Sunday, April 12, 2015

Game Journalism Applications.

Hello there! My name is xLando, head of game journalism for Roblox News!

Recently, Arbirator has been away and we have been fading into inactivity. No more, for Zakkeh and I are re-growing Roblox News from the ground up. Now, in doing so I will be taking applications for game journalism. Below is my first ever article, which I made to get into Roblox News. We are taking Game Journalist applications, so here is how to send me one. E-Mail me at:, and send me the following:

  1. Prior Skills.
  2. Why you would make a good fit for our team
  3. A mock article of a game that HAS NOT been reviewed yet.
Once sent, please wait a few days (anywhere from 2-5, it's a long process) for us to reply with instructions.

Anyways, here is my first ever Article:

 Stop it slender!
a game by Kinnis97 
Article by: xLando

Enter the world of Stop it Slender! And play a game that was once in the infamous Garry's Mod. This game is based off of the game from Garry's mod, and reformatted to upgrade the experience in Roblox. An example of the reformatting is that Kinnis added in generators, that unlock the area, so you can collect all the pages. The game has inciting game-play, thanks to the horrifying sounds and effects. 

The Citizen point of view
The Citizen's job is to collect all the eight pages before slender can find and kill them all. The citizen's screen is based to look like a camera screen, which links to the text when you die: The Tape ends here to mean that this was a recording of slender. The citizen will die if they look at slender, but they do have health, so they can look away quickly to avoid further harm. Both sides (Citizen and Slender) have to finish their objectives before time runs out, or no one wins, and everyone loses.

The Slender Point of View
The player randomly selected as Slender has to kill all the players before time runs out, or before the citizens collect all eight, of his pages. Slender's screen is a light red, with a little icon of slender, that will make the player go visible or invisible when pressed. Citizen's die when they stare at a visible slender for too long; However, visible slender is slow, and you have to keep moving and going visible, invisible, visible. Another downside is that there is a three second cool down period to your invisibility, which can give the citizen's a chance to escape you.

Playing both sides, I got a chance to really play the game. It is fun on both "teams", and the script goes well into game-play. An example of this is when Slender is invisible but near, there are quiet whispers everywhere, which makes it even more intense and scary. Overall, I would rate the game at about 8.5 out of 10, I say this because there can be some glitches in script, and the game can be further improved on, but this game is a great game overall, and worth playing.

I hope you enjoyed my community article! Have a wonderful day Roblox news staff, and all of the readers! 

I hope you all get out there and try to get on our team, we need you.
Thanks for reading.