Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Roblox: Game Studios.

Yes, I will make a game review. I just feel that this is an article I think people will like. Anyways, hello, my name is xLando and today I will 'tell' you about game studios, what they are, and how they work.

So, what are game studios? Well, they are more or less fan groups at the core. Lets use one of the most popular game studios, MAD Studios, who is lead by infamous game dev loleris. So, lets look at the group ranks.      

So, the first rank (Follower) is basically a fan who took the time to click a green button. The second rank, (Members) are either developers, devoted fans, or something similar to a MAD Studio trainee. (Group Administrators) would most likely be MAD studio heads, helpers/assistants to loleris. So, basically, it is a fan group for loleris and a select few's work. Yet, when you see a game by loleris, you know it was the work of MAD Studio, and vice versa.

The main purpose of these dev groups are to mainly get the group head's work more known, and a group to help loleris in creating his game. Chat voice, a creation made by loleris, which enables players to make songs, snippets from popular videos, games, etc, appear in-game to everyone (who paid for access) always has a "This game has chat voice, brought to you by MAD studio." Brand recognition is key, loleris gets his popularity from MAD Studio, and in fact, MAD Studio eclipses his own fame.

Mad studios's logo, brand recognition is key here.

Another key note on game studios, is within game studios, you can build a base community around what you do and your games. You can help attract fame to your group and games, and have constant game testers and reviewers. People would flock to play MAD studio's new,tested, and improved game.

Overall, I believe this new world and genre of game creation is just starting, and the best it yet to come.
Here are some statistics on MAD studio
Owner: loleris
Creations/Games: The Mad Murderer, MAD Paintball (unfinished), Darkness 1, Darkness 2,  Intense sword fighting, Chat voice.

On a final note, I would like to make a statement that as the new Manager of Game Journalism I would like to state that however many people are resigning from RN, we will stand strong and I will personally make sure that all game journalists fulfill their positions and jobs. All RN staff, you were handpicked to come here, and it is such an honor. In addition, interns will have a time to shine soon, mentors try to reach out to your interns.

Thank you for reading, have a wonderful day.