Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Roblox News: Summer Interns!

That's right. It's that time of year again; Summer! Last year, here at RN we ran a very successful internship programme. We selected a handful of promising applicants and took them on, introducing them to the world of blogging. At first, they worked on small assignments on the blog such as graphics for posts and the sliding banner but they soon moved on to publishing detailed posts on a range of things on ROBLOX. These posts included item reviews, place reviews and interviews.

How do they work?

Each intern will be assigned to a specific staff member to 'shadow' them. They will observe the staff member's role on the blog; learning about the articles they publish and how they can produce articles of the same high quality. From the staff member, the intern will learn job specific skills. The intern will be focussed on one section of RN's site, whereas a staff member may be performing several different roles at the same time. This gives the intern the ability to study their area closely and develop experience relevant to it.

How do you apply? *Deadline 12:00am PST Wednesday 25th July*

This year we are running the exact same programme and will hopefully be accepting even more interns! Anyone who wishes to take on an internship here at Roblox News must send an application to Applicants should have fairly good experience and knowledge of the ROBLOX site, including the games, catalog and forum sections.

The application should include:

  • Your favourite past time on ROBLOX
  • Your ambition on ROBLOX
  • Why you want to become a summer intern at RN
  • Which staff member you wish to shadow and why
  • A sample article of your choice - anything to do with ROBLOX
  • What you would change on RN and why

Internships are a great way of helping people deepen their knowledge as well as giving them experience with other staff members and developing social skills. RN interns are likely be asked to stay on as full time staff after the programme finishes.

Thanks, and good luck!

Editor of Roblox News