Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Game Review: Find the Dancing Bananas


Hello, I'm Rudolph101 and today I'll be reading Find the Dancing Bananas by Planet3arth! I didn't go to this game with high expectations. I only played it because as usual, nothing else on the front page really appealed to me that much. That's a shocker right? I found this low down in the games page, like, really far down. I predicted I'd be on this game for a maximum of two minutes, however for once, I was wrong. Searching a map to find dancing fruit turned out to be pretty enjoyable.

It by no means changed my life, I didn't have a different outlook on reality after playing it, I still do not believe in the banana lord, nor do I find myself daydreaming about dancing fruit but it did give me an enjoyable hour or two.


If you really need me to describe what you do in 'Find the Dancing Bananas' then maybe you should seek help. If you are desperate to know though, you look around a map trying to uncover *Spoilers* dancing bananas. Most of them aren't too easy to find which provides some welcome challenge. While some are out in the open, for example in a tree or on top of a mountain, some are more well hidden in a cave or in a cloud. Some of these bananas seemed a bit tricky at first as half of them are hidden behind fake walls but after a while I got used to seeing the outlines of these fake walls and therefore wasn't too much of a problem. I would've preferred less fake walls though and more well hidden bananas although a few fake walls do make it more interesting.

I played through this game with my friend, working as a team in this game made it a lot more enjoyable in my opinion. Also with two people looking you're way more likely to come across some of the harder to find bananas. I heavily recommend playing this as a team, if you can convince anybody to get on in the first place that is.

A lot of gear is allowed into the game, no weapons thank god but a lot of other useful gear. This gives some people an advantage over the others and also tempts people to cheat by using, for example the umbrella gear. What? No I didn't use it! Of course not! That's outrageous!


The presentation is one of the weaker aspects of this game. The architecture is nice, the five individual segments of the map provide some variety, although I felt like these areas could've all done with a bit more stuff. The snow segment for example has a few snowmen, some trees and a mountain. Maybe a few more structures would've provided more areas to hide the bananas too which would've reduced the need for fake walls.

As well as this, the GUI in the game which details you on all the hidden bananas was a pain to use and also glitchy. Several times it told me I'd found a banana when I hadn't and to navigate the GUI I had to scroll through every banana one by one until I found the desired banana. Do you know how many bananas I scrolled through? If I told you you wouldn't believe me!


Overall I enjoyed this game a lot. The game does have a few problems but it was definitely a fun way to spend an hour or two with friends! I recommend you play this game, unless you're the type of person with standards and a reputation.


- Fun to play
- Gives a welcome challenge
- Fun game to play as a team


- Gear allows you to cheat
- Not enough map structures
- Poorly made GUI

Score: 7.5/10

~ Rudolph101