Saturday, November 1, 2014

ROBLOX Game Review: Goat Simulator

PLEASE NOTE: This is a ROBLOX version of the original game. If you are here for the real "Goat Simulator" which has all the information about the game, please click here.

Hello, my name is Darkie Roblox and i am a Game Journalist of RN. My ROBLOX user is lilsal5. You can add me if you want. Heard about the ROBLOX version of goat simulator? Here it is and we are now reviewing it!


Goat Simulator is a ROBLOX version of the original game and it's being developed by kenami. The game can be only played by paying 25 R$ due to the early development of the game. Like the real game, the player controls the goat which has the ability to stick objects to it's tongue by licking them, ram into objects and more! Rated 90% by most testers of the game, Goat Simulator is improving itself to make it's game fun to play. Made for fun like destroying stuff, making fun of NPCs and more.


As i said back then, Goat Simulator is a game made for fun. Messing some stuffs inside the game. It really "fun to play" said by the most testers of the game. Some things inside the game might change after the time of review. Anyways, You will start as a goat. Well, not an ordinary goat but a goat that has the ability to stick objects from it's tongue and ram objects that gets on its way.
Source: meepeer1 -Youtube Channel
When joined the game, you can choose a goat you want to play as. When started the game, you will spawn on the town, which is, yet, still being finished by kenami. You can sprint and drive the car as you want. This game doesn't have a lot of purpose and things but its made for player to have fun and mess everything around the town. And destroying a lot might cause lag as it says on the game description. And it's true.

Source:  RandomRBLX™ -Youtube Channel
The game features some path-finding NPCs. They are easily killed when touched by the player. Even poking makes them fall asleep. You can also use your tongue as a grapple, making it easy to explore the map. 
The player can also break inside the interiors. Breaking windows, doors, trees and house kits.
However, there will be a lot of updates will be added to this game. So be updated to the game if you want to see the cool features added by the creator. 


Building ===• ?/10 The map is not really finished. I will update this review if the map is finished. And lets see it's beautiful town claimed by it's own king. King Goat.

Scripting ===• 9/10 The scripting is so unbelievable. Like other games around there on ROBLOX, this game is well-scripted.

Gameplay ===• 10/10 Really fun to play, It's funny as you mess around the town. And trust me, you will not be bored playing this game.

Overall ===• 10/10 The other ratings says it all.

Thank you for reading this article and i hope that you enjoyed reading this game review and also if you want to play the game, earn 25 R$ as you can and buy the access to the game. You can play it right here

Stay awesome ROBLOXians!

Darkie Roblox/lilsal5
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