Saturday, October 2, 2010

Roblox Halloween 2010

As you all know, Halloween is this month, and so Roblox is brining out Classic Halloween hats, ie: Darkseed, pumpkin head, and Halloween baseball cap. As well as these Roblox will be brining out new spooky hats. No Halloween event has been confirmed yet, but I'm sure Roblox is cooking up something great, maybe a treasure hunt? Maybe a spooky sword fight? Or maybe a halloween paintball map, like last year.
Also coming out this month is the mysterious GhostWalker sword (as Gear) from the famous Sword fight on the heights game made by Telamon. This will be in high demand, and once it is sold out, the prices will skyrocket. So good luck getting that.

Hi, I'm back!

Sorry Roblox News has been in active for almost two months, I have been very busy at the moment. But now I'm back, so there will be lots of updates.