Thursday, May 31, 2012

Ultimate Paintball Classic Place Review.

While comparing sports cars and mansions one evening after getting off of our private jets Refreshingwater and I decided that we should review three classic places each. Some of these you may never have heard of and others may be insanely popular. All of these however are rather old places and were very popular a long time ago. To start with I am reviewing Ultimate Paintball by Miked.
Gameplay 10/10
For those of you that don't know, Miked's Ultimate Paintball is one of the first GOOD paintball games ever created. It consists of two teams. on different sides of the map. The goal of both teams is to get  the most points. You get points by killing enemies and capturing the enemy team's flag. You can lose points by being killed. Whoever has the most points at the end of the round wins. Your paintball gun has three different settings. Standard, Sniper, and Burst. Standard is your basic paintball gun, sniper is a one hit kill with a long reload and great accuracy. Burst is a basically a shotgun.
Effort 9/10
The overall game script must have required a lot of work. Also, Miked is the one who created the better version of the paintball gun so kudos to him for that. The map is very well made but just seems to be lacking a bit...
Creativity 7/10
From what I've heard paintball games were very popular back then. Miked simply had the good fortune of making one that was better than the others.
Overall 8.5/10
  • More maps
  • Add a rainbow paintball gun that shoots rainbow pellets that are magical and make unicorns appear
  • Add a GUI showing what type of paintball gun you are currently using.
If you want your place reviewed simply contact Banjobug on twitter or send me a private message on ROBLOX. The next post could be about your place! I'll be glad to give you ideas on your place and help make it better. Also, if you find a place that is absolutely awful and on the front page send me a PM and I might make a RANT about it!

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Place Reviewed:
✪Ultimate Paintball
Reviewed by: Banjobug

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

The Overseer Vs. The Knightmare Review!

Hey! Today I'm mixing things up by doing a "Double Review", which is where I review both the items in one review, compare them, and then announce the winner. Today I will be reviewing two of the packages added to the catalog at the weekend called: The Overseer and the Knightmare. Here we go!

Mesh: The meshes of both these bodies are fantastic; both very futuristic, and warlike too. However, the Knightmare's legs look like a bird's, which isn't very fitting, and the Overseer's legs are a bit undersized. I think the leg-making skills need to be practised. Knightmare: 8/10 The Overseer: 8/10

No one wins this round as it is a tie!

Texture: The textures are easily the best part of these bodies; nice colours, perfect and vibrant. Wait, are those EYES on the Overseer's chestplate? They look like Cat's eyes. A green version of the Crimson Catseye... *makes prediction*. The Knightmare's texture is nice and purple, has no cats eyes on it, and also has nice shading. Knightmare: 8/10 The Overseer: 10/10

The winner of this round is the Overseer! 

Value for Money: The price for the Knightmare is currently 625 Robux, whereas the Overseer's price was  1500 Robux (it's offsale now). Bit of a price difference, but that's not too much of a worry. The Knightmare was kind of worth it's price tag, with spiky spikes on it that look like they could cause a lot of damage (but can't. It would actually be really cool if it did *hints to Roblox admins*). The Overseer came with mini-Crimson Catseyes on them, which are usually thousands of Robux. Knightmare: 7/10 The Overseer: 9.1/10.

The winner of this round is also the  Overseer!

Overall the Overseer WINS! Too bad it's offsale. If you got one, you should know it was totally worth the money. The Knightmare is also very good, the penguin feet annoy me however.

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Monday, May 28, 2012

Gear Review: The Federal Reserve

Gear Review: The Federal Reserve

       Ulquiorra98 here, with a peek at The Federal Reserve gear from ROBLOX. First of all, I'd like to wish all of you a happy Memorial Day, and I believe that all those at ROBLOX would like to do the same. To express their patriotism, ROBLOX has released quite a few Memorial Day-themed gear items over the weekend, one of them being The Federal Reserve. So, without further ado, let's get to the review! (I'm a poet and I didn't even know it.)

 Abilities/Effects: 8/10

       Most gears act the same for every ROBLOXian-- not this one. This gear's abilities resemble those of the Moneybag, in it can spew out cash everywhere, but differs in that depending on what type of Builder's Club you have, it'll give out different forms of money. Thanks to the help of a few friends (NonstopEpic, shadowchampion, and devilsshadowchampion) I found out that players without any form of Builder's Club (NBC Players) will find that they can shoot out ROBLOXian Tickets, Builder's Club and Turbo Builder's Club players can fire off ROBUX, and Outrageous Builder's Club players can fill the room with gold from their Federal Reserve gear. The fact that it's effects become different for many ROBLOXians is something I find to be really cool.

Appearance: 9/10

        Normally, I'd give a patriotic gear like this full marks in this category, but there's one thing about it that I don't really like. For those of you wondering how this will look on your avatar, it's a bit like a backpack, except with a nozzle draped over the ROBLOXian's shoulder, that shoots out cash. Yeah, I don't think many of you have backpacks with an unlimited amount of money inside... Well, the only thing about this gear that bugs me is that whenever you jump with this gear on, it bends backwards and sticks straight out through your avatar's stomach; it's just one of those things that I find annoying. Other than that, it's got a really nice mesh, and is a great way to show your love for America on ROBLOX this Memorial Day.

Pricing: 9/10

       The price of 250 ROBUX seems just a bit too much for me; if it were at 100, I could see myself buying it, but apparently many feel otherwise, as a whopping 3154 of them have sold already! I suppose the feature of it shooting off different things given your type of Builder's Club might allow it to be somewhere in the 200 ROBUX range, so the price isn't outrageously unbelievable. The gear is also only on sale until tonight in the US (PST), and as the number sold goes up, the clock ticks down, so grab a copy of The Federal Reserve while you still can!

Overall: 8.7/10

       It's a reasonably good gear for a social item with some pretty cool effects. However, be warned, as when you enter a game with this gear, there is a high chance that you'll be pestered with frequent "CAN I HAZ MONY PL0X?" comments from noobs around you.

Happy Memorial Day! -Ulquiorra98

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Milestone Achieved

I am glad to say that Roblox News has surpassed 300,000 views. I would like to thank the fans who support us and continue to read our posts. If you have any suggestions or comments for us, please email it to us or use the suggestions page here. Once again, Thank you!

-Site Manager

Friday, May 25, 2012

The Quest Beyond Time: Chapter 2

Chapter 2 of "The Quest Beyond Time" is now up. Please read and leave your comments and suggestions on the page. I hope you like it.

Chapter 2 Dedicated to: @Crazyman32


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Memorial Day Retexture Contest: Hats For Heroes!

Memorial Day is fast approaching and what better way to remember the brave soldiers who have fought in wars across the globe; than by making retextures! These retextures should be military themed; perhaps create a beret or a detailed helmet? Or how about a embroidered officers cap? There are many possibilities! You can deisgn a hat to represent your countries armed forces or even create replicas of helmets and berets worn by real soldiers during history! You could maybe create WWII headgear such an American infantry helmet or perhaps a British officer's cap? However you could also create retextures for military forces that are forgotten such as the Australian and New Zealand infantry and the French too!


To enter the contest, simply:

1) Create a retexture on ROBLOX and upload it as a model. If you are new to retexturing, check out this awesome guide! Ensure that you include the tag 'Hats For Heroes' Retextures' in the model's description.

2) Email a link to your entry to Entitle the email 'Hats For Heroes'. You can send up to 3 entries to us, make sure to include these in the same email.

3) We will view all entries and decide on a number of winners. Winners will be shown to Brighteyes and Tarabyte - two ROBLOX administrators.

Good luck!

(Contest logo by Phantomazing)

Editor of Roblox News

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RN Swordfighting Tournament June 2012 Official Match List

Here's a more readable list, just in case the top picture isn't readable.

Match 1: Refreshingwater vs Arbirator, June 9, 2012 @ 10:30am
Match 2: DSGod vs Max7312XDX, June 9, 2012 @ 11:00am
Match 3: Cooldude1847 vs Dacoolman04, June 12, 2012 @ 4:30pm
Match 4: Griffin153 vs Banjobug, June 12, 2012 @ 5:00pm
Match 5: Ipofallsflat vs BarbaricBrandon, June 13, 2012 @ 3:30pm
Match 6: Ruthina vs Nathen78906, June 13, 2012 @ 4:00pm
Match 7: Minicas vs Rnplacereviews, June 15, 2012 @4:00pm
Match 8: NonstopEpic vs TheEpicPies, June 15, 2012 @4:30pm
Interview session, after the last match.

If you can't make it, I will ask both you and your opponent if you'd like to reschedule your match. All times are in Pacific Time. You can figure out your timezone on your own. Make sure to be there ready to fight on time, don't be late. It's okay to be 5 minutes late. If you don't show and I don't get a reply from you that you want a rescheduled match, you will be disqualified and your opponent moves on. Those dates and times are the times you're supposed to be there.

There is still room for the August Swordfighting Tournament! Just send an email to! Just put in your username!

Random quotes from fans:
"I'm so excited about this tournament! Especially Match 1." -Anonymous 1
"Can't wait! Match 1 will be exciting!" -Anonymous 2

This epic event will be recorded and will be uploaded to Youtube.

Click here to see the place this tournament will take place in.

Follow me on Twitter, for updates on future contests or reviews.

Thanks for reading, and if you're in the tournament, good luck!

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

P♦RTAL. !Brand new! P♦RTAL. Review

For those of you who don't know anything about Portal. I would kindly like to tell you to please lift up your arms and push up. The rock that you're hiding under should be forced up. If you still cannot lift it then please call for help on your mobile device. If your device does not work or you do not have any friends then simply look it up on your computer. Also, you could try using a shovel to dig your way out. For those of you who DO know what Portal is you will be impressed by this place.
Gameplay 7/10
So far there are only 5 different chambers. The puzzles in these chambers are incredibly simple and easy to get through. However, they prove that Portal could be recreated in ROBLOX.
Effort 10/10
The amount of scripting necessary for this game is astounding. The portal gun in this game is the first one that I know of that keeps the velocity of a person when he goes through portals. It also changes the jumping physics of your character and allows you to pick up objects without using a tool. It's also completely flawless and is fun to mess around in
Creativity 8/10
A lot of people have attempted to make a Portal game before, however this is the first one that came close to the actual thing.
Overall 8.5/10
  • More test chambers
  • Add turrets
  • Make Glados be more colorful and rainbowy.
  • Make a way to turn off the music. It gets really annoying after a while. 
If you want your place reviewed simply contact Banjobug on twitter or send me a private message on ROBLOX. The next post could be about your place! I'll be glad to give you ideas on your place and help make it better. Also, if you find a place that is absolutely awful and on the front page send me a PM and I might make a RANT about it!

Also, you should follow me on twitter even if you don't have a RANT or review request! Sometimes I invite my followers to go to places with me to help review them.

Place Reviewed:
Reviewed by: Banjobug

The Firebrand

On May 19th, 2012, another classic sword from Shedletsky's Sword Fights on the Heights IV was released on the catalog. This one released was the Firebrand and I'll explain some special things about this sword.


The rumors of the Firebrand coming out started on May 18th, 2012, one day before the actual release. There was another sword in the catalog named the Firebrand, but this one was a different sword and not the actual classic one from Shedletsky's game. On that day, oddly enough that Firebrand was renamed, "Faux Firebrand", and BrightEyes tweeted about the name change. For those who don't know, Faux Firebrand means Fake Firebrand. That sparked a huge wildfire of Firebrand rumors, and the next day it was released at a whopping price of 20,000 robux, and only 100 in stock. The Firebrand was the second most expensive limited item in the catalog, only to be beat out by Telamon's Foe Hammer.Unlike Telamon's Foe Hammer, the Firebrand sold out quickly, like all of the other Sword Fights on the Heights IV swords. The Firebrand is also the most expensive Sword Fights on the Heights IV sword at the time. (Darkheart was 2000, Illumina and Venomshank were 5000, Ghostwalker was 12000, Windforce was 15000, and Firebrand was 20000.) It's now selling around 50000 robux.

The Firebrand is one of the special seven swords that can be found in SFOTHIV (Sword Fights on the Heights IV), and it is pretty big. This sword is dark red to represent the fiery power inside the Firebrand, and is bigger than a normal sword. It's about as big as the Venomshank, another SFOTHIV sword released in last December. It's pretty powerful, and is not affected by the Ice Dagger in SFOTHIV. However, the Ice Dagger isn't in the catalog yet so the Firebrand really doesn't have any special powers. Yet. It's a likely guess that the Ice Dagger will be released some day in the catalog, as it's the only SFOTHIV sword left that hasn't been released. Here's the review:

Mesh: 9/10

Pretty much the classic sword mesh, but bigger. I love it, and it just as that classic feel to it that many players love.

Texture: 10/10

The texture is like a red version of the Venomshank's green texture, but it just looks epic on the sword. It all blends well and looks like something no one would want to encounter in battle.

Ability: 9/10

Now, this is what I have to criticize a bit on. This sword is excellent at quickly killing your opponents, but it doesn't have any special abilities like the other SFOTHIV swords. This sword isn't affected by the Ice Dagger like I said before, but the Ice Dagger isn't even a real catalog item yet. Pretty much, this sword is just a good damage dealer, but it is much more useful than some other gear items in the catalog. Many investors admit that the other SFOTHIV swords are better than the Firebrand but it's still a good sword.

(NEW) Price and Value: 8/10

I also have to criticize on this. The Firebrand is definitely not worth 20000 robux, in fact I like the Venomshank and the Windforce much more than the Firebrand and they were less expensive. Even the two swords combined don't add up to or over how much you had to pay for the Firebrand. One of the reasons it's this price is because people are getting richer and richer every day, so prices go up. There's also the fact that there are only 100 in stock, making it pretty rare. Really, the biggest reason is that it's a SFOTHIV sword and they have such high demand. As for getting it to make profit, I'm predicting the price will stay around 50k and not change for a long time. Meaning, you could only have made profit on this if you got it for 20k. 

Overall: 9/10

It's a pretty great sword, and is very rare. It's not as good as some of the other SFOTHIV swords because it doesn't have a big ability, and it was sold higher than it should be. The Ice Dagger might come out some day to finish up the SFOTHIV sword collection, though nobody knows.

-NonstopEpic, Catalog Manager.

Monday, May 21, 2012

New ROBLOX Event: KREO Battleship!

Rectangle Advertisement For KREO Sponsored Page

You may have noticed, for some time now ROBLOX has been making games to promote certain things. (Such as the Cartoon Network show and movie Level Up, the Disney XD show Lab Rats, and The Three Stooges movie.) Their newest promotion is for the KREO Battleship building kits. There are two cool games themed to look and feel like a KREO Battleship kit, and those are the KREO Battleship Scavenger Hunt and the KREO Battleship Showdown!

I'm first going to talk a bit about the KREO Battleship Scavenger Hunt. In this, you have to explore the surrounding area and look for the hidden KREO items. By completing this task, you'll receive the Mission Success badge and subsequently awarded with the Hopper Hat. I won't reveal where all the items are hidden, but I will give you a clue: if you look hard enough you'll discover some quick paths you can take to collect all the items.

Mission Success (Creator: KREOBattleship)

The second KREO Battleship game is the KREO Battleship Showdown. The game works like this: if you are a crew member, you must hold off the aliens attacking your ship with the various guns and missile launchers located throughout the ship. If you are the alien commander, you must use a special GUI to place alien ships and boats around the battleship. I'll talk about the achievements (badges).

When you Have a Hammer
This one is the easiest achievement to get.  You simply have to shoot down an alien jet with missiles. 

When you Have a Hammer... (Creator: KREOBattleship)

Humans Victorious
To get this, you must be on the human team and survive against the aliens for five minutes. Working together and shooting as many aliens as you can helps accomplish this goal. By winning this badge you earn the KREO Battleship Admiral Shane hat.

Humans Victorious (Creator: KREOBattleship)
Davey Jones' Locker is Stuffed
Another simple achievement, to get this shoot down 10 alien boats. Alien boats are huge so it shouldn't be very hard to defeat them.

Davey Jones' Locker is Stuffed (Creator: KREOBattleship)

First Kill
This one isn't very easy, to get it you must shoot down the first alien jet/ship of a round.

First Kill (Creator: KREOBattleship)

Alien Command Victorious
You have to win as the alien commander to get this badge, as well as a KREO Battleship Trophy. However, there is only one commander per round. To become the commander you must be the human with the most points. (To get points shoot down aliens). The best way to win as the alien commander is to create tons of alien jets near the ship, because alien jets are very hard to destroy.

Alien Command Victorious (Creator: KREOBattleship)

Top Gun
This one is pretty tough, to get it you must shoot down 20 jets. It's tough due to fact that alien jets are super fast and very small.

Top Gun (Creator: KREOBattleship)

Super Human Resilence
Currently the hardest achievement to get at the moment, you must survive an entire round as a human without dying. The best way to do this is to find an area on the ship where barely any aliens attack.

Super Human Resilience (Creator: KREOBattleship)

Glocked It
This is the last achievement, and is unobtainable at the moment. The only way to get it is by shooting down a jet with a glock, but there are no glocks in the game so you can't get it. In fact, it even says in the description of it, "You shot down a jetfighter with a glock. How do you even do that!?!", implying that this achievement is impossible to get.

Glocked It (Creator: KREOBattleship)

The KREO Battleship Showdown is a fun and great game. It is very creative, and well-built, plus there is barely any lag unless you are using a really old computer. 

There are also two ticket hats for sale. Both are on sale for just 1 ticket each!

KRE-O CapKRE-O Battleship Cap

-NonstopEpic, Catalog Manager

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Sunday, May 20, 2012

Gear Review: Chartreuse Periastron Gamma (My Application)

Here's my review on the Chartreuse Periastron Gamma which I submitted to RN as my application:

Ulquiorra98 here, coming to you with a gear review that's fresh off the Now, many of you are probably familiar with ROBLOX's recently created Periastron series, but if you're not, here's a little background info: The Periastron series is a set of 4 swords, each of a different color and each with their own unique ability. The first sword, the Azure Periastron Alpha, was released in early January, followed by the second, the Grimgold Periastron Beta, a couple months later. The third in the set, the Chartreuse Periastron Gamma, which just came out, is the one we'll be taking a look at today. Many have compared the Periastrons to the Colored Katana series and the Seasonal Swords series, and have predicted that if all periastrons are combined, they will create a "mega periastron" of sorts. This may be true, but we won't know for sure until the last one is released.
These periastrons highly resemble the lightsabers from the Star Wars films, and lightsabers were the first thing that came to mind when I first took a look at them. They are, as one person in the comment section put it, "zOMG, LAZER SWORDZ!!!" Now that you know a bit more about this gear, let's get to the review.

Abilities/Effects: 8/10

This is one sword that is jam-packed with special features. When double-clicked, this gear fires off a green-colored laser, which, when aimed correctly, can deplete your opponent of up to 1/2 of his health, making it a handy ranged weapon. It's also got a cool forcefield feature, so when you press "Q" you are surrounded by a reasonably large, protective bubble. The forcefield deals slight damage to anyone that comes near it, but it does not move along with your avatar, nor is it permanent; after around 12 seconds, you're open to attack. As a close-range weapon, this sword is of average strength, and it takes 2-3 hits to cut down your enemy (depending on how close your opponent is). I'd say that it deals about the same amount of damage per slash as a normal Katana, perhaps a bit more. However, If someone came to me in a game with this in their backpack, I'd keep my distance.

Appearance: 7/10

The Chartreuse Periastron Gamma resembles it's other two brothers (or sisters, though I'm not sure if swords even have a gender...) except for the fact, of course, that it's green, or chartreuse, if you would prefer. There is a dial on the sword with what appears to be the colors of all the periastrons (if you look closely, you can see what the color of the next periastron will be!) Though it's a nice sword, I feel that it looks a tad childish. The handle's a bit stubby, and the sword itself is quite thick, which is something I personally don't like. The mesh is the same as that of the Azure and Grimgold periastrons; it's not my favourite, but it'll do. This periastron is also the first in the series that sparkles. The sparkles given off by the blade, though attractive to some users, will make your position on the battlefield a dead giveaway, so if you want to be subtle and sneaky, I wouldn't recommend pulling this sword out. One of the things I do like about this gear is the way that the shade of green on the blade changes from very concentrated at the top to a yellow-ish green color near the bottom; it's a neat touch. As I mentioned earlier, it bears a great resemblance to the lightsabers from Star Wars, and depending on how much you like that franchise, that can be either a good or bad thing.

Pricing: 9/10

Seeing as all the periastrons so far were priced at 2,000 ROBUX, I think I can safely say that this gear was put on the Catalog at a fair price. The Chartreuse Periastron Gamma was originally sold for 2,000 ROBUX, just like it's predecessors, but with a limited stock of only 200. The RAP (or Recent Average Price) of the item is around 7,000 ROBUX at the time of this post, so one can obviously see that this was a good investment. It also sold fairly quickly, which is a good sign. The time it takes for the limited item to sell out is important if you're going to resell the item with profit in mind. Take the Lightning Orb for example, which took over a month to sell: the price it sells for now is usually under it's original price of 10,000 ROBUX. Here's a little rhyming tip: If it sells quick, and it's an object in high demand, BUY IT. That...didn't rhyme... All jokes aside, you can normally tell if an object is wanted if A) most people that comment on the item think so, and/or B) When you refresh the page of the item every few seconds, you notice that a substantially large amount of the item has been sold.

Overall: 8/10

It's a nice gear with some pretty epic effects. If you're a sci-fi kind of guy (with a good stash of cash), I recommend you look into the Chartreuse Periastron Gamma. This forcefield-making, laser-shooting, (and as noted in the description) dinosaur-PWNING, intergalactic (list any other adjectives you might have here) space sword is a good buy. The original pricing was fine, though I think the current price of 7,000 ROBUX might be too much for it. But, hey, if it can get rid of those pesky dinosaurs...

Extra Info...

There exists another gear in the Catalog by the name of the Fake Chartreuse Periastron Gamma, of which 0 were sold, and 0 remain. This was intended to be the real one, but due to a glitch in the Catalog it was impossible to buy, so the ROBLOX staff created another one and left this one on the site as a joke .
The prices of periastrons tend to raise after the next in the series is sold (this is true in most cases, though there may be sudden price inclines or drops due to the fact that private sellers don't always think logically when putting items up for sale). Also, the original number of periastrons sold decreases for each new periastron (500 of the Azure were sold, 400 of the Grimgold were sold, and 200 of the Chartreuse were sold) so there's a good chance that only 100 or 150 copies of the next periastron will be made.
While browsing through the swords, I realized that the endings of the periastrons follow the order of the letters of the Greek alphabet (A = Alpha, B = Beta, C = Gamma) so the name of the next, and last, periastron will most likely end in "Delta."

Thanks for reading! Ulquiorra98 signing off :) Follow me on twitter: @Ulquiorra98RBLX

Saturday, May 19, 2012

Gear Review: A More Elegant Blade

Ulquiorra98, coming to you with his first gear review for ROBLOX News. Today, we'll be discussing the good and bad of the A More Elegant Blade, which was released just recently, and has already become quite a popular gear. Now this blade, as most of you have probably noticed, looks exactly like that of Darth Maul's (the main antagonist of the first Star Wars movie), and news of this new "lightsaber" from ROBLOX has been spreading like wildfire among players. Now, in my sample review for RN, I compared the Chartreuse Periastron Gamma to the lightsabers of Star Wars, but this-- this is virtually an exact copy of one! I'd go on about this aspect of the gear, but if I do, the "Appearance" section of this review will be practically empty. Speaking of reviews, let's get to ours:

Abilities/Effects: 9/10

The number of different features this sword has in store for you will blow you away. Clicked once, a single fire-red blade will emerge from the handle; this single blade gives you the power to take away nearly 75% of your enemy's health! Press "Q" and watch as a second blade emerges from the hilt, ready to take on the opposition. Click while the sword is in this mode, and knock out all around you with it's cool windmill-sword feature. Furthermore, if you press "X," the sword will split in two, which means double the trouble for those noobs without your epic laser blade. Wait, we're not done: Click the blade again and you can zoom past your enemies, dealing them damage at the same time! Order now for $19.99 and we'll throw in a second one, absolutely free (lol, just kidding)! After finding out all of these neat effects this sword has, I couldn't possibly give it anything below a 9!

Appearance: 8/10

Now it's time for me to rant on about this blade and its very obvious connection to Star Wars. Personally, I think it's a very sleek, long, and deadly blade (all the things I look for in a good sword), though it definitely lacks in originality. Now if Lucasfilms had come up with the design after ROBLOX (instead of the other way around) I would've given this sword full marks. Oh well, no gear item is perfect (except for, perhaps, Darkheart). Back to the ranting: Not only does it look like Darth Maul's blade, the sound it makes as the blades appear sounds like it too! In fact, the only thing that I think differentiates this from a lightsaber is the name of the gear. They might as well make a Darth Vader mask along with a Stormtrooper Blaster now.

My little laser sword and I.

Pricing: 9/10

For all the cool advantages this sword gives you, and for it's looks, I'd say it's price of 2,000 ROBUX is fairly decent. 300 or so have been sold at the time I'm writing this, which is quite a few, seeing as it's just been released. It'll be going off sale in about a day (there's a chance it might go limited) so you better cash in those ROBLOX game cards quick! Actually, I might consider buying one myself...

Overall: 8.5 - 9/ 10

What can I say? It's a pretty epic sword with a lot of power. Nice looks; nice price; nice buy. Here's something you might find interesting: When it first came out, it was up for 2,000 ROBUX, but it was a rentable gear that expired in 1 day! Now that I would not think of as a good deal.

Ulquiorra98 signing off. Oh, and "May the force be with you" :P
Follow me on twitter: @Ulquiorra98RBLX

UPDATE May 20th, 2012: Looking through the comments section (again) I have noticed that many players are complaining about the fact that the sword tends to break, or not work, often. Though I did not experience this problem while testing it, you may want to take this glitch into consideration when buying. I'm sure ROBLOX will fix it soon, though.

New catalog analyst: Ulquiorra98

Our Catalog Analyst position has been filled. And by a worthy person indeed; Ulquiorra98. He has been a Roblox News fan for yonks, and has always wanted to be involved in Roblox News. As soon as the position was available, he wrote up an amazing Gear Review; that I'm sure he will show you very soon, and it amazed pretty much everyone on Roblox News (That's quite an achievement if you ask me). 

So, without further ado.
Congratulate our new Catalog Analyst with a Roblox PM, or with a Tweet to @Ulquiorra98RBLX

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Interview with graphicmodding!

Today I caught up with a forumer from ROBLOX talk: graphicmodding!


1) When did you join ROBLOX? What is your favourite memory?

I joined in January 2011. My favorite memory was when I had played my first game.

2) Where did you get the inspiration for your username from?

I named my username after one of my friends.

3) What was the first game you played? Was it memorable? Why?

My first game was a war game. I can't remember the name, but I had good memories of it. It was memorable since it was the first game I had ever played.

4) What was the first item from the catalog you bought? Why did it appeal to you?

I had bought the 2011 ROBLOX visor. I thought that it would look nice on my character.

5) When did you start foruming? Was it fun at first? Why?

I started foruming around May in 2011. I had enjoyed foruming. I enjoyed meeting new people, and I still do!

6) What forum do you usually post to?

Most of the time, I post in the ROBLOX Talk forum.

7) Do you have any foruming goals you would like to achieve?

I would like to become a top 25 poster.

8) If you were the ROBLOX CEO for the day, what would you do?

I would probably add some player suggestions into ROBLOX.

9) What is your favourite place? Why?

My favorite place would be Chaos Canyon, since it has less players and less exploiters.

10) And finally, what do you prefer in a duel; a fish or a saucepan?

A saucepan. I could probably hurt someone with it >:D

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

The Quest Beyond Time: "Episode 1"

For a long time now I have been trying to get a decent writer to work on "The Quest Beyond Time" but they were either busy or not willing. For my creative writing class we were to write a story of 5 - 6 pages and I thought why dont I start writing "The Quest Beyond Time". Anyway my writing style might not appeal to you or this might not be a good story so please keep the criticism to yourself. And no this is not 5 to 6 pages because I intend to release the story to you in sections and a little changed up from what I wrote for school.

~ Have questions?
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Community Article: Retexturing Guide 101 by nuke98

Okay, so I know there are a lot of retexturing guides out there on the internet, but there seems to be a lack of good retexturers in the basic ROBLOX community. So, I am making this thread if you do not know how to retexture, or if you do, and want other tips. I am going to combine tips from multiple professional retexturers (IBarrageI and the sort) to smooth out your skills.
Tools - 1A
Where to find the texture - 2A
How to retexture - 3A
Re-applying the retexture - 4A
Publishing the hat as a model - 5A
Texture Mapping 1B
Hue and Saturation control 2B
Adding Realism 3B
Tips 4B
The basic tools you will need to retexture is simple. ROBLOX studio, to access the hat files. You will need a image editing program, such as or Photoshop, however the best program is determined by the user. Try different programs! These are all the tools you will need. Simple.
To find a texture of a hat or gear, you first must open up your Edit (ROBLOX Studio). Next, is a bit risky. Go into free models, and search the hat you are wishing to retexture. This is risky because many models are infected with a virus. After you have found a non-infected hat, you select it, which highlights it in the explorer window on the right side of the screen. Next, press the plus button on the highlighted item. In the selections available, click "Mesh". Next, below the explorer window, in the properties, go down to the "TextureId" slot, and copy the numbers in the link. That is the ID number of the texture you are using!
Okay, now that you have the ID number, you can go to any item in the catalog. Literally any. Now, once you are there, up in the URL bar, replace the end numbers in the current URL with the numbers you got from your texture. Press enter, and you will come to your hats texture! Once you are there, copy the image and paste it into your image editing program. Now, you can edit it however you wish. This is not something you can or can't do, so get creative! Save it to your computer in an easy to access folder or on your desktop, then you can close all your programs to clean up your workspace.
Now that you have your texture, you must upload it as a decal. Go into your Stuff tab under My ROBLOX, and click on Decals in the left selection. Above all of the decals, you should find a "Create decal" link. Click it, then do as the instructions say to upload a decal. After you have done that, go to your freshly uploaded decal, and copy the numbers at the end of the URL in the URL bar. Next, go back to your place in edit mode, and insert the same hat. Follow all the same instructions up to the properties window. After you are there, simply replace the numbers at the end of the TextureId with the ID number of your decal and press enter. Admire the beauty of your new hat!
Almost done! Now, to upload this hat to your models, you must search the top bar in edit mode for the File tab. Select your hat, then click the files tab and go down to "Publish Selection to ROBLOX..." then follow along those steps. After you click done, you've retextured your first hat!
Now, something not covered previously, is texture mapping. The map of each hat is unique to only that hat. So, to start simple, if you have an egg that you want to retexture, it is simply like folding a piece of paper over a bowling ball. It will bend, and thus altering your texture. Some hats are easier to retexture. One of the most basic is the Red grind hat. One of the more difficult being a Present box, or the Ice Crown. So, just watch out for textures being altered by the shape of the hat, although most are easily identified on what goes where.
Hue is the more sophisticated way to say color. However, hue also means the brightness of the color. You want to control this, because if your color ends up being too bright, or just the wrong color, your hat can end up looking extremely abnormal, and will not fit in. It won't be enjoyable to look at. Make sure to keep the hue dark, but not too dark, because if you do it will look dull and empty. Saturation is kind of like hue, but it is how much of a color is in the color itself. For an easy example, it is like the gradual build from color to black and white. Too much hue makes it look like the color was just poured onto the screen, and too little can make it look dry and dead. This can be used to an advantage, although can be a problem too.
A problem with most retextures in the current state of ROBLOX is no realism. They draw black lines bordering colors, and make a dramatic shift from purple to red. A couple ways you can counter this is by using a color blend, smudge, or stitch effect. Also, try not to make the colors too bright, unless it is intended. Realism is especially important while making army caps, since they are supposed to be army. Most soldiers don't walk around in lime green camouflage. But hey, some might. Also, try not to make the colors on the hat too different. Again, unless it is intended.
One of my biggest tips, from experience, is delete your decals after you have taken the ID number. This will help cut down on your texture getting copied if it is good enough. Yes, this shouldn't be a problem, but it is. Another, is while making your texture, think about how it will look on your ROBLOXian, not just how it will look on the hat. Another is if it doesn't look right, it isn't. Move some of the contents of the texture around and then try it again. Whether it be rotating, or simply moving. Also, start on easier hats. Such as the Red grind, or some sort of hair. Add-ons to the image program you use are suggested, since it will add variety. Last, keep your work space clean. Make sure ROBLOX, ROBLOX Studio, and your Image program are the only programs open. A messy work space makes for a confused person.

Follow all these tips and you are well on your way to becoming an accomplished retexturer!
Radioactive Man (PUBLISHED)
This Community Article was kindly given to us by nuke98, a brilliant retexturer who was one of the 6 winners of Roblox News' first retexture contest: 'Radical Retextures'

Nuke98's entry was the 'Radioactive Man' and was published to the catalog. It was a glorious blend of colours which appealed to me as an extremely professional looking asset. 

The original thread with this retexturing guide can be found here. 

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Interview with jamiyjamie!

Today I caught up the forumer jamiyjamie from Roblox Talk!


1) When did you join ROBLOX? What is your favourite memory?

I joined on 16 october 2008 and finding out that you could build your own game.

2) Where did you get the inspiration for your username from?

I've used 'JamiyJamie' on many different things, but people normally call me 'Jammy' so I thought I could combined it with my name.

3) When you joined, what was your favourite aspect of the site?

Being able to meet so many people and befriend them.

4) What was the first game you played? Was it memorable? Why?

King Of The Hill by Builderman, He was on my friends list when I joined so I checked out one of his places.

5) When did you start foruming? Was it fun at first? Why?

I think I posted atleast 10 posts in 2008 but I really got in to foruming at 2010, it was really fun being able to chat with people about things without going to a game.

6) What forum do you usually post to?

Roblox Talk.

7) Do you have any ROBLOX goals you would like to achieve?

My only goal is to make so many friends.

8) If you were a ROBLOX engineer for the day, what changes would you make to the game?

I would just fix all the major problems like exploiters, ect

9) What is your favourite place? Why?

My favorite place is Sword Fighting Tournament by TheGamer101, why not it get loads of people there and the more people who go there the more friends I can make.

10) And finally, what weapon do you prefer in a duel; a sword or pistol?

Sword, and it would be a Katana.

Friday, May 11, 2012

Dude Ranch Cowboy Hat Review

Hio! BillCheesey5 again with a review of the Dude Ranch Cowboy Hat. 

Mesh: The mesh of this hat is in the shape of a Cowboy hat; which I suppose is good, since it it is a cowboy hat. Anyways, it's nicely shaped and sized, it looks like Indiana Jones' hat (possible retexture idea!). I can't think of any possible improvements. 10/10.

Texture: The texture, however, does not look like Indiana Jones' hat, because half of it is white, instead of all brown. The brim of this hat (up close) looks fuzzy, and has low detail. That's something that just irritates me. 7/10.

Value For Money: At 125 ROBUX, this is an okay deal. It's not limited either, so it might be around for a while. Maybe 100 ROBUX would've been better, but 25 isn't that much of a difference. 9/10.

How Good it Fits on Your Character: It fits just right! Perfect! It sits where a real cowboy hat would sit on your head. Perfect. 10/10.

Overall: Overall, this hat has earned a 8/10. I suggest buying it, just to add to your collection. 



Thursday, May 10, 2012

Something fun to do this Summer.

Hello all, this month I'm going to be planning for something fun.

I'm planning on doing two Swordfighting Tournaments this Summer. Here's a little history, I used to do these on an old account of mine, wont reveal the name. I would do a Round of 16, which consisted of 16 participants, and 8 matches. All leading up to the Finals, where a winner was crowned. The winner was given a trophy and a small Robux prize. I would do a Swordfighting Tournament monthly every Summer.

The place will be located on rnplacereviews my alternate account. There is where we're going to have the tournaments.

How to sign up:
1.) Send an email to
2.) Make the title "ST RN Sign Up June," for June and or "ST RN Sign Up August."
2b.) If you don't make that your title, you will simply not be admitted.
3.) In the message put some of the things you've accomplished in Swordfighting. Also, some extra details about your Swordfighting skills.
3b.) No skills necessary.
4.) Press send, I will respond with a "yes," or "no" if you were accepted or declined. I will give you a reason as to why I declined your sign up.

1.) NO Complaining, this means no complaining about your spot.
2.) NO Cheating, this includes Cheat Engine or any other method, none of that is tolerated.
3.) NO Being bored! If you're bored, leave, your dullness is not welcome.
4.) ANY skill is tolerated.
5.) Participant MUST show up to his/her matches. Absence results in disqualification, no questions asked.
More rules may be made as we get closer to the event.
If you're planning on participating, I urge you to read these rules.

Consequences for breaking the rules are being kicked from the place, if repeated, banned from the place. If a more serious rule is broken, you're banned. I will take these rules seriously. I will not tell you which rules I will take seriously.

Dates & Times for the June ST:
Round of 16, Match 1: June 9, 2012 @ 10:30am
Intermission @ Match End
Round of 16, Match 2: June 9, 2012 @ 11:00am
Round of 16, Match 3: June 12, 2012 @ 4:30pm
Intermission @ Match End
Round of 16, Match 4: June 12, 2012 @ 5:00pm
Round of 16, Match 5: June 13, 2012 @ 3:30pm
Intermission @ Match End
Round of 16, Match 6: June 13, 2012 @4:00pm
Round of 16, Match 7: June 15, 2012 @ 4:00pm
Round of 16, Match 8: June 15, 2012 @4:30pm

Quarter Finals, June 17, 2012 @ 5:00pm
Semi-Finals, June 18, 2012 @ TBA
3rd/4th Match, TBA
Finals, TBA

TBA = To be announced.
Intermission = Something fun in between matches.
Spots will be decided at random.
I might make a bracket, to be more organized. :)
Some matches may be rescheduled, depending if I have time to attend or not.
All times are in Pacific Standard Time, EST is 3 hours ahead, you can figure out the rest.

TBA, will be decided soon.

Q: Where will these tournaments take place?
A: They will take place in rnplacereviews' place, I will begin construction in May.

Q: When will the August Dates & Times be announced?
A: In late June or July.

Q: Why are you accepting sign ups so early?
A: The earlier the better.

Q: When will I be told if I've been accepted or not?
A: In mid-May or late May.

Q:What if you can't make it to one match?
A: I will reschedule.

Q: When will the June tournament end?
A: End of June.

Q: Will I get key-logged?
A: No. Why would I bother trying?

Q: Can Staff join?
A: Definitely. 

More questions may be asked on my Twitter @Blue_Jay_13

Make sure to bookmark/save this post for updates! No new post will be made with updates, all updates will be here!

Off-Topic: I've broken the record AGAIN for longest post on RN! :)

That's it! Sign up and good luck!

Interview with IBLackoutzz!

Today I caught up with a well known forumer from Roblox Talk: IBLackoutzz!


1) When did you join ROBLOX? What was your first memory?

I joined in Summer 2010, I remember badly trying to get the fire fighter helmet.

2) Where did you get the inspiration for your username from?

It is a guy that is really good at COD on Xbox,My brother chose it.

3) When you joined, what was your favourite aspect of the game?

I liked how all the games were free to play.

4) What was the first game you played? Was it memorable? Why?

My first game was 'Fear underwater base' I remember seeing a huge yellow squid, it creeped me out at the time.

5) When did you start foruming? What was the first thread you posted?

I started foruming in late 2010. My first forum post was me telling everyone 'I'm new'

6) What forum do you usually post to?

Roblox Talk

7) Do you have any ROBLOX goals you would like to achieve?

I would like to get Clockwork Headphones

8) If you were a ROBLOX catalog artist of for the day, what items would you create?

I'd create some shades and a sign with RT,LMad, e.t.c that goes on your head.

9) What is your favourite hat? Why?

Clockwork headphones, They go on your head very well,they are stylish

10) And finally, which gear is more delicous: mindgrapes or watermelon?

I like water melon because when you're done,you can wear it on your head.

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Palm Tree Sunglasses Hat Review

Hello all! Welcome to my review!

Mesh: The mesh is sunglasses with a palm tree attached to it (stating the obvious, lol). It's nice, good for summer, and also appropriate for summer. TL;DR VERSION: Seems legit for summer. 10/10.

Texture: Nice summer colours, they're nice and bright. The palm tree is an appropriate green, as palm trees are green... So... And the sunglasses are a kind of sandy colour - which makes sense. But it should be a lighter sand colour. 9/10.

Value for Money: At 250 ROBUX, I believe this hat was a bit of a rip off... But if you did buy it, it is selling for 500 ROBUX, so there was a decent amount of profit made hopefully. (1 being bad value for money, 10 being very good) 1/10.

Overall: Decent mesh, nice texture, but horrible value for money. I give it 8/10, it seems okay. You probably won't see me buying a copy though.

-BillCheesey5 FOLLOW ME ON TWITTER, I'M @BillCheesey5

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Interview with MrHaximus!

Today I caught up with the forumer DrHaximus!


1) When did you join ROBLOX? What was your first memory?

 The oldest memory I can recall is my brother and a friend playing a Halloween place at 2008.

2) Where did you get the inspiration for your username from?

 I'm not really sure. My usual name for other sites was "Haximus", so I just added 'Dr' infront!

3) When you joined, what was your favourite aspect of the site?

The RBX.Lua feature. In my mind, I NEEDED to learn it. And so I did! My mother printed out a tutorial on the wiki, and I got going!

4) What was the first item yuou purchased from the catalog?

 I never buy anything. But it was probably the visor.

5) When did you start foruming? Was it enjoyable from start?

Probably somewhere around 2010ish. It was quite scary, I didn't know what to say!

6) What forum threads do you usually post in reply to?

Anything to do with programming, exploiting/hacking or if it's directed at myself.

7) Do you have a goal for forum posts? When do you think you will achieve it?

Probably 10,000, but I get banned alot. ALOT.

8) If you CEO of ROBLOX for the day, what would you add to the site/game?

That's a tough one. I'd probably fix exploits. Myself. I'd improve the GUI's instances too!

9) What is your favourite gear? Why? Ban hammer! It sends the ODers flying!

10) And finally, what's more delicous: bloxy cola or witches brew?

Depends if you're a block or a witch.

Monday, May 7, 2012

Roblox News Egg Hunt 2012: The Roundup

The Roblox News Egg Hunt 2012 ended a couple of weeks ago, and it was a real blast! The place was visited over 1200 times and hundreds of badges were awarded. It was a real success and I thank the three other members of the RN team who helped me produce it: zinc404, IBarrageI and TheEasterZombie.

The map was created by myself (arbirator)


The fantastic scripting was crafted by zinc404


And the retextures were produced by IBarrageI and TheEasterZombie (a couple were also by myself).

IBarrageI TheEasterZombie

However, let us not forget that I promised to feature every user that collected the 'Egg Collector' badge and private messaged the RNEggHunt account.

So, here is the list:


Congratulations to them and to the other 40 or so users who obtained the 'Egg Collector' badge!

Egg Collector


Editor of Roblox News

Friday, May 4, 2012

Place Review: Hide N' Seek XL

Hide n' Seek XL-Living Spaces
This week, I'm going to review TwoShue's game called "Hide N' Seek XL." As always, I begin with the thumbnail. This thumbnail shows me a picture of a living room or bedroom. It looks small on the outside. Well, we're going to find out more.

I entered this place and was introduced by a lobby with a lot of pink. The round didn't start yet, so I took the liberty of trying out what TwoShue calls "Advanced Obstacles," I make an attempt to prove his statement wrong. This obstacle is called the "pipe jump," which seems easy at first. I completely fail many times, which makes me angry. I then, after trying more than 20 times, beat it! The round took like 4 minutes to start.

The game started out with me hiding, which sounded fun at first. I then realized, the seeker was none other than a Guest. The Guest was roaming around searching for the hiders and was unsuccessful. I was hiding in a bush. The round had to end because the Guest could not find us in time. I have to admit, this game starts out to be fun, then it gets really boring when hiding for 5 minutes.

I was then chosen as seeker, goodie! Well, not necessarily. I first thought "this will be fun," it was, for the first minute. I then couldn't find all of the people on time, which ended the round and forced us to go back to the lobby.

Scripting: 10/10, seems to contain many scripts.
Tools: 10/10, no tools are needed.
Building: 10/10, very nice. Good job.
Community Enjoyment: 10/10, even Arbs enjoys it. Arbs being Arbirator. :P
Originality: 4/10, I've seen too many hide n' seek places.
Creativity: 10/10, creative.
Deals with Problems: 8/10, I'll explain below.
Reviewer's Experience with Lag: 5/10, too much lag, this is the main problem.
Difficulty: EASY
Reviewer's Enjoyment: 6/10, it's fun at first, but loses it's fun after a round.
Reviewer's Recommendation: 5/10, if you have time, go ahead, I wouldn't play this again.
Thumbnail's Review (NEW!): 10/10, good thumbnail, fooled me into thinking this place was fun.

Overall: 7.9/10, it's good for a while, lost interest after 2 rounds.

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Group Blackouts-- An Analysis

Recently I came across some rather large protest in the Clans and Guilds section of the ROBLOX forums, claiming that on the 1st of May, multiple groups were "blacking out" in a style similar to the SOPA blackouts of recent times. Now the blackout is continuing on for another 24 hours-- but is there any realistic effect achieved by such a protest?

The reason for this blackout, it should be said, was a protest against the increase in exploiting of the ROBLOX game. While it is a very just cause, the idea itself is tried and tested and doomed to failure. One could blame the admininstrators and developers of ROBLOX for not listening; but the fact is that they do listen, and have heard.

When discussing exploiters I always tend to use my "bicycle wheel" analogy; developing a game is like attempting to patch a bicycle wheel with rubber from the same tire. You may cover up one exploit but you've caused other weaknesses in the system, which ends up with one big flat tire.

The average user of these games may not realise that it's not as easily done as said. Some may argue that there's no work being done on the game and ROBLOX is simply pumping out features and leaving their game unprotected. Regardless of what these people say; ROBLOX is a game, and when developing a game, the game comes first, unsurprisingly.

Getting back to the blackout protest; although some of the biggest groups on ROBLOX may have shut down for the day, it really isn't enough to get someone's attention. Unless someone is paying particular attention to the groups people are in, click on the Groups page or go to the Clans & Guilds section, you are likely to miss this protest.

So what's the solution? The solution is to let the admins get on with their jobs-- however hard it may be. I have every confidence that they're doing their utmost to patch exploits, which is why other features such as the Trading System has been delayed so long.

So a protest is futile. You can't change the course to fixing the exploits-- That's the current course.

Disclaimer; TheEasterZombie's Rants are completely impartial and do not represent the views of ROBLOX News or its editors.