Friday, June 6, 2014

Look of the Week: Sunday 1st June

Hey everyone! 

Hope you enjoyed the first week of Look of the Week. Well done to everyone who participated!
I have judged all your entries (some keeping me up all night!) and I have finally narrowed it down to 1st place!

1st place goes to...FiR3WaFFle!!!

Appearance: I really like this outfit, as it stood out the minute I saw it. The hat combination is great, the clothes are great, and it gave a really nice impression that you happened to be holding a drink out of all of the available gears! Nicely done! The sombrero and helmet stood out for me the most though, as it made his character 'light up'.'

Improvements: One way he could make character better is to make the suit stand out, and because of the lighting bug at the moment, there are a certain number of shirts and t-shirts that make your character have a sort of glow. I have a t-shirt in my inventory which can make your character glow, so that might be a good option.

OVERALL:  9/10 
This is a really nice outfit to start off the competition, well done FiR3WaFFle!

Other special mentions are Pbjms, who came second, and Patrizl001, who came third. Well done to both of you!

The next round of Look Of The Week starts now, and I will judge the entries on  Sunday, 8th June.
Good luck to everyone, and well done to our winners!


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