Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Bargain of the Week: Robot Beanie

   For the week of 3/22, the Bargain of the Week is the Robot Beanie! This beanie is selling for an outraegously, cheap price of 10 robux.

   As of 3/22, the Robot Beanie had about 4,800 sales and 170 favorites.

   The hat effectively works with many hat combinations. For example, wearing this hat with the Midnight Blue Winter Scarf from the 2014 Winter Games would look really nice, in my opinion.

    The Robot Beanie fits tight to your head, so don't try to put an hair under it.

Keep checking back on Arbirator's Roblox News, the next Bargain of the Week will be released very soon!

Have any suggestions for next week's Bargain of the Week? Tell us in the comments, and your suggestion might be taken into consideration!