Monday, June 9, 2014

Moan-up Place Review: Different Town of Robloxia

Different Town of RobloxiaI'm unsure as to what persuaded the 8,000 people thumbs up this game? It is stupidity - nobody knows that the game was created by 1dev2, and they are giving this guy all the credit. It's the exact same game, but with the word 'different' in the title instead of 'welcome'. Oh yeah, that's a genius idea. But because half the population of that game are either online-daters or immature children, it gets to the front page. Jolly good fun.

My face towards the creator.
Does the creator not realise the definition of plagiarismI guess not. I suggest the creator to Google the definition of plagiarism. I don't see why ROBLOX even allows someone to falsely pass off someone else's work as their own work. It's the same argument with many things, why does ROBLOX allow people to make their game's front-cover misleading? It's very frustrating, annoying and wrong. I was under the impression that ROBLOX were supposed to teach younger children things like coding and architecture, but instead they're teaching them how to perform an act of plagiarism. Great job!

When I look on the creators profile, I see a list of games which can be classed as encouragement for ROBLOXians to online date. You can see these at the end of the review. This is another thing ROBLOX has yet to knuckle down on. ROBLOX make promises like the British parliament, 5 years before they do it. However ROBLOX has never really said they are going to stop the online daters, so why not? At least if they say it now we've only got 5 years left to wait until we actually get something out of our money.

The game is poorly built, even though the creator did not create it. The lack of CFraming, materials and lighting ruin the concept of a town/city. The "creator", JuliusColesV2, was so lazy that when he re-uploaded this game he couldn't even be bothered to edit it, just a little bit. It is exactly the same, however it has had free-models plastered all over it to try and clear the wounds people like me have created.

Overall, I think this game should never, ever, ever, ever had been on the front-page, it's a stupid excuse for a game and doesn't deserve anything, I never liked it before when it was actually being displayed by the real creator, let alone the new "creator". There are people who make very high-quality games in ROBLOX and never get any recognition, and then there are those who don't put any effort in and get thousands and thousands of ROBUX. My plead to ROBLOX is, can you please just remove the popularity and relevance? Make the main page developer's picks, or admin's picks. I don't think it's fair that those who spend hours get no recognition, and then those who copy and paste get more recognition than any of the others.

Thank you for reading.

Zakary Wilson