Friday, October 31, 2014

Catalog Item Review - CotM: October Pumpkin Spice Chicken

Happy Halloween!

CoTM: October Pumpkin Spice Chicken

Price: 1,000R$
The price of this item seems fine giving that it is only onsale for Halloween & the last day of October. However, if you look at the Commentary, you will see numerous people complaining about the price. In my opinion, I think the price is just fine providing it increases by 100R$ each month as far as I know.
Category: Hat

Limited: No
This item was released as a non-limited. I think this will go limited next Halloween. The least ROBLOX can do is have this item make another appearance next Halloween if it doesn't go limited.

Looks: 5/10
If you're a CoTM chicken fan, this is the item for you! It can go well with other Halloween-themed items that ROBLOX has released.

Texture: 6/10

The texture is going to get a 6/10. I was expecting a black and orange color-scheme, but since it is Halloween, the chicken is resembling a pumpkin.

Mesh: 10/10

The mesh is a revamped version of Telamon's Chicken Suit and in my opinion looks better.

Overall: 7/10
I feel that the rating of 7/10 fits this item well. This item is not too bad.

Do I recommend this?: YES!
It is Halloween and it is the last day of October. You have less than 24 hours to get your hands on this item! This item was supposed to be released earlier in October, so you have limited time to get your hands on it before November. Since people will be busy trick-or-treating for Halloween and doing other things such as parties, I believe this won't have many sales. Go go go!

Item Description:

Everybody loves pumpkin spice. Why not chicken? October's Chicken of the Month.

The name of the hat and the description references Starbucks and the famous Pumpkin Spice flavor that companies are introducing all throughout this month.


Catalog Item Review: Villainous Jack

Hi again everyone! I will be reviewing a recent addition to the Halloween-themed items on the catalog.

Villainous Jack

Price: 1,000R$
The price of this item seems a little outrageous.

Category: Hat

Limited: No
This item is not limited at the moment and I don't think it ever will go limited. However, it may make another appearance in next year's Halloween.

Looks: 2.5/10
This item seems below average for a Halloween-themed ROBLOX item. I don't think you'll wear this on your character and it won't go well with any item combinations. The teeth ruined most of the look, which therefore I am giving this item's look a 2.5/10.

Texture: 3/10
This texture is going to get a 3/10. I'm choosing 3/10 for the texture because the colors don't really match well together. If the eyes were red instead of blue, I can imagine it looking better.

Mesh: 8/10
This mesh resembles a pumpkin with a collar and without a texture you can guess what it is. The mesh seems pretty well done.

Overall: 4.5/10
This item's overall rating is a 4.5/10. I feel that this rating fits the item well. ROBLOX did not do well on this item and I expect better in the future. I calculated this overall rating by adding 2.5+3+8 and dividing 13.5 / 3 = 4.5.

Do I recommend this?: Not really.
This really depends on if you like it or not. If you're a Halloween-rounded person, then this is the item for you. If you just want general items for your character, I wouldn't really recommend it. Save yourself R$ for future items.


That treacherous Jack with his villainous dark magic just cannot be stopped.


Thursday, October 30, 2014

Online dating in Roblox: The truth.

Roblox Online dating: The truth.

Now, first of all, this review is going to be like my OTHER review on ROBLOX success (Which is going to be published soon, I hope.) Also, RN and I do not endorse online dating in ROBLOX, and we do not approve of it.

First of all, let's understand the concept of what online dating in roblox is. People who online date on roblox (referred to as ODer's by some.) Games, such as the different town of robloxia, endorse this  kind of thing. People commonly have relationships with complete untrustworthy strangers. Of course, most people have come to disagree with online dating, but some disregard all the hate, and keep on doing it. So I am going to list some of the reasons why I think people do it. Also, I recently had a "falling out" with my girlfriend, so I  may seem harsh on online daters, I apologize in advance.

Online dating anywhere is hazardous, do not trust anyone online, for they can always lie. NEVER give out personal information to strangers via ROBLOX.

1. They are children.  
All Irony about this aside, people who aren't old enough to date, wish to date, but can only do it on roblox. Multiple traits of a person who commonly Online dates, is someone who has poor grammar and writing/speaking skills. Some other key evidence is that they dress, and act in an immature, and improper fashion

2.They feel,look, and act differently on ROBLOX.
Another fact is that people who are young generally feel more insecure about their looks, (more tweens-teens, but you get the idea.) and fake it all on roblox. So, say you weren'ts an athlete, you might play sports on ROBLOX to create a small illusion that you are. Based on this, people who try to have relationships on roblox tend to act and look a different way in real life. For example, a sane human being would not go on the street and yell "123 for a boyfriend!" over and over.

Obviously, no one who plays ROBLOX is likely to be able to dress like this in real life.

3. They are alone and out of options/unable to find "love"
This option is my least favorite, since I think most people are capable of finding someone in this world of nearly two billion, who likes them for them. Of course, some people just can't connect with others, so the y turn to a world where they can be someone their not, a world in where anything is possible no matter how you act or look in real life. It is also unlikely, since almost all if not all roblox users sign up to use roblox as their dating site.

Thank you for reading my short article on one of the aspects of ROBLOX, have a wonderful day.

Still here? Great! I just wanted to say thank you. To all my readers, to everyone who has supported me. Not only in real life, but on ROBLOX. And I would like to thank a special few,

  • Arbirator. This wonderful man accepted me into ROBLOX news and helped me become the journalist I am today.
  • Zakkeh. Zak, without your tedious corrections to my faults,  I would have never survived here at RN.
  • CYNICALCHRIS. Cyn, my old friend, we started at the bottom, now we're here. You have always been a great friend, good luck. Keep on trucking!
  • Finally, I would like to dedicate this article to my intern, Razecept. I hope to teach you much about this new and exiting world of ROBLOX journalism. 

Saturday, October 25, 2014

RŌBLOX Hat Review: Ghosdeeri

                                    After 1 ½ years, through several holiday sales, DarkGenex's Ghosdeeri: The Cursed Spirit was published. On the last day of this year's BLOXtober 13 Days of Gifts, Big Gift of the Phantom Hunter came across us, and Ghosdeeri happened to be the result. The hat is the same as the retexture, expect Roblox added some blue smoke to jazz it up a little bit.

Thursday, October 23, 2014

Game Review: BLOODFEST

Hello, I am Darkie Roblox. I haven't introduced myself yet. My roblox username is lilsal5. You can add me if you wish. I am the new Game Journalist here at Roblox News. This is my first game review. I hope you enjoy!

You probably saw a game called "BLOODFEST". A zombie-shooting game that became popular about a week ago. This game is one of the runner ups of the Game Creation Challenge. The gameplay and the features in this game are outstanding!

Place Review: Twisted Murderer

It's another murder game, and one that has been here for quite a while now (actually for almost a month). For those of you who don't know what I'm referring to (or are too busy playing The Mad Murderer, Murder Mystery, or some other game), I'm talking about Twisted Murderer. Made by taymaster (creator of games like Twisted Racing and Twisted Plastic 2), let's see just how twisted this game is! (Note: This review [or comparison] will focus on the differences between Murder Mystery, The Mad Murderer and Twisted Murderer. Also, this review was written before the release of the Spooky Update, and thus will not cover the things in the update.) 

Monday, October 13, 2014

Hallow's Eve - Bloxtober Event Full Review (Part 1)

It's that time of the year again: Bloxtober! Last year, the ROBLOX Games Team brought us "The Witching Hour". This year, the Games team has brought us "Hallow's Eve". We all knew it was coming, and let's be honest, we were expecting something that lacked excitement and entertainment. I guess you can see we were wrong!

Sunday, October 12, 2014

Halloween Gift Guessers: Day 10 - Reverse Gift of the Undertaker

Hello! It's xxMarvelBobbyxx, Catalog Analyst! Day 10, brought us a very evil gift, with a very interesting and revealing mesh. The Assistant Editor of Roblox News will be sharing his thoughts, on what will come out of the day 10 BLOXtober gift.

Saturday, October 11, 2014

Catalog Item Review: Workclock Headphones

Hello everyone! We are going to be reviewing and going over a recent item that people have been talking about.

Friday, October 10, 2014

The Return of Halloween Items - 2014

 Returning of Halloween Items


Hello! I'm the new Catalog Analyst, xxMarvelBobbyxx! Recently, about three of the classic ROBLOX Halloween items have just went on sale, and I would like to inform everyone of these items!


Monday, October 6, 2014

A Promotion and a New Event!

Hello readers of Roblox News. Some of you may know me, some of you way not. My name is CYNICALCHRIS, and I've worked here at Roblox News for some time now. I started out as a game journalist, and I was just recently promoted to "Game Journalism Manager" thanks to Zakkeh! I very much appreciate the promotion. I had the idea of making a new event for Roblox News, so let's talk about that!

Sunday, October 5, 2014

New Intern! [Divyesh]

DivyeshI could start out by saying that my name is Divyesh and that I am an intern at Roblox News but you probably already know that. I bet you search my name on the Roblox website every day and stalk my profile until my status says "online". I would go so far to even venture a guess that you probably have tried to send me a friend request and maybe even tried to invite me to a party. Satire aside, I'm extremely excited to be writing for Roblox News and cannot wait to share what I want to bring to the entire Roblox News community. 

Outside of Roblox, I usually go to school, play tennis, compete at national debate tournaments, and sleep - I'm so normal right there!

On Roblox, I'm a Lua scripter and a hardcore designer, so I hope to  teach people Lua operations so they can be make their own successful titles. I'll also go into constructive analysis of a wide variety of games and break down the elements that all successful games have in common. The end goal is that readers will learn new ways to make their games more engaging and more fun in every way possible. 

I'm hoping the internship with Roblox News will help me connect with a wide variety of aspiring Roblox developers. I hope to meeting all of you very soon, and I'm extremely excited to be writing articles that everyone can see. 



Saturday, October 4, 2014

Halloween Gift Guessers: Mystical Gift of the Arbor

May the gifts of the season continue to grow.

Day 4 came with the first questionable gift - what it contains is honestly a mystery to me. Oh, and sorry about the late post today - the gift came out pretty early and I wasn't home at all today. Anyways, this is the Mystical Gift of the Arbor, and it's basically a tree stump with an axe in it and a bow on the side - it's 250 Robux, and I'm somewhat clueless as to what this gift contains.

A New Opportunity

Hello everyone, I am currently the Editor of Roblox News while Arbirator is away, and I am looking for a manager, I need department managers. Apply here:

Introducing StealthProxy, the new Catalog Analyst!

Hello everyone! I am StealthProxy, the new Catalog Analyst here at ROBLOX News. I can't begin to tell you how honored I am to be joining the ROBLOX News team. I look forward to meeting all of you I am very excited to be working with the vast team at ROBLOX News and I am very happy to be able to create and analyze ROBLOX catalog item reviews for you to enjoy!

Friday, October 3, 2014

Halloween Gift Guessers: Gift of the 9th Great Power

Perhaps the 9th time is the charm...

Day three is upon us, and this gift comes as no surprise to me. Every year we get a coffin gift, and a similar item is inside - but I'll get to that later. Anyways, this gift is the Gift of the 9th Great Power, and it is priced at 300 Robux.

Thursday, October 2, 2014

Halloween Gift Guessers: Gift of Robloxians Past

What remains after everything else is gone?

Day two of BLOXtober is underway! Last night, the first gift, Batty Gift of Affordable Style, was released for 50 Robux. Tonight, we got the Gift of Robloxians Past - a very unique gift indeed. It's priced at 100 Robux, and has a very unique mesh that resembles a skull, possibly hinting at what's inside...

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Halloween Gift Guessers: Batty Gift of Affordable Style

It's batty, it's affordable, it's stylish.

After a long year of waiting, It is BLOXtober once again! This year, we're once again getting the usual 13 days of gifts, and then an event. Anyways, today we got the very first gift: Batty Gift of Affordable Style. And of course, it's another bat-themed gift like last year.