Friday, December 24, 2010

Unflinching Gift of Mad Men

To get this gift you had to have 100k impressions on one of your User adverts. You would have to have had them a little time before people realised this because once everyone found out everyone tried running ads. As you know the more ads that run the less your ad will be shown thus bringing your chances down of getting the gift. The gift was then sold for R$175 for around 8 hours. This gift was fairly hard to get because you had to have a decent amount of money. Happy Hunting!

ROBLOX Torso Glitch

This week there was a ROBLOX torso glitch, for a short period of time if you changed your shirt and did not wear a t-shirt your torso would be completely invisible. This wasn't your average glitch though, because it was also invisible in game. To fix this in game you had to zoom in then zoom out. The glitch was fixed the next day and if you refreshed your character you would get your old body back.

Monday, December 20, 2010

Silver Gift of Surprise

To get this gift you had to have owned the Gold gift of Superuser. If you didn't own that gift you can still buy it for R$10000, I know this is expensive but it probably means there is something incredibly awesome sauce inside! Happy Hunting!

Forest Camo Gift of Veterans

To get this gift you simply had to be a one year veteran or more. However, it was not giving to inactive accounts, it was only awarded to veteran accoutns that had logged on in the past month. It is now on sale for R$2000. Happy Hunting!

Janitorial Gift of Taking Out the Trash

To get this gift you had to be one of the 5000 best reporters on ROBLOX. This gift was quite hard because once it came out you wouldn'y have enough time to get into the top 5000. It is now on sale for R$45. Happy Hunting!

Friday, December 17, 2010

Emblazoned Gift of Lua Mastery

This was awarded to anyone who had 100 posts or more in the scripting helpers forum. This was awarded to around 3000 people and is now on sale for R$600. This gift was moderately hard to get because the clue in the description was nothing to do with how to obtain the gift. Happy Hunting!

Towering Pillar of the Community Gift

This gift was awarded to builders of the top 1000 most-visited ROBLOX places of all time. This ended up being 752 people, since some builders had multiple top-1000 places. This was then sold for R$500 and 2467 copies were bought. This is one the rarer gifts this year, it was quite difficult to get if you were an average ROBLOXian. Happy Hunting!

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Frosty Winter Collector's Gift

To get this gift you had to own 6 or more special limited items, clues were given to these items on the news blog. Here are the clues:

1.A particular saint who could star in Saw IV
2.A sinister skull-topper whose advice we abhor
3.This lucky hat rhymes with Milty Chick Pig
4.A cheap solar blocker conservationists dig
5.Not for our pilots, but still the most fly
6.A Chinese invention here in oversupply
7.Ugly survey prize you’d toss given your druthers
8.And the one collectible item, unlike all others

Links to these hats can be found on the developers blog. The gift has not been put on sale, it may go on sale it may not. Happy Hunting!

Glowing Gold Gift of Superuser

This gift was given to all admins and moderators who are working for ROBLOX, it was their special gift to them for working hard day in and day out on the game and keeping its users and community happy. After it was given out it was then sold for R$20000 which is A LOT. 156 were bought before the gift was put off sale. Telamon said he wanted to keep the gift rare and I think they succeeded! Happy Hunting!

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Early Morning Gift of Psych

For this gift you had to be up in the morning and had to have sharp eyes to notice that the OBC only gift was infact not OBC only, it was for 1 Tix and so lots of people bought this gift. This was a tad unfair to people in different time zones so ROBLOX put it back on sale for 15 R$ later on in the week. This gift was fairly easy to obtain, it will probably be this years freebie. Happy Hunting!

Retro ROBLOXian Gift of Yesteryore

Clues to how to obtain this gift were giving out on the ROBLXO blog, there were 7 classic places you had to visit in a certain amount of time. All the users who visited the right places were awarded the gift. It was then put on sale for R$150
which ment quite a few were sold. This gift was medium diffuculty because the answers were basically staring you in the face on the forum. Happy Hunting!

Friendly Gift of FaceBox connect.

To get this gift, you simply had to connect to facebook and share one thing. Many people did this and received the gift. It was then put on sale for R$50, which basically ment it was a freebie. The facebox connect is one of the easiest gifts to obtain so far this month. Happy Hunting!

Saturday, December 4, 2010

Blinking Gift of Social Media

To get this gift you had to have bought it while it was on sale. But not just any sale, it had a twist, the gift was put on sale several times over a period of 48 hours for 2 minutes at a time for a price between 1-4 Tix. It was quite difficult to buy it at these times so ROBLOX put it on sale for R$300 for the people who didn't get it. It is still on sale now so get it while it lasts! Happy Hunting!

Friday, December 3, 2010

Autumnal Gift of Christmas Creep

To get this gift you had to have owned the Christmas Creep staff or bought it shortly after it sold out. 344 People owned this gift before it was put on sale for R$200. It is still on sale now so get yours today! Happy hunting!

ROBLOX Christmas 2010

Christmas is coming and ROBLOX is ready. The season of gifts is upon us. As always ROBLOX celebrates christmas by giving users gifts fo specific tasks and achievments. If you happen to miss these theres always a chance to buy the gift for quite a high price.

Thanksgiving Turkey Hunt 2010

This year ROBLOX celebrated thanksgiving with a user made Turkey hunt event. ROBLOX would like to thank Kuunan, TengoLa, GollyGreg and eumesmo92 for building this year’s Turkey Hunt map! The idea of this years event was if you were turkey you had to hide from the pilgrim hunters, and if you were a hunter you had to shoot the turkeys. There were many secret places to find and hide in. The hunters were equipped with a blunderbuss rifle which carried two bullets at a time. The event was a success although there was a hiccup halfway though which couldn't be fixed and so the two hats to be won were made free for a couple of days.