Thursday, November 1, 2012

Edge-less Bricks Tutorial

Have you ever wanted to build something that looked really nice? Have you thought the bricks that were put together had an edge that showed the individual parts and ruined the atmosphere? Well, I'm here to teach you how to get rid of that.

First, let's take a look at the common methods of building a simple wall with windows.


Using regular bricks and concrete material.

The first method we will take a look at is the most common way, using regular blocks and a material to build a window. As you can easily see, there are ugly white lines caused by "bevels" where the bricks end and start. They make the structure really unpleasing to look at  and is just undesirable.


Using blocks with "BlockMesh"
The second method is what more advanced builders choose to use. They smooth out the obtrusive lines by using a thing called the "BlockMesh." However, there is a huge problem when using this approach, bricks with "BlockMesh" cannot use the Roblox materials. This downfall makes them bland when up close, which is undesirable for really detailed building.

The Solution

This is what I will teach you to do in this tutorial
As you can see from the example above, this method allows material textures to be used but conceals the "bevel" edges well enough so that they are unnoticeable.

Tools needed:

  • CmdUtl v5.0.0 (Get it HERE, completely virus free.)
  • Roblox Studio
  • Basics of Roblox Studio
  • This article


First off, you will need to download CmdUtl from the link above (don't worry, there is no virus). Next, you will need to open Roblox Studios. Now, you need to open the plugins folder by clicking the Tools dropdown menu at the top and then selecting "Open Plugins Folder." Now, extract the file you just downloaded into the folder and restart Roblox Studios. If you did this correctly, you should see the tool bar below on your studio.

The Set Up

You will need to click the first button from the toolbar above to open the CmdUtl GUI. Locate the blue menu which is circled for you in the image to the right. You will then need to change the number in the blue menu to 0.13 (number pad is not supported) and select the "Resize Object" tool.

Performing The Trick

Once you have everything set up, this part is the easy part. Find the parts that the ugly edge is touching and click on one of them:

A thing similar to the regular resizing tool will show up. Simply click and drag the dot like you are going to resize the brick into the other brick. Make sure to watch the "Resize" counter in the upper left corner to make sure it only resizes 0.13 studs.

If you followed the guide, you should get results like the wall at the beginning or like this:

If you still have any questions or didn't get results you wanted, message me on Roblox at yomamadude6, on Reddit at Sheep_Goes_Baa, or on Twitter @FatCakeCows. Have fun with this and build some awesome buildings!