Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Too Many Visits: Boys And Girls Hangout


Hello friends, in this segment called "Too Many Visits" we look at games that simply don't deserve the fame it's got. Today's game is Boys and Girls Hangout made by Dark1020. To date this game has accumulated over 10 million visits with roughly 1 dislike per 3.3 likes and 61,000 favourites. Do I think this game deserves those statistics? Of course not! That's crazy! This game it absolutely awful.


Adjacent to the spawn is a building, the creator couldn't have put any less effort into this building. It's a single coloured square shaped building with two colours, pink for girls and blue for boys. This building includes body morphs to turn you into an irresistible hunk, a range of hairstyles and a dance floor for some reason... Also this building is infested with online dating 8 year olds getting ready for a date.
Outside we have a bar, a stage, a pool, a house, a park, hot air balloons and a skate park. Let's play a game! Let X be the number of models in this game that were created by Dark1020. Do the sum 1/X. Congratulations! You've reached infinity! Yes, that is correct. There are 0 models made by Dark1020 here, everything is a free model. Not only has he put minimal effort into building but he also couldn't be bothered to arrange it nicely. Everything's just a mess as you'll be able to see in the picture below.


Well... Uhhh... That's a tough one... You just walk around and talk to people? Or in the case of 99% of visitors, go and get a love interest. Go and skate around a bit too in the skatepark I guess... Sorry I'm struggling to type anything here. It's really really bad and boring. 


I just need to make a quick comment on the thumbnail of this game. There are no pictures of this actual game. The image used in the thumbnail has actually been taken in a game with proper architecture.  This shouldn't be allowed, it is a misleading thumbnail.


Let me repeat what I said at the start. This game has 10 million visits! 10 MILLION! How has this happened? This game is absolutely awful, barely any effort has been put into this game, not even to place the free models in decent places. If you play this game, you better hope none of your friends see you there or you might just lose your social status. This has 10 million more visits than it should!