Saturday, July 18, 2015

Beta Check This Out: Super ROBLOX 64 Adventure

Welcome to another edition of 'Beta Check This Out' where I preview a promising games in their beta stages which are not currently ready to be reviewed. Due to the sad recent passing of the president of Nintendo, the amazing Satoru Iwata, I thought I'd check out a Nintendo based ROBLOX game! As a result I've chosen to show off PatrickBlox's and Partcline's Super ROBLOX 64 Adventure which is obviously inspired by the Nintendo 64 classic, Super Mario 64, but how does it compare to the original?


To this day one of my favourite games of all time is Super Mario 64! Well.. Super Mario 64 DS, don't judge me for never playing the original. I love nearly everything about it, the music, the characters, the levels! Therefore upon finding a ROBLOX game based on it, I was very excited to try it out!
The game is in beta and therefore only one level (with 6 obtainable stars) is playable at the moment and some glitches are expected.

Haven't We Seen This Before?

As I started playing the game I was unsure whether it was inspired by Mario 64 or a clone of the it. The opening cutscene suggested this was a clone with princess Peach... Err, I mean Shedletsky inviting you to the castle for some cake before transitioning to the castle gardens following by you emerging from a pipe. Everything looked pretty identical so far to the original with some minor differences. However after walking into the castle and playing the first level this proved not to be the case! This is a whole new game with a bunch of its own ideas!


The game looks very nice! It's been built to obviously resemble the original with its architecture and it's art style. The game is full of bright colours as you can see in the image below, this gives the game a happy, joyful atmosphere. The audio also helps convey this atmosphere with enough stolen music tracks and sound effects to keep Nintendo's lawyers awake at night. Most of the music isn't actually from the original game but from other Nintendo classics such as Zelda and 3D World but they all help convey a very Nintendo like vibe, and man, what a vibe it is. In the actual levels the on screen GUIs have been made well to resemble the original with a coin count, life count, star count and health meter!


WASD and Space to jump as you'd expect. Shift is used to crouch which can be used in long jumps or high jumps and by jumping three times in a row you can do the classic triple jump as seen in Mario 64 ending with a well animated front flip. A ground pound is possible by pressing 'R' in mid air and a belly jump can be executed by pressing 'E' while running. These controls work very well and I haven't had any problems with using them so far.


The first star involves platforming your way around the open level to find piles of  wood in order to build a ladder to progress through the level. This is NOT bob-omb battlefield! From what I can tell it's a completely original level. A couple of piles are lying around the spawn area while another forces you to jump across moving platforms without falling into the deadly purple substance and swing on a pair of vines. Trust me, it isn't just simple lava jumps! You have your health meter on the top left which will deplete as you take damage. After losing all your health yo... OH FORGET IT! You don't need me to explain how a health meter works. After reaching the end of the level you are awarded with a power star to help you on your voyage across the galaxy to stop Bowser and his Galaxy Generator ultimately stopping the ultimate demise of the universe! Oh wait that's Mario Galaxy 2... Here your stars help you open doors. 


While the controls and presentation stay true to the original the game is packed full of its own ideas and is most definitely not just a clone. Clearly a lot of hard work has gone into this so far and I heavily recommend keeping your eye on it! As more levels are added the game will only get better and better. 

I hope you enjoyed my preview of Super ROBLOX 64 Adventure! 

~ Rudolph101