Sunday, June 22, 2014

Roblox Place review: Sith Empire// Hoth

Hello readers;
xLando here, bringing you another place review! This review is of a game in the sci-fi genre, so be prepared to hear sci-fi related things when I give my final marks.
I will be reviewing:

Sith Empire // Hoth
by: VitiateSWTOR

In this game, it is used by the Sith empire, a group founded on the Star Wars, The Old republic lore.
Star Wars, The old Republic is a game that is set before the events of the Star Wars films, by George Lucas.

 In this game, if you are in the Sith empire, you can join their team, which has access to unique blaster rifles (Yes, they do a tad more damage than raider/republic rifles). However, if you buy some of the game passes, such as the lightsaber pass, you can have some weapons that help you in combat. The weapons do vary in damage from one another, seeming that the ViroBlade does quite a bit of it, but the Imperial Assault Cannon is an instant kill. Let me warn you, this game has VERY expensive gamepasses, at a minimum of 75 R$, to a maximum of 1200.

After covering weapons, I will be moving on to write about the game's building. In this game, it seems as if nothing is a free model,  all c-framed and built by the creator to serve his/her purposes. The game features snowy mountains, and winter-like terrain. The map has a republic/raider base, that features a downed Republic gunship, anti-blaster shields at spawn,   The gunship has no lighting inside it whatsoever, making it a pointless artifact. The Imperial Sith's base, however, seems to be a bit more upgraded, seeing as it clearly has more building, and a cannon which is pretty overpowered. The cannon is an instant-kill, with almost no reload time. Adding to this, their are two cannons, adding the difficulty to enter their base. On a side note, their is another hidden entrance on the mountains, which leads into their base, spawn, command center, and throne room.

In the game, you can either join the Sith and defend the fort, be a part of the republic to raid/attack the fort and capture the reactor room terminal, or be an Imperial Supporter and tremble at the ongoing combat surrounding you.

Finally, I would like to give my marks based on the information I have just told you.

Scripting 10/10!
The game does include amazing sounds for the weapons, such as the original whirring and buzzing sound for lightsabers. The blasters also do sound like real blasters in the Star Wars franchise, making the scripts very close to amazing. For these reasons, I give it perfect sound marks, as it is just.. amazing.

Gameplay 5/10
Even with the invigorating effects, gameplay seems to get a bit boring and repetitive, with the Overpowered weapons that the majority of the sith has. The gameplay can also be very bland when the Sith group decide to kill people when they spawn.

Building 8/10
The building is original, and a great example of the progression in Roblox building. The buildings look, and are, modern.

Overall, this game is a 8.5/10, and I recommend it to all roblox users.