Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Frosty Winter Collector's Gift

To get this gift you had to own 6 or more special limited items, clues were given to these items on the news blog. Here are the clues:

1.A particular saint who could star in Saw IV
2.A sinister skull-topper whose advice we abhor
3.This lucky hat rhymes with Milty Chick Pig
4.A cheap solar blocker conservationists dig
5.Not for our pilots, but still the most fly
6.A Chinese invention here in oversupply
7.Ugly survey prize you’d toss given your druthers
8.And the one collectible item, unlike all others

Links to these hats can be found on the developers blog. The gift has not been put on sale, it may go on sale it may not. Happy Hunting!