Monday, November 11, 2013

Rememberance Day: Information

I know this has nothing to do with ROBLOX, but it is a important part of the United Kingdom and other commonwealth countries. It is a day to remember all the soldiers who fought in World War 1, those who allowed us as a country to be the way we are today. It is the day back in 1918 when hostilities formally ended. I feel that ROBLOX should commemorate this event like they do with Veteran's Day in America - remembrance day is a hugely respected and high profile event in Europe. The European player-base is growing quickly with millions of users within the EU.

Remembrance Day/Poppy Day/Armistice Day

Although the time has passed for the 2 minutes of silence, I hope that before all of you read on, you will take a brief moment to remember past battles and the innocent people who died for them.

On the 11th Day, of the 11th Month 1918, at 11 am, people in the United Kingdom are silent for 2 minutes as that was the day the Armistice was effective. People also hold parades in most if not all towns and cities and villages in the UK on the Sunday before the 11th. They call this Remembrance Sunday. The symbol/emblem of Remembrance Day and Remembrance Sunday is a Poppy, because in a famous war poem 'In Flanders Fields'. The poppies bloomed across a few of the worst battlefields of Flanders in World War 1. Their red colour is appropriate for all the blood spilled from the dead soldiers.

The parades and war memorials are usually held by Ex-Servicemen. Scouts, Guides, Explorers, Beavers, Cubs, Cadets, Rainbows all take part in the parades. Before I became too old, I took part in 6 or 7 parades. They were serious, important and interesting.  There is little else I can say, for it won't be the same for everyone, and some people may never have heard of it. The links for it will be just below.

Armistice Day
Remembrance Day
Remembrance Sunday
World War 1
Remembrance Poppy
In Flanders Fields - War Poem 

I hope you remember this for next year, and maybe buy a poppy and stay in silence for 2 minutes.