where all the trading action happens. A dedicated interface would offer better affordances.

- Real Time Auction House Best Offer

  • A real time auction would be exciting for rare items or expensive sets of items. 
  • The buyer gets the best possible deal anyone present is willing to offer. So it’s hard to get ripped off. 
  • The results of the auction are public, so everyone has a good idea of what different items are worth. 
  • This is a super easy way to unload 50 worthless items at the same time and get back something good in return.

  • A real time auction would be boring for common items or cheap sets of items. 
  • You can only trade with people who are: 1) online and 2) present in the auction house. This probably makes it harder to get the best possible price for a rare item that may not have many potential buyers. 
  • When you want to trade, you want to trade. You don’t want to stand in line to sell items.
  •  If there aren't enough buyers logged into the auction house, the whole system stops working.

-Editor of Roblox News

Monday, March 26, 2012

Interview with Jmanfh!

Today I caught up with regular forumer: Jmanfh!


1) When did you join ROBLOX? How did you find out about it?

I joined ROBLOX in the summer of '09, while I was browsing through Google, and I saw "Free Games at", and I tried it out, and loved it.

2) What were your first impressions of ROBLOX?

I thought it was going to be another one of those boring 2D flash game websites, but I realized it's very creative.

3) What was the first item you bought?

The first item I bought was the "Summertime 2009 R&R&R".

4) What was the first game you played? Was it fun? Why?

The first game I played was the "ROBLOX Titanic" game by TheAmazeMan. It was very fun, because I love to roleplay with friends.

5) When did you begin foruming?

I began foruming in 2010.

6) Which forum to do you usually post actively in?

The forum I usually post actively in is Roblox Talk.

7) What is your favourite part of the ROBLOX website?

My favorite part of the ROBLOX website would have to be the forums.

8) Do you enjoy building? What is your favourite creation?

When I get bored, I sometimes build. It's not my favorite thing to do on ROBLOX, but sometimes it can be enjoyable. My favorite creation would have to be my "Fall Down a Hole to Heck". (I'm not a very good builder.)

9) Marmite, love it or hate it?

Hate it.

10) Pancakes or waffles?

Waffles, obviously.

Caution!; ROBLOX Comments

Hello everyone! TheEasterZombie here, and in my first post on Roblox News I'll be taking a glance into the shadowy underworld of offsite links in comments.

The comments are a place where people can share their opinions on places, items and hats, right? Well, it was, a long, long time ago in a galaxy far, far away. ROBLOX commentry is filled with place advertising, phishing and plain ridiculous offsite links. All in the day of a comment stream.

Today I'm going to be looking at three offsite links I have seen in the past week in the comments page of some popular ROBLOX hats. But always excersize extreme caution when clicking an offsite link (unless you're absolutely crazy like me, and are willing to sacrifice your computer, your ROBLOX account and your soul to Korean gangsters. Who play ROBLOX. There are many).

3; Mediafire Links (A.K.A. Not even being subtle about it)

Mediafire links, I hear you say? Why would anyone click, even less, download these things? People do. Although anyone above the age of 10 should know that downloading things of questionable origin is a no-no. Here's an example I plucked from a comments page;

And there are a million reasons why you shouldn't click something like this. However I want to get this post done sometime this millenium, so here's reason #1; Do you like having a computer?

2; (A.K.A. Looking professional and fooling the masses) was perhaps the most sophisticated phishing ROBLOX site ever invented. Promising 10,000 R$ to anyone who spams thier link 10 times, and giving a real-time counter of users who qualified for this, the website really looked and felt legitimate.

They even listed off thier server providers and website information-- luring people even further into a sense of security. I tested this out with an alternate account. Without posting any spam, I entered my account name and password-- And then the page told me this account didn't have Builder's Club. Clever, clever.

The next day, I checked my alternate account; lo and behold, someone had logged on. But they didn't change my password, or even steal my money, they just bought the Mildly Disturbing mask and moved on. Some very nice phishers let the sprats back into the waters.

Overall over 500 accounts were compromised by this website-- until the ROBLOX admins got it shut down. And the user came back; is live and collecting more and more accounts. You're very welcome to take a look around the site-- just don't pop your password in or start spamming. You get nothing for it.

1; (A.K.A. not even ROBLOX related,  but hilarious for it) That is all.

Generally, you should avoid clicking anything in the comments that links offsite and you should probably be pretty cautious of anything on-site too. Believe me; A Roblox Browser which I forget the name of ended up killing my computer. Stabbed right through the system32. So in short, a list of what to click and what not to click on ROBLOX comments. Remember, it's a jungle out there.

What to click;

ROBLOX Links (generally)

What not to click;

Anything else

Sunday, March 25, 2012

The Life and Times of an Easter Zombie

I am one of the thousands of Easter Zombies born into ROBLOX via the Radioactive Egg of Undead Apocalypse. All you heard was the glamorous side, the view of the Easter Zombies in the ROBLOX 2010 Egg Hunt. I will tell you my story from then; although when I say that this is my story, this is the story of every Easter Zombie just like myself.

Easter time in 2010. Our inception into ROBLOX. I'm not really sure how or why it happened. All I remember is the impact. The life-giving impact. Once we touched down, we were freed from our confinement. We wandered, happy to be alive. If we were alive. We had no knowledge of this new world, we had no idea where we were, what our goals were. We attempted to interact with the locals. They were displeased to see us. We had not yet learned the ROBLOXian greetings of handshakes-- we found feasting on their faces was less appropriate a greeting as time went by.

Suddenly, it was the day of reckoning for our people. I can only describe it as a consuming darkness. They took our home. They consumed the egg. They picked it up and put it in their baskets. Suddenly we grew weak, and what was once a strong, able body became little more than dust on the wind. We were awaiting our rebirth. We were in another dimension, awaiting our return to this strange land. This land of ROBLOX...

In this other dimension... I visualized things I could never have before. My senses became amplified, and I could visualize things as though they existed. I imagined an egg created by bees. I had no idea what a bee was, but I knew that it was a creature just like me. It worked in groups like we did. This dimension told me... Hive-mind. We were hive-minded creatures.

I was reborn again in time. The eggs landed. We stumbled back into the ROBLOX Universe. But something golden caught my eye. I picked it up. This was my dream. My creation. And then one of the natives sliced me in half. Killed the mood really. Although I was planning to eat my creation's face, had it one.

And then we faded again. Unlike the first fade, we knew deep in our hearts that this was our end. We remain in the in-between. Not home. Not the world of ROBLOX. We lie in wait, creating things, learning things. I once learned of the leprechauns of Ireland; small, mythical beings. But the truth about this in-between is that there is no escape.

We, the Easter Zombies, await our second coming. The day where we may return to the ROBLOX universe. The day where we walk amongst the natives in harmony. In peace. Without pain, without hardship, without judgement. We don't know when this day shall come, two days? Two weeks? Two years..? Only time will tell.

We shall rise again.

Saturday, March 24, 2012

Interview with wwemaniac99!

Today I managed to catch up with well-known forumer and investor, wwemaniac99! He took some time to answer these questions for us to get to know him a little better, and here's how we got on!

Q 1. When did you first join ROBLOX and on what account?

A 1. March 10, 2010 on this account.

Q 2. When did you first start foruming?

A 2. November 2010

Q 3. What forum do you mainly post on?

A 3. Let's Make a Deal

Q 4. How many forum posts do you have as of now?

A 4. 20,500

Q 5. What is the rarest item you've owned?

A 5. Bharama Guardian

Q 6. You're part of a team called "Speed-Studio", what is it?

A 6. A group of 6 friends striving to make the best games seen on ROBLOX.

Q 7. How long have you been a part of Speed-Studio and who works with you?

A 7. Since July 6, 2011, the day it started. I work with BobCowMan, Frivo, nickcool9999, Cocorebals, and RandomCowGoesMooo

Q 8. What are you guys' plan for the future?

A 8. Get Zombie Base Defense ( Front Page, and get ROBLOX Chair Racing ( to 1 million visits.

Q 9. What is your main goal on ROBLOX?

A 9. Probably to get one of my own games front page, or get Top 100 Poster on the forums if they fix the system.

Q 10. Final question... Pancakes or Waffles..?


Thanks wwe for the great interview!

-Rob498 Have question? Follow me on Twitter @Rob498RBLX

RSTF... Resized?

I know this might be old news to some of you, but I'm just filling in the people that don't know.

Red Sparkle Time Fedora 

 So, like I said, the Red Sparkle Time Fedora was resized. As some of you may not be aware, the RSTF was undersized (which means it was smaller than what it should of been.) If you look at IBarrageI's review of the RSTF, there's a picture that clarifies this. So people went to Twitter, etc and started tweeting the Roblox Admins (mainly Brighteyes) about how it was too small.

Something was done about that, and BAM! The RSTF was resized.

The RSTF is now the same size as both the original STF and the PSTF, thus keeping the consistency in the hats.

Friday, March 23, 2012

Roblox News: The Past & The Present

Fancy Leprechaun Hat Review

Hai. First of all, I would like to welcome TheEasterZombie to RN. WELCOME :D! Here's the review:

Fancy Leprechaun
Mesh: The mesh of this hat is nice, but is a bit small. It complements the texture nicely. It looks very fancy (hence the word "Fancy" in the name of the hat). Like I said earlier, the mesh is bit small, and it shows a tiny bit of your avatar's head, which I personally don't like. 7/10.

Texture: The texture is green, because it was made for St Patrick's Day. It looks like something a fancy leprechaun would wear. The belt and buckle around the hat are nice, and the belt buckle has a clover on it, if you can see that. Very good. 10/10.

Value For Money: The hat was 350 Robux, which I think was a good price for a top hat, seeing that Roblox top hats are USUALLY expensive, so I think this was underpriced if anything. 1000/10.Overall,

I give this hat a 9/10. The value for money and texture are great, the mesh is great. The fact that your head is kinda exposed irritates me. Oh well.


Place Review: Nullified

As a few of you loyal readers who followed the Terrain Building Contest 2012 know, this is part of WiiG's prize that he won. To remind some of you denial readers, I'm not being biased in any way. Some of you readers say "Oh, you gave him a good review because he's [place reason here]" I'm not being biased at all.

Like in every review I write, I'm going to review the thumbnail. The thumbnail to me looks amazing already. Why? Well, WiiG shows the scenery in the thumbnail giving me a small idea of what his place is about. I then took a journey deeper into the place (I visited it).

I visited Nullified not knowing what I was going to be faced with. I spawn very high up in the air thinking to myself "What in the world..." I then realized, judging by the weapons, this was a battle map. I started to travel around the map looking at all the scenery displayed by WiiG, everyone was right, this place is amazing. The scenery is phenomenal, the fog adds better scenery as well.

I was then confronted by a challenger, who's name will remain anonymous to protect his/her identity. But, the challenger looked as confused as I was, so he left when he couldn't access me with his sharp sword. I then felt lonely and decided to leave. Oh look a new rating! :)

Scripting: 10/10, no scripting is required, free ten points. :)
Tools: 10/10, all tool necessary are provided.
Building: 10/10, phenomenal use of terrain.
Community Enjoyment: 10/10, it's unknown if others like it, free ten.
Originality: 10/10, NEVER have I seen another place like this.
Creativity: 10/10, no comment.
Deals with Problems: 10/10, no problems.
Reviewer's Experience with Lag: 10/10, no lag was experienced.
Difficulty: Medium.
Reviewer's Enjoyment: 10/10, enjoyed it.
Reviewer's Recommendation: 10/10, recommend it with a group of people to play with.
(NEW!) Scenery: 10/10, NICE.

Overall: 8.8/10, I did give free tens because there wasn't any need to rate them. Great place by WiiG.

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Telamon's name change!

Many of you will slate this as 'old news', but since there has been no real official announcement or forum post; I just wanted to let you guys know!

Telamon has changed his username to Shedletsky - which is his surname and also his username for his twitter account. This will make it easier for users to find him on twitter as now both his ROBLOX and twitter usernames are the same. 

It is not strictly true however, that his username was changed; it was actually swapped with his alternate account which was previously called Shedletsky, but which is now called Telamon.

Some old users may dislike this change as they have been used to John Shedletsky being known simply as 'Telamon'. However, it has standardised his username which from his point of view is a positive thing because more ROBLOX users can follow him on twitter and give him their feedback on all things ROBLOX.

Community Article: Interview with Badcc!

Today I got to Catch up with Badcc for an Interview.


1. When did you join Roblox?
January 18, 2008

2. What is your favourite thing to on Roblox?
My favourite thing to do on ROBLOX is build and create games.

3. What got you into this activity?
I never really played games as much as studied how they work. When I look at a game I say "How could I do this?"

4. What got you into Roblox?
My cousins best friend found it and showed my cousin. Then he played it a long time and told me about it. At first I was like "Pfft. I don't really think it is that fun.." Then I played it and I thank ROBLOX so much because I now know I am going to be a Programmer as a Job.

5. If you were to meet a famous Robloxian, who would it be?
I have become very good friends with all the Famous Robloxians that I look up to, but if I did not know them at all I would look up to Crazyman32.

6. What was your biggest Roblox accomplishment?
My biggest ROBLOX accomplishment was getting 10,000 Place Visits before I got my Veteran Badge. If I really tried I could probably get a lot more in less then a year, but I had JUST joined so it was big for me.

7. What is your favourite hat and gear on Roblox?
My favorite Hat on ROBLOX is the Clockworks Shades, I used to have them but nolonger do, I still achieved my goal of getting them so I am proud of that. My second favorite hat would be the Sparkle Time Fedora.
My favorite Gear on ROBLOX would have to be either the Illumina because of it's Epic Sparkles or the Ghostwalker.

8. What is your favourite type of game to play?
My favorite ROBLOX Game to play.. I can't really answer this because I play a game, get REALLY addicted to it but then play it so much that I eventually stop playing it as much as I used to.

9. Cats or dogs?
Both >:D

Thanks are owed to DCHop13 for providing us with a great article!

St. Patrick's Day Hats and Gear 2012!

For St. Patrick's Day, ROBLOX released some cool gear items and a lot of retextures! Here's an overview of all of the St. Patrick's Day 2012 hats and gear.

Lucky Clover

To start off the St. Patrick's Day 2012 hats and gear, the first item released was the Lucky Clover. It was originally R$250 but is now offsale. This gear item creates a rainbow in-game. I think it's pretty neat, but it wasn't worth R$250.

Amazing Shrinking Elixir

The Amazing Shrinking Elixir makes you smaller with a burst of speed for a limited time. It's great for defense, and is on-sale for R$350.

The Luck 'O the Irish

The Luck 'O the Irish is a St. Patrick's Day themed sword. It was originally R$150 and there are 2000 copies. It is LimitedU and currently selling at R$900. It's a pretty good sword in battle.

Leprechaun Friend

The last of the St. Patrick's gear items was the Leprechaun Friend. It was originally R$200 and there are 1000 copies. It is LimitedU and is selling between R$350 and R$500. The Leprechaun Friend follows you in-game and from time to time drops treasure chests with cool gear items.

The Rose of Tralee

The Rose of Tralee is a nice retexture of the America's Sweetheart by helloppl1404. It's very nice and has the colors of the Irish flag. It's at the cheap price of R$50.

St. Patrick's Day 2012

This is a great retexture of the cap called Patches by arbirator! It is only 50 tix making this the cheapest hat of St. Patrick's Day 2012. It's a great deal and it's not an ordinary cap.

Shamrock Styles

This is a great cap retexture by IBarrageI. It is the second in the series of "Styles" caps. The first "Styles" cap was the Snowflake Styles in December 2011. It was R$15 and was BC-only. It's really nice and a great cap!

Emerald Crystal Circlet

This is a great retexture of the Magenta Crystal Circlet by david3435. It was LimitedU and originally sold for R$875. There are only 150 copies, making this hat rare. It sold out in only a few seconds after it was released and is currently selling around R$4500. If you didn't obtain this hat when it was R$875, you'll have to spend a lot of robux to get it.

Captain Greenshanks the Lucky

Here we have another amazing retexture by our very own arbirator. This hat was LimitedU and originally sold for 300 R$, and is now selling for around 500 R$. It's an awesome looking hat, and it can help anyone look more awesome.

Goldtargeting Oculus

This is a great retexture made by DominumHex, and one of the winners of Roblox New's Shamrockin' Retexture contest. It was a bit expensive at R$500, but it is worth it. It's a great hat and it's now off-sale.

Modern Molly Malone

Modern Molly Malone

Here we have yet another retexture made by IBarrageI. This hat was sold for R$100 and looks great. It's a girl's hair with glasses, making this hat a two-in-one combo.

Celtic Warrior

Celtic Warrior

This is a great retexture of the Fire Ruby Crest by the renowned retexture artist Errorless. It was at a cheap price of R$150 and it is a retexture of a really rare hat, making this hat quite a bargain.

Irish Gentleman

This was the other winner of Roblox New's Shamrockin' Retexture contest and was made by TheEasterZombie! It was originally R$500 and there are 1,000 copies. This hat is LimitedU and currently selling around R$500. You can't make profit off of this top hat but it goes great with any St. Patrick's day outfit.

Fancy Leprechaun

The last St. Patrick's day hat was the Fancy Leprechaun made by sonicfan0405. Like the Irish Gentleman, it is a St. Patrick's day top hat. It was originally R$350 but is now off-sale. It's a great top hat and looks good combined with some of the other St. Patrick's Day 2012 hats.

Follow me on Twitter, I'm NonstopEpicRBLX. I'll tweet you about upcoming reviews and anything else related to ROBLOX.

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Welcome TheEasterZombie to the Roblox News team!

TheEasterZombie is a popular retexture artist who is renowned for producing the Golden Fabergé Egg of Hivemind retexture for the ROBLOX Summer Egg Hunt 2010. He also likes to forum in Roblox Talk and engage with the community.

I believe TheEasterZombie will make an excellent addition to the Roblox News team as he is a very talented, creative individual who has great opinions on various subjects and areas around the ROBLOX site and within its community.

TheEasterZombie will be working as rant author; publishing humorous articles raving on about certain things we see everyday on our favourite sandbox game! He will be also working on a couple of Roblox News projects, so look out for that!

So, let's give him a warm welcome and I'm looking forward to reading his first post from his smoking keyboard!

Editor of Roblox News

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Interview with CONTESTFREEK!

Today I caught up with CONTESTFREEK, an avid forumer!


1) When did you join ROBLOX? What was the first game you played?

December 20th 2009. It was something like Avatar Tycoon.

2) If this place still exists would you visit it now? Why?

Yes. Because that's where I came to understand how games work, I will never forget how friendly people were to me.

3) What were your first impressions of the site?

A unique lego-type site.

4) What was the first item you ever bought?

The 2009 visor.

5) How often do you forum? Which forum do you usually visit?

Used to forum a lot, not as much now but plan on returning. I visit RT.

6) If you were to decide a forum update, what would it be?

Bring the C&G forum selection a bit higher, so that other forums selections like RT wont be flooded with annoying war/clan guides, rules and ways to get "promotions".

7) What is your favourite gear item in the catalog?

Probably Ghostwalker. Why? I like the idea of bloxxing an opponent and then getting super natural-type powers.

8) When browsing the games page, what do you look for?

A unique, fun game to play.

9) What is your favourite kind of soda?

Dr. Pepper

10) Wedges or fries?


Monday, March 19, 2012

Interview with Mentalmath!

Today I caught up with Mentalmath, an avid forumer!


1) When did you join ROBLOX, what appealed to you the most?

I joined ROBLOX through school in 2009, it was all my best friend was talking about.

2) What was the first game you played?

I would always go to my own place, but I often went to War! CTF by scripttester123

3) Was this game memorable? why?

It was because I enjoyed choosing different vehicles to ride in. I liked flying in the plane and shooting down on the other team.

4) What is your favourite part of the site? Why?

My favorite part of the site is the forum because there are many interesting discussions.

5) Who is your favourite player? Why?

My favorite player is Sheeppie because he makes a lot of great clothes and has the same interests as me.

6) Do you enjoy foruming?
I love foruming, even though I have only been foruming on ROBLOX for about 4 months.

7) Which is your favourite forum section?

I like Off Topic the most, but I still frequently go into ROBLOX Talk.

8) If you were CEO for the day, what would you add or improve on ROBLOX?

I would want to improve user creativity by creating more tutorials to follow when you join the game.

9) What is your favourite type of chocolate?

I like white chocolate, it's creamy and rich.

10) Pork or Steak?

Steak is good.

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Roblox News Themes

Well we have 2 themes ready for windows 7. All you need to do is download the theme pack [Found here] then run it. After that you can delete the Theme pack.

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Saturday, March 17, 2012

Bargain of the week: Celtic Warrior!

As it it St.Patrick's day, ROBLOX has been releasing several user made retextured hats to the catalog. There are all sorts of retextures, but one caught my eye in particular: the Celtic Warrior!

The Celtic Warrior features a great colour scheme, with a blend of light green and light brown. This hat goes fittingly with the bright shamrock badge in the middle of the helmet. This hat also has a brilliant mesh, with realistic looking horns and a great design to the face pieces and curved rims.

This hat will go well with any St.Patrick's day themed shirts and pants as well as medieval and fantasy themed items. It could also fit with other fantasy helms, creating some awesome combinations. You could perhaps make your character a wood elf, or even an irish eco-warrior!

So, for a price of just R$150 - much lower than the original; you receive a well retextured helmet with a detailed mesh and a cool texture.

Roblox News Wallpaper

I have been planning on releasing a set of Roblox News Wallpapers with the help of IbarrageI and ccoommppuutt, After talking it over with Arbirator he agreed it would be a very cool. Once they have made HD Wallpapers, we will make it available as windows theme, as well as individual downloads. I made a simple one, you may use it as a Desktop wallpaper if you wish.

Dimensions: 1280x1024
This image was taken in Roblox News Paintball Arena
Click here to view/download the Wallpaper

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Friday, March 16, 2012

Bone Warrior Hat Review

Hio! Here's a review of the Bone Warrior hat.

Bone Warrior
Mesh: The mesh of this hat is nice, A skull (or a cranium, whatever you want to call it) with a spiked helmet. Though, I do think ROBLOX should have been more... How do I say this... Generous with the spikes. What I mean is, one is not enough. Maybe two. 7.8/10.

Texture: Whilst the skull face on the texture looks realistic and nice, the helmet looks bad (the texture of it), with an ugly colour, and it just looks bad. I mean, if you were dead, and wearing a spiked helmet, wouldn't the helmet be slightly dirty? Apparently not. 3/10.

Value For Money: Ugh. The 275 Robux price tag on this hat is way overpriced. It should be lowered to 100 or something. Maybe 150. But definately not 275. No way. 0/10.

Overall: Overall, I give this hat a 4/10. An okay mesh that is ruined but the texture and price. Maybe make it cheaper.


Shamrockin' Retextures Contest Winner!

St.Patrick's day is tomorrow, and Brighteyes has taken a load of retextures to publish throughout the day! There were dozens of great entries and even making it to our featured entries post deserves a round of applause. However, there can only be two winners!

Yes, Brighteyes viewed the best entries and chose to take two of them. These users have received R$500 Robux from Brighteyes as a reward for their soon to be published retextures.

So without further or do, the winners are:
Classy Leprechaun

Classy Leprechaun - By TheEasterZombie

Personally, I really liked this entry, as it is both simple but visually elegant. With it's dark shade of green, suiting buckle and contrasting orange flower it hosts a multitude of colours which blend extremely well together!

Goldtargeting Oculus

Goldtargeting Oculus - By DominiumHex

I also was very fond of this entry; it is different to the kind of hats users usually retexture and has a sense of originality that some retextures do not. The neon green colour scheme suits the texture well and the added shamrock, pot of gold and text really complete the retexture.

Editor of Roblox News

Thursday, March 15, 2012

And the winners of the Terrain Building Contest 2012 are....

Before I begin, I'd like to apologize for the major delay on the announcement of the winners.

Fan Choice Award: Nullified by WiiG! Since he's NBC, he'll get a review of his entry.
4th place: Rocky Mountains by mikemaximum33!
3rd place: Nullified by WiiG! Again, because he's NBC he gets a review of a popular place of his choice.
2nd place: Island of Prosperity by tonitoni!
1st place: Roleplay by zakary99!!!

Since, us judges all loved Nullified, we had to improvise by choosing a different entry. :P

The winners HAVE TO contact me in a Private Message or on my Twitter (which can be found on the Staff page) in order to receive your prize. If you lost, don't feel bad, we'll hopefully have a TBC2013! Thanks for entering and we'll see your entries in the next contest! :) Again, I apologize for the MAJOR delay on the announcement.

Crimsonwrath, Duke of Danger Hat Review

A cool new limited hat that came out last week is the Crimsonwrath, Duke of Danger. It is based upon previous Crimsonwrath hats in the catalog. It was originally R$1,000 and there are only 150 copies of this, making the Crimsonwrath, Duke of Danger a rare hat.
Crimsonwrath, Duke of Danger

Mesh: 8/10

The mesh is supposed to look like a war helm, which it really does look like. There is the part where your head goes and two horns. In my opinion this hat looks very similar to other helms in the catalog. It's a great mesh but it's too similar to some other hats.

Texture: 10/10

This hat is made up of three colors: black, read, and a metal-like white. The red blends in with the black and is just outstanding. The white/grey metal is also well done and looks great on the mesh. This hat is a true work of art.

Style: 9/10

This Crimsonwrath hat is smaller compared to other Crimsonwrath hats such as Crimsonwrath, Lord of Entropy. However, there are a lot of hat combinations that work well with this hat and the Crimsonwrath, Duke of Danger is a great hat for those who like to collect hats. Don't buy this hat for profit because you can't make much profit off of this hat.

Overall: 9/10

Mesh looks great
Texture is outstanding
Looks great combined with other hats
Great for hat collectors

Mesh is similar to other war helms in the catalog
Small compared to other Crimsonwrath hats
Not making much profit

Follow me on Twitter, I'm NonstopEpicRBLX. I'll tweet you upcoming reviews and anything else related to ROBLOX.

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Shamrockin' Retextures: Featured Entries!

As the contest is drawing to a close and I've already seen several brilliant entries, I thought I'd feature the best of the best!

Mystic Leprechaun
Mystic Leprechaun - by idontkno

Goldtargeting Oculus
Goldtargeting Oculus - by DominiumHex

Counterfeit Irish Beard
Counterfeit Irish Beard - by gkku

Fancy Leprechaun Hat

Fancy Leprechaun Hat - by firefeind1

Patrick The Lucky
Patrick The Lucky - by Hammer124

Lucky Clover Cap
Lucky Clover Cap - by firefeind1

Classy Leprechaun
Classy Leprechaun - by TheEasterZombie 

Knight of the Irish
Knight of the Irish - by david3435

Clover Crown [Tarabyte Took]
Clover Crown - by Sonicfan0405

Thank you to everybody who sent their wonderful entries in, all of them were of good standard and I'm hoping to see more of your creative work! The contest ends at 12:00 AM GMT, so if you still want to enter; do it quick!

Editor of Roblox News