Sunday, June 28, 2015

Beta Check This Out: World Expedition


Beta Check This Out is a new segment where I will be previewing games in their beta stages not yet ready to be reviewed. Today we are going to be looking at Legoseed's World Expedition! This is a game where you can explore the world! With a range of countries to explore including Ireland, China and Mexico! In this preview I'll be showing off two countries and telling you why you should be as excited for this game as I am!

The Airport

After entering the game you spawn in an airport. Even from the airport you can begin to see the effort that went into this game. Nothing here has been rushed, the architecture is great, there are vending machines and water fountains lining the walls and the "Runway Grill" where you can get 'Quality Food On The Go!', but if you think this is as good as the building gets you've got another thing coming! To begin adventuring get your boarding pass and enter the correct terminal, however only terminal A is accessible at this moment in time. Off we go!


In China you are greeted with soft Chinese music, the architecture here is beautiful as you can see in the picture below. A man stands in the street selling Chinese food, the helpful GUIs on the side show you where you are on the world map and gives you some fun trivia about the country you're in, for example how to say "Hello" in Chinese. This shows that World Expedition is more than just a fun game, it's educational. Another notable thing to do in China is visit the Great Wall of China which has had as much care put into it as the rest of China. In case you couldn't tell, I loved China!


The next country I visited was Italy! More specifically, Venice. This is one of the newest additions and so still has a few empty areas, but what has been put in already looks brilliant! Water is everywhere in Venice and here it's no different, the smooth terrain's beautiful looking water looks brilliant here! As for architecture we have a pizza restaurant, a hotel and the massive 

St Mark's Campanile towering over the city. Every single bit of Venice so far has had a ton of effort put into it and it's looking beautiful because of it! 


I've only shown off two out of the current five countries available to explore so I very highly recommend visiting the game to check out the rest! The other 3 countries are Ireland, Mexico and Denmark! As much care has gone into these countries as everything I've shown you today! More maps are being added all the time too with the next one being India! You have no reason not to visit such a brilliantly built game, it's a nice way to spend half an hour. 

I hope you enjoyed this preview of World Expedition!

~ Rudolph101