Saturday, June 27, 2015

Game Review: Speed Run 4

Most of us have played a Speed Run game on ROBLOX. These games involve running at high speeds across many levels jumping from platform to platform without falling off. Speed Run 4 made by Vurse is by far the most popular with hundreds of players playing at any one time during the day. But is Speed Run 4 actually worth playing? 


What does this game do different to distinguish it from every other speed run? Well, not much at all really. In fact gameplay wise it is almost identical. The only differences are very minor which include jumping and running animations and also collectible cards. While the running and jumping animations are undoubtedly very well done they fail to add much to the gameplay. The collectible cards are fun to collect but most of them are placed right in the middle of the path meaning they are very easy to get, also they do nothing at all giving you very little incentive to collect them.  Although it doesn't distinguish itself too much, the overall idea of completing levels while running really fast does still feel fun, but if you weren't sold on the concept you won't be now. 

In conclusion, the gameplay does little different, but that doesn't mean it isn't fun.


Level Design:

The level design isn't too bad. There are some well designed levels, my favourite being the first level. There are curves and split paths and ramps as far as the eye can see. After this level though they get less interesting with every level you play. By level 3 you're just jumping on floating purple platforms. It feels as if the game was being rushed and the creator gave up on even trying to make the levels interesting. As well as this, the creative levels do seem to be ripped off from the original Speed Run game. Therefore although it's good, it doesn't count. Creativity and originality are two very important things in video game design and I don't see much of it here. 

In conclusion the level design is mostly lazy with either a stolen concept or simply a dull one. 



While the game is free it feels very much like the creator was in it for the money. For example there are two gamepasses each giving you more levels. You can by a Mario level pack or a Minecraft level pack. Again, ripping off of other people's ideas but that's not what bothers me. The thing that bothers me is that these cost 90 robux each. I only bought the Mario level pack and to my surprise the pack wasn't even complete, there were only 4 current levels which barely resembled Mario other than a few decals. Therefore I didn't even bother buying the Minecraft pack. The way the creator can rip off it's audience is awful.

As well as this money grab, we have a gamepass that puts fire under your feet as you run for 35 robux! It's crazy how little paying 35 robux can give you here. I didn't even bother buying this, but to my surprise 9,000 other people did. 

While there is the option to skip a level for 25 robux, although I think this price is too high perhaps he just didn't want anybody skipping every level which is more understandable. 

In conclusion, the creator of this game is very clearly in it for the money, the prices for all of these gamepasses is way to high and are very poorly done. 



While the basic idea of Speed Run is present, it's poor innovation, level design and rip-off prices really ruins the entire experience. I would not recommend playing this entry in the series and would instead recommend playing the original as this is where all the good ideas originate from. 


~ Rudolph101