Saturday, January 15, 2011

Interview with RangeMeludE

Q1) How did you find about ROBLOX and what made you want to carry on with the game?
A1)A friend of my little brother started to play it, he told my little brother about it. My little brother told me about it but I thought it was stupid. I finally gave it a try and started to like it. During the first weeks I started retexturing, learned it instantly without any help. Retexturing got me popular, after that my place visits started to raise.

Q2)What would you say in your opinion is the best part of the gameand why?
A2)Building in games and advertising because you can put all your creativity in it. Imagine all you want.

Q3)If you were too give someone tips about Retexturing, what would they be?
A3)Follow your mind, use everything you can think of. Imagine what theme, look and result. I can't give any tips about programs because I only use Paint dot net myself.

Q4)Who is your favourite ROBLOX admin?

Q5)What is your favourite item and why?
A5)The hat " Masked Hood of the Doomspeaker".
It's my most expensive retexture ever published on Roblox.

Q6)Who is your favourite Robloxian and why?
A6)Anaminus, because of his really PRO Lua scripting experience.

Q7)What are your hobbies outside of ROBLOX?
A7)Football, basketball, hanging out and watching TV.

Q8)And finally what tips would you give to a Robloxian who would like to be famous and well liked in the community?
A8)Keep working on your place, enjoy your time and ignore any haters. ;)