Friday, May 31, 2013

IBarrageI's Picks: BLOXcon Posters

Heyo, IBarrageI here.

As many of you may know, my passion in life is graphic design. So of course I jumped with joy at the announcment of the BloxCon Poster Contest. It's not always that Roblox do Graphic design contests, but the total of these contests this year has now totaled 2 with the Splash Screen contest being the other one.

(Ok. I don't like to preach, but here it my entry if you wish to check it out.)

Now, onto why I'm here

Below are some of my favourite entries into this contest with reasons why I like them. :)

First off, we have this entry from hammer142. He has entered his in for the London category.
I believe this is one of the most stand out competitors in this category as the overall feel of it is just so... What's the word? Strong? Yeah, strong. The reason for this is that it shows many aspects of the British icons, such as the red arrows, Big Ben, and of course, the bowler hats.

Next we have this Chicago entry from wall142.
Now let me stop you here. This design is so simple, that "apple took a patent out on it before it came out". Get it? Because they copyright everything that's simple?.. Ah forget it. 

This entry is so simple and elegant, that it just screams out "come to me" because it is so refreshing to see such professionalism in one image. *cough* ahem yeah I need to calm down now. Good work wall142. 

Next we have this NYC entry from IIFlipII

Thought wall142's entry was simple? Well check out this one. This style of graphics is what is known as "flat graphics". Whereby a design is limited to just simple logos, block colour and text with as little complexity within it as possible. This one is eye-catching aswell as professional. Definitely one of the front runner in this contest.

Next up we have this NYC entry from godsend

This entry has a lot going on, and it is sure to make people feel proud to be going to NYC to see the sights and scenes you will see in New York, such as the Statue of Liberty, The Shuttles, and many aviation machines.

Nice work godsend

Next we have this beautifully simple entry by TREVOR818730
Using the iconic ROBLOX avatar holding a torch, this gives a soft sense of adventure.
The skyline has also got shadows on it, obviously to pay homage to the newest release of dynamic lighting.
Once again, I feel that the simplest of entries are getting the most attention, and this one isn't different.

Here we have freaked's entry

The detail and simplicity of this speaks for itself.
Please, if I die now while looking at this, I'll die happy. As this is just the height of design.

Please, just keep doing what you're doing freaked.


After writing this post, it's put me in the mood of reviewing people's posters.

Be sure to send me your posters to me on twitter (@WayAboveSociety) to recieve a nice little critique on it. :)

Until next time. Goodbye my friends, goodbyyyyyyyye.

Thursday, May 30, 2013

Crimsonwrath, Lord of the Magma - The bias wars

When Crimsonwrath, Lord of the Magma was made limited...scratch that, even BEFORE it was made limited, there was what seemed like an all-out war between Crimsonwrath, Lord of the Magma owners and those who didn't own it.

Crimsonwrath, Lord of the Magma

On one hand, you had the loyal owners of Crimsonwrath, Lord of the Magma who stick to the idea that it would be worth 200,000+ robux when it sells out and will be worth more than sparkle time fedoras and elemental helms.

But then you have the non-owners who stick to their logic of "it's to expensive and will have too many sails, it will fail miserably".

For the entire length of Crimsonwrath's sale timer, the 2 sides argued, each side using fairly logical arguments about why it will or will not fail. On one hand, "it's going to have 200+ sales and fail because there are too many owners". But on the other hand, "it's a retexture of a 500,000+ robux limited item and everyone will want it".

Both sides had good arguments, but when the wait was over and Crimsonwrath finally went limited, the results were finally seen.

When it first went limited, it sold for 90 - 100,000 robux and was traded for big-scale items like The Agonizingly Ugly Bucket of Doom, Dominus Messor, and Arctic Commando[or so the owners claimed].

But, as the non-owners predicted, it rapidly began to lower. The next day it reached 85,000 robux. The next day, 80,000, then 75,000, and it is currently selling for a price of 63,000 robux, a price at which the owners lose profit.

The biggest war was between Crimsonwrath, LotM and Bluesteel Fedora.

All over the Let's Make a Deal forum you could see "LOTM > BSF" and "LOLNO BSF > LOTM".

In the end, Bluesteel Fedora ended up being worth more. I myself had to trade Crimsonwrath, Lord of the Magma + 10,000 robux in items for my Bluesteel Fedora.

My suggestion to you investors: Get rid of your Crimsonwrath as soon as you can, and for as big an item as you can. The owners insist it's 100,000+, but it's rapidly failing and it would be a good idea to get what you can for it while you can.


Wednesday, May 29, 2013

[BC] Hangout - Moan-Up Place Review

[BC] Hangout!I thought roleplay games were starting to get better, until I realized there were games with cracks, houses not made by the creator and just placed on an empty baseplate with no real CFrames at all. God kill me now. This game can be referred to as 'ODer heaven' or 'ODer land' or even 'Needs ODer patrol'.

When I entered the game I was greeted by a blatantly free modeled elevator, and by blatantly I mean dragged off of the toolbox and onto the spawn, that's how pathetic this game is.

There is also three or so hot tubs in this game, all of which just have smoke rising from them. The house is blatantly not made by the creator, and yet despite it being a free model it still isn't the right size for a robloxian, three times the height of my own. That's very annoying.

The VIP area is blatantly made by the creator, consisting of many cracks and then a free modeled VIP door.  The cracks make the things the VIP contains very visible, allowing us to see how awful VIP actually is. The creator of this game obviously has no knowledge of scripting, building nor does he know how to advertise a game on it's front cover - he's so stingy that he won't even make the cover an actual picture, instead of one made inside studio.

Also, this game has a random 20 bricks that are making an illusion, and they are nothing to do with the game, they don't even relate to the word 'Hangout'. It's so obvious that things were placed from the disgraceful toolbox in the free models section.

The VIP is 36R$ and not even a game pass, I assume because he didn't want to make the game nice and swish with a professional game pass. Or he just couldn't get the script for a game pass on the wiki. Either way, stingy or lazy and I don't like people who are like either of those two personalities. It just shows they're not the sort of person you want to hang out with.

The game states in the description 'This is a fun hangout for any bc to come and enjoy!!', nothing in this is true, when would a game that is so awfully built make me enjoy it? Huh? Answer me?! Well exactly, you can't. As much as I love reviewing awful games, I deteste visiting them, you evil readers, you! Only joking.


Scripting: 0/10
Awful, awful, bro do you even code?

Building: 0/10
Seeing as nothing was made by the creator, he doesn't deserve anything.

Overall: 0/10


Thanks for reading.
~Zakary Wilson

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Hat Review: Headstack!

Hey guys, I’m back after a long break and I apologize. I have been extremely busy with school and family I haven’t had time to write reviews. I have exams early June and vacation right after so basically for most of June I won’t even be on roblox meaning no reviews. Anyways today I’m here to bring you a classic hat review! Today I will be covering one of the hats in this year’s memorial sale, it’s a classic! Today I’m reviewing Headstack!

Mesh:  My first thought when I saw it in the catalog today was classic, I mean really this looks old just looks old and nice the hat itself looks like nothing you would normally  in the catalog. The mesh it good, it sits on your head like a perfect stack, your head being the biggest, next head being a bit smaller than the last head being the smallest. Honestly, I give this classic a 10/10!

Appearance: This hat is great, it sits on the top of your head and fits nicely it also looks really cool. It is a joker hat if you know what I mean; it makes you look like you have 3 heads. The best hat you could wear with this would be headstack, it would make you look like you hat 5 heads!  I give it 9/10!

Price: This hat has a great price for a classic hat.  It was off sale till Friday (Memorial Day sale ) and came back on a timer till Thursday, the 30th of May for just 280 robux! I highly suggest investing money into this hat for its rarity and history. This deserves a 10/10!

Overall 10/10
This hat is one of the better hats put back on sale during this sale so I adivse you buy it. Thanks for reading!

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Sunday, May 26, 2013

Memorial Day Sale Recap!

Greetings! If you keep up to date with ROBLOX, you know that this weekend is the ROBLOX Memorial Day sale! This post is meant to keep you updated on exactly everything that is part of the sale, and this post will be updated as the sale continues on.

Friday, May 24th: DAY ONE

On the first day of the sale, some sale events actually did happen on a Friday for once instead of just sale gear on Friday. Early in the day the Headstack went back on sale, making it this sale's "ruined classic". (which is a classic wanted offsale item that goes back onsale for a sale, such as Silverthorn Antlers and Biggerhead). The Headstack is priced at 280 robux, which is approximately 10x the value of it's original price (280 tix). It's a clever hat, and has raised demand for it's counterpart hat, the Headrow. Already it has sold quite a lot! It is planning to go back offsale soon, so get it when you can.
Next up the Valkyrie Helm was put on a timer before it was made limited. A few minutes before the timer ran out, it became a limited item (though the timer still running did not affect the status of it). It's original price was 30,000 tix (3k robux) and has been currently failing, dropping down to 2.5k robux. There are three reasons for this. One, because there are way too many owners (over 10k). Two, people are going to pricewar it just to sell it. Three, because ROBLOX once again said it was going limited a few days before it went limited, and usually all onsale items that are confirmed limited status fail.
Valkyrie Helm
This hat isn't really sale news, but I thought I'd include it anyways. Later that day, ROBLOX uploaded a new pinstripe fedora hat, with a different mesh. This hat is offsale and was rewarded to anyone who bought a fedora at the ROBLOX booth at the Maker Faire.
ROBLOX Pinstripe Fedora
Soon afterwards, the Snake Sniper, a gear that was released about a month ago, was originally 1000 robux and was timed came back on sale. This time it is at the price of 900 robux, a 100 robux discount from the previous price. (10% off) This gear is also planning to go back offsale soon. A few minutes after, the popular R-Orb Gear from Black Friday 2012 went on discount from 1000 robux to 750 robux. (25% savings). However, I feel like this gear and the Artemis Bow are constantly put on sale during ROBLOX sales.
Snake SniperR-Orb
The Classic Swordpack Throwback from the last sale went on sale at 75 robux (50% discount!) and is now timed, meaning it will go offsale. It is so far one of the biggest item discounts, and I'd recommend getting it already if you don't own it.
Classic Swordpack Throwback
This next item was released really late that night and was a shock to everyone. Earlier that day BrightEyes posted on the forums that the long awaited Crimsonwrath, Lord of the Magma by IBarrageI would be timed instead of limited, and extremely expensive. She was right. This hat is a retexture of the original Lord of the Void, and is timed currently. It is at the insane price of 45,000 robux, making it one of the most expensive nonlimited items made. On Saturday, it is guaranteed to go limited. This can be good or bad. Due to the high demand, it might majorly profit, but it might also fail because of how many sales it gets. Right now it has over 200 sales, which is not looking good for the Crimsonwrath. It's a great retexture, but I don't think it is necessarily worth it. People are also putting limiteds up for snipe for it, and those are better deals than the Lord of the Magma.
Crimsonwrath, Lord of the Magma
Next up was the gears of the week. I was a bit disappointed that none of the gears were high demand items like a Energy Sword or a Periastron. The first gear was the Amerilaser Blaster, and is limited. It's a pretty cool gear, as it can literally fire red, white, and blue stripes at people. However, aiming it and it's reload time are terrible for the gear. Even though it was 375 robux and 1776 in stock, it overall massively profited. It's currently selling for around 1000 robux, giving original buyers approximately 325 robux profit. A little afterwards some Memorial Day Fireworks and a Historic 'Timmy' Gun came out. The fireworks cost 250 robux and aren't the most creative gear but make a good use of dynamic lighting. The Timmy Gun however, is sort of a boring 13+ gear, and is not worth 1000 robux. ROBLOX only released three gears instead of four, which personally isn't that good for a Memorial Day sale. I personally believe either it was because they did five gears the previous week, or they were making four gears but they canceled the fourth gear.
Amerilaser BlasterMemorial Day FireworksHistoric 'Timmy' Gun
To end off Friday, we have some more sales. The popular but expensive Overseer package went on sale for 1,500, which is 500 robux off the original price of 2,000 robux. (25% discount). The same thing happened to the popular expensive gear, the RC Tank. (was 2,000 robux, now 1,500 which as said before is a 25% discount). The counterpart to the Overseer, the Knightmare, went on sale at a discounted price of 500 robux, which is a 33% discount to the original price of 750. From the last sale, the Bluesteel Crown went from 5,000 robux to 4,000 robux. This is a 20% discount but honestly not a great one for quite an overpriced hat. The extremely popular retexture of the Double Platinum DJ, the 8-Ball Headphones, went on sale at a discounted price of 665 robux. It's original price was 888 robux, so it's an approximate 25% discount. That is it for day one.
The OverseerRC TankKnightmareBluesteel Crown8-Ball Headphones
Saturday, May 25th: DAY TWO

Not as much happened on Saturday compared to Friday. BrightEyes hinted that this day would contain "a face, a timely surprise, the long awaited Bluesteel Bathysphere, and more!" The day started off with the timely surprise. After being put on sale for every sale at 19,358 robux, Clockwork's Shades finally went limited. These shades are favored heavily by the community, and many want to include it in their hat combos. The current average price of these shades is about 31,000 robux, which means owners are only making about a 3000 robux profit. The shades are starting to raise, however they're on a borderline, and could at some point drop in price and fail.
Clockwork's Shades
Next up we have a new hat, a hat made limited, a hat back on sale, and a new package. The Amerihawk is a nice new hair-themed hat and with a cheap cost of 75 robux, is a good deal. The favored original Sword pack went limited, and is selling from between 250-300 robux, which is a decent profit for such a cheap and common hat. Sk10r Boi went back on sale for it's original price at 70 robux, even though it went back on sale for the previous sale. A new package called the Crook came out for 1,000 robux, which is a terrible price for this package. The suit looks ok, and the fedora that comes with it doesn't have a great mesh.
AmerihawkSword packSk10r BoiThe Crook
The Bluesteel Bathysphere finally came out, but was a great disappointment. It was 50 robux with 10,000 in stock, another insanely overstocked limited. To be honest, it isn't that great of a retexture, but it is currently selling for around 300 robux, which is some good profit (about 160 robux profit). This hat took about two hours to sell out.
Bluesteel Bathysphere
A new face called I Didn't Eat That Cookie came out, at a cheap price of 50 robux. It was one of the runners-up in the make a new face contest, and is a good deal for a face. You can't even tell that it was made by a user, that's how well-done it looks.
I Didn't Eat That Cookie
At the end of the day, Crimsonwrath Lord of the Magma was taken offsale with 254 sales. However, many users thought that it would be made limited immediately after being taken offsale, so some accidently deleted their hat by mistake. Hours later it went limited, and is currently selling for double the price it was originally. The problem: no one is going to buy it because they had an opportunity to buy it for cheaper earlier. However, it is going to get high demand trades from people who wanted it but didn't have enough robux.

Sunday, May 26th: DAY THREE
Okay, I honestly have no clue what ROBLOX was thinking when they planned this day for the sale. Only one thing happened, which was really disappointing. The Blue Plaid Fedora, a (extremely ugly) retexture of the classic Pinstripe Fedora mesh went back on sale temporarily for a high price of 1,357 robux. If you want a Pinstripe Fedora meshed hat, this one however is a pretty good deal compared to other pinstripe fedora like hats (perfectly legitimate business hat, rainbow fedora, etc.)
Blue Plaid Fedora
Monday, May 27th: DAY FOUR (Memorial Day)
Since it is Memorial Day, some America-themed hats should come out soon. The first thing that happened this day was, as promised, the Sk9r Boi went limited. It's now quickly lowering and selling below it's original price. So now, Sk9r Boi and Valkyrie Helm have failed, Sword Pack and Clockwork's Shades profited, and Lord of the Magma has split LMaD into either loving it or hating it. You should be able to snag a couple Sk9r Bois for cheap prices.
Sk9r Boi
Next up, the classic and loved Red Stetson went back on sale for 125 robux (which in my opinion, this is one of the best things that has happened in this sale so far.) So yes, Red Stetson now joins the family of ruined classics. It's a great looking hat, however lately ROBLOX seems to be forgetting to put timers and sale tags on these hats. If you have the money definitely buy it.
Red Stetson
After the Red Stetson went back on sale, the notorious Mr. Hatbot (most well known for being using in top hat combos) went on sale for 3,000 robux. This is a 40% discount from the previous price of 5,000 robux and is a good deal for a hat that doesn't have as quite as much attention as it deserves.
Mr. Hatbot
Tuesday, May 28th: DAY FIVE

This day contained a new package, and three new hats! One of which comes with the package, the second one is a regular hat, and the third one is a special timed hat. Officer Blox is a police-themed package which is the counterpart to the Crook Package, and is MUCH CHEAPER compared to it. For 75 robux you can get a policeman package and a police cap, which is a great deal. For those asking why the Officer Blox police cap has three sales, it's because ROBLOX accidently put it on sale for a bit before the package including the hat went on sale.
Officer Blox
Next came the Marching Band Cap, I honestly don't think this is the greatest hat made for a sale (or even if it was meant for the sale). However, 35 robux is a decent deal for a hat.
Marching Band Cap
The last item released was the Technicolor Shades, a cool hypnotic-looking shades that ACTUALLY LOOK GOOD on your character. They're currently 250 robux and planned to go offsale on the end of the sale, so get them when you can! Also the description does not mention if they are a planned to go limited item, so they might stay offsale for a long time.
Technicolor Shades
Wednesday, May 29th: DAY SIX, the last day
Nothing has happened yet, but the Memorial Day poll promised that a gear would go limited, and no gear has gone limited yet. I have a good feeling that it might be the original Spec Alpha or Spec Beta Biograft Energy Sword that goes limited, but be on the lookout. If Spec Alpha goes limited it should make some good profit, however if Spec Beta were to go limited it would have MASSIVE profit, as there are only 100 or less owners.

- NonstopEpic, Catalog Manager

Saturday, May 25, 2013

Gear Review: ROBLOX World Tour Lightning Guitar

ROBLOX World Tour Lightning Guitar

ROBLOX World Tour Lightning Guitar

Mesh/Texture: 10/10
No doubt, this guitar looks epic. It has the mesh of a classic-looking guitar with a simple base painted black with the rest of it made of wood and 6 strings extending to the top. It has all the features a real guitar would have, and I appreciate the detail. There's a pretty cool design on the base. The word BLOXCON is scrawled out at the top in red-outlined letters. A globe with the ROBLOX logo covering it is in the center with 2013 under it, and there's lightning circling the design adding to the "lightning" in the guitar's name. The black paint on the base on the guitar is shiny, making it look fancier and less dull than it would've been plain.

In-game: 8/10
This guitar plays sort of like Guitar Hero. When you equip it, you're given a set of keyboard letters to hit. When you hit the first key, a line goes down a strip of other letters. If you miss any of them, the guitar does nothing and you have to start over. If you hit them all correctly, the guitar players an awesome solo in an explosion of lightning that strikes any player near you. The only thing that should be fixed is the speed the keys need to be played. ROBLOX is mostly little kids, and they probably can't play as fast as the guitar requires. But overall, it's a cool gear.

Price: 5/10
You'd think that because of the Captain Bluesteel incident, roblox would learn not to blatently tell people that an item is going limited when it goes offsale. But no, they did it again with this guitar. It had the same price as Captain Bluesteel, 500 robux, and sold for a slightly shorter amount of time. It went offsale a few minutes before I submitted this review, and has 3,106 sales, a very high amount, but less than Captain Bluesteel by a lot. Its current price is 650 robux, a failing price, and still dropping. ROBLOX needs to stop letting people know if an item is going to be limited or not. If you TELL people it's going to be limited, thousands of people will but it and it will fail like Captain Bluesteel and this guitar both did.

Overall: 8/10
Despite the fail pricing, the guitar looks rockin' on your avatar and is a cool gear to use in-game. I wouldn't suggest it for investment purposes, but as a gear it's excellent.

Boys vs. Girls Island Wars! RANT Review

Where's my robot? Where's my helicopter?
You know, I feel like Boys vs. Girls games and I have some kind of connection. It's almost like we both hate eachother, but we both love hating eachother. It's a bit like Batman and The Joker. We're both bitter enemies, but neither of us know what we'd do without the other. (Guys, I actually AM Batman. Surprise!) I mean seriously, what would I do if there weren't any BvG games? I've only reviewed them twice before here and here. Anyway, enough talk. On to the review!
Gameplay 5/10
The  gameplay is actually surprisingly fun. Unless you consider the fact that I've seen every single one of the vehicles before. The place thumbnail showed a giant robot. I did NOT see any giant robots and I was very disappointed. The basic goal is to go from your island to the other island and kill everyone on it because the other gender is so inferior. That's basically it. You get a rocket launcher and a few guns that really just don't work at all. It's fun for a bit, but then it gets really boring really fast.
Effort 3/10
I can imagine that quite a bit of effort went into this. Not TOO much effort but a little bit. Everything looks way too familiar so I don't really trust that he made it himself.
Creativity 2/10
Do I really have to explain why BvG games aren't creative? Haven't I already gone into that TWICE. As I said in my most recent BvG review "This kind of thing has been thought of by just about every 5 year old on the planet." This still applies today. It's not creative. It's really just kinda stupid.
Overall 3.5/10
  • Give me my robot! You promised me robots
  • Dude! There aren't HELICOPTERS either? Not cool man, not cool.
  • Make sure the weapons actually WORK. The only reliable tool is the rocket.
  • Get rid of the outer door controlling buttons. Why should the enemy have access to those?
  • Add a giant double rainbow over the entire map that periodically makes it rain explosive ponies.
If you want your place reviewed simply contact Banjobug on twitter or send me a private message on ROBLOX. The next post could be about your place! I'll be glad to give you ideas on your place and help make it better. Also, if you find a place that is absolutely awful and on the front page send me a PM and I might make a RANT about it!

Also, you should follow me on twitter even if you don't have a RANT or review request! Sometimes I invite my followers to go to places with me to help review them.

Place Reviewed: Boys vs. Girls Island Wars!

Reviewed by: Banjobug He's FINALLY back!

Friday, May 24, 2013

Memorial Day Sale - Early Poll Results

Recently early results for the memorial day sale were posted in the official ROBLOX blog. I have to say, I am extremely disappointed with the results. Let's do a quick run-through. And remember, this is not ALL the results, just a few of them.

Items Going Limited

The Valkyrie Helm
Valkyrie Helm
The Valkyrie Helm, a roblox classic that has existed since 2008. I personally think this was a terrible choice to go limited. It looks good, so of course it will have high demand, but over 11,000 have sold and it rwill likely sell for less than its original price.

Sword Pack
Sword pack
One of the most popular hats on roblox, went offsale with over 130,000 buys. It may or may not profit, because the original price was fairly cheap at 150 robux. buy so many exist the sellers may price war it into failure. If you own swordpack, though, I'd hold onto it. It'll take a few days to reach its potential highest price.

Sk9r Boi
Sk9r Boi
This one came as a shock to me. I never thought I'd see any of the typical "online dater" hats go limited, let alone one with over 120,000 sales. Despite its massive sell count, I'd suggest buying it right now, because it has one of the highest demands of any item on roblox and it will no doubt make a profit.

Items Coming Back Onsale

Blue Plaid Fedora
Blue Plaid Fedora
A semi-classic fedora made completely from a blue plaid texture. Its original price was 1,357 robux and it will likely be going back on-sale for that price, so save your money. Although I'm sad that this hat is coming back making it less rare, lots of people have been wanting it and I guess it is time for a revival.

I really hated seeing this on the back-on-sale list. It's a very classic hat, dating all the way back to mid-2007, and like many other classics like Biggerhead, Cake Hat, and Silverthorn Antlers, it will be ruined in this sale. It will probably be fairly cheap, between 100 and 250 robux.

Sk10r Boi
Sk10r Boi
I'm sure everyone saw this coming. The popular skater hat, sk10r[skatenner?] boi coming back onsale once again. It first went onsale close to the release of ): Purple Indy. It came out very late and sold for only a few hours for 7 robux, and sold again on the President's Day Weekend Sale for 70 robux. It will probably be in that price range.

Items Being Discounted

Bluesteel Crown
Bluesteel Crown
A hat made only a few months ago for the President's Day Weekend sale. It is currently selling for 5,000 robux, a pretty extreme price for a retexture. It looks awesome buy doesn't sell too well, with currently less than 400 sales. My guess is that it will be discounted to a minimum of 2,500 robux.

8 Ball Headphones
8-Ball Headphones
The popular 8 Ball Headphones will be discounted for the second time this year. Last sale they were discounted to 444 robux, half its current price, and I assume it will be discounted to that or cheaper this year.

Mr. Hatbot
Mr. Hatbot
I didn't see this one coming at all. Mr. Hatbot is a pretty unpopular hat with less than 300 sales since 2009 as opposed to Bluesteel Crown's 380-400 sales in a couple of months. It must have been a collaborative effort from a large group of friends who all wanted to see this discounted.

Classical Swordpack Throwback
Classic Swordpack Throwback
The Deluxe Ninja Swordpack retextured grey to capture the "classic essence" of the original swordpack. Like Bluesteel Crown, this was made for the President's Day Weekend Sale. I don't see the logic behind voting for this to be discounted, honestly. It's only 150 robux, a very small price to pay. Even the lowest level of BC has to wait about 10 days to receive enough money, and with a bonus that could be shortened to about 8.

Retextures Being Published

Bluesteel Bathysphere by DarkGenex
Bluesteel Bathysphere REDUX [WILL BE PUBLISHED]
Was there ever any doubt this would be published? With darkgenex spending[if he's telling the truth] 600,000+ tickets on advertising, and all of his loyal Let's Make a Deal friends joining in, I don't see how this could NOT get published. I assume it will be around 755 robux, the price of the original Bathysphere hat, and non-limited.

Crimsonwrath, Lord of the Magma by IBarrageI
Crimsonwrath,Lord of the Magma [WILL BE PUBLISHED]
Crimsonwrath, Lord of the Magma, the runner-up to Bluesteel Bathysphere's popularity, was another surefire win for the sale. Let's Make a Deal, the experts on profit and limited items, suspect it will be 900 robux with 123 in stock like Azurewrath, Lord of the Void, which it's based on. Because 900 robux is a lot easier to get today than back then, it could possibly be up to 10,000 robux. If you're online when it comes out, BUY IT. There have been offers as high as Green Sparkle Time Fedora[worth 180,000+] for it.

Now remember, these are the early results, not the full roster. More items will be discounted, limited, and back on-sale, and I assume more retextures will be published too. The sale starts on Friday and goes all the way til Wednesday, so keep your eyes out for items you like.