Saturday, February 21, 2015

Roblox Place/Game review MAD Paintball.

Hello all, my name is xLando.

So, MAD Studios (I made a article on them, link right here) have made another game, a sort of successor  to The Mad Murderer, MAD Paintball. It has all the characters we have come to know and love from TMM, but it's an FPS themed game. A bold new step for loleris, Mad Studios' creator.

So, paintball has been around for a very long time,  as has paintball games on ROBLOX. The rules of paintball are fairly easy to comprehend, the guns are loaded with balls of paint which splatter all over you when you get hit. So, once you have been hit, or you surrender, your out of the game. So, it's basically the same in ROBLOX, right? Well, yes and no. You see, your player can take a lot of hits, much more than any human being could, as paintballs sting, and once your hit a few times, it's time to surrender.

(NOTE: Facts may be a tad outdated.) So, enough satire and comparison, lets get to the good part. MAD Paintball has four (playable characters, to start off as) each of said characters are from TMM, and it's fun to see the familiar faces. Each character has a 'class' of sorts, each with their own merits.

For example, Chazz, an in-game character, is a weapon load out. People, as weapons, that's new...right? Well, no, games such as Team Fortress Two have always had people as weapon load-outs. So it's not a new idea, of course, using The Mad Murderer characters may have some nostalgia perks.


So, what makes this game so special? I mean, It's the same boring old paintball idea. But MAD Studio, and Loleris have built an ever-lasting fan base, starting with chat voice, and building ever since. So, people who liked TMM, will play this game, and they'll be hooked, and the process will repeat with a lot of MAD Studio games.

It's just a short, filler article, but I hope you enjoy. Also, Don't worry about our hiatus of inactivity, we'll make sure to keep this blog alive.