Thursday, June 5, 2014

ROBLOX Group: The Federal States of America

Hello guys, this article is just talking about an active, growing group.

The Federal States of America (or FSA) is a group led by SirMackSmith. After speaking to him for a short while at FSA's main fort, I got this quote from him,

"FSA, the first group of it started in 2012, and I'd been its Builder since September that year. FSA was at its height of 6000 members, but then the previous owner shut it down. My 2nd in command (JavierM16) and I actually came back to Roblox just to rebuild FSA and then we started the current group on 3/16/2014, so we're just under 3 months old. All me and Javier want is to recreate the group that so many people loved, and we're trying our best - working day in and day out to make sure the group runs smooth and is moving in the right direction."

It is a bit of a mouthful, but there is the story behind FSA and unlike so many other groups, this story wasn't created out of the imagination but actually happened. SirMackSmith and JavierM16 along with others actually got to see this happen firsthand, going through the ups and the downs.

The Group:

The group has recently topped 2000 members, which is roughly a third of the size of the original FSA. As Mack said in the quote above, The Federal States of America was created on the 16th of March 2014. It also got its first 500 members in under a week, due to many members from the original group recognizing Mack and his High Ranks, and deciding to join because of their familiarity.

The FSA logo is basic - the American Flag, little else to say where the logo is concerned.

The Federal States of America is based in the 1860s, so in the time of the Civil War. Their fort is also based from that time, as are the weapons, the uniforms and the ranks.

The ranks are as follows (Just to give you a general idea):

Low - High

Volunteer - LR [Low Rank]
Pioneer - LR [Low Rank]
Corporal - LR [Low Rank]
Sergeant - SR [Sergeant]
First Sergeant - SR [Sergeant]
Ordinance Sergeant - SR [Sergeant]
Quartermaster Sergeant - SR [Sergeant]
Sergeant Major - SR [Sergeant]
Officer Candidate - COC [Choice Officer Candidate]
Second Lieutenant - CO [Commissioned Officer] 
First Lieutenant - CO [Commissioned Officer] 
Captain - CO [Commissioned Officer] 
Major - HR [High Rank]
Lieutenant Colonel - HR [High Rank]
Colonel - HR [High Rank]
Brigadier General - HR [High Rank]
Major General - HR [High Rank]
Lieutenant General - VCiC [Vice Commander in Chief]
Commander in Chief - CiC [Commander in Chief]

SirMackSmith is a pleasure to talk to, and as the actual leader that helps a lot. Rarely do you see a group leader so well spoken and humble. Yet, although humble, I am sure he is one of those people possible of changing their whole attitude when having to become serious, like when leading an army. He does not act the snob, like so many leaders nowadays do. He talks to anyone wanting to talk instead of ignoring everyone on a whole.

Even if that is not the case his HRs are strict, smart, skilled soldiers. In the days I have been in the group, I have seen them keep peace between arguing soldiers, whip out punishments to those who fight among themselves, and they make Mack's job easier and more efficient.

The group is still reasonably small, but the efficiency of their recruitment implies that they will rapidly grow, and most likely will reach higher than those before them.

Later on will be another article, talking about The Federal States of America's main base, because it is too long to add on to here.

If you would like to visit the group, Click Here.
If you would like to visit the fort, Click Here.
If you would like to view SirMackSmith's profile, Click Here.

Thank you.