Thursday, December 4, 2014

Place Review: TPS15

TPS 14_ImageRecently, I have been finding myself play a game - quite well known - 'TPS 15'. Good game, nice, fun; very competitive. I mean, it's fun: ROBLOX engines are the only problem.

I honestly love games based on sport, as I play a lot of football myself in real-life, I enjoy seeing the virtual replication on ROBLOX; other games. TPS 15 is very much like the well-known, FIFA 15 - to an extent. Many of the skills are added in by Tayfun (the owner). Some skills are very useful, like chipping, rainbow-flicks, and other sorts of brilliance.

To play TPS, you really do need to get used to coordination - after all you can only use ROBLOX with a keyboard and a mouse. It takes a while to get a hang of this game, but after a while it becomes very nice and easy. There are other cool things about TPS I can rave about; I would be here forever if I did. However, there are also many bugs, glitches and problems that you can blame on the Roblox Physics Engines not being up-to-scratch.

When playing TPS, it gets very competitive; perhaps too competitive. Many feuds result from someone thinking they are a "more skillful" player than the other. Which generally, isn't true, it's just that the person has won and they are now very arrogant. Teams do not get sorted fairly, either. Some teams are one-man teams; some are a full squad; some are just full of people who do not know how to dribble, generally all have one player that knows what to do; they get enraged.

Some of the bugs TPS has is the positioning annoyance, in TPS, you have a rating that is determined by your positioning - however, if you are a Right Winger, and you need to go to the centre because your team can't defend, then it's not really a fair rating, because it goes down to a very low score and determines how fast you are.

Roblox Physics are mainly the cause to all TPS glitches, because of the ball's physical movement around the pitch. The "last touch" determines who loses or gains rating and who takes the throw in, corner and goal-kick. A lot of the time ROBLOX Physics glitch this system up; this results in one team never getting a corner even though the corner is theirs and so-on-so-fourth.

Overall, TPS is a fantastic game, quality scripting from the bite, just perhaps maybe it needs a bit more work done on it, because many physics glitches can be fixed by a nice-and-dandy piece of code.

Thanks for reading.

~Zakary Wilson