Friday, September 18, 2015

Game Review: Strife! [Alpha]

Hello, My name is AzculPlaysRoblox. It's been a while since i did not make any game reviews after i've joined here at Roblox News. I've been busy from outside world. Sorry for about that. So now we will be reviewing "Strife! [Alpha]" a game made by Fenrier and was inspired by the original game.

It's game modes are randomly chosen. FFA, Elimination and Deathmatch and also Team Deathmatch. If you are a veteran gamer then you should already know this, lol.
It also has a Boss Battle Mode.

This game has many classes to use at battle. They use unique fighting styles. They also use like energy and mana. Fighter, Mage, Rusher, Tank, Support and Hexer classes, It has many different strategies and advantage during combat. Not all of them are capable of fighting other classes. Some of them has weaknesses like Ichor. Which lacks range. You can just learn and master how to use each of classes like Vulca, a melee and range fighter.

On this menu, you can see your status in-game. It can auto-save so don't worry. It shows how many wins, kills and loses did you got while playing throughout the game. You can also Change class and also customize the color of you're weapons. The shop is still under development. If i missed something, then just keep it to yourself. :)

You can also go on training.It's a perfect place where you can learn and master your favorite class right there. The hitbox is not really accurate. Let me explain. When at the battle, if two persons 1 vs 1 and another enemy gets the last hit, the person who dealt the most damage to the player will have a kill. It's possible to killsteal if the enemy restores it's health and you did the most damage after the person who dealt the most damage before.

When in the fight, You can't just jump at the edge of the map. You will just kill yourself and lose. There can be players teaming at FFA. All classes has some abilities to deal more damage to their enemies. The buttons are ZXCV, the letter V key is the ultimate ability of each classes. It can deal true damages to their enemies.

The game is still in development. It's on the alpha version now. Other new classes and improvements of this game can be released soon. But you can play it by clicking here!

My ratings on this game are.... (My Opinion, sorry.)
Gameplay 9/10 - Why did i gave it 9 out of 10? The game is really simple! Fight and win. There are many other games that are better than this game. But, i like how the game was developed. You fight with some classes with some abilities to use, try to be the last one standing at the battle and improve yourself to be better on each battles. It's really fun! I like it.

Scripting 7/10 - I don't know much about scripting. But Fenrier still improving the game with new features and more excitement. I played this game and sometimes, players discover some glitches which needs to be fixed. He might gave up his time doing scripting, coding and fixing bugs on this game. I'll look forward to it.

That was a bit cheap rating i think? But Fenrier did a great job working on this game. It sometimes get into first page and get more visits. I suggest this game like 72% for all players. Done?

Thank you for reading. Im really really sorry if i haven't posted awhile. If you have any comments or opinions, please just post a comment below. I might missed something about the game and I already told you about that. And also suggest anything for me to improve myself writing better posts.

Orayt! Rock n' Roll to the world! \m/

-AzculPlaysRoblox =)