Friday, December 6, 2013

Christmas Gift Guessers: Achievements of the Populace

Achievements of the Populace
It appears I'm jumping onto the Gift Guessers bandwagon by getting this one out early with the 6th gift of the 12 promised, Achievements of the Populace. How you get this gift isn't exactly original nor that complicated, infact it's very much easier than the original gift(s) that used this gimmick.


Anyways, let's take a look at the description;

"117561193, 99931407, 106476791, 121133205, 
129382885, 135592556, 100477541"

Well isn't that certainly cryptic, a bunch of random numbers, hmm...

(If it wasn't obvious already, these are IDs.)

So to make this brief as possible, I'll just link to the badges so you don't have to waste your time going back and forth trying to copy/paste the links.

4 Cards - Paper Roblox 2: Beyond The Fold

The way you get this is just by spending a few minutes in the game running around the map collecting cards, not hard at all. Place Link

[15] Fast Air - Block Town

This is probably the hardest badge to get out of the bunch, since it relies upon you to stack with others to get up from the lighthouse, on top of the plane. All I can tell you here is I hope you know how to navigate structures on ROBLOX. Place Link

Tick, Tock - Catching Fire: The Hunger Games Sequel

Not complicated in the slightest, well as long as you don't get killed before the game is able to trigger one of it's disasters. Place Link

Coins - ROBLOX Battle

This badge can be pretty easy, or a bit frustrating depending on how well you can collect coins without dying a ton. My personal advice is to run around with a sword collecting coins, or winning rounds since that gives you even more. Place Link

5 Kills - Fencing REDUX

Self explanatory, get 5 kills. As long as you know your way around a sword, you're set. Place Link

Rank C - Wobbly Brickbattle

Probably my favorite badge out of the bunch just because it's at one of my favorite brickbattle places in in a while, but I digress, to get this badge just kill 10 people which can be easily accomplished by using the slingshot on low health foes, at least that's what I'd do. Place Link

Combine Winner - The Stalker

Can either be gotten easily, or it may be an annoyance. Personally I haven't played Stalker much so that's up to you really. Place Link

That wraps it up, go out, collect these badges, and earn your gift. Until next time, good day!