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Place Review: Realistic Mining 2.0

Place Review: Realistic Mining 2.0

Allo everyone (like my French?). I have been incredibly busy with school but now I'm in the groove! Elvinusa here; today I'll be presenting a place review of Realistic mining 2.0 by antsrcool. This game stood on the front page of ROBLOX for about a week but after time the amount of loyal players dwindled; I think this article will explain why.

Presentation: 3/10
Upon arriving into the game the first thing I notice is the sky decal. Its a largely pixilated misty, red sky with mountains protruding to the right. It wasn't the ideal choice considering the quality of the image, and I have to say the default decal would do much better.
The presentation of the game is very much equal to the presentation of a place owned by a member whose been on for 4 years and still has no visits. Since the mining is based on Classic ROBLOX terrain, the decals and badges look largely out of place with the background. There is a large processing mill in the back of the game that in no way whatsoever matches with the blocks and decals. Not scoring high on the presentation.

Gameplay: 4/10
Nevertheless I carry on. The objective of the game is to mine bricks, align them on a moving belt and allows machines to break down and gather money for everyone. Its a teamwork game and it’s a fairly nice game idea. The only downfall is how the idea is carried out.
To begin with a voting system polls people to vote for a CEO and Foreman which chooses the jobs of the workers from transport, demolition, processing and miners. Once you have your Job you take the vehicle required for your job and go into mines to dig some blocks!
Once you have money you can spend it on a personal house or on tool upgrades!
Unfortunately most of the time people never actually do their jobs. People just ride around randomly and break stuff. Demolition team blows stuff up and often lags the server for fun. CEOs and Foremen never do their job and everyone ends up in the 'Jobless' team - which is quite amusing.

Scripting: 5/10
The screen guis are excellently placed out of the way and are well balanced. The Voting system is extremely well conducted. However, the vehicles are not well scripted and seem to have been created in a hurry. The scripts within the machinery contain enough movement to lag the server without using them and once people actually do start, lag sets off instantly. Since we are talking about lag lets go further. Players often use demolition tools to bomb sensitive spots, houses and machinery allowing blocks to scatter all over the place. I can assure you players don’t stay on a server for more then 10 minutes after game crippling lag sets in..

  • The Game follows the title and really is realistic.
  • Good Screen Guis.
  • Tip-top shape Voting System

  • Poorly built Vehicles
  • Poorly Used Sky Box
  • Poorly Designed Game Layout
  • Laggy Tools,Vehicles,Machinery and Bricks

Overall: 4/10
Sums up to just below half.The game is okay for a bit but after time you'll just lose interest. Plus, the lag will probably put you off the experience. 

A small Introduction to our new intern: bennyhill44

Hello guys, I am bennyhill44, the newest member of staff in Roblox News! I will be working here as a writer, and my dream is to get all of you reading my articles.

If possible, I will write up to 3 articles a day. They will mainly be about detailed places, but some will be about hats, models, gears and groups. If I drafting an article on your game, group, etc, I will need you to get what I need done for the article; e.g. quotes and pictures. I don't mind suggestions, but I run articles the way I need them, I won't allow you to decide what pictures I put on and what quotes go with what.

Things about me: I love writing and reading.  I love spending time with friends and just generally friendly people. I speak Spanish, French, English and German. I am trying to learn C++ and Lua. I am a complicated person and I would rather figure things out for myself. My future careers goals are; to work for ROBLOX as a writer and being a charity worker.

That's all really, my first article will be posted soon :D
See my profile: bennyhill44

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Labor Day Retextures: The Verdict

Wait, don't I do game reviews? Well yes, but due to a lack of time to make articles I shall be putting more variety into my posts, rather than just things about games. And why not start off with the lovely upcoming Labor Day Weekend Sale's rextextures which are a bit... er.

 Snow Leopard Fedora by Voxhall

Another fedora, why am I not surprised. It's totally a retexture too, just compare both of these images and see that the band is pretty much unchanged, the tan turned to white, and the brown spots in the middle gone! So it's basically the actual Leopard fedora in the light, hooray..

 Black Iron Bucket by godsend

I like the texture on this one, but I have no doubt it will be hella expensive since ROBLOX seems to really like that kind of thing lately, great. But it's good to see another "rare" item drop dead thanks to a better retexture.

Let me say it now, this article has gone through about 3 revisions due to time constraints, expect coverage of the Labor Day Sale if I'm not beaten to it. So good day, good night, goodbye.

A Short Introduction and an Exciting New Feature

Hello everyone, my name is Featherd and I am a new staff member here at RN. I will be working here as an Android developer, and I will be bringing the community a great RN app for a great mobile OS!

A few things to know about me:

  • I know five languages, including English, Albanian, C++, Java and Lua
  • I am a Bloxy Award Winner 2013 in the commercial category
  • I am a huge fan of Android
  • I love to build with friends

More importantly, I am pleased to announce an official Roblox News App for Android. My hope for this app is, that I can please the android community on RN and set a high standard for Roblox apps to come.

Some important things to know:

  • I am striving for a clean and beautiful interface while still having great functionality
  • The app will be free up until 10 days after release
  • If you would like to help out, contact me at
I feel that this is an important stride into RN's future as the #1 news group on Roblox.

I will try to keep everyone posted on the the progress of the app.

Thank You,

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Samaxis' Compound: An Excellent FPS

The quality work of Samaxis, a ROBLOX EBR member, and all-around talented curator is never a surprise to me or tens of thousands of others.

One of his older projects titled "Compound" is a high calibre FPS. Using the Tabby framework written by Rudimentality Development, Compound is the closest you can get to realistic FPS gaming. It's very rare that I find an exceptionally designed FPS game that not only has good weapons and good gameplay, but also a great map. Samaxis finds a great way to pull this off with his flawlessly designed middle eastern arena.

To add to the realism, there is a lens flare when you look at the sun!
Samaxis calls this game "your standard run-and-gun shooter" in the description, but in retrospect, the game is much more than that. While there are no set goals, and no evident story - the gameplay is infinite. With friends; you could play for hours in this nearly tangible map and not even know it [source: playing it for almost two hours and not evening knowing it] and it doesn't stop there.

The map is huge. From several floors in ruined buildings, to ladders, underground walkways, a shipping and storage area, and tens of other secluded and hidden areas. The game experience is heavily expanded and there are infinite places to run, hide, or fight in this map.

Set aside the map's great size, an extensive amount of hiding and secluded areas, the map boasts a serious amount of detail. Ruined walls, buildings, and even the terrain is elaborate and looks thorough everywhere on the map. You can even see the great work done on the lens flare, the wood and the archways, tunnels, and even a ruined bus. Everything about this map is fresh, new and unique and it is not only a great place to play in, but a great place to look around in and explore.

Check it out for yourself.


Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Yrreb: ROBLOX's Face of Travel

One of Yrreb's games is a train simulator from Tonbridge to Ashton!
Entering a place by yrreb is like stepping into a world of travel. From trains moving at the speed of 147 studs per second from Tonbridge to Ashton on rail to Calcia International where you may find a flying and beautiful 787-8 aircraft.

The word of Yrreb is no more than spectacular. His train simulators while a work in progress is great.

Besides the fact that yrreb is apart of what people define as the "Aviation Industry" on ROBLOX with his revolutionary group, RoAir; he has also had a serious past of hackers, exploiters, and threats against him and his games. To this day he stands as a center figure of ROBLOX Travel.

When I asked him about the aviation industry on ROBLOX nowadays, he commented:
"In all truthfulness, there is no longer such thing as an "industry." As airlines and companies in general are drifting apart, so are the people that stand for them. The growth of ROBLOX compensates for this as newcomers fill that gap and bring everyone together again ..."
In addition to that question, I asked him what drives him to make such great things on the platform known as ROBLOX.
"I think what inspires me about ROBLOX is the possibilities. A game itself can be up to 379 miles long, meaning that travel is key; especially in the future. It is also a way to bring people together to experience it for the first time. Flying is probably the main mode of travel on ROBLOX right now; as it is more of a generic interest."

That is not at all dramatized when he said that Flying is the main mode of travel on roblox, especially since RoAir has over one thousand members, and some time before that, there was a time when RoAir even had four thousand members!

"It is the fact that, doing what you do, you are building the scaffolding to what will be the ultimate game in the future; in that future, what we will know now will develop even more; we will see what everyone wants at the end of the light."

Yrreb's newest airport, Calcia International is a well designed and colorful paradise for his own airline, RoAir.
Besides yrreb's enormous success and great taste for design and screaming individuality in doing his own thing, he was the creator of ROBLOX's first meshed plane and he essentially brought light to what was the silent aviation side of ROBLOX, which since then has changed and become a hot topic for all of ROBLOX. Abuzz with more than one hundred aviation groups with RoAir being an elitist member of aviation on ROBLOX with it's quality flights, airports and excellent planes and flight experience; along with other such airlines like RoAir such as JetEire & Swedish Airlines, both lead by fellow friends of yrreb, Mrsmith23, the CEO of JetEire and Kooky1234567890, the owner of Swedish Airlines.

Yrreb is a clear personality for ROBLOX Travel. Not only being a great builder, great designer and an inspiration to hundreds of people who want to do similar things such as make train simulators, airports, airplanes and airlines, but a superb member of ROBLOX's community.

"I cannot be 100% certain on what my future is on ROBLOX, but I know that I will most likely be here for many years to come ... my hopes for the future accelerate to make others cheerful. I love making other people happy, and by basing building projects on such huge scales, people can explore to the edges of ROBLOX and we will all one day become a fair group of people."

Nowadays, yrreb is Yrrebrblx after his old account was terminated. You may check out some of the places featured in this article at from the links below.
[See Calcia]
[See the Train Simulator]
[See YrrebRBLX for yourself!]

- Darwin12

Monday, August 26, 2013

"Wait, you were gone?"

Ha, yes.
Hello everyone, tis' I, Darwin12 again.

I just wanted to hit up a quick hello. I've been gone due to some recent question and misunderstand (aheheheheh) and I will resume writing articles.
My reuploads and even two other stories will be uploaded in the week coming up.

Many thanks,

Roblox News Building Contest

Roblox News Building Contest

The day has finally come! RayMan36 here to introduce our new contest. This is for all the expert (and novice) CFramers out there who want to win some serious cash!

Our contest will be somewhat of a hackathon; you have certain requirements to fill, and in a certain amount of time. We will have many different "challenges" throughout the next few weeks. You will have a certain amount of time to complete a certain challenge and tweet me (@Rayman36_RBLX), or Roblox News (@RBLXNews). If you win, you will receive 1,000 Robux from the Roblox News Staff ! Now, without further ado, let's move on the first challenge!

Challenge 1: A Gothic Dilemma

Arbirator was building a Gothic cathedral one day. He had all of the arches built, but he had no clue where to put them! Your job is to use arbirator's arches and build a suiting structure for the everyday Dark Sorcerer. All of the arches are in this set. Good Luck! All of the entries are due by the 10th September. The winner will receive 1,000 robux for having the most creative use of the arches.
Here's my example.


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Gear Friday Overview: Clan Week

Image courtesy of ROBLOX

Hello! Pbjms here with a new type of article, Gear Friday Overviews. Most Fridays, ROBLOX releases four gears in the afternoon, some possibly limited. I'm going to start writing these weekly (most likely every Saturday if I can), so don't expect much hat reviews from me unless the gears are awful. This Friday, ROBLOX released two limiteds and two nonlimiteds; Overseer's Axe, Knights of the Splintered Sky: Wind Summoning Horn, Korblox Mage Staff, and Knights of Redcliff: Deluxe Sword and Shield.

Overseer's Axe
Mesh: The axe looks nice, a long handel with a large blade. Of course, being an Overseer's Axe, it needs to have all of the eyes on it, so that's added to the mesh too. All in all, it looks great, and deserves a 10/10.
Texture: The texture really adds to the look of the axe. It is colored black with a stoney texture, with of course, the large green colored Overseer eyes. Green outlines on parts of it also add nicely to the overall Overseer theme, earning itself a 9/10. 
Price: Overseer's Axe was made as a limited U item at 550 Robux with 1000 in stock. It's price is nice, but  it's stock, like most limiteds these days, is too much. It's stock should have been a lot lower, but it's still making profit - selling at about 1,300 Robux at the time of review. It was a bit overstocked at first, but is making a nice profit, earning itself a 9/10.
Ability: This axe is very powerful - dealing 25 hit points of damage each swing to your foe. Afterwards, an orb will also assist you in battle, it flies around your foe shooting lasers for 5 seconds, dealing a nice amount of damage, possibly earning you an extra KO. 10/10 for sure.
Overall: 9/10

Knights of the Splintered Sky: Wind Summoning Horn
Mesh: The mesh looks great. It's a horn with wings, pretty much. on the horn is an end part with a ring around it, most likely where the sound comes out. This really looks like a nice horn, and has wings to add to the Splintered Skies look. 9/10 for sure.
Texture: The texture is also very nice. The horn itself is blue with cyan symbols, and the rings and wings have a silvery look to them. The wings could have been more fluffy-looking, but besides that, the texture is nice, earning a 8.5/10.
Price: This horn was made as a Limited U, priced at 1,000 Robux with 750 in stock.The stock is a bit better than the Overseer's Axe, but this price is way too much, as the ability isn't anything special. Surprisingly, it actually rose to make barely any profit, currently selling for around 1,500 Robux, sadly earning an 8/10.
Ability: The ability is really nothing special, preforming pretty much the same thing as the Tornado Summoner, minus the cool looking tornadoes. When you blow into the horn, multiple tornadoes (which are pretty much large transparent columns) spawn in front of you, slowly moving forward. The "tornadoes" don't do any damage - they just fling things around and break welds, which will end up making your enemies character fall apart and die (but not your own). It's really poorly made, and deserves more for its great looks - sadly I can only give this a 7/10.
Overall: 8/10

Korblox Mage Staff

Mesh: Like most Korblox items, this mesh is amazing. It's a staff made of bones, pretty much. There is also a crystal in the middle of the top part, most likely the source of the flames and magic. It looks great, probably the best looking gear of the night - 10/10 for sure.
Texture: The texture just makes the mesh even better. It is a mostly black staff, with cyan writing on it, possibly magical spells in the korblox language. There is a silver grip to hold the top part together, along with cyan fire coming out of the crystal at the top. It looks great, earning a 10/10.
Price: It is priced at 1,000 Robux, a bit too much but not bad for it's great texture, mesh, and ability. It was published as a nonlimited item, and has about 130 sales at the time of writing this. I'm giving it an 8.5/10 for being a bit too overpriced.
Ability: On click, your character does some summoning animation. it summons a long row of staffs in front of you that will soon explode into fire, killing your foes instantly. 10/10 for sure.
Overall: 9.5/10

Knights of Redcliff: Deluxe Sword and Shield Set
Mesh: The mesh looks great, a normal sword with the redcliff symbol on the handle. The great part about this sword is the shield, which is pretty much a large redcliff symbol on a shield, 10/10.
Texture: The sword and shield is really nicely textured, the sword is shiny, and the redcliff symbol on it looks nice with the shadows. The shield also looks great, with lots of texture. Defiantly worthy of a 9/10 .
Price: The sword is, sadly overpriced - 1,000 Robux. It should be much lower, as there are already tons of gears with this same ability. It should probably be about 500 - 700 Robux. Giving the price a 8/10.
Ability: The ability of this sword is amazing. To start, you just have a normal sword and shield combo, with the shield doing nothing and you just normally swinging the sword. When you hold down Q, you hold out the shield for extra defense, though you can't attack. When you double click, you start charging up for a special attack. Your sword and shield shines rainbow colors, and you get a boost of walkspeed - charging around swinging the sword quickly, most likely killing any foe in your path. One downfall is that you can't move while charging, and another is that there are already multiple gears exactly like this - bringing the score down to 8/10.
Overall: 9/10

Best Gear - Korblox Mage Staff
Most Profit - Overseer's Axe
Most Power - Knights of Redcliff: Deluxe Sword and Shield Set
Overall Rating - 9/10


Saturday, August 24, 2013

Worth It or Forget It?: Blackvalk

Worth It or Forget It?

          Hello readers! Chubbs21 here with a new type of article! Today I will be doing something I call Worth It or Forget It, a type of article where I look at all the pros and cons of a catalog item and rate it as "Worth It" or "Forget It"!

          The looks on this hat are pretty cool. It's similar to the original valk just different colors. The colors are black and orange and it looks like a Halloween valk. This hat could go really good with many different hats, and even looks good just by itself. This hat is very classic looking and I like that they didn't make a new mesh. It's perfect for lots of costumes and is overall, a great hat.

          The cost of this hat is rather unfortunate if you we're planning to buy this. It is selling for a whopping 1,000,000Tx! Only 34 people have purchased this hat as of 7/8/13. It it worth the money? Will this hat even go limited? No one really knows. I honestly don't see why it's so demanding. Another con is the texture. The original valk had just 3 colors and so does this, but I think it could of had a better texture.

Worth It or Forget It?:
          It honestly depends how much you have. If you have tons more than 1MTx, or 100KR$, to spend, go for it. If you are selling all your stuff or have just enough for it, don't get it. It isn't worth it that much. Overall, I think this hat is a Forget It. It is beyond overpriced and the cons just overrule the pros in this one. Thanks for reading.

Hat: Blackvalk

Coastline Highway by Asimo3089

Asimo has already shown how amazing of a builder he is with his projects such as Wind, RoadRunner Canyon and The Classic Long Obby - which has gained over 3 million visits. As a member of the Elite Builders Of ROBLOX his games are always high quality and showcase great detail. 

With this project Asimo has created a road which has an amazing view of well scripted water which reaches shore and has a realistic tide with islands and boats in view. However your vision of these objects is obscured by the simple yet effective use of fog. Did I mention the rain script which is used? Oh yes, there is a smooth rain script which allows the place to look amazing and simply beautiful, there is also a rain sound for when it hits the ground.


Friday, August 23, 2013

Gear Review: Linked Sword

Linked Sword
Linked Sword
It's been 3 years since the first limited SFOTH IV sword was released, and the final one is here at last: the Linked Sword. Easily the most anticipated SFOTH IV sword on roblox.

Mesh: 10/10
The mesh is the same as every other SFOTH IV sword, the classic sword mesh. There isn't much to say about it, but despite its simplicity it looks awesome.

Texture: 10/10
The classic Linked Sword texture, obviously. The bottom of the sword is coated in gold, and the rest of the handle is some sort of metal. The middle of the sword is gold as well, and the tip of the sword is a shiny silver metal. Iron, probably, judging from the gear's description. Simple, but an epic classic.

Price & Stock: 8/10
The Linked Sword's original price was 47,324 robux, SFOTH IV's place ID number, and its stock is 100, same as every other SFOTH IV sword. Despite being a SFOTH IV sword and the most-wanted one from roblox investors, it took quite a long time to sell out. I assume this is because nobody was expecting it and because it was such a high price. Lots of valuable limited items such as The Classic ROBLOX Fedora, Clockwork's Shades, and The Void Star went up for very low prices from people desperate for an extra boost for the Linked Sword. Despite its long selling time, the Linked Sword is currently selling for 98,000 robux and is worth even more.

Overall 9/10

Unfortunately this is the end of the SFOTH IV sword series, but maybe ROBLOX will unveil an awesome new series of limited gear some time soon.

Also, my computer has some sort of virus and is running on Safe Mode, so unfortunately I wasn't able to test the Linked Sword and review it for its abilities. But for investors and SFOTH IV fans, this is a great sword and definitely worth its price. Like all SFOTH IV swords, it will raise in the future.

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Shark Week Hat Reviews

(Apologies to Pbjms for not getting this out sooner ~IBarrageI)

Hello! Pbjms back with another review. This week, I'll be reviewing the three hats bumped to the front of the catalog for Discovery Channel's Shark Week! The three hats I mentioned are Shark Knit, Defeated Shark, and Shark Tooth Necklace.

Shark Knit: 10/10
Shark Knit
"This shark, swallow you whole."

Mesh: 10/10 - The mesh is really nice. It has the normal Knit hat look to it, but has some extra details to make it really look like a shark (eyes, teeth, and fins).

Texture: 10/10 - The texture looks great, the shark itself is grey to represent a real shark, while the eyes are black buttons. The fins have nice shadows along them, along with the main shark body. The teeth are the only texture-less parts of the hat, but they're teeth, and look nice being plain and white.

Price: 10/10 - The knit is priced at the cheap price of 15 Robux, cheap, but it could be cheaper. Lately, the admins have been ruining the second currency, Tix. Less Tix hats have been published, and TONS of Tix hats have been going off sale. But to get to the point, the price is really great for the look of the knit hat. 

Defeated Shark: 7/10
Defeated Shark 
"When you're a pirate, every week is shark week. This week the shark lost."

Mesh: 9/10 - The mesh looks okay. It resembles a shark head removed from the shark itself, hence the name, defeated shark. There is a fin on the top of the shark, and teeth with gums towards the bottom.

Texture: 7/10 - The texture is too plain. It's just plain grey with a random white above the pink gums and teeth. The only part of this hat with any texture is the teeth, the rest is just too plain and bad. 

Price: 6/10 - The shark is priced at 500 Robux, WAY too expensive for a hat so ugly.

Shark Tooth Necklace: 8/10
Shark Tooth Necklace
"Let everybody know just how tough you are with this shark tooth necklace."

Mesh: 9/10 - The mesh is very simple. A small chain to fit around your neck, with a shark tooth shape towards the front. The downfall is that it's very small on your ROBLOXian.

Texture: 7/10 - The texture really isn't that great. The chain is dark brown, and the color of the tooth doesn't even look like a tooth. It looks brown and rusty, unlike the teeth in the other shark week hats.

Price: 8/10 - The necklace, like a lot of hats, is overpriced. It is 250 Robux, which, for a hat with this mesh and texture, is not worth it.

Overall: 8/10

Although no new hats were made, the Shark Week items that were bumped are okay. The Shark Knit, being the best, is also the cheapest, while the Defeated Shark is the most expensive, and the worst. Really goes to show how price and appearance can mix for the overall rating of a hat.


Tuesday, August 20, 2013

BLOXcon London: Interviews with ethancomputermad and blockfacebob!

During my time at BLOXcon London I had the opportunity to interview countless numbers of users about their experiences on ROBLOX and at BLOXcon London. In this interview I got to talk with a pair of ROBLOX players: ethancomputermad and blockfacebob! I had a great time talking to them about their scripting and building experiences. 

Interview with ethancomputermad!

Q. When did you join ROBLOX?
A. 20th February 2010

Q. What made you want to stay?
A. First site to go where I literally could go straight into the games

Q. When did you start scripting?
A. In 2011 where I started writing code for a script builder

Q. what's the most complex thing scripted?
A. Studio emulator

Q. What's the most rewarding aspect of scripting?
A. People using your finished product, and seeing it work.

Interview with blockfacebob!

Q. How are you enjoying BLOXcon so far?
A. It's great as I get to meet new people

Q. What is the most rewarding aspect of building?
A. People using what you have built, such as the clan bases I have constructed.

Q. Do you build vehicles?
A. Yes, built a jeep complete with headlights utilizing dynamic lighting

Q. When building a fort, how do you prevent unfair raids?
A. More than one has to be in the server for the raid to take place, and there are capture points scattered around the map.

Q. What do you believe was the best update to studio in the last two years?
A. Collision check and script CPU usage

Monday, August 19, 2013

Strategizing: Roblox Battle Part 3: The Rocket Launcher

Decisive tool of destruction or the poor man's personal cannon? That is the question we will be asking here in part 3 of our ROBLOX Battle guide, this time covering the widely used classic, the rocket launcher.

As always, we're going to first break the weapon down to it's bare mechanics. The rocket launcher of old was a simple gray bazooka shaped mesh that shot blue 2-3 stud slow traveling missiles that also made a "whooosh" sound as it traveled, getting closer and closer to it's impact point until it eventually blew up on a surface, or an unlucky robloxian, blowing them to smithereens. While the ROBLOX Battle rocket launcher, is more detailed, and features kind of a nerf compared to the classic rocket launcher. It features a kind of slow reload, and does only 75 damage, leaving your victim with 25 health left to regroup instead of turning them into plastic bits.

Although more interesting, you can er, "rocket jump" with the weapon if you're able to aim your cursor at your feet which will send you into the air, but in a more pitiful way compared to the rocket jump of the TF2 Soldier, but if you somehow are able to successfully do this you'll have about 25 health left and with not many uses for this thanks to the map design, it's best to avoid rocket jumping with the rocket launcher unless you really want to.

So why is this weapon so low on the list, since we have 3 more to go? Well, it's hard to explain but this order is my personal picks of weakest to the most powerful weapons so you don't exactly have to follow my opinions, but back on topic. The rocket launcher lacks a little less punch than it's ye olde counterpart, but it makes up for it with it's easy use and reload animation to tell you when you actually have a rocket loaded. Most of the actual power comes from old brickbattle tactics though. Someone chasing you with a sword? Rocket launcher from behind, blow them up. Enemy on a lower elevation? Jump down and launch your projectile of explosive property.

And something else to note, backblast will not kill you due to explosion radius being tweaked to be a bit smaller than normal. I found this out the hard way by chasing someone with the sword and them deciding to pull out the rocket launcher and blow me up. Yay.

To conclude, the rocket launcher is a bit underwhelming thanks to the reduced damage, but you can easily make up for that by tricking your enemies into thinking you actually have something like a sword. Rocket jumping is pretty much useless as I see for now, since losing 75 health for a small jump boost is a bit too much risk for minor reward. Easier use will make this weapon a widely used tool, mastering it can put you on top of the competition quickly as all most people will use is the rocket launcher, or sword. To close, the matchups.

V.S. Slingshot

It all depends on the skill level of the user and your health, if they can blow your rockets up with the slingshot projectiles then you might be at a slight advantage, but if your health is low then it's time to back off so they can't take hits. Full health though? Go ahead.

V.S. Sword

If you actually have experience against foes with swords, it wont take long to dispatch them then, using the backblast on the rocket launcher will kill them if they're able to get close but it's recommended to try this if they have less than full health.

V.S. Bomb

Long range is an easy fight, predicting where they will move will be immensely helpful. Though, most bomb users will attempt to just chuck it at you without bothering to shorten the fuse. Short range may be a problem if "suicide bombing" is a tactic being used thanks to the launcher's reload speed.

V.S Superball

Switching to another weapon is the best option against a superball user, their throws are much faster than your rockets and barely have an actual reload so DPS is a big problem. Elevation though, being higher up easily gives you the advantage since you can just drop them with maybe one rocket and a quick sword swipe, but be sure to keep the deflector handy.

V.S Deflector

This is a losing battle as soon as you know it if the deflector user is competent in their ability, but if they are unable to carry out the actual proper use of the deflector, then an unpredictable firing pattern should help you carry this engagement to victory.

V.S. Rocket Launcher

Elevation, range, and firing pattern is what will determine your outcome. Higher elevation means you can rain rockets down upon them, closer range is a much riskier fight, and firing pattern is another key to the rocket launcher, don't be predictable. Use those, and you just might come out on top.

Apologies for nothing last week, as school has started and I will be a bit less busier. I will attempt to write at least one article per week now, longer lengthed since it'll be only one. We will have to see though. As always, have a nice week.

Place Review- Broken Bones (Destruction Package) - Version 1.7.2

Hello Everybody!
I am Elvinusa a summer intern for RN and intern for PeerPants!
Today I will be doing a Place Review for the Roblox classic Broken Bones! Broken Bones is a game by zamsongod and has been played over 1,800,000 times!

The Objective is to Break as many “Bones” as possible and buy new maps and upgrade with packages! It has been running for just about 3 years now and has been updated just a couple days ago. When arriving into the game the first thing I notice is the amount of Starter Guis the game has. The words take up much of the screen and are unorganized. It’s just a scramble of junk all over the page with different colors that don’t match up. It looks messy (and it’s a major turn off) but his amount of scripting that went to it is amazing!

After the screen guis pop up. You choose a map that you can afford with the amount of points/bones that you have gathered (points save up from last sessions),and spawn in the map. From there you jump off high places and try to break bones and advance maps! The bone counting script gives you bones according to the angle you jump off of, the direction you face and other seemingly complex factors!

However nice the game seems the maps glitch often sending players flying all over the place. Advancing maps is too complicated and many players give up on the game before finishing. After time the game can seem very boring.

Interview #1
goldboy25: Hello
Elvinusa: Hello
Elvinusa: First Question
goldboy25: Alright.
Elvinusa: Do you enjoy playing Broken Bones, and why?
goldboy25: A little, I just recently started to try it out. And it's interesting to me, watching the dynamics of the game such as the great physics in the rag-doll falling part of it.
Elvinusa: Do you think its a game you will visit over and over again?
goldboy25: I'll probably go visit it every now and then, it's a nice place to meet new friends, everyone laughs about their falls.
Elvinusa: What do you like best?
goldboy25: The physics. That stuff interests me, to see what ROBLOX users and creators can make with the physics to make it seem more realistic.
Elvinusa: What is the worst aspect about it?
goldboy25: I don't see anything bad about it.
Elvinusa: What type of games do you play often in roblox?
goldboy25: I'm not much to play games on ROBLOX often, I usually build but when I do, I normally play survival games.
Elvinusa: Okay thank you for your time!
goldboy25: No problem!
Elvinusa: I will send you a URL of the article once it is published
goldboy25: Alright, thanks!
Elvinusa: See you around!

Interview #2
Elvinusa: First Question
Elvinusa: Do you enjoy playing Broken Bones?
Narichi: Sometimes
Elvinusa: On a scale of 1-10 how much do you enjoy it?
Narichi: 6
Elvinusa: What is your favorite aspect on the game?
Narichi: um...when you break your bones
Elvinusa: What is your worst aspect on the game?
Narichi: Well I have many aspects I do not enjoy but it has to be the package cost.
Elvinusa: What type of games do you play in ROBLOX?
Narichi: Probably fighting games!
Elvinusa: Okay thank you for your time!
Narichi: Welcome
Elvinusa: I will send you a URL of the article once it is published
Narichi: Alright, thanks!
Elvinusa: See you around!

The Maps are easy to build and not too much effort was put into it.

This is probably one of the best-scripted games I have seen on ROBLOX.

The Game is poorly presented with unorganized guis.Unattractive looks,badges.Bad advertising.

Overall 5/10:
Cons: One you play the game the guis embedded on the bricks fling you around often and many players get flinged off into the walls. Badges are not good. It’s too easy to break bones. Every package is too expensive. Maps are uninviting.

Pros: Some of the most advanced scripts and guis can be found here. A fairly nice hangout place for friends! The physics is realistic and true.

Sunday, August 18, 2013

Place Review: Girls Hangout! [Boys Welcome]

Hey guys, DDude9091 here. My mentor has assigned me the place "Girls Hangout! [Boys Welcome]". As if the typo in the name wasn't enough. Right when I entered the game, I heard about 5 different songs playing at once. Guys...this one isn't going to be too pleasant.

The current thumbnail of the game.
You spawn on a green baseplate surrounded by free models. Ladies and Gentlemen, on your left you'll find free modeled race track. Please direct your attention now to the area in front of the spawn, where a free modeled morph set can be found. Let's keep it moving and head to the right. Now, once you get past the pink building, you'll see a free modeled pink swimming pool. On the far end of the map? A free modeled playground. Keep it moving, people, we're now going in to the pink building. You'll see about 20 or more free models in here. If you start feeling nauseous from all of the stolen things, just sit down and look at the ground.

Congrats to YewJoeChai for being
the closest to the total!
I decided to put on a little competition to see who could guess the amount of free models and be the closest. YewJoeChai came the closest, with his guess of 47. Ladies and Gentlemen, can I get a drum roll? The total amount of free models is...40! Let's hear it for YewJoeChai!

All funny business put aside, this has to be the most awful game I have ever played. I haven't even covered the tools in your inventory yet. The 7 are all free modeled, and don't even try the Dance tool.

Tool 1: Super Gravity Coil
Jumping with the coil equipped just sends you flying, and unless you actually un-equip it, you'll be sent flying in to space.

Tool 2: Fly
I've got nothing to say about this one besides that its free modeled. I mean, it works, but that's it.

Tool 3: Teleport
Free modeled, plus you can use it to get in to the admin room. All that's in there is a few morphs, anyways.

Tool 4: Backflip
You know, there's nothing like doing free modeled backflips while driving free modeled cars around a free modeled racetrack.

Tool 5: Frontflip
Spam it enough and  your character will break.

Tool 6: Dance
Don't even try to equip this one. It teleports you to a seperate baseplate before you fall to your death. I'm not a scripter, but I don't even know how that's possible that a free model screwed up that bad.

Tool 7: Guitar
All it is? A crappy silver colored guitar that plays a note when you click.

Building: 1/10
The only thing built by the creator was the floor and walls of the pink building

Scripting: 0/10
Scripting? What scripting?

Overall: 0.5/10
I'll finish off my post by saying: Don't. Play. This. I know a lot of people think, "Oh, this game looks so awful! I'll play it to laugh at it!". All that does is earn the owner more money for nothing.

Thanks for reading,


(Shadowing Zakary99)

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Place Showcase: Island of Imagination

Current Thumbnail of Island of Imagination
Hello everyone, DDude9091 here. Today, I'll be showcasing Island of Imagination (BC), a huge free build game like nothing I have ever seen before. This game takes the concept of free building beyond build sets placed on empty baseplates. From two unique towns to customized and hand-made terrain and the Roblox build tools, this game is unique in its own way. If the looming mountains and vast valleys are enough to take your breath away, the amazing camera manipulation that pans your view around the map displays the island in its entirety.

Every tiny detail was made to show the island at its best, completely made by the creator; no terrain generator used. As shown in the thumbnail, there is a harbor town located at the edge of the map. Far upon the other side you can find a village made high on top of a mountain, towering over the ocean. Between them? The massive island, filled with more land than my computer could handle.

Creator: Zathara
Created: 4/5/2011
Updated: 4 weeks ago
Favorites: 1,289
Visited: 11,938 times
Thumbs up: 77
Thumbs down: 2
Genre: Building
Gear Allowed: None
BC Only?: Yes
As of: 8/9/2013

Game Passes:

75 Robux 264 Buys 750 Tix

The glider allows for much easier transportation, rather than walking. To add to it, pressing "Q" drops a bomb.
Worth it?
Not in my opinion. Unless you just want to drop bombs on people, you can just use the stamper tool to place a UFO or other vehicle.

           Survival Pack:
100 Robux 136 Buys 1001 Tix

The Survival Pack gives you a flashlight, compass, speed dagger, and grappling hook to help you explore.
Worth it?
If you're the type of person who loves to explore and discover everything there is to discover, this is for you. Otherwise, keep your robux for a rainy day.

      Stamper Tool Drag:
125 Robux 78 Buys 1,350 Tix

The Stamper Tool Drag Game Pass unlocks the stamper tool's ability to drag parts.
Worth it?
If you love building, and spend a lot of time in this game, I would recommend it. According to Zathara, "Price will raise to 250 ROBUX and 2500 Tix when this hits 100 sales," so if you want to get it, now's the time.


1. Stamper Tool:
The stamper tool is limited. Only with the game pass can you unlock its dragging ability.

2. Delete Tool:
I'm not sure how anything prevents people from ruining the amazing landscape with the delete tool, so this should be looked in to.

3. Clone Tool:
Your average, every day clone tool. Nothing special, allows you to clone any brick in the game.

4. Rotate Tool:
As with the delete and clone tool, I was surprised that you were able to use it on the terrain. The creator should have locked it so that people can't mess with the things that he created.

5. Wiring Tool:
Same old wiring tool. Select it and click any part that can be wired (such as a lever) and then another part that can be wired (such as a door), and they are linked. Say you used the lever and the door. When you clicked the lever, the door would open.

6. Classic Tool:
After selecting this tool, five more tools will appear on your screen. One allows you to paint blocks different colors; the second lets you change the brick's material; the third gives you the ability to change the surface of the block (smooth, studs, weld, etc.); the fourth, a simple drag tool; the fifth a tool that is used to re-size bricks.


Mute Music: Mutes the in game music.

Reset: Quite self-explanatory. Kills your character, and you respawn.

Walk: Returns your character to a normal walkspeed, 16.

Run: Speeds up your character.

The GUIs are well-made and well-scripted. They aren't fancy, but they get the job done. The only minus is that, whenever the game cleans up the world, removing hats and whatnot, a message is just thrown right in the middle of your screen saying so. It gets quite annoying after a while.

Game Play:
Now that I've got all that out of the way, let's get back to the game, shall we? You spawn in one of several places; on top of a mountain, down in a valley, in the harbor village, etc. From here, you have endless choices. You can go explore the amazing terrain, build yourself a house on top of the highest mountain, or make a town with friends. You can ride around in a fancy UFO, or drive a truck down a cliff. The only limit to this game is yourself, really. If you think there is nothing left to do, think harder. Have you dug deep in to the earth to find what lays beneath? Have you built an upside down town under the overhang of a cliff? With the stamper tool to answer to your every need, and the island to provide amazing landscapes for whatever need you have, or purpose you serve, you can do whatever you like. The possibilities are endless. All free build games I have ever seen before this dull in comparison. This one outdoes them all by a mile.

With its combination of mind blowing landscapes, tools that allow you to build whatever you can think of, flawless GUIs, and helpful Game Passes to top it off, Island of Imagination deserves more attention than it currently has. This deserves to be front page much more than some of its current competitors. Just looking at the front page of games now, I see plenty of fakes and frauds that don't deserve their fame. The only flaws I can think of? The clean up GUI that shows up in front of your face every five or so minutes, and the lag I get that messes up the music. Another minus is the shop GUI that loads and covers your whole screen the second you join/respawn. The breath taking building and the scripts make up for that entirely, though. I'll finish my showcase here. I highly suggest that you give this game a try; it will be worth it, trust me.

Thanks for reading,

  (Shadowing Zakary99)