Sunday, July 22, 2012

Brown Hair (3.0 Hair) Review

Well, some have waited some have dreaded the moment, the 3.0 bodies, hair and faces are now here at ROBLOX. Today I am going to do a review about the hair, here’s what I had to say.

Brown Hair

Mesh: 9/10

This hair’s mesh is a one of a kind of, it’s never been seen before on ROBLOX. The mesh was recently created by the ROBLOX staff. I personally think the mesh is very well done! In the future we could see this very nice mesh again re-created with a new color! This will become a lot more popular once people start realising it only comes with the 3.0 male package.

Texture: 8/10

The texture of this hat is very realistic, it looks just like real hair, it makes me fail as if it was real.  I love the shade of brown throughout the hair I also love how the hair looks, the way it curls back as if the wind was blowing against it.

Style: 7/10

This hair doesn’t exactly blend with every other hat on ROBLOX, actually it hardly blends with any hair on ROBLOX, the style is very nice if you ware it alone without any other hat.

Overall: 8.5/10

Some people wanted the 3.0 bodies, hair and faces and others didn’t. Overall I think this is a very nice hair style for ROBLOXians everywhere.
I hope you enjoyed my review:)

-Dark, summer intern