Saturday, June 7, 2014

Roblox Weekly place Showcase! May June 1st, 2014

Hello all! Apologies for lacking with new content, hopefully my newest game review (alongside this weekly) is enough for right now. I had no access to my account for a while, and hopefully will be more active. Without further adieu, I am xLando and here is this week's weekly place showcase.

3) At number 3 on our list, is...

by pa00

In Framed, there are multiple roles, such as the Framed. As the framed, your goal is to kill your target, without getting caught by the police. One of the main objectives is not only to kill your target, but to avoid the person hunting YOU. In this game you assume multiple identities, you cannot see your own one, but you can see everyone else's. The game has fast-paced action, with repetitive, yet addictive, gameplay

2) Medieval Warfare Reforged
By Schematics

Medieval Warfare, a well thought-out game that has amazing scripts that influence multiple things, such as the shops, and team roles. In Medieval Warfare, the game is centered around three kingdoms, those kingdoms then have to collect minerals, and other resources. With their resources they build much better weapons, and attack each other for dominance over the land.

1) Morbus

By: Haggie125
The game Morbus is a mad-murderer type game where one person is selected to be a brood alien, and infect the other humans, while everyone else's main goal is to survive and hunt the aliens down. Morbus features cutting edge sound effects and music, tied in nicely with amazing graphical details. The game can, however, improve itself to add more variety of music, roles, etc, and to add more maps.

Stay tuned for next weeks edition! PM me with any suggestions for games to review, questions, comments or concerns.