Monday, October 6, 2014

A Promotion and a New Event!

Hello readers of Roblox News. Some of you may know me, some of you way not. My name is CYNICALCHRIS, and I've worked here at Roblox News for some time now. I started out as a game journalist, and I was just recently promoted to "Game Journalism Manager" thanks to Zakkeh! I very much appreciate the promotion. I had the idea of making a new event for Roblox News, so let's talk about that!

I have started working on a new event for ROBLOX news. As you know, Zakkeh is currently developing the Roblox News Duck Hunt, and there's a team working on the Roblox News Egg Hunt. I felt there needed to be another addition to the string of events currently being produced.

I'd like to introduce you to... the Roblox News Turkey Hunt! That's right: turkeys! Battle against other players and hunt down turkeys running wild throughout the map! Collect the most turkeys to win the round! The event will be hosted on this account for the week of Thanksgiving 2015 (I know, it's a year away...).Keep checking back for more information on the development of the game! For now, I leave you with this:
Have a nice day!