Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Player Points - What Are They?

Hello everyone! CYNICALCHRIS here, and today I am going to bring you something new, at least, new for me. It's a site update, I guess. User DarkGenex posted a tweet saying "I got a player point!" then a link to his profile. As you can see, under his picture, there is something new! It's a star and says "Player Points" with a value next to it. What could this mean?

After digging deeper, I found a blog post about the Player Points. Here's a summary of what I found!

What are they? Player Points are points (obviously) that are handed out to developers for when users spend R$ in their game. The word Robux is in ALL CAPS in the blog post, so I assume that when you buy something for tickets, you get roughly 0 points. You're awarded points by playing games as well.

According to the blog, you can play ROBLOX Battle to gain some points, and if you're interested in adding points to your game, you should check out this wiki post!

After playing ROBLOX Battle, I got 171 coins, and DEPOSITED them into the bank. When i checked my profile, I had 6 player points. If you do the math, one point = 28.5 coins. So, go collect those coins (or player points). This feature is in BETA and will only be available for about 30 days.

Ayy 6 Player Points!!!

That's all for now! Until next time, enjoy yourselves!


P.S. I was playing ROBLOX Battle and after a while, my points stopped going up. They remained at 22, despite me pouring hundreds of coins into the bank.

P.P.S. Go to the shop and in the bottom right corner there will be a 150 inside a coin, if you click that and buy it, you will get 1 Player Point!