Thursday, January 27, 2011

Interview with Jblaze1

Q1) How did you find about ROBLOX and why did you stay?
A1)Well, one of my friends told me about roblox and I thought it was dumb. But then another friend actually showed me it and it looked pretty fun. I tryed it out and got adicted to it.

Q2)What do you enjoy about foruming?
A2)I would have to say that its a good time waster and fun

Q3)What is your favourite part of building?
A3)Probably knowing that I can build anything I want with no limits.

Q4)What is your favourite thing in ROBLOX?
A4)Probably building.

Q5)What did you think of 2010s ROBLOX events?
A5)Well, I missed a big portion of 2010 because of camp, but I enjoyed all the cool limiteds made.

Q6)Who is your favourite Robloxian and why?
A6)RangemeludE. He makes epic retextures and RPGs.

Q7)Who is your favourite admin and why?
A7)Matt duesk because he has a space in his name!

Q8)What is your favourite game?
A8)I would have to say edge of the world by Sam010100001

Q9)Did you like the Easter egg hunt of 2010? Why?
A9)I enjoyed the 2010 egg hunt. I would of liked it more if the whole website didn't glitch during the event.

Q10)What do you look for when wanting to play a game on the front page?
A10)I look for good building, no lag, fun gameplay, and no free models

Q11)What do you do in your spare time?
A11)Read and Skateboard.

Q12)What other games do you play other than ROBLOX?
A12)Wizard101 and MineCraft.

Q13)So far do you think 2011 is going well for ROBLOX?
A13)Yeah, roblox is going pretty well so far in my opinion.

Q14)Do you like the new updates?
A14)Well, I'm not very fond of the BC only games, I'm going to enjoy hat trading, and I like the new hub.

Q15)If you could change one thing about ROBLOX what would it be?
A15)I would change the way retextures are published. There would be a weekly vote on retextures and the winner would get that hat published.