Sunday, January 23, 2011

An Elegant Blade!

This new piece of gear is Limited U and 1000 copies were sold. This gear has a mixed reception amongst the ROBLOX community. It took a while to sell out but surprisingly the price did not drop below 1800. The prices are now at a stand still, and most sellers are selling it for a modest price of 2000 R$. So you may ask, what's so good about it? Well the sword itself looks pretty nice and in game the sword laser changes to different shades of blue. After much testing I have decided that it is a two hit kill weapon, but this is only done with slash damage. You may notice that your opponent loses only a tiny amount of health, this is due to the fact that the sword can be tricky to slash and hit, and that you simply touched them with your sword. Another plus of the weapon is that it has a different animation to other swords, you will slash sideways instead of straight down like a linked sword.

So to conclude:
Damage: 8/10
looks: 9/10
Price 7/10