Thursday, November 20, 2014

The Top 4 Murder Games on ROBLOX


"So far, there's only 4 well-made murder games on ROBLOX"

Hello, my name is Darkie Roblox and today we're gonna list the top 4 murder games on ROBLOX. Let's start off on how murder games work.

How Murder Games Work 

The murder games has same purpose. Each of them are not exactly the same. I will not gonna say it all.

People will have random character name and outfit when they are on the round. Except from TT.

Innocents must survive the round. They must work each other to find out who's the murderer. They can call the sheriff for help if the murderer is already known.

Sheriff has a gun called "revolver". The sheriff must find out who and kill the murderer to win the round.

Murderer has a knife. The murderer must kill everyone and be stealthy to prevent not being caught by the innocents or they will call the sheriff for help.

(They are listed in descending order.)

Number 4 - Murder Mystery by Nikilis

"The first murder game to be released on ROBLOX."

Murder Mystery [Pre-Alpha]_Image

Old players must have been played this game. The game was created on January 19, 2014. It became popular after Nikilis invited some people to test his game.

When joined the game, people spawn here as a "Noob" and will only get clothes on when the round started. They can spectate players, buy things from the shop and vote for the next map before the round begins.

The creator of this game was Nikilis. He wasn't really popular back then. He became famous because of this game then got featured in many articles on ROBLOX blog. It made him successful, famous and rich on ROBLOX.

Pay Access: NO

Place Visits: Around 19 Million

Favorites: 172,000+

Rating: 7/10

Click here to play the game

Number 3 - Twisted Murderer by taymaster

The 4th murder game to be released, this game has different things than another murder games.

Same as i explained from the number 4 and from the introduction. But there are many differences inside the game.

Twisted Murderer_Image

-Instead of having random character and name, players will have their own outfit.
-There's some pets that can be bought inside the game.
-There are many special rounds like Double -Trouble, Juggernaut and more!
-When there's only 3-2 innocents remaining, their names are seen through walls when the murderer is near.

The creator of this game is named taymaster. A developer who became famous when he developed a game called "Twisted Racing". His murder game is created on September 9, 2014. Sadly, the game is not featured on many ROBLOX blog articles. But the game is currently popular on the front page and still gaining more visitors.

Pay Access: NO

Place Visits: 3,200,600M+

Favorites: 36,000+

Rating: 8/10

Click here to play the game

Number 2 - The Mad Murderer by loleris

The 3th game to be released. It was made by loleris and The Mad Studio This game is the most visited murder game. Having 21M+ visits. The game was created on April 7, 2014.


loleris became famous after his game called "Intense Sword Fighting" became popular. It is like the remade of TheGamer101's "Sword Fighting Tournament". Then two of them got a crossfire on ROBLOX blog. 

He then developed another game called "Darkness I" and "Darkness II". Another remade of CloneTrooper1019's "Stalker" game. This game was featured on ROBLOX blog after it's release.

After that, he made his own murder game called "The Mad Murderer". The first thumbnail of the game shows Nikilis and Clonetrooper1019 trying to murder loleris. This started the controversy that people think that they are fighting against each other by making a best murder game ever on ROBLOX.'s true.

Pay Access: NO

Place Visits: 21,500,500M+

Favorites: 162,000+

Rating: 9/10

Click here to play the game

Number 1 - Murder by CloneTrooper1019

A murder game that was gonna be released first. But got late when Nikilis made his murder game.


This isn't really popular and has a less place visits than any other murder games. But it was the outstanding murder game i ever seen!

Instead of being called as Innocent, you are called as a "Bystander". It was based on the real Murder Mystery. But many improvements than the original game.

The game is not played in the same place. But instead the player is teleported to the another server of the map. The players can customize their own outfits, knife and guns. But only on the main place which serves as the main menu of the game.

The creator of this game was CloneTrooper1019. Many people said that he was just copying Murder Mystery by Nikilis. But it was revealed as false by comparing their game creation date. CloneTrooper1019 then complained that his game is not a rip off of The Mad Murderer and Murder Mystery. 

CloneTrooper1019 is famous back on 2013 and old years. He won the Hall of Fame 2013 by the most creative game called "Stalker". He also created some classic games like Prop hunt, spleef etc. Some good old days for him....

Pay Access: NO

Place Visits: 1,500,600M+

Favorites: 37,210+

Rating: 10/10

Click here to play the game

I hope that you enjoyed this review. Also you can add me on ROBLOX if you wish, my username is lilsal5.

What's your favorite murder game? Just comment it.

Stay awesome ROBLOXians!

Darkie Roblox
~Game Journalist